Isekai Canceller – Chapter 24

Quick post before I head out for the day.
Unedited and I’ll add the name indicators later. It’s pretty obvious who’s talking though. Edited now.


Side note: I decided to add less word indicators for obvious ones and only use it for the strange ones. If anything is confusing then feel free to ask.


Chapter 24: Bank


「S-So much -nyari. This is the first time an adventurer has brought back so much Nankou Grass nya know」


Once we arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild, I was taken to the usual separate room for assessment. This cat-girl receptionist was thoroughly surprised by the result.


Incidentally, if you brought in a typical amount of Nankou Grass then they would give you the reward right away.
But once I told them the quantity of Nankou Grass I brought back they invited me to a separate room instead.


Of course, since Melissa wasn’t an adventurer she couldn’t enter the room as well. But this time I told her to wait by the counter. The wagon has the wagon watchers looking after it, and looking back on yesterday’s events I decided that it would be best if Melissa stayed inside the Guild with the receptionists.
The cat receptionist even asked the other receptionists to keep an eye out for her.
If some sort of trouble happens then they should contact me right away.


Ah, now that I remember about it, I never got to report about those wagon-thief adventurers who I personally disposed of.
During our conversation I slipped in a comment about the slums and,
「Don’t ever go near dere -nyari! There’s a lot of adventurers that go missing there -nyan! Unless it’s a special request from the Guild, don’t dare go sticking your head in dere -nyari!」
Is what she said.


If that’s the case then it would be better to say that they went missing. I don’t want any unnecessary trouble. The wagon is back safe and sound either way.
Wait, isn’t the number of this cat’s “-nyari”s increasing?


「Leaving that aside, how did you do it -nyan? It’s pretty well known that adventurers who struggle to find work all go scrambling to the Aloe Forest -nyan. There are few adventurers who would have a rough time against the Beginner level monsters -nyari, and even if you don’t like hunting then you can go harvesting there -nyari」


She tilted her head and her cat ears twitched while awaiting an answer, but, you know.


「It’s a secret. I can’t go giving out information on a whim. If you still want to hear about it then you can pay me an information fee」(Hitto)


Muuu you cheapskate -nyari. In the first place, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of an adventurer asking a receptionist for an information fee -nyan」


「Information is worth money after all」(Hitto)


I’m one to know. After all, I have the firsthand experience of purchasing information from a gatekeeper.


「Well, fine -nyan. The total amount on Nankou Grass is 32kg and 565g -nyan. Rounding up, the total assessment total ends up as 32kg and 570g -nyan. All of that would be 162,850 Gold -nyan. Das Nyamazing (Amazing)! It’s a nyu record!」


That’s a bit more than I expected. But with this our total funds now exceed 1 million. It might be a bit tough to scrap together 1.5 million by tomorrow, but if we use the reservation system to extend the deadline to 5 days then we should somehow be able to earn that much.


However…… A new record huh――


「Hey, you said it was a new record but was that really true? I happen to overhear, but isn’t there a bunch of guys who became Manager rank from just collecting Nankou Grass?」(Hitto)


Once I asked, the catgirl receptionist displayed a look of discomfort.


「You must be referring to 3 brothers of the ‘Three Green Stars’ huh~. It’s true, based on assessments of their previous harvesting results they were able to raise their adventurer ranks-nyan. But, since nyay (They) selfishly go roping off sections of the forest and drive other adventurers away, nyay (they) have a bad reputation -nyan. But since nya Guild doesn’t have regulations against nyose (those) type of actions there’s nyothing we can complain about -nyari」


I see. Well, if you had such an overbearing attitude like those three then it’s obvious that your reputation would plummet.


「But nya know, the most those three’s rucksacks can carry in one day is 6 kg so that was the record. Hitto-nyan brought back more than 5 times that amount -nyan. Undoubtedly an incredible feat -nyan」


6 kg? With three people? Well, it’s true that I had the benefit of the magic bag but… as “medical herb specialists”  they should be spending their entire day collecting in the forest and come back at once.
After all, if they made several trips back and forth then they wouldn’t be able to enforce their  “special territory”.


