A New Year, A New Look, And a Ton of Chapters

HEY EVERYONE! It’s you’re translator Ashbell Dancer, or Ash Dancer for (kinda) short. Today marks a special occasion for this blog. As you probably guessed from the title, April 21 is the day I first posted a chapter of Isekai Canceller. So that makes Today our One Year Anniversary!

It’s been a long road huh. Learning how to format everything and how to translate in general. Although it was tough at times, it’s been a lot of fun sharing these series with you all. I hope you continue to come and share your thoughts while enjoying each story. Thanks for supporting me with all the comments and follows!

In celebration (we’ve been celebrating a lot lately huh) I decided to change the theme of the site. I think the theme fits pretty well and it’s essentially the same as the last one except you can actually read the comment section! The only downside is that we don’t have giant fancy banners anymore and no more widgets at the bottom to tell you my TL status.

How do you like it? Miss the old one? Still want me to post my TL status somewhere? Let me know in the comments and maybe we can reach a consensus.


Anyways, now for the cake of this party. I was going to translate a ton of Canceller chapters but I got bored of that so instead I translated EVERYTHING ELSE. In addition, I’ve also started on a new project! I call it “Livestreamer’s New Game+” and it will be the last post in today’s marathon. I hope you like it because I’ve honestly read more chapters of it than I have of Canceller (lol). Chapters will be out approximately every 10-15 minutes when I finish editing and proofreading them.

Edit: That’s all the chapter I have for today! Thanks for Reading Everyone!

The list of today’s releases can be found below. Hope everyone has a great day, and again, thanks for all the support! Let the Fun Begin, and as always, Enjoy!


Isekai Canceller

Chapter 28


Level 0 Aikido

Chapter 2


Kenja ni Natta

Chapter 1-10

Chapter 1-11 (Volume end)


Half-Dragon Slave Life

Chapter 6 (Last Planned TL)


Livestreamer’s New Game+ (New Series)


Chapter 1


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