Half-Dragon Slave Life- Chapter 6

Like I mentioned in the previous chapter, this is as far as I had “planned” to TL this series.

That being said, that doesn’t mean that I won’t put out any more chapters, but it will no longer be a main focus. Maybe I’ll drop a chapter here and there but I’ll probably do a few other teasers that have been sitting around.

If you haven’t heard, Yuuri of the Destructive Eyes, The Prequel to this series, is being translated over at Taida-dono Translations.

Perhaps, if enough people want more then I will continue but it doesn’t really seem that way based on views. Maybe it was my fault for handling the prologues so poorly from a PR perspective, For that I am sorry.
Oh well, I did the prologues the best way I thought I could.

Anyways, hope you enjoy! And thanks to those who supported the series on reddit and in the comments!





Chapter 6: Banquet



My body is small. So small that the tip of the 2m greatsword on my shoulders might get stuck in the ground.


「Dis is…… I think it’d be best if we made some adjustments huh」(Burns)
「No, it’s fine since it’s Eir we’re talking about. But, it it really all right for you to lend us this sword?」(Rimuru)
「Yeaa, if ya just return it later then I don’t really care」(Burns)


It’s true that if I use “Other Dimension Storage” then I won’t even need the scabbard, but……In that case, won’t that defeat the purpose of using it to intimidate people?
When I place things into “Other Dimension Storage” I need to touch it with my hands, but taking them out doesn’t require any particular action.
When taking them out, the items appear within a restricted area about a few centimeters from the palm of my hand. If it was a tool usable with hands, then it would be possible to immediately utilize it the moment I take it out.


However, the drawback is that I need to be careful of what direction my palm is facing.
In the past, I tried to bring forth water like I was shooting out magic, but once I faced my palm upwards and used “Other Dimension Storage”, a large amount of water immediately bursted out and I ended up almost drowning in it.
If instead of water it was something like a large tree trunk, I’d be dead by now-.


「No, that isn’t the problem right now……」(Eir)
Nnn? Eir, did you say something?」(Rimuru)
「Nothing, just thinking, how to use this sword」(Eir)
「If it’s little missy then, it ain’t a problem with strength but with height huh. Like dis you probably can’t even pull it out」(Burns)


To begin with, it doesn’t look like I can even pull the greatsword out of it’s scabbard.
If I don’t put it on my back then it would be way too long to carry around, but since you needed to make a really wide movement to even pull out the long blade, I won’t be able to pull it out normally.
That’s why we used a scabbard that only wrapped around the crossguard. This way the scabbard won’t impede me from pulling out the sword since it left the majority of it bare-naked. Right now, I have that type of scabbard on my back.


「Ah, bare-naked……」(Eir)
「I just thought of something」(Eir)


With my right hand behind my back, I made a stance like I was swinging a sword. Then I put only the greatsword into “Other Dimension Storage” with my right hand, and used “Other Dimension Storage” with my left hand to take it out of storage.
Using my Gift in rapid succession, I replicated the motion of drawing out the sword.


「WHOOA!? THAT’S AWESOME! I didn’t even see you draw it!」


Well, that’s because I didn’t actually draw it you know.
Yup, there’s a bit of a time lag, but I suppose it’s still a lot faster than pulling it out the normal way?
If the sword was completely sealed in a scabbard then they would be treated as one item and this technique wouldn’t work, but since the blade was naked I could get my Gift to specifically target only the greatsword.
It’s only possible since the scabbard had such a design. I guess you could say it was a bit ingenious.


「*Nnng*, *Aaah*! *Hmmph*……just a……!!」(Eir)


The only bad part is when I have to put it back into the scabbard.
Seeing me tip-toeing and desperately trying to stretch my arms, Burns-san burst out laughing. GOD DAAAMN YOU~!!
Somehow, with Master’s help, I was able to put the sword back in the scabbard. But, this might become a problem.


「Well, if it’s just adjusting the scabbard on your back then I can do it right away. Guess I should get to it」(Burns)
「The most important thing is pulling it out, so you don’t have to be depressed about it」(Rimuru)


Maybe I was making a droopy face, but the two of them offered me words of comfort.


「No, I am just thinking about things. I’m not sad or anything」(Eir)
「Looking at that face, you don’t seem very convincing」(Rimuru)


*Punyu* *Punyu* Master was squishing in my cheeks with his finger. Don’t you think you’re being a bit too rude?


「But still, are you really all right with this? Lending out such an amazing sword free of charge」(Rimuru)
「Truth is that I wouldn’t want ta sell it for anything less den 1000 gold coins. But if it’s to keep Rimuru-bou safe, den I don’t really care」(Burns)


Incidentally, although copper coins were the lowest denomination of currency in this world, their value is so low that they aren’t used often.
Most transactions were conducted with silver coins, for 5 silver coins you could probably buy yourself a cheap lunch set.
The value of currency went from copper, to silver, to gold, and then white gold. The gold coins were also divided into one gold and 100 gold coin denominations. The extremely expensive white gold coins were valued at 10,000 gold coins.