Maybe they’re just slow…… If that’s the case then it has to do with proficiency. From the looks of it, those guys seemed clumsy after all.
The game had a specific value assigned to proficiency. Even if it wasn’t displayed, it certainly did exist.
If the value was low then, for instance, the results would show if you were trying to lock-pick a chest.


So their proficiency also affects their ability to harvest herbs huh.
Speaking of which, 3/4ths of the Nankou Grass was harvested by me.
That doesn’t necessarily mean that Melissa, who was helping me at the time, was too slow.
Rather, I think that she was pretty fast at it. But all things considered, I was overwhelmingly faster.
It’s most likely because I spent so much time grinding back in the game.


……Well, even still, those guys are still  too clumsy.
Only collecting 6kg after a whole day, and with three people……


「By the way Hitto-nyan. If you’re going to keep earning rewards then nyai (why) don’t you use the bank -nyari?」


Hmm? Bank? The catgirl suddenly asked that type of question but…… a bank huh.
Banks were something that existed back in the game as well. In the game, after you died and are revived at the Church, half of the money you were holding would be lost as part of the resurrection.
But if you left your money in a bank then there was no problem. The money you deposited could also be withdrawn from any bank in any city as well.
Since there were no real downsides to it, many people used banks.


But are they really necessary in this world? Is what I thought but…… It’s more like they are essential now. In this world that has become real, you never know what could happen after all.
The frequency of crimes like theft and pickpocketing are greater than in the game so there’s a high possibility that an incident might happen.


Of course I have no plans to fall for something like that, but I can’t say that it absolutely won’t happen.
I’m pretty much depending entirely on the Magic Bag after all.
The fact that Melissa is carrying it right now makes it all the more probable to being targeted.
So I’m not against the idea of depositing money into the bank, but I’m curious as to why I’m hearing about it at the Guild of all places.


「I’m fine with using the bank but, why is it that someone at the Adventurer’s Guild is telling me this?」(Hitto)


Speaking my mind, I bluntly asked the catgirl.
Hearing that, her ears shook about as she held up her index finger.


「Well nya know. It’s because the Adventurer’s Guild and the Bank cooperating with each other -nyari. Nyat’s (That’s) why you can sign up for the Bank here at the Guild. It’s possible for the Guild to deposit your rewards from requests directly into the Bank -nyari. Furthermore you can withdraw from the bank just by showing them your adventurer’s license -nyan. It’s convenient -nyan.」


Fumu…… I see, so it’s like that. That certainly is convenient.


「Is it possible to withdraw the money here at the Guild?」(Hitto)
「That’s not possible -nyan」


Well, that’s to be expected. But being able to deposit here is already enough convenience.


「Can I deposit more than just the reward?」(Hitto)


「No Problem -nyan. You can deposit as much as ya like -nyan」


「I see, then――」(Hitto)


The amount of money I need right now… Well, we should be fine with a leftover sum of 73,333 Gold. It would reduce the amount of money we’re carrying too.


「Adding together the reward from this time, I would like to deposit a total of 1 million. Is that alright?」(Hitto)


Once I said it, ‘NYAN!?’ her ears spiked up and she let out a loud voice along with a surprised expression.


「O-Of course you can -nyari! That sure was startling -nyan. You’re very generous -nyan」


Even if you say generous… I’m just depositing it you know.


「Are there any forms I need to fill out?」(Hitto)


「It’s fine -nyan. We can use the same information we got from when you registured at the Guild -nyan」


……Is that really alright? Well I guess it can’t be helped. If they asked me about my personal information that came from a different world then I wouldn’t know what to say anyways. Besides, it isn’t like I put down any information that would cause any trouble later.


「In any case, the assessment is now over huh」(Hitto)


「That’s right -nyan. Since we’re already here, if there’s anything you want to ask then I’ll answer you’re questions -nyan. But my Three Sizes are a secret -nyan」


No, I ain’t asking that. Aah, but.


