Half-Dragon Slave Life- Chapter 5

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Like I mentioned in the previous chapter, I had only “planned” to TL this series until this chapter. BUT I changed my mind and I’ll do chapter 6 since it has a better “ending”.

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TL side note: In this chapter, we finally see why I feel this Rimuru and a certain reincarnated demon slime are similar.



Chapter 5: Plans



When I came to my senses it was already morning.


「This is, in other words…… I fell asleep in the middle of Master’s briefing session, hm?」(Eir)


Falling asleep during a meeting with her master, what an outrageous thing for a slave to do.
A strict master would label you as 『incompetent』, and it wouldn’t be strange if you were abandoned.
For a slave to lose the protection of her master, it was pretty much the same as saying that they were as good as dead.
There were a couple of slaves without masters but, for example――


A Liberated Slave. It was the generic name for slaves who, by their own power, managed to buy back their social status. technically they are not slaves anymore, but it’s convenient to call them as such so many people do so.


An Exiled Slave. These were primarily slaves that were deemed unnecessary and were thrown out, the slaves that were abandoned. Since they didn’t have any masters, they could be used by any citizen however they saw fit. Primarily they were used for things like sex and manual labor, or perhaps they were turned into mysterious meat to feed the animals.


A Fugitive Slave. If for some reason their masters didn’t place any restraints on them, these were the slaves that ran away from their original owners. Most of them spend the end of their days the same way exiled slaves do.


With the exception of liberated slaves, for the ones that are unable to purchase back their own freedom, slaves live their lives while being constantly exposed the risk of being abandoned.
As for me, I don’t want my status to end up like that. I have to do something to regain Master’s favor……


「I-in any case…… Let’s start by cleaning up this room, and try to show off my usefulness」(Eir)


As long as Master has no intentions of setting me free, until he has a change of heart, let’s implant in him the image of a hardworking slave. In order to ensure that I won’t be discarded.
Since there were cleaning supplies left in the corner of the room, I brushed the dust off of the long and hairy rug, and went to polish the window.
Arranging the study materials on the deck, I then prepped to make the bed…… What’s this?


「This is……?」(Eir)


――Did a book or something fall under the bed?


Or perhaps…… Just like father taught me,『Under the bed is a man’s sanctuary』maybe it’s something like that?
From underneath the bed, I found a book with pictures of women in ‘stimulating’ outfits drawn in it. It’s like a illustration book[1].


「So does this mean that Master is still 『A Male』? Let’s have a look-see……」(Eir)


I have a lot of mixed feeling about it, but I’m also around that age, so things like what kind of women men are interested in… as expected I’m a bit intrigued by it.
Sitting down on the floor, as I turned the pages the outfits got more and more extreme.


「This is…… Eeeh, they do this!? Fwaa!」(Eir)


Without realizing it I became so entranced by it that I just kept on reading ahead.
Because I was in a state like that, I didn’t hear the sound of the door opening――


「HEEEY! What the hell are you looking at-!」
「Eeeh! ah, no, this is……」(Eir)


With earth-shattering vigor, Master dashed over and confiscated the book. And on top of taking the book, I also received a fist on the head.


「Rimuru-sama, hurt」(Eir)
「OF COURSE IT DOES! Where did you find this!」(Rimuru)
「Under the bed」
「Why were you looking…… No, nevermind. Anyways, I’m confiscating this. Henceforth you are to forget all about it」
「That’s an order!」


So the the first 『Order』 I’ve received since become a slave was this huh~.
Leaving that aside……


「By the way Rimuru-sama」
「What is it?」
「……So it’s, big boob preference?」


So I don’t fit his preferences because I’m just skin and bones huh-. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?
Or rather, none of that matters.


「Now what is it?」(Rimuru)
「Umm, last night I fell asleep, I am terribly sorry」
Aaa, That doesn’t really matter to me. You did your best, Eir, and you were at the limit of exhaustion after all…… How much of the conversation do you remember?」
「That is to say…… Goshuji-, I mean, Rimuru-sama, I don’t remember a single thing after you sat next to the bed」


Since I carelessly started to call him Goshujin (Master), I was in a panic to correct it.
Even though I was sure to make the distinction, I ended up accidentally calling him Master like I usually do in my mind. Perhaps, I have some fatigue left over?


「In that case, even if it’s just during breakfast, I’ll go over the plan with you one more time. I already prepared everything downstairs, so once you change your clothes be sure to come down」(Rimuru)


It looks like he even made preparations for a meal. There really isn’t any room for a servant huh~.




For breakfast we had grilled bacon and toast. Also there was coffee and salad on the side.
Although there were no eggs, it was still a picture perfect meal.


「This is……」(Eir)
「It’s something I made but is something wrong?」(Rimuru)
「I’m just surprised you prepared vegetables as well」(Eir)


We did purchase a large amount of vegetables and other goods in preparation for our journey, but all these were inside “Other Dimension Storage”.
And since I was sleeping the whole time, it was impossible to retrieve them……


「The vegetables were something that the grocer Cayenne-san brought over for us. First thing in the morning too」(Rimuru)
「How very conscientious of him」(Eir)


So that grocer Oji-san is called Cayenne-san[2]. I should remember his name.