A while later, after he had finished adjusting the scabbard, Burns-san promised that he would give me lessons on the fundamentals of how to use the sword, and we left the store afterwards.
Since there was that famous knight from legends, it seems that the sword techniques I needed to learn are pretty widespread.




On the outskirts of the suburbs, Master was reading a book as he watched me practice sword swings.
Concentrating on drawing the giant sword, and using my Gift while moving my body in a precise fashion. The timing of everything needs to be perfectly tied together, so it’s important that I practice this everyday to get it just right.
Since using my Gift doesn’t use up any stamina, this might be the best form of training that I can do right now.


「Come to think of it, Rimuru-sama」(Eir)
「Hm, What is it?」(Rimuru)
「This sword, is it that amazing?」
「……Eir was the one to say it was amazing, right?」
「Yes, I know that it’s amazing. But… it’s just too amazing. Not sure exactly how amazing it is」


The pulsations of magic energy emanating from this sword, it was not inferior in any way to the equipment that I found in that 『Evil God’s Shrine』.
The problem is that both this sword and those equipments were way too amazing; I can’t use them as points of reference.


「I’m not too familiar with swords either so I’m not really sure. My “Limited Identification” doesn’t work on it either. Is there something like an inscription on that sword?」


As suggested I started examining the sword close up for the first time.
I could tell that some words were engraved near the crossguard, but……


「Can’t read」(Eir)
「This is, must be some ancient language. Deciphering it might be a bit difficult even for me, right?」(Rimuru)


When I let it fall on top of a piece of wood to see how well it would cut, it sliced clean through the piece of wood without any resistance at all.
Normally greatswords would have the disadvantage of being big and heavy so they are weapons that smash rather then slice, but still, it cut really well.


「Still cuts good. Should be fine for now」(Eir)
「Eir… You sure are quick to decide on these type of things, huh」
「That so?」


I guess that might be true?
I continued my swing practice without thinking too much of it. Pulling out the greatsword from the scabbard, readying my right hand with the dagger, I practiced using my self-taught dual-wielding style.
For now, since I don’t even know the basics, I just swing around in all four directions, and then return the swords to their scabbards.
This movement made up one Set, and I repeated these Sets numerous times until the sun set.


「You haven’t noticed since you were busy practicing, but it’s getting dark so why don’t you give it a rest?」
「Yes, is fine」
「Eir, if you keep carrying that heavy sword on your shoulders… I don’t want to have to carry you back to the house like last time, you know」
「Probably…… is fine」
「Bright in the morning you will be doing some running and studying magic, so make sure to leave some energy for tomorrow, okay」
「…… I stop now」


It’s not like I flinched because he said ‘studying magic’ or anything you know!


「Then let’s head back and take a break. The sun already set, so the timing’s perfect」
Aa, Dinner preparation……」
「It’s fine, I will make it. Resting your body is our top priority, Eir」
「I, even though slave?」
「Like I said before, I hate putting it that way. It’s true that I did “buy” you Eir, but that was only because I had no other choice」


Feeling a somewhat warm sensation after hearing those words, I wore a genuine smile.
Covering my face with the mantle, I followed Master Home.




「Master, what is this?」


Looking at the dishes lined up on the dinner table, I carelessly let out a voice.


「If I had to give it a name then… Liver stir-fried with chives and spinach. And over here is soup made with seaweed. It’s unusual right? Apparently it’s good for treating anemia though」
「For me, liver and chives is a bit……」
「It’s good for the body so eat it. That’s an order」


That was my 2nd order. Somehow that’s a bit sad.
The liver had the taste of blood. Now matter how much I resisted, it reminded me of time when I was buried alive. It brought me back to the time when I had to eat the dragon’s meat.
As I persevered to keep everything down, I was assaulted by the chives and things got a bit dangerous…… But, I tried my best to keep everything in my stomach.
The seaweed soup was surprisingly tasty so maybe that’s what saved me.


「Rimuru-sama, that is?」


When I noticed the beverage that Master was drinking, I spoke up.
The liquid was slightly red, and the faint smell of alcohol drifted from it.


「Ah, I got found out? This is wine that’s watered down with fruit juice. Drinking it straight might be a bit difficult you see」
「But, alcohol is no good for minors」
「Don’t be so uptight. If you want, why don’t you drink some too Eir?」
「No good」
Aa, perhaps, you can’t drink? Eir…… Even through your name is Eir[1]
「That is a name that Rimuru-sama decided on…… And it’s not like I can’t drink」
「Then prove it. Here」


Into my glass, Master poured wine up to the brim. And it wasn’t even the watered down version.
Truth be told, I have never once before drunken alcohol. At least, not that I remember of.