「Now that I think about it, I never asked your name」(Hitto)


「I guess so ~nyan. The name’s ‘Nyanko’ -nyan」(Nyanko)


……Guess it fits[1].


「Ya find it cute-nyan?」(Nyanko)


Even if you do a cat pose like that… Normally she would be called cute but once she opens her mouth there’s a few things getting in the way of that.
No, she’s talking about her name huh.


「Well, it’s cute ain’t it?」(Hitto)


「Nyan! But if you want to make me yours then it won’t be that simple nya know」(Nyanko)


She said it while brightly smiling but I don’t plan on doing that so everything is OK.


「Leaving that aside, since I’m here I might as well ask. Are there other places similar to the Aloe Forest?」(Hitto)


Muu, somehow it seems like you’re dodging the subject -nyan. Fine -nyan. Well then, what do you mean by other places -nyan?」(Nyanko)


「Ah, I mean are there any places where people are scrambling to collect Nankou Grass and hunt monsters」(Hitto)


「So like that -nyan. The Aloe Forest is special -nyan. Since the requests there for Beginner and Amateur rank adventurers are relatively easy, the Forest is particularly bad -nyan」(Nyanko)


「So it isn’t like that at other places?」(Hitto)


「Das right -nyan. The number of adventurers has been increasing since the feudal lord changed -nyan. Everyone’s working hard, but they’re desperate -nyan. But with so many new adventurers the number of Beginner and Amateur rank ones become inflated -nyan」(Nyanko)


It increased quite a bit huh…… Well, maybe they thought that being an adventurer would be simple and easy.


「But being an adventurer isn’t all sunshine and roses right? Being exposed to danger is part of the job right?」(Hitto)


「That’s right -nyan. Previously there were serveral Amateur adventurers who tried to take on monsters of a higher level -nyan. They thought they could earn some money, even if it was only a little -nyan. But, it turns out that it was too early for them -nyan. Most of them died and the surviving party members said that they would never be adventurers again. It would be better to say that they earnestly went back to having normal everyday lives -nyan」(Nyanko)


I see. It’s true that in places like the Aloe Forest there should be nothing but non-dangerous monsters there.


「And then, that rumor quickly spread amongst the adventurers, especially to those who were Amateur and below -nyan. It spread at an extremely fast rate -nyan. Since then, less adventurers have tried something so reckless for fear of their own lives -nyan」(Nyanko)


And the result of that was the Aloe Forest huh. But in that case.


「But will you be able to increase your rank if you only go hunting monsters in that Forest?」(Hitto)


「Of course it’s difficult -nyan. That’s why, even though there is an excess of below Amateur people, the number of above Amateur rank adventurers hasn’t increased much -nyan. But because of that, there is always a scramble for the Amateur and below requests -nyan. It’s true nyat (that) there are many Amateur and below requests available but that number is not infinite -nyan. In the end it makes it harder for you to raise your rank -nyan. At this Guild, most of the adventurers think that it’s good enough if they reach the rank of Manager -nyan」(Nyanko)


Fumu. I guess that is why those Three Green Stars were acting so arrogant.
Regardless of their method, being able to reach Manager rank was an impressive thing after all.


「But if Hitto-nyan keeps going like this then I think you’ll be able to reach the upper ranks -nyan. Nyanko’s hunches are pretty accurate nya know」(Nyanko)


Well I’m happy that you think that way, and I planned on doing that as well.
Rather, listening to our conversation just now makes me think that ranking up might not be that difficult.


However…… ranks huh. I suddenly remembered about that man.


「Hey… Do you know an adventurer by the name of Zak?」(Hitto)


「!? W-Why do you know that name -nyan!」(Nyanko)


Well, even if you ask me, why are you snapping a question at me instead.
But, her expression gave off a feeling of grimace.
This is, so he really was the troublesome type huh?




TL note: I feel like I drastically changed how Nyanko talks but w/e. Author sort of did that too with all the -nyari/-nyan.



TL Note: Nyanko is a generic name for cats. Think of it like calling a cat “Kitty”.




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