「It seems that he wanted to see how you were doing, Eir. We should go thank him later」
「Is that so」


As we were sitting down for breakfast, Master told me about our future plans.
The bacon that was grilled and seasoned…… it was exquisite.


「So first off, Eir, I’ll have you store the medicinal herbs and other potions in “Other Dimension Storage”. After that, it will be the compounding equipment, and, well, various other things」(Rimuru)
「The things in this house, all of it?」(Eir)
「All of it. We’ll be away from the house for a long time you see. Although I plan on asking some relatives to maintain the grounds」


Since medicinal herbs and potions lose their effectiveness as time passes, and since “Other Dimension Storage” exists, I guess it’s a given that they will be preserved in there.
The reason why Master went out of his way to return home, I guess this was why.


「After that…… We’ll stay here for a month, in that time I’ll have Eir learn the basics of magic」
「You have the Gift of “Magic Power Bestowal” right? You might have the ability to create magic devices」
「Will Rimuru-sama be teaching?」
「Is there anybody besides me who can teach you?」
「I would be grateful…… But, isn’t one month too short?」
「If it’s one month then we might barely be able to make it. The enrollment for the academy in Raum is in 3 months after all」


Traveling to Raum on foot will take 6 weeks. If my training takes one month, then that only gives us 2 weeks of extra time.
Accounting for bad weather, and other things that might take extra time, it really is cutting it close.


「And in that month, you should get used to that body by then. If we suddenly went on a journey while you were still not used to it, wouldn’t it tire you out?」
「Oh, I see」


On the journey we would be walking for the entire day. In my current state where I can only limp around, it wouldn’t be strange to say that my burden would be doubled.


「And also, Eir is a bit too skinny. Leaving aside muscle strength, you have to recover your constitution as well」
「If I ate normally, will go back to normal… Probably」


Even when I lived on the mountain, I was often told that I was too underweight, but I have confidence in my physical strength.


「In any case…… As part of your rehabilitation, in the morning you will do some running, and once you’re done I’ll teach you about magic. In the afternoon… I guess I’ll have you practice with swords」
「It would be perfect for training your body right? It would be bad if I had to heal you after every swing like last time」
「Certainly, if I don’t learn how much I can exert myself then…」
「You told me that you had no experience with fighting after all. If you move around with a weapon you’re not familiar with, then it might end up as quite the spectacle again」
「If poor at handling it, might cut myself?」(Eir)
「That’s what I’m saying」 (Rimuru)
「Well, since we’ll spend today recovering, let’s take it easy for now. We’ll still go to Cayenne-san’s place in the afternoon though」(Rimuru?)
「Give thanks, is it」
「He’ll probably tease me with his lewd misunderstandings though……」


Master, you have a hard time dealing with that Occhan huh.




After finished breakfast, I decided to show off my hardworking side by cleaning throughout the house.
This morning ended up in a failure after all, I gotta start earning back some points.


The first floor of this house has an examination room and a lobby. Also it has a large room for hospitalized patients and a dining hall.
Since there was also a bath towards the rear, the house’s dimensions were slightly larger to accommodate all these facilities.
On the second floor was Master’s room, and the bedroom of his late parents. There was also a study that had books about Magics and Medicine.
There looks to be a basement as well, but……


「Master, the door to the basement doesn’t open」
「Ah, that place is…… Since dangerous medicines are stored there, a seal was placed on it」
「This place is a free healthcare clinic, you see. We have things like anesthetics, and other dangerous and abusable drugs stored in there」
「I see」
「Aside from that, we’re going to go do more shopping after we visit Cayenne-san’s place this afternoon, so make sure to stop your cleaning at an appropriate time」
「Going to buy more?」


Even though we bought a bunch of things in Sokaris, Maybe it’s not enough?


「Of course we are. Eir’s sword, it was destroyed right? We’ve got to buy a new one」
「Ah, so that’s it」


Since it got smashed to pieces like that, I think it’s pretty much beyond all repair.
Considering the brute strength of my left arm, seems like it will take a long time to find a sword that would be a good match.


「This town was just attacked by a troll, so we’re short on both weapons and work hands. We might have to set aside a considerable amount of time looking for a weapon」
「Casualties, Many?」
「Quite a lot. The reserve forces were half destroyed. Including my father who could use healing magic, many people fell victim to the attack. Countless weapons were destroyed too. And since the Oji-san at the blacksmith’s died as well, the supply can’t keep up with the demand」
「If there is no Blacksmith-san, would there be no weapons?」
「His child succeeded his practice, you see. His skills are still a bit questionable though」
「”Questionable”… is it」
「Well, it’s better than nothing」


Is that so? I think that even with just the claws, this arm would still be quite the deadly weapon though.
But, as a bodyguard, maybe is important that I show off my presence? Like Intimidation, I might have to do that in the future.


