Isekai Canceller – Chapter 25

Oh, it’s the long awaited chapter. A chapter about Zak!
Sarcasm aside, other familiar faces show up in the second half at least that makes up for it.



Chapter 25: Slave Destroyer, Zak


With her eyes open wide in surprise, Nyanko answered me.


「I just happened to meet him, you see. Everyone was strangely obedient to him so I was just wondering」(Hitto)


For now let’s explain my curiosity while avoiding talking about that ruckus from yesterday.
Either way, if Zak was preparing something in secret then he should easily be able to find out why I am.
But based on her reaction it doesn’t seem to be that way.


「Is nyat so. But, I think you’re better of nyot knowing -nyan……」(Nyanko)


「What, is he dangerous or something?」(Hitto)


「Honestly speaking, he’s dangerous -nyan. That mans is pretty well-known even without the nickname of “The Slave Destroyer, Zak” -nyan」(Nyanko)


「Slave Destroyer?」(Hitto)


I unknowingly furrowed my eyebrows as I repeated those disturbing words.


「Yes -nyan…… Slaves are to be treated as livestock; people should use them as tools. That is how most people see them -nyan」(Nyanko


I have absolutely no idea why that is common belief though. My mood was soured but if I complain about it then the conversation won’t precede so I decided to ignore it.


「But that man Zak… he is someone famous for taking that belief to the extremes. So far he’s purchased hundreds of slaves to serve him; but even so, none of them last very long. Most of them become ‘broken’ after 10 days -nyan. And once they break he goes out and buys a replacement…… If he only tortured his own slaves like that then it would be fine, but Zak speaks out about how other people treat their slaves as well -nyan. If someone else’s slave gets on his slightest nerve then he breaks them as well, and if their master complains to Zak then he will get violent with them too -nyan」(Nyanko)


……It’s like, the more I heard about him the more outrageous he seems.


「But recently he’s been bragging that he got his hands of a pretty sturdy slave. I heard he’s gotten just a tiny bit better since then -nyan. But, even so, you should try your best not to get involved with him. Especially for Hitto-nyan, you would watch where you step and try to avoid him -nyan」(Nyanko)


Yeah, I appreciate your concerns but it’s already too late for that.
Wait, when you say “sturdy”…… Do you mean that slave Seira? She’s the only one who comes to mind.


「Why is especially bad for me? Is it because I’m with Melissa?」(Hitto)


「Das right -nyan. I don’t think Hitto-nyan is the type of person who would treat his slaves like a typical slave-owner -nyan. It’s quite unusual so there’s been rumors spreading about you in the Guild -nyan. Although, Nyanko doesn’t really know what they’ve been saying, but it’s bad if Zak hears -nyan. That man want’s slaves to be treated as less than people no matter what -nyan. If he sees the way Hitto-nyan treats slaves then he, without a doubt, will get involved with you -nyan 」(Nyanko)


Yup, you’re absolutely right. He splendidly got involved with me.


「But why is a guy like that working as an adventurer? From what I’ve heard, isn’t he Expert rank?」(Hitto)


「That is quite the opposite, it would be better to say that we suppressed his rank at Expert -nyan. Purely based on his abilities, I’ve heard he should be within the Specialist[1] ranks -nyan. But he is too much of a troublesome person -nyan. Although we’ve only been focusing on the way he treats slaves, but in reality he’s doing other things that are even more immoral and shady -nyan」(Nyanko)


「In that case it’s even more strange that he’s still an adventurer. Can’t you just expel him or at least give him some kind of harsh punishment based on the circumstances?」(Hitto)


「……Hitto-nyan, a word of advice -nyan. It’s fine since you said it here, but make sure to never ever say that outside -nyan. The higher ups have good ears -nyan. To begin with, the people who get their slaves broken and suffer great injuries, they never confess that Zak was the one to do it -nyan. There isn’t even a damage report -nyan. Because of that, the Guild can’t do anything about these incidents -nyan. Truth is that there are other incidents like unnatural deaths and disappearances, but since there’s no proof we can’t do anything about it -nyan」(Nyanko)


Basically it’s a never ending cycle…… Or rather, even though he’s clearly a “black” existence, since there’s no evidence he’s been labeled as “grey” huh.


「Also one more thing, this is the most important part -nyan. Zak has a troublesome person backing him -nyan. From the rumors it seems like an earl from East Arts[2] is supporting him -nyan. In other words, if you go against Zak then it’s pretty much the same as defying the earl too -nyan」(Nyanko)


…… I see.
Still, dealing with nobles is truly a troublesome deal huh.


「That’s why Hitto-nyan should seriously be on the look out -nyan. I’ve heard that among the adventurers that incur Zak’s anger many of them end up being ‘erased’ -nyan」(Nyanko)


「…… Yea, I’ll be careful. Incidentally, has Zak made this city his base of operations?」(Hitto)


「That’s not entirely correct -nyan. He basically wanders around with complete freedom -nyan. But I’ve heard that if his backer gives the order then there will be a lot of movements in the shadows -nyan」(Nyanko)


What do you mean by ‘in the shadows’…… Well, for now it seems like he isn’t restricted to being in just this city huh. Is he doing something to try and find me? If he was then there should be some kind of indication of it but… I feel like anything has happened yet.


