Kenja ni Natta


Title: Isekai ni Kita Kedo Maryoku Ga Nai Kara Kenja ni Natta

I Came to a Different World But Since I Have No Magic Power I became a Sage

Author: Yamashina Aoi (山科碧葵 ) (Twitter: @ginpatsuyuri)


Author Summary: While trying to enroll in college and having fallen into a desperate situation, the book-loving high school student Kazami Ayame was, While coming across an eerie book, he was suddenly flung into a different world. With non-existent combat ability, and without even knowledge on how to live properly in the first place, what was granted to him by a single copy of a magical grimoire, was the ability to draw out the magical energy from objects. With the knowledge on how to freely use the power granted by the magic grimiore, Ayame struggles to survive in the harsh other world.
Surrounded by books and beautiful women. In order to obtain his ideal lifestyle.

Although there are battles with monsters, this is fundamentally a heartwarming fantasy story.

Related Tags: R15, Transferred to Another World, Magic

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Sent to Another World Along With a Grimoire

1-1. Sent to Another World Along With a Grimoire
1-2. The Wrong Way to Use Magic
1-3. Starting Off With Demons and Terrible Meat
1-4. Housing, Moving, and Soldier-san
1-5. The Receptionist at the Royal Capital Guild
1-6. Looking for an Inn, First Job, and Loli Harem
1-7. Magic Textbook and The Silver Haired Librarian
1-8. The Librarian-san’s Fragrance and the Taste of Bread
1-9. A Delightful Invitation
1-10: Demon Invasion
1-11: Concerto of Explosive Flames and Gale Winds

Chapter 2: Sightseeing in a Different World Together with Librarian-san

2-1. The Jewel Box Filled with Gold
2-2. Strolling the Capital Together with Librarian-san
2-3: The Eyes of a Tiger, Waiting in the Dark

28 thoughts on “Kenja ni Natta

      • Darn =/. I am not looking for a harem story though it does sound interesting… Thanks for telling me before i got involved in this. It was disappointing when I got into Arufetu and it turned into a huge harem and I had to drop it due to the ridiculousness that became of an interesting story.

        Liked by 2 people

          • I just don’t want to be reading an interesting adventure and then all of a sudden it turns into an ecchi s** fest. Where ever girl finds themselves madly in love/hots with the protagonist. I don’t know but the feminist in me can’t help but think that these girls look seem like bimbos and cheap sl*ts.

            Liked by 2 people

            • I’m pretty sure that feminists don’t use terms like “cheap slut”. At least last that they cheked they were in fact against slutshaming. So no, it’s not the feminist in you.


              • May I ask why are they not allowed to speak in such a manner? When you see stereotyping that is demeaning for a specific sex, which encourages behavior from individuals that contain negative treatment (Donald Trump), you need to call out the problems and state how that is not acceptable. So as for the use of “bimbos and cheap sluts” I am addressing the problems often found in the female characters with in harem and ecchi material (novels, animes, Etc). I am calling out how they are being portrayed in a manner that is brainless and can’t do anything but run after the main protagonists genitalia without any rational thought. If this confuses you I am more than happy to further explain how just because I am a feminist does not mean I can’t slam a sub-category for portraying sexism in a blatant manner.


  1. ufufufu~! This is great~ I wonder why the first comment of mine doesn’t appear ~_~. Or isn’t visible. Well, anyway thanks for this~!

    — Thanks~! I’ll be looking forward for the future updates~ ^^.


  2. i was reading the prologue to this and when Ayame spoke i had the misconception the MC was a female… then i looked at the synopsis and saw it was a HE… but no matter how i look at the name Kazami Ayame i just keep thinking the MC is female T-T why is his name so feminine?


    • You should probably ask this on a chapter rather than the main page but I’ll answer regardless.

      So far the tiger has only been referred to as “the tiger child” and a specific gender has never been stated. In Japanese you can avoid using gender specific pronouns so at this point I have no actual confirmation on the gender, hence why I use “they” when talking about the tiger.
      In other words, the tiger is a “hideyoshi” for now.


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