Kenja ni Natta – Chapter 1-10

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Side note: I had to go back and edit a few chapters but all will be explained in the footnotes. No need to re-read (unless you forgot the story, which happens pretty much every time :P)


Chapter 1-10: Demon Invasion



Kazami Ayame, 18 years of age.
During his school days when he should have been enjoying his youth to the fullest, he instead spent 100% of his time living an indoor highschooler life of reading and studying.
His only specialty was Cleaning. Although it was helpful, it was an extremely plain and simple skill.


Even for someone like me, “Spring” has finally come.
Beautiful silver hair and crimson red eyes, a librarian who carried both a lovely and an intelligent aura about her.
Her name is Primevère.


Ever since she was a child she had always admired the occupation of 『Kenja』. And although she realized that she herself could not become a Kenja, she has always wanted to talk to a Kenja-sama about magics and books, or at least that’s what I gathered.
As if it was a dream come true, she conversed with me while looking joyfully delighted.


Seeing her smile like that, it also makes me feel happy on the inside.
Yes…… If only, if only I could get rid of this feeling of worthlessness that is digging deep into my heart……



「*Sigh*, I really am worthless. Really.」(Ayame)
「No, that’s no true at all! Ayame-san has done nothing wrong. I was the one to ask, so please don’t be so discouraged」(Primevere)


Under the calming mid-day sky.
I, Kazami Ayame, my heart was in pain from hearing Primevere’s kind words.


On the outskirts of the royal capital, in a somewhat stylish cafe, we were happily enjoying a meal together. This happened just not long ago.
Holding in one hand a beverage that gave off the soothing rich aroma of black tea, We both finished our lunch of dried meat and vegetables sandwiched between pieces of lightly-colored bread.
We were picking up the leftover pieces of bread and putting it in our mouths, and wiping crumbs off each other’s faces.
From a third parties point of view, we must’ve looked like a warm and cozy couple. It was a time of sweet bliss.


Now then, the time when that ‘incident’ happened came right after that.
As we were resting after our meal, talking about where we should go next, the waitress figured we were about finished and slipped us the check. Looking at the bill, I was shocked as my eyes became narrow dots.


「F-Five Silver Coins, you say……」(Ayame)


The black tea had unlimited refills after all, and the sandwich plate was quite a hefty and filling dish.
The place was also designed to let you admire the surrounding scenery, and the waitress poured the tea with highly refined gestures.
In other words “This place might be a bit expensive”, I was somewhat prepared for something like this to happen, but still.


「I, I don’t have enough……」(Ayame)


“At most it should only be about 2 silver coins,” I detest my past self for thinking something so foolish.
It’s even worse that I thought for a second “Maybe it’s cheaper than I thought.”
2 silver coins… that’s not enough to pay for one person.


「Is something the matter?」(Primevere)
「No, it’s, umm…… Today I just so happen to not have enough on me, so, umm」(Ayame)


Just so happen“? Even if you go back to the inn there’s no way you’ll suddenly find a large sum of 5 silver coins you know.
You were thrown into this other world completely penniless you know.


「That’s all right. I was planning on paying to begin with after all」(Primevere)


I didn’t sense a speck of hate or scorn from her words, and as if trying to reassure me, she smiled like a flower and payed the 5 silver coins.



――――And so, we now reach the present.


「Ayame-san, please do not be so depressed. If you act so down when you are with me, then I too will start to feel sad」(Primevere)
「Yea, you’re right. I’m sorry」(Ayame)


I straightened up my back, and tried to show Primevere a cheerful smile.
Seeing me act like that, Primevere’s eyes skeptically narrowed and with a slight giggle she smiled back.
Honestly, every single little thing she does is cute.


Now that I think about it, I often examine other people’s faces.
People with silver hair or other variety of colors, I often see both humans and non-human races with different variations of colors.
However, burning red ruby colored eyes like Primevere’s, I’ve rarely ever seen other people with that same characteristic.
When you take into account the few Mazoku[1] I’ve seen, there were some with hazy red eyes though.


「Ayame-san, you are a pure-bred human aren’t you」(Primevere)
「Eh, uhh, well, that’s right」(Ayame)


As if she could read my mind, Primevere brought up the subject with impeccable timing.
But if she phrased it that way then… that means.


「So it’s not the same for Primevere-san?」(Ayame)
「Yes, my mother was a pure-bred human, but my father was a Mazoku――He was an incubus」(Primevere)


An incubus, that would mean, I quickly searched through my memory of the books I’ve read a few days ago.
Now that you mention it I did see a Mazoku wrapped in an embrace behind the bookcases before. So that woman was a so-called “Succubus” huh.
If that was true, then it wouldn’t be strange to say that Incubuses also existed in this world.