「Which reminds me, what of Rimuru-sama’s weapon?」
「Me? What would I ever use a weapon for?」
「For, Self-defense?」
「Like there’s any way I would be able to do that. I would even lose a fight against a kid, you know」
「That is… not something to brag about」


Why is my Master so…… useless when it comes to the important parts.


「But, Dangerous, you know?」
「I’m wearing armor so it’s fine. This breast plate, it’s a family heirloom so despite how it looks it’s pretty sturdy」


Master hardily knocked on the chest armor that had strange patterns carved in it.
When I looked to see if my horn gave off some sort of reaction, it seems to be some kind of magic item. I guess you could say, “as expected of a renowned family of healers”.


「Well then, we should be heading out soon so go get changed」


It’s fine if I go dressed like this…… Is what I thought, but it would be bad if I didn’t properly cover up my slave collar and wings.




We went and said our thanks to Cayenne-san, and then payed a visit to Burns-san who ran the weapons store.
Although it was called a weapons store, there were hardly any weapons in it. It almost felt completely deserted.


「Oh, Rimuru. Ya back in town?」(Burns)
「Yea, I came back last night」(Rimuru)
「If you came back ta town den come and tell meh. My dad just up died, so I’ve been losing my mind with all this」(Burns)


The person having a leisurely conversation with Master, an Onii-san in his 20’s.
He was quite handsome and seemed like the popular type, but… his speech is a bit too rough so it’s a shame.


「I’ll be sure to stop by next time. But today I want thinking of buying this girl a weapon……」(Rimuru)
「A girlfriend[3], you say!?」(Burns)
「So you respond to that part? Just to be clear, we’re not dating or anything like that」
「What, so it wasn’t like that」
「She is a bodyguard, A bodyguard you hear!」
「And here I thought “Spring has finally come for Rimuru”」
「Before I get a girlfriend, shouldn’t Burns-san get one first」
「There ain’t no girl who’d wana date a blacksmith. I’ve already given up on dat」
「So soon!?」


After Burns-san finished having some fun chit-chat with Master, he turned to look at me.


「A bit…… No, quite skinny, but can she even hold a sword?」(Burns)
「Despite the way she looks, she’s got a strong arm. Sure does」(Rimuru)


Since Burns still looked at me with a questionable gaze, I used my left arm and, picking up the long halberd hanging on the wall, I swung it once to show him. It was a bit too narrow in the store so I couldn’t do anything too flashy, but with this he should understand my muscle strength.


「D-Das incredible……」(Burns)
「Isn’t it? If possible I’d like to get her an easy to use sword though」(Rimuru)
「A sword eyy-…… We’re a bit low on stock right now though」
「I thought so…… Just by looking at the store’s interior, I could pretty much guess that to be the case」
「Aah, I know. There’s still That!」


Shouting out a few words, Burn-san retreated into the backroom.
Turning my gaze to Master, he just tilted his head in confusion. Burns-san then came back carrying a single greatsword.


「This sword is a family heirloom but it’s only been here collecting dust, if it’s Rimuru then I’ll lend it to ya. Sorry that it’s not something I can sell to ya though」(Burns)
「Lending out a family heirloom…… You can’t do that!」(Rimuru)
「Come on, don’t be like dat. Swords are things to be used. Da way it is now, it ain’t much different than a wall decoration」
「Even if you say that……」
「If you return it when you get back, that it will be all right. Take it as a farewell present to my little bro」
「…… Thanks, I appreciate it」


Taking the sword from Burns-san…… I was completely astonished.


「This is, Demon Sword?」(Eir)


I could tell just by holding it, what dreadful magic pressure. As if the blade might consume me just be looking at it.
As a weapon, even as inexperienced as I am, I could tell it was a razor sharp sword.


「So amazing…… is it okay?」(Eir)
「It’s fine. Please use it to protect Rimuru for me. He’s got a weak body after all」(Burns)
「O-Of Course!」(Eir)


Placed this new greatsword on my back, I held on tightly to those feelings.




TL note: Sending off his little brother, how sweet.

Extra TL note: I wonder if that Doujin was Rimuru’s or maybe he “borrowed” it from his Dad. Despite his weak body, he sure is a “healthy boy” huh. Much like a young demon slime.



TL note: The word for “illustration book” is the same word used to describe “a published book drawn by a mangaka”. So basically, a Doujinshi.


TL note: The grocer’s name “Cayenne” is the name of the capital city of French Guiana.

Most commonly “Cayenne” is associated with the Cayenne Pepper that is named after the city. Although, there is also the “Smooth Cayenne” which is one of the most widespread types/breed of pineapple. Also, there’s a porsche named Cayenne.


TL note: The word [Kanojo] or “Girl” is synonymous with “Girlfriend”.

Rimuru said “I want to buy [Kanojo]/’this girl’ a weapon.” Burns misinterpreted it as “Girlfriend”, hence his reaction.




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