Kenja ni Natta – Chapter 1-9

It’s a little late but at least it’s here. Hope I can keep up with these releases. Every time I do a chapter of Kenja, I am reminded of how difficult this is for me to TL…



Side note: For whatever reason, I put quite a bit of, ummm, “effort” into some footnotes. Do read if you come across them.


Chapter 1-9: A Delightful Invitation



*Fuaaa* (yawn)――――」


By the time I got up from my bed, it was already bright outside.
I was planning on waking up early today as well, but it can’t be helped since I stayed up late last night.
Although, saying that the reason why I didn’t wake up early was because I couldn’t go to sleep, I’m not entirely sure why those two things are related to each other.


Although it was already morning, I descended down the dark stairwell, and came across the tiger-child who was coming back from their bath and carrying their bath supplies.
Holding the supplies gently against their hips, they wiped their cheek with the towel hanging around their neck.


Aaa, Good Morning to you. Onii-san」(Tiger-ko)
「Morning. How long will it be until breakfast」(Ayame)
「I’ll prepare it right away so wait a bit, mkay」(Tiger-ko)


With a *Peta Peta* the child walked down the hallway, and disappeared behind the counter.
Even though it was morning, the counter was shrouded in darkness. The “Jii-chan” at this inn, he’d probably get annoyed if he ended up with a suntan.


Going outside, I took in a deep breath of the morning air.
Without any smog or pollution in it, the air was clean and pure.
Since I’m already out here, I might as well enjoy the clear morning sun until breakfast is ready… Is what I thought, but.


「Onii-san~, Breakfast is ready~」(Tiger-ko)


Hearing the *Clang Clang* of silverware being played like instruments, I turned about-face and headed back into the inn.
That really was ‘right away’.



◇          ◇          ◇



Although I’m bad at remembering the similar-looking scenery along the way, my body had properly remembered the route to the library.
As expected of my feet. If it has to do with books then they will remember it right away. What a joyous thing.


I lightly greeted the soldier-san at the entrance, and I only nodded to the librarian-san at the front counter as I passed by.
All the publications about fundamental subjects were grouped together in the book room of the first floor.
This book room was placed on the first floor of the library for convenience but, since the ceiling was so extremely tall, the ‘second’ and ‘third’ floor were eroded away which conveyed a sense of spacious openness.
With bookshelves that were so tall that you couldn’t reach them unless you used stairs or a ladder, you could surely feel how vast the place was.


「Now then, what should I read today~」(Ayame)


Desperately trying to suppress the skip in my step, while enveloping myself in this familiar atmosphere, I went inside the book room.
As I was pondering where I should head first, I suddenly noticed something from above. Near the ceiling was a silver-haired Librarian-san waving their hand.
I couldn’t quite make out the face, but I knew that only Primevère would wave to me like that.


Making sure that it could be seen from above, I made an exaggerated gesture and bent my waist so that she could see.[1]
The silver-haired librarian Primevère straightened her posture and gave a bow. And just like that, she flew off to the next bookcase.


Our exchange just now, everything was done while she was floating in the air.
Wind Magic is amazing.




Having lost sight of Primevère, I gathered books related to Kenjas, among other publications I wanted to read, and brought them to a desk.


I was still in the middle of reading『The Tale of Wizard Wayne’s Murder』 after all.
From the title I gathered that it was about an all-powerful magician by the name of Wayne, and I had expected the dialogue to be a dark fantasy about murdering innocent people. But that was not the case.
The cruel and dark aspects were few. Rather, there were plenty of fan-service scenes throughout.
Wayne ・Shouta could use powerful magics to manipulate the weather; a magician belonging to the highest of ranks. But it was a story about creating a harem with the likes of female knights and loli fortunetellers.
Since it had the dreadful title of a “murder novel”, I had mentally prepared myself to read about conflicts between families or the very essence of life being turned to ash and dust, but that proved to be entirely pointless.
Rather, because of this book, when Primevère was tightly hugging it the other day, a cold chill ran through my veins.
‘The Kenja-samas who I admire would never read such an obscene book!’ She might become disillusioned after knowing what I had just read.


