Half-Dragon Slave Life


Title: Han-Ryuu Shoujo no Dorei Raifu

The Slave Life of a Half-Dragon Girl

Author: Kaburagi Haruka (鏑木ハルカ)

Source: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n1944ck/

Author Summary:

A girl buried alive in an avalanche caused by an eruption, in a secret underground place she tasted the flesh of a dragon and became half-dragon half-human. Afterwards the girl who was to be sold as a slave was, she was bought by a kind-hearted boy. This novel is about a girl who became a Half-Dragon and a boy who has healing magics, A story about their carefree journey.

Author Warning: The 3 prologue stories will contain rather depressing subjects. It will contain death and sexual content. The main story is planned to be fundamentally heartwarming, but those who have difficulty with those subjects should read with caution.

Related Tags: R-15 for cruel depiction, “Romance?” , Female Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Battle, Fantasy, Slave

Related story/pseudo-prequel: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n8735cc/
The Prequel Story is being translated at Taida-dono Translations (Link)

Table of Contents

This series is concluded with 5 volumes and 98 chapters (103 total including prologue, epilogue, and extra chapters)

(Start from Prologue Alternate Version if you don’t care about prequel spoilers)

Prologue 1: “Legend” (Edited for Spoilers)
Prologue 1: “Legend” Alternate Version (Clean/Unedited with Spoilers)
Prologue 2: “Origin”
Prologue 3: “Slave”

Volume 1

Chapter 1: “Purchase”
Chapter 2: “Shopping”
Chapter 3: “Inspection”
Chapter 4: “Hometown”
Chapter 5: “Plans”
Chapter 6: “Banquet”


Translations are continued over at Hachidori Translations

Link the chapter 7 can be found here

42 thoughts on “Half-Dragon Slave Life

    • I’M SORRY!!

      I have to hold the chapters hostage because the prologues are “skippable” so I want to release them all at the same time.
      Next week I’ll do a mini-marathon of this series when I’m on break.


  1. Excuse me for asking this, but I am one of those people who can’t cope too much with those subjects…

    So I am wondering, I get it that the female lead is a slave, but I would like to know if she had to endure those “sexual content” herself as a slave before she’s bought by our kind hearted protagonist?
    It might be a spoiler but I would like an answer to prepare myself before reading those prologues, if possible. Without knowing that beforehand I’m not quite sure I’ll manage to get past the prologue.

    Good luck on your translation!


    • The short answer is yes, she is subject to them. Of course, it’s mentioned in the chapter titled “Slave”, Not the chapter titled “Origin” which I just released.

      It’s mentioned in passing and is not actually described but it’s definitely there. Truth be told, there’s something else in the next chapter that is more “messed up” so yea…


    • some people were complaining as to why I originally posted prologue 1 with a bunch of anti-spoiler tags (which apparently don’t work on the in the WP reader anyways)

      So instead of just made a “Clean version” with all the content/spoilers in it and an “Edited version” that eliminated possible spoilers.

      Looking back, I should probably add more spoilers but oh well. The spoilers are from the prequel series so they don’t really mean anything to this series.


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  4. Well this novel wasn’t picked up yet by somebody…
    I hope that somebody will cobtinue to translate it since it’s only 98 chapters.


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