Stories To Pick Up If Bored

I may or may not pick up any of these. Feel free to read them through/pick them up. Eventually I’ll revamp this page later so it’s actually useful to people who want a new series.


Stories That Are Currently ON This Website

Half-Dragon Slave Life (Synopsis + ToC)

Cute little story about a little girl and her young boy master.
Full ToC, synopsis, and teaser chapters can be seen in the above link or also here.
Series Completed.
Partial sequel to: Yuuri of the rule-shattering eyes


Level 0 Aikido (Synopsis + ToC)

OP at the start MC who is basically One Punch Man, except he uses Aikido/Aiki-Jujitsu.


New Game Plus! ~The Struggles of a Popular VRMMO Livestreamer~ (Synopsis + ToC)

The story of the No.1 most popular livestreamer and player in “Dragon’s Krone”. Being a loner, one day a classmate said “Wanna play Dragon’s Krone together?” so he made a new Level 1 character and uses his OP game-knowledge and skills.
Full Synopsis and ToC can be found Here
In Series.

Tags: Fantasy VRMMO, OP Main Character, Cheat, Raising Up, Magic, Harem (including non humans), Warrior, Secretly a Loner



Stories I Have Skimmed

Yuuri of the Destructive (rule-shattering) Eyes ~The Strongest Master and Student and Their Strange Relationship~

Heartwarming tale of our MC (Yuuri) who got reincarnated with cheats… but also as a girl. His (her?) journey along with their master.
Series completed
Prequel to: Half-Dragon Life.

Tags: R15 Cruel Description, Isekai, Transported, Cheat, TS, Romance?

Picked up/Being translated at Taida-dono Translations



Haven’t read yet but seems okay

Worthless Life Again ~Slave Reincarnation of a Suicide Girl~

Female Protagonist decided the world is shitty and kills herself. After which, Kami-sama appears before her and said “What the hell are you doing, killing yourself like that”. Reincarnated as a 10 year old daughter of a farmer only to be turned into a slave. Now living in another “shitty” world.
In Series, last updated 03/2015

Tags: R15 cruel description, Fantasy, Transferred, Female MC, Slave, Battle


Homeless Magical girl ~Magic girl lost one’s Home~

No home! No money! No relatives! MC sacrifices himself to save a girl from a traffic accident. He get’s revived by a magic beast, but with himself as a girl. As to why he’s a girl, “Reviving as a man would cost too much”
Magic Battle Fantasy with a bit of TS.
In Series, last updated 11/2015

Tags: R15 Girl’s Love + Cruel Description, Fantasy, Friendship, TS, Modern Day Magic, Magician/Witch


I, Who Was Once a College Student, Am Now a Genius Magician in a Different World

Studying at a 4 year college for science, the MC is suddenly sent to another world with swords and magic. Using his modern day knowledge and being proficient at magic weapons, he’s a genius Jack of all trades.

In series: last updated 9/2015

Tags: R15 Cruel Description, Fantasy, Romance, School, Magic, Isekai, Elf, Cheat, Imouto, Harem, Science, Ojou-samas, Female Knights


Don’t Worship Me! But Still Respect Me! (I’m a God but I got summoned to be the Hero)

Haven’t read yet, title and premise caught my eye.

From author’s synopsis:
“This isn’t a fantasy story. Nor one about adventurer.
If I had to say, then action series with a bit of mystery!”

Tags: R15, Japanese Mythology, Hero, Demon King, Being Finished, Isekai, Magic, OP Main Character

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