Livestreamer’s New Game+ – Character’s Page

Character notes may contain spoilers up until the most recent chapter. If you wish to not be spoiled then read after catching up.

Portraits/Pictures are initial Concept Art that I’m too lazy to read the notes for. Actual portraits may vary in the Light Novel edition.



Edogawa Ran – Main Character (江戸川 蘭)

In game names: Aran「アラン」, Edgar 「エドガー」
Class: Samurai

Notes: The Number 1 Most Popular Livestreamer in Dragon’s Krone. Also a big loner with no friends.

Speech Pattern:

Ran: Usually starts sentences with 「……」. Speaks somewhat politely and reserved in real life. Refers to females with honorifics (examples: Megu-san, Suzu-san).

Edgar: Usually starts sentences with 「……」. Speaks a bit more casually when in-game. Refers to females with honorifics, This excludes Sonya and Usa.

Aran: Speaks very laid-back when streaming and talking to his Listeners. Aside from streaming he speaks in a very polite and professional tone.
Refers to self as “Ore” in all instances.


Ran and Edgar


Aran and “DICE” Logo





Sonya (ソーニャ)

In game name: N/A
Class: N/A

Notes: Ran’s support NPC. As a support NPC, has dual access to both Aran and Edgar’s Home House.
Due to Ran’s preferences, she is a goth loli elf.

Speech Pattern: Always polite, “maid-like” speech.
Refers to Ran with “-sama” (Ex. Edgar-sama, Aran-sama)
Refers to others with “-san” (Ex. Usa-san)
Refers to self as “Sonya”


Initial Concept


Ranger Outfit






In game name: USA (Pronouned as Usa (ウサ) from Usagi (ウサギ))
Class: Samurai

Notes: Beginner Player who started playing because she admired Aran. Works at an Apparel Company.

Speech Pattern: has a tendency to elongate the ends of her sentences. (ex. “Desu yoo”, “Desu ka neee”)
Refers to self as “Watashi”

Momo (モモ)

In game name: N/A
Class: N/A

Notes: Usa’s Support NPC/Companion. Instead of a human-type, Momo is a small black cat.

Speech Pattern: Speaks timidly and in an informal.
Often mimics Usa’s words with slight variation.
Refers to Usa as “Goshujin” (Master)
Refers to self as “Ore”


Initial Concept (Usa and Momo)

Usa and Momo


Cloche (クロシエ)

In game name: Cloche (Means “Bell” in french)
Class: Wizard

Notes: 2nd ranked most popular livestreamer (only behind Aran)

Speech Pattern:


Cloche and “Tinker Bell” logo


Cloche Close-up with Profile


The Classroom Bunch


Ninomiya Suzu (二ノ宮 すず)

In game names: Suzu「すず」
Class: Cleric

Notes: The “Fair Beauty” of the school. Popular with both males and females.

Speech Pattern: Always polite
Always adds honorifics except with Megu (examples: Edogawa-kun, Andou-kun)
Refers to self as “Watashi”


Initial Concept






Sasaki Megumi (佐々木恵)

Nickname: “Megu” (メグ)

In game name: Megu (メグ)

Notes: Suzu’s friend. The happy-go-lucky energetic one of the bunch.

Speech Pattern: Casual in-game, even more casual in real life.
Does not use honorifics.
Refers to Ran as “Ed”.
Refers to self as “Atashi”


Initial Concept






Andou (安藤)

In game name: Andou 「アンドウ」
Class: Fighter

Notes: The calmer of the two boys. He is, unexpectedly, the voice of reason in the group.

Speech Pattern: Semi-casual
Refers to females with honorifics (examples: Ninomiya-san, Megu-san)
Often refers to Yamabuki as “Baka”


Initial Concept





Yamabuki (山吹)

In game name: Yamabuki 「ヤマブキ」
Class: Knight

Notes: The charismatic “playboy” of the group.

Speech Pattern: Casual
Does not use honorifics (examples: Megu)


Initial Concept




Members of DICE




Other Supporting Cast


Igusa (葦草)

Notes: Ran’s older brother. Does not play games, is the polar opposite of Ran. Likes to go outside and plays many sports.

Speech Pattern: Casual
Refers to self as “Ore”


Ramirezi (ラミレジィ)

Notes: Light Novel Original Character (Volume 2)

Novel Description: One of Aran’s most diehard fans. As her look implies, she is a self-confident Female 「Samurai」.





Supreme Dragon: Drake (Ha-ryuu Drake) (覇竜ドレイク)


Timberu (ティンベル)

Speech Pattern: Rude
Refers to self as “Ore”


Itou Yoshizumi (伊藤良純)

In game name: Yoshii 「よっしー」
Class: Knight

Notes: A popular student from the class next door. Outgoing and sociable. A playboy that doesn’t lose to Yamabuki.

Speech Pattern: Casual/nonchalant.
Refers to Edgar as “Edgar-kun”, Refers to Suzu as “Suzu-chan”.
Refers to self as “Boku”