Staring at the glass, I stood conflicted for a while. Across the way, Master sat there with a stupid look on his face. Seeing that, I made my decision.
Snatching up the glass, I poured it down my throat in one go.
To my knowledge wine should have a rather low alcohol content, but in spite of that the insides of my throat were burning hot.
A felt a sensation radiate across my forehead, and I felt the blood vigorously rush to my brain.
For some reason everything got all dizzy-like, it felt gooood.


「Rimuru-sama, anoder grass please」
「Oh, you’re pretty good at this. Alright, it’s a full blown celebration. Go on and drink all ya like」
「A celebrashion fer wut?」
「I guess it’s in celebration of you and I meeting Eir~」
「Dat shertainly was a joyous thing huh~, Cheeeeers」


Since I gulped down the next shot…… I don’t remember what happened after that.




The next morning, I was wrapped up in a bed.
I have no memory of what happened last night. On top of that, I was sleeping in the same bed as Master.
Furthermore I was being tightly embraced under his arms. Master and I were also, we were…… were not…… wearing clothes.


A, auu auu……」


When I was first bought as a slave, I had prepared myself for this…… But, this was too unexpected.
Also I could feel a solid sensation around my tummy…… This must mean “that”. It has to mean “that”. I have knowledge of it from my『Training』, when I rubbed it I’m sure it has be “that”.


―― W-What happened to being mentally prepared or the mood. Above all, I don’t remember anything, Why is that!?


I had prepared myself to be forced down and 『enjoyed』. I had even prepared myself to be humiliated to the point of wanting to die.
But, for it to happen without me even knowing…… That possibility never occurred to me.




I couldn’t hold back my tears. I couldn’t hold back the sound of my sobbing either.
Perhaps he felt me quivering, Master woke up and opened his eyes.


「……Eh? eeh?」


Seems like Master is also confused. In a panic he stopped hugging me and separated himself. He then started examined his body.
When he confirmed that his top half was completely naked, his face turned pale.
Huh? But……


「No way. Eir…… I’m sorry! What have I done…… Really, I’m really sorry!」
「Umm, Rimuru-sama?」
「But, I’ve done something that can’t be easily forgiven! I’ll make sure to take full responsibility!」
「Rimuru-sama wai-」
「That’s why, umm……」
「Goshujin-sama. You, are still properly wearing pants, aren’t you?」


Come to think of it, I too am also still wearing my skirt.
Since I was being hugged, I wasn’t able to properly confirm the bottom half, but right now I could tell.
Since I got into bed while still wearing it, the pleats of the skirt got all crumpled and wrinkled…… This, it will be difficult to fix it later.


「Huh? That means……」(Rimuru)
「Surely, because of all the alcohol we drank, we took off just our tops since it was too hot. Maybe?」
「Very Seriously」
「……So that’s all it was……Thank goodness. For a second there I thought I would be heading to the ‘graveyard of life’ at a young age」


By graveyard, do you mean me? As expected, that part irritated me.


「What is it? Ah, you should hurry up and put on clothes, Eir」
「Will you, take responsibility?」
「You were hugging a girl’s naked body, so, plenty『Guilty』?」
「N-No, that was…… Like I said, I’m sorry……」
「I cried you know. Kind of seriously too」
Uuu, Guuu
「I, am a slave. I must resign myself to being treated like this. Must endure」
「Like I said…… Ah, Fine! I get it, I get it already! What do you want? Anything is fine you hear! Even marriage, if you really insist, then I’m okay with that too!」
「Eh, no, you don’t have to go that far――」


Becoming serious, Master stood up in defiance.
Like that, since I was sitting down, before my eyes appeared a ‘tent’…… This is a bit embarrassing.
Maybe, I went a bit too far with the teasing?


Etto, I am sorry. I was a bit arrogant」
「Eh, you weren’t serious? It’s alright you know, go ahead and say anything」
「I have nothing to want, so don’t mind it. I haven’t lost anything anyways」


Well, truthfully I did lose a bunch of things though. In a mental and emotional sense.
But, in the future I should hold back on my jabs, or I might actually end up being wed.
My goal is to be released from being a slave you know, not becoming a wife.


「Is that so…… that’s good then. Yup」
「Rimuru-sama, alcohol… will stop?」
「I guess so. It would be best if we stopped until we are a bit older」


Thus, well, those were the events that happened that morning.
But, since I feel that Master and I got just a little bit closer, I guess you could say “All’s Well That Ends Well”?

Actual Author note:
The value of Currency is Copper Coin = 1 Yen, Silver Coin = 100 Yen, Gold Coin = 10,000 Yen. I think it is easy to understand if you think of it that way.
Going off that, it seems that Eir was sold at a pretty cheap price.




TL note: And so we reach the end of my planned translations. I hope you all enjoyed the series teaser. In the end, I still find this to be cute do maybe I might do some more chapters. However it will be very far off and released in batches. Anyways, thanks for reading.

I guess I’m doing this again.

Extra TL note: I really REALLY wanted to make Eir say “I’m sorry, I was a bit cocky” instead of “arrogant”, but I decided to refrain.



TL note: As a reminder, Eir is the name of the “Water Goddess”.




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