Speaking of ‘obscene’ books.
This is about a different publication but,『Hebii’s Epic Story of Procreation』 was a novel that made that ‘murder novel’ seem like mere child’s play.
As to its genre, it was an erotic novel.
Beautiful women from old to young and even very young, all of which service our ikemen swordsman protagonist[2]. Traveling to far off places, he would come across heroines and would develop relationships with them in a matter of seconds. It was a straight-to-the-point kind of story.
Especially the scene between a young girl who was a former slave. It was so extremely impactful that I ended up reading it 5 or 6 times over again without even realizing it.
The conclusion also happened in flash; the epilogue had things like people with the Hero’s blood showing up all around the world. Quite the bold ending.


Being a “Story of Procreation”, I feel that it was a very accurate title.
Although, the original author of this work remains unknown. Apparently the name on the cover was actually the name of the first adventurer who discovered the book.
At least, that’s what was written in the afterword.


「…… This, I have to make sure that Primevere-san never EVER sees this」(Ayame)


From the standpoint of a reader, I don’t think I should be getting in the way of someone if they wanted to read this book, but having that beautiful lady Primevere find out that I’ve read this… I definitely wouldn’t want her knowing.
I should hurry up and hide this away where it belongs.


「――Well then, let’s read this one next」(Ayame)


Taking a break from the murder tale, I picked up today’s first subject that wasn’t a work of literature.
A book related to Kenjas.
Quite frankly, I wanted to know exactly what kind of occupation a Kenja was; Like what strengths did they have and what was expected of them――Well, it might be over exaggerating some aspects but this seems to be a textbook-like publication about Kenjas.
Since I’m more or less expected to have the status of a Kenja (apprentice), I should at least have basic fundamental knowledge about the occupation.
If I end up exposing myself by saying something wrong then things will get troublesome down the line.


Heeeeh…… So, it’s fine if a Kenja can’t use magic huh」(Ayame)


If you couldn’t use magics at least for self-defense, then a Kenja won’t be able to party with adventurers or heroes.
But if you’re not participating in combat and adventures, then it seems like there’s a lot of Kenja who shut themselves in their homes or in the royal palace and just focus on increasing their knowledge.
Of course, those people collect books for the benefit of their own knowledge. Apparently they spend their daily lives going back and forth gathering books from library or the royal palace.
In other words, when it came to specialties like Magic, no matter how knowledgeable you were and no matter how detailed your studies, there were always some leftover publications hidden out there with new information for you to obtain. Because of that fact, you can’t just stay cooped up and spend your entire lifetime surrounded by books.
It wasn’t a lifestyle where you could only go outside when you wanted to, Even though I kinda hoped it was.


「Also, looks like there hasn’t been a Kenja related to Magics in generations. It’s just like what Primevere-san told me」(Ayame)


In regards to Magic, since there were some magics powerful enough to shake the foundations entire countries, there have been many cases throughout antiquity where those magic books were erased from existence.
If you were to be in possession of such a book and then actually used it, “You have committed treason against the nation!” something like that might happen.


On top of it all there were rarely seen races like High Elves and Succubus. Their decendents hardly ever enter human habitats, so the racial magics they use might not appear for ages.
These are so-called Secret Arts and Concealed Magics. Across the many eons of history, there has only been a handful of people who have become Kenja in the field of Magics. In this day and age, there have been none that are officially recognized.


Looking at it a different way, if you searched throughout the entire world then maybe you might find a single person who could qualify.
Well, in other words, that one man might have the ability to change the entire world.
Nevertheless, if there was indeed someone who could qualify as a Kenja, and if he did know about the Secret Arts and Concealed Magics lost to the ages, then that so-called “Kenja-sama” would probably have surpassed the point of still being labeled as ‘human’.
After all, Magic is something that keeps on evolving and multiplying through the passage of time.


「If that’s the case, then you’d have to learn a bunch of things huuh……」(Ayame)
Ano, Kenja-sama ―― Ayame-san!」


While I was resting my chin on my hand and nonchalantly flipping through a book, a sweet voice like a chiming bell stimulated my eardrum.
Startled by the sudden voice I turned to face it, and I was caught in a gaze by a pair of ruby colored eyes.
The moment our eyes met I reflexively looked away, making me look suspicious.
Surprise attacks are not good.