But still, a relationship between Mazoku and humans, so she was a Half-Mazoku huh.
Incubuses have a strong image of being handsome Ikemen after all, so I somewhat understand why their child, Primevere, had so many beautiful characteristics.


If that is true then looking back, Primevere has always been staring at me very intensely.
The man who was devoured (in a sexual meaning) at the library was also a young man with a slender build, so, perhaps… Primevere got close to me so that she could make me into “a meal”……?


「I’ll eat you up~」(Primevere)
「…………How rude of you, Ayame-san. Do I look like someone who would indiscriminately attack young men?」(Primevere)


Do I look like one?” Well, we’ve only known each other for two days so I can’t say for sure you know.
Pretending to act all sweet and innocent, and then, with a shimmering wink, pulling you into a small secluded place, I can’t say that it was a completely unthinkable scenario.
Rather than looking at her in disdain or fear, you could say that I was rather looking forward to such a development.
The daughter of an incubus, I wonder how interested she is in those sort of things……


I for one am extremely interested to hear her response, but I best not ask something like that face-to-face.
Since she suddenly brought up the subject of race, I doubt she personally dislikes her blood lineage, but other people may have mistreated her because of it.
I often read light novels, so I consider myself somewhat of an otaku as well, but if someone I just met went up to me and said「You’re totally an otaku huh~」 in a half joking manner… I would definitely hate being treated like that.
Even if you bring up the subject yourself so you can easily move past it, if the other person digs deeper into it then it will probably become unpleasant.


「But I’m glad. Because, Ayame-san seems like a person who can understand those type of things」


Those type of things?” Could it be? Is she talking about the “indiscriminately attacking young men” thing?
If you can’t hold back any longer, then I’d gladly welcome the idea with open arms… Should I say that?


「Since long ago the many races of Mazoku have been grouped together and treated as one. People who realize that each race is different in it’s own respects, not many people understand that fact」(Primevere)


Turns out I was wrong.
It seems to be a much more serious conversation than I thought.
Now that you mention it, I see… “Mazoku” huh.
I was too shocked from hearing the word “Incubus” so it completely slipped my mind, but Primevere is a Half-Mazoku.
Here in the Royal Capital; demi-humans, beastfolk, human races, and Mazoku are all intermingled so I didn’t pay attention to it. But, in a town with a smaller population, there might be some discrimination against other races.


「Primevere-san, have you been……」(Ayame)
「Since coming to the Royal Capital, I have not once been discriminated against. Maybe it’s because the King has a preference for demi-humans. You often come into contact with different races here so that also might be the reason」(Primevere)


So before she came to the capital… she was mistreated huh.
I had that thought, but I didn’t say anything.


In any case, I see, the King loves demi-humans huh.
I haven’t met him yet, but I’ve learned something rather peculiar about him beforehand.
I probably won’t be seeing him anyways so it’s fine either way though. Because of that statement, a strange image of the King started to well up in my mind.


「……What is the matter, Ayame-san. Your expression seems a bit cramped right now」(Primevere)
「No, it’s ok, it’s nothing to worry about」(Ayame)


In my imagination, was an old man with a crown on his head, and a scene where he was surrounded by gorgeous neko-mimi women in a cat cafe setting. There’s no way I can tell her that.



◇          ◇          ◇



Primevere is, as mentioned before, a Half-Mazoku.


In regards to “Inner Energy” or Od, Mazoku are an exceptionally higher level of purity than human races.
Therefore, being a Half-Mazoku, Primevere would be somewhere in-between a pure human and a pure Mazoku. She has a relatively high level of Od purity compared to a normal human.
The higher the purity the better. It makes the activation of Od much easier.
In addition to the activation being easier, the energy consumption is also better. If you normally can’t activate a high grade magic then with higher purity Od then you would easily be able to perform it.


Incidentally, the attributes of magic in this world are divided as such: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.
Magics such as Lightning, Darkness, and Light; they do not exist.
Apparently there are magics that are separate from elemental magic, but most of them are similar to Secret Arts and Concealed Magics, so they haven’t appeared for generations.
Leaving aside the principles, the method by which Succubi and Incubi invade other people’s dreams, those type of things are regarded as racially exclusive magics.
By the way, in regards to the “acts” that happen during those dreams, the Succubi and the grown women who fall victim to Incubi, it seems that neither of them can become pregnant from it.