Well, even if I worried about it nothing will change. The city is large so if I’m careful about things then it should be fine.
To begin with, we don’t have the time to move to a different city anyways. We have to prioritize making Melissa my official slave first.


Still, if Melissa heard all of this then she would only worry about it.
Just in case, I had Nyanko check if Zak was outside or not and then I left the room.




「Thank you for you’re hard word, Goshujin-sama. Did the request end up going well?」


When I returned to the Guild counter, Melissa greeted me with a brimming smile.
Her joyful smile really is soothing.
Looks like nothing bad happened when I was gone.


「Yea, it was quite the haul. Melissa was also trying her best after all」(Hitto)


「I didn’t do anything so praiseworthy――」(Melissa)


Melissa shyly waved her hand in denial. But, the edges of your smile gives it away you know.
Being modest like this is one of Melissa’s good points though.


「Yo, if it ain’t the guy from yesterday. Is this girl a companion of yours?」


「Eh? Oh, Mob-san」(Hitto)


I was wondering who it was but turns out it was Mob-san who taught me many things yesterday. We meet often huh. Although, it’s only the second time.


「Oh, so this gentleman is one of Goshujin-sama’s acquaintances」(Melissa)


「Yea, Since I’m still a newcomer he thought me a couple of things」(Hitto)


「Eh? Goshujin-sama as well? As a matter of fact, He has graciously been instructing me in various ways as well」(Melissa)


Hmm? So that’s how it was. That’s why he was so close nearby.


「I’ve got nothing better ta do after all. Even though we’ve only talked about a few things, this girl’s got a pretty good memory ya know. Ya sure you don’t wana be an adventurer? 」(Mob)


「No, for the moment I am only just an onlooker. But there may come a day where I register as one as well. When that day comes, I would be glad if you could once again instruct me」(Melissa)


「Quit it with the whole “instructing” business. My ‘teaching’ ain’t that much of a big deal ya know. Well, if ya want to know something them come and ask me any time. Oh, damn, I’ve got to get going soon. Well, seeya later」(Mob)


And with that, Mob once again headed out to somewhere.


「He is a kind gentleman isn’t he, Mob-san is」(Melissa)


He sure is, even though he’s a ‘Mob’.


「Well then Melissa. It’s about time we had some lunch. You must be starving by now right?」(Hitto)


「Yes! Goshujin-sama. Ah, by the way, have you also finished talking about that situation as well?」(Melissa)


Hmm? “That situation”? What’s that mean? I was a bit lost in though trying to figure out what it was. But noticing my condition, Melissa reminded me.


「The situation with Dowan-san who we sold equipment to yesterday. If I remember correctly, he should have sent in a request regarding what happened――」(Melissa)


Dowan……OH, that’s right! That was close. With everything that’s been happening I had completely forgot about that.
Melissa even showed me her memo pad, we’ve really been saved by it.


I headed towards the counter and requesting for Nyanko we started our discussion.


「Dowan from the equipment store -nyari?」(Nyanko)


「Yeah. We confirmed the request when we visited his store yesterday. I seems like he wanted to request that I bring him some iron ore and some magical fire stones and earth stones, but I wanted to know why we haven’t been contacted at all by him yet」(Hitto)


When I asked her, she looked puzzled. From the shelf, she grabbed the request book which was held together by string and started flipping through it but――


「Das weird -nyari. I don’t think a request like that came in -nyan. Did he really send out a request -nyani?」(Nyanko)


「It’s troubling if you ask me, you know. I’m only asking to confirm the request」(Hitto)


「Hmmm~ I guess that’s true -nyari. In that case, wait just a moment -nyan」(Nyanko)


And so, Nyanko headed behind the counter. It seems like she went to double-check it with another receptionist.


「Looks like nothing came in-nyan. Hitto-nyan, if you can please go and ask the person who sent the request what happened -nyan. Also, if Hitto-nyan would like to take that request then it’s fine if you take it to the ticket window yourself -nyan」(Nyanko)


「Huh? Me? Is it fine for me to do that?」(Hitto)


「It’s fine -nyan. Besides, we always welcome the business of adventurers -nyan. If you accept jobs on your own then your evaluation will also go up -nyan. Ah, but don’t go doing jobs without telling the Guild -nyan. Be careful -nyan」(Nyanko)


‘Business’ huh…… I guess some people see it that way.


I was a bit surprised by it but, well, I just went with the flow and accepted the request.
I was also given a blank request form. It seems like if I fill out the form and get a proper signature and stamp then it will be accepted as official.


Wait, they even have stamps?…… Well, the game also had a stamp feature so I guess it isn’t too far-fetched――


Well, for the time being me and Melissa discussed it and decided that we should have a meal first.
After all, hunger was getting the best of me as well. Dowan did said that he would be all right for a bit longer.
First thing’s first, time for lunch (although the ‘time’ was already past 2 in the afternoon).




TL Note: Specialist is the 6th rank. One rank above Expert (5th) which Zak currently is.


TL Note: As a reminder, the city they are in right now is “Central Arts”. “East Arts” would be a different city, evidently to the East of Central Arts




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