These projects are primarily for me to improve my Japanese. Since it’s a learning experience, I can’t guarantee the accuracy of my translations. But I’ll use all the resources I can to make it somewhat correct. Feel free to comment if you think something is wrong.

Also, I don’t own any of these works so do support the authors if you like their series.

4 thoughts on “Disclaimer

    • Sorry for the late reply, I honestly had no idea how to respond.

      As for needing an editor, I like to do the editing myself because it sets the mood. Unless you want to work on Canceller or as a proofreader then I’m not sure I need the help.

      If you still want to help you can add me on Discord as Ashbell Dancer#3662 or under Ashbell.Dancer@gmail.com and we can see if something can work out.

      Regardless, I’m really surprised. Thank you so much for offering to help, I’m still a bit speechless lol.


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