The conversation has gotten a bit off topic, but that is apparently what makes Primevere very skilled at using magics in comparison to other people.
It appears that the activation of Od using up stamina, so the races with a low level of Od purity become worn-out extremely quickly; they can’t use many good magics.
Incidentally, in regards to Elves and High Elves, they are classified as a race with low levels of Od purity.


It’s a bit unexpected.
After all, in media like games, Elves and High Elves are often portrayed in some way or other as races who are highly proficient in utilizing magic.
Because of that, I thought that Elves might be runner-up to Mazoku in terms of proficiency, but it appears to not be the case.


「It is not written in many books, but as a general rule of thumb, Mazoku are regarded as a race with the highest purity of Od」(Primevere)


That’s what I’m told.
Folding her arms underneath her chest, Primevere seems to be proud of that.


By the way, Primevere’s specialty is Wind Magic.
I’m not sure how it works, but apparently the Od consumption of Wind Magic is worse than other magics like Water Magic and Fire Magic.
Because of that, it seems that there aren’t many human magic users who decide on Wind Magic as their specialty.
“It is a privilege given only to Half-Mazoku,” Primevere was delighted as she informed me.


Since we were on the topic, I figured this might be the best opportunity to ask Primevere the question, “Are there human races that can’t use magics?”


「There are very few people who can’t use magic at all, but that doesn’t mean that they do not exist」(Primevere)


Even if you are born a part of the human race, if you happen to have an ancestor who is a race like Elf―― Or in particular if you have an ancestor who is a High Elf, then your ability to activate Od will pretty much be non-existent.


Since their figures will often be pretty slim due to their heritage, those type of people will not be fit for combat either.
On the other hand, most of the time the people who have ancestors that descend from elven lineage have beautiful and handsome characteristics. As a result, both male and females with that kind of heritage are often sought after. Many of them end up marrying into nobility or royalty and spend the rest of their lives living a happy carefree lifestyle.
Of course there are some among them who do not get married, and they instead use their strong life-force and longevity to amass knowledge. That way they can enhance their knowledge and become Kenjas. Even if they don’t reach the level of Kenja, there are many other lifestyles such as becoming a private tutor under direct command from the royal palace.


Considering this, Primevere has the perfect balance between good looks and magic power, at least that’s what I think.
She has overflowing beauty, and on top of it has a higher level of Od purity than a human.
Compared to someone like me who is lacking in both departments, people like Primevere who lack nothing are probably seen as being blessed by the heavens. That’s what I thought, but―― it seems like that assumption was wrong.


Long ago in ancient times, Mazoku and Half-Mazoku races were treated as evil beings and they were persecuted and exiled.
However, the king of five generations ago started to promote the idea that humans should be friendly with those other races.
According to the rumors, the crown prince at the time heavily supported the idea and greatly contributed to the reforms. When the crown prince eventually became king himself, there was a steady decrease in the number of other races that were expelled from the kingdom.


And so, time went on, and we arrive at the king of the previous generation.
When the previous king was just a boy, he went hunting in the forest and met a Mazoku girl. Apparently they fell in love with each other.
That became the driving force towards reform, and the previous king implemented a system the promoted equality for all demi-human races and Mazoku.
And so in present times, the current king inherited the will of the previous one’s, and continued to pursue the previous king’s ideals into the current age.
Incidentally, as we mentioned before, the king has a preference for demi-humans, so apparently a lot of the vassals that look after him are demi-humans.


「Since my mother was married during the previous king’s rule, she didn’t have any bitter experiences」(Primevere)




As we walked along while talking about a lot of things, we arrived at a lush green clearing.
Boys and Girls of all different races: Mazoku, beastfolk, and human races; they were all gathered together in one place playing a game that looked similar to soccer.


Since I came to this other world not long ago I can’t say for sure, but… looking at a heartwarming sight like this, I’m sure the previous generations wanted to bring everyone together as equals so they could create a peaceful world like this.


「Looks like they’re having fun」(Ayame)
「Ayame-san, do you like Kick Ball as well?」(Primevere)
「No well, activities that require you to move your body around like that, for me it’s a bit……」(Ayame)


When we played softball I would strike-out in three tries. During P.E. we played soccer and I was assigned to defense, and I was made to stand right next to the keeper at all times.
When we played volleyball I was forced to pick up the stray balls from the girl’s side, and during basketball I never once got to touch the ball.
Huh? I wonder why, remembering it bring tears to my eyes.


