Canceller Glossary and Characters

This is just a bunch of terms from various chapters. Literally copy and pasted (mostly from chapter 8) with some reformatting so no new information here. Just a collection of old stuff if you wanted to read them.

I tried not to add any real spoilers (except the Characters part) but if you haven’t caught up then do be warned.

Translation Style

“Flexible”. Focused on providing good English flow. Some liberties taken.

Basic Jobs (classes)

[Fighter]: Uses swords (?)
[Martialist]: Uses bare hands (martial artist)
[Archer]: Uses bows.
[Thief]: Proficient at stealing, setting traps, and escaping.

Production class jobs:
[Smiths]: Uses a forge (for weapons etc.)
[Drugger]: Apothecaries (makes potions and such)

[Mage]: Uses magic
[Sorcerer]: Uses Spirits

[Sister]/[Parson]: Healers. Same class ([Sister] for Women and [Parson] for Men).

[Summoner]: Uses Summons
[Evil Tamer]: Uses Monsters

[Canceller]: Cancels things (various)

Job rankings (specialized classes)


Request Types

Contract-types: Just do the quest and get the reward
Completion-type: Multiple-step quest. Complete all parts before getting reward.

Urgent requests: Do them first
Commission requests: Specifically requested for by the guild. Do them or your rank be affected.

Adventurer Ranks

Rank 1: Beginner
Rank 2: Novice
Rank 3: Amateur
Rank 4: Manager
Rank 5: Expert
Rank 6: Specialist
Rank 7: Professional
Rank 8: Master

Currency Exchange

Currency in this world is “GOLD”. Basically Gold = USD, Yen, Peso, Euro, etc.

Types of coins

Bronze Coin: comes in 1 Gold, 5 Gold, 10 Gold, and 50 Gold
Silver Coin: comes in 100 Gold, 500 Gold, and 1000 Gold
Gold/Golden coin: comes in 5000 Gold, 10000 Gold, and 20000 Gold


Characters (Spoiler Alert)

Hitto (ヒット) Original Name: Unknown
Main Character. Came to the game world as his game character.
Speech pattern: Casual.
Refers to self: “Ore”
Age: Unknown (revealed later)
Gender: Male
Class: Canceller

Hitto’s Starting Equipment

Magic Bag (holds 1000kg total)
Magic Map
Wind Cross armor
Speed Gloves
Mach Greaves
Rings and Bracelet for reduced stamina cost + automatic recovery

Throwing Knifes
Twin Swords: Seikou Kiten (Rough trans: “Sure-fire Quick Rotation”)
Heavy Crossbow


Melissa (メリッサ) Last name: Unknown
Hitto’s first companion. Formally the slave of a merchant and currently being purchased by Hitto.
Speech Pattern: Polite
Refers to self: “Watashi”
Refers to Hitto: Goshujin-sama
Age: Unknown (revealed later)
Gender: Female
Class: Unknown (Noted to have attributes of a “Checker”)

Equipment: Wind Estoc

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