――What filled my vision before, was the blue ribbon that decorated her chest.
My gaze wavered, and what came into view was the sight of the two mounds that rested thereunder.


When I met her yesterday I didn’t pay much attention but… ‘It will be troubling if you show those to a healthy young boy, you know’, they were that big.
They weren’t on the level of humongous boobs or explosive boobs though.
Those clothes, do they have breast pouches in them?[3]


「Kenja-sama, is something the matter?」(Primevere)
「No!? Nothing, is of the matter」(Ayame)


Standing up with a book in hand, I set myself in a posture befitting of a Kenja.


Having seen me in such a Kenja-like pose, Primevere’s cheeks became every so slightly red, and while playing with her hair she cleared her throat with a *Kohon*.


「Kenja-sama, do you plan on studying the entire day today as well?」(Primevere)
「Yes, I planned on it but-」(Ayame)


Not much longer and the sun will set. After that I have to go to the Guild and earn wages to pay for my lodging at the inn.
So until then, I wanted to collect as much knowledge and information as I could.
Because of that, I will shut myself in this library every day from morning to evening.
It’s definitely not because of some ulterior motive like「How wonderful it is to be surrounded by all these books」.


Primevere had been using her fingers to play with her beautiful hair for a while now, but she suddenly stopped her hands, and corrected her posture with both arms at her sides.


「My work for today, I have finished it before noon. As such, umm, would you like to have lunch together?」(Primevere)


I was so happy that I felt like I was soaring.
――But, I suppressed that feeling in my heart, and began questioning myself.
Hold on a sec, Kazami Ayame. Are you sure you heard her correctly? It’s not some wild delusion from yesterday right?
Since you spent so much time thinking about Primevere last night, you sure that wasn’t some auditory hallucination you just heard?


Ha, There’s no way.
I’m a Kenja you know. A smart and intelligent person you know. A wise human such as myself, there is no way I would mishear the words of a beautiful woman.
There’s no basis for that.[4]


「Oh, what a delightful invitation. By all means, I would like to accompany you」(Ayame)
「Is that so!? I would gladly!」(Primevere)


As she showed a smile that was like a blooming flower, in my mind I was doing a happy dance.



Extra TL note: Ayame was getting quite full of himself in the end. He also tried to sound sophisticated when he spoke. It’s okay though. I still find you hilarious, Ayame.



TL note: This line confused the hell out of me but here is what I’ve got. Ayame (at least I assume it’s Ayame. I actually have no idea) “bent his waist” as a play on words. The phrase “to bend one’s waist” can also mean “interrupting someone”. In context it’s similar to “butting in on someone”.

So basically, Ayame ‘bent his waist’ as a way of saying “sorry for interrupting your work”. Or that’s what I gather at least.

Original sentence is 上からでも見えるように、大仰な仕草で腰を折ってみせた。If anyone has input.


TL note: The word Ikemen means “good-looking guy”, like a handsome man/”hunk” who gets all the girls.

Also, the original like said that the girls were “older women”/adults, “young women”/same age/teens, and “very young women”/Lolis.


TL note: The original word for “breast pouch” is actually “Chibukuro”/[乳袋] which is a term used to describe a character who’s breasts create an outline on their clothes. The classic example would be Nodoka Haramura from Saki (although, pretty much half the entire cast of Saki is drawn that way).

When applied to clothes, it would kind of look like you’re are wearing a corset/underwire. A well-known image would be the uniform used by the Anna Miller’s chain restaurant.

Sample images: (There will be boobs so yea, do be aware)

Nodoka pics: Image 1, Image 2
IRL pics: Image 1
2D pics: UniformNon-uniform

(I hope that was enough “detail” for you to understand the term.)


TL note: When Ayame says “there’s no basis” he means that there’s no basis that he would ever mishear her. But the original sentence is worded in a way that it could also mean “there’s no basis to prove that he is a ‘wise person’/Kenja”.



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