「If we make a ball using earth magic, then we will be able to play amongst ourselves you know」(Primevere)
「I, I humbly decline」(Ayame)


Judging by the looks of it, all boys and girls were invited to play regardless of their gender.
The little girls were swinging their legs around without being shy at all, and when they did something praiseworthy they would all tightly hug each other.
Their age is something to take into consideration, but it looks like not only do people in this world not care about the gap between race, but they also don’t particular pay attention to the gap between genders either.
Although, it might be just because I’m not close with other people to begin with.


Looking over at the children I saw a few armed soldiers, they were walking into the clearing.
It was just after lunch, so maybe they game to bask in the sun for a bit.
If you’re on break then I don’t really see the point of wearing armor still, but I guess they can’t exactly take it off arbitrarily.


The soldiers approached the boys and girls playing Kick Ball, and they started telling them something.
Thinking that they might ask the children to let them play too, I let out a light chuckle.
Can you really play while covered in armor? Kick Ball that is.


As I smiled while observing a rather surreal scene, I was suddenly poked a few times on the shoulder.


「Ayame-san, for some reason, I think the soldiers are acting a bit strange」(Primevere)


Just before she finished her sentence, the boys and girls picked up the ball and ran out of the clearing at full speed.
Looking at their faces, it doesn’t look like they were angry for being made fun of, and none of them were smiling either.
A mood of unrest spread across the place.
From the displeased looking soldiers, the children were ordered to run away.


「Is something the matter?」(Primevere)
「……Oh, Librarian-san. You as well, please make haste and evacuate from this place」


Responding to Primevere’s question, the armor-clad soldier had a sense of unease in his voice as he answered.
Nervousness spread throughout the surroundings, the air was tense and tingling.


「A few days ago, at the soldier’s training grounds by the side of the palace, are you aware that there has been the appearance of Demons?」
「…… Yes, I have only heard rumors though. There have been a lot of knight’s who are requesting for books about Demons after all」(Primevere)


Primevere quickly glanced over at me.
Unfortunately, I had no idea.
It probably happened when I was still walking across that plateau, or perhaps it happened before I was even wrapped up in this other-world incident.


「Fortunately that time they appeared at the training grounds, there were no casualties involving normal citizens, however……」
「Have, have they appeared again?」(Primevere)
「……No, honestly speaking their numbers were too great at the time. A number of them escaped」


Primevere once again glanced over at me.
What is it, I feel like she’s looking at me with a somewhat lonely and sad expression.


「Ayame-san, this place is dangerous. Please run away to a safe location」(Primevere)
「Huh, Oh. Understood」(Ayame)


As we were talking, more armed soldiers gathered in the clearing.
Their numbers reached a few dozen.
If all the soldiers gathered here have some combat training, then a normal citizen will probably just get in the way.
Since they already sent out an evacuation order, it would be best if we ran away quickly.


「Then, Primevere-san should also」(Ayame)
「I will remain here」(Primevere)


Looking at my outreached hand, Primevere’s pair of crimson eyes wavered.


Deep in those intelligent looking eyes, a sense of resolve remained in them.
The air of unease clung to her complexion and ran throughout it.


「I am half Mazoku. And I am confident in my own ability to use magic」(Primevere)


Saying those words, Primevere turned around, and she walked over to where the soldiers were.


Trying to stop her, I stretched out my hand to that figure that was drifting away.
We have only known each other for two days, but still, I didn’t want to let go of her.
If I ran away now, I will never see her again, I had that feeling in my heart.




My feet started to move and I was about to run after her. But, suddenly, a shadow was cast on the ground at that moment.
The bright and shining was being concealed by a black mass, the blue sky was dyed the color of that jet-black mass.


A host of Demons. Grouped together in the sky above the clearing, they were packed together so tightly that not a single ray of light could pass through them.



Extra TL note: Ayame was getting quite full of himself in the end. He also tried to sound sophisticated when he spoke. It’s okay though. I still find you hilarious, Ayame.



TL note:

The word for Mazoku can mean “Magic-folk” or “Demon-folk” interchangeably. So far I have been translating the word Mazoku as just “demon”, but in this chapter the author specifies that “Demon” is designated for “Akuma” instead. “Akuma” can be translated into “Demon” or “Devil” interchangeably so I was planning on using Devil instead, but since the author specifies it as Demon I will have to go with that.

As a result, ALL previous mentions of “demons” in the royal capital should actually be “Mazoku” or “Magic-folk”. I have already gone back and changed all previous mentions to Mazoku. Again, there are no “Demons” freely walking around the town; they are instead “Mazoku”.



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