Livestreamer’s New Game+ – Prologue

It’s that time again. Time for a NEW PROJECT! I’m actually really hyped.

Here I present “New Game Plus! ~The Struggles of a Popular VRMMO Livestreamer~” or as I have stylized “Livestreamer’s New Game+” (I’m open to suggestions on what the “short”/stylized name should be).

The synopsis and ToC can be seen here. The VRMMO setting is nothing too special, but for some reason I just can’t stop reading it. Maybe I just like the genre too much. Either way, I still think it’s a nice change of pace for me. I especially like the supporting cast of characters and the world building. Most of all, I plan on using a different translation style for this story so it will be fun trying to figure things out.

As for the translation status, I honestly want to make it a main project. I’ve already spent a lot of my time reading it so might as well TL as I do it. We’ll see how the feedback is after a couple of chapters. Also, apparently this novel is getting a light novel adaptation.

Anyways, Onwards to the Prologue. Enjoy.


Side note: I didn’t include footnote links during the story since they would break immersion. I’ll try to make it so you remember what they were/why they are there without a redirected link.



Prologue: This Man, is a Popular Streamer


In these barren wetlands, among the tall tall grass, stood a single man.
With shimmering silver hair than ran down his back, his body was covered in pure white armor that matched it in color.
In this mist-filled wetland, the visibility was low, the dampened air made it an unpleasant place to be. But, the man paid no attention to these minor details. Clearing his mind of all idle thoughts, he waited for the opportune moment.
Waiting for what resided beyond this fog, Waiting for the giant shadow to appear.


The air shook.
The man moved.
The man reached his hand out, grabbing the katana that was sheathed in the black saya on his back.
Grasping onto the hilt, he let loose the blade.
The katana’s edge was so beautifully crafted that it could send chills down your spine. You would not think that it was real.


──Yes, It was not real.
That katana, the wetlands, the tall grass, and even the unpleasant atmosphere── They were all a fabrication of the mind, taking commands from a program. It was all fake.
The man stood in a virtual world, he was in the VRMMO「Dragon’s Krone」. He was just one of it’s players.


『Record it!』


In the corner of his eye, a pop-up window was displaying a message.


『OOOH, Time to get excited!』


More and more messages kept rapidly flooding in. Quickly glancing at them, the man then shifted his view to a different window.
Menu, Broadcast──
Being displayed in a new window, with a slight time-lag, was a reflection of what the man saw at this very moment.


「…… Alright, this should be OK to stream」


As the man whispered to himself, he looked in the corner of the window to see a number that was wildly multiplying.
That counter displayed the number of Listeners. It easily flew past the five digit count, and showed no signs of stopping.
That, was the amount of players that shared the same view as the man…… In other words, that number represented the number of other players where were watching the man’s「Broadcast」.


「Okay then, Let’s get things started」


As if signaled by the man’s voice, the Listeners watching his broadcast were passionately sending in their comments.


『Eh, perhaps, are you going to fight with only that much Health?』


Reflected on the broadcast screen was what looked to be the man’s Health Gauge. It was almost depleted, blinking a dangerous red color.
That red color, in short, meant that the man was already in a perilous situation.


「Of course」


In response to that comment, the man made no notion that he planned on healing.
The man instantaneously activated several Skills.
Converting damage into additional attack power, the「Samurai」Class Skill: 【Invincible War Technique】; The near-death skill that gives status boosts:【Perseverance】──
With a surge, red flashes surrounded the man, and from it came a power that enhanced his body to the utmost limits.


『Good Luck!』


A bustling message window.
Then, the mist swayed. The air trembled.
That was proof that the「Enemy」 had appeared.


「……O Foolish Little One」


From beyond the mist, came a low and ghastly voice that shook the earth.
And, two bright red eyes shone through──
With the trembling of air, the mist parted away, and stood there was a tremendous Dragon with jet-black wings.


「However, I shall praise you for making it thus fa-」
「Ah, Skip」


Interrupting the dragon’s words with his own, as if time itself had stopped, the dragon’s movements were frozen stiff.


『Skipping the Event Scene』


An inorganic digital voice replied back.
And just as this voice spoke, the sound of the dragon’s roar pierced his ears and blew away the surrounding mist.
An exclusive skill for those of Dark Element,【Kindred’s Roar】──
Over a few seconds, it was a fearsome skill that could cause surrounding players to lose consciousness. But it won’t work on I who has the Skill【Hearing Isolation】.
With a tiny smirk on his face, the man kicked off the ground with his left leg.
With a bang, the mud around his feet shot up into the sky.
It happened in a single instant, but the man’s figure was already nowhere to be seen.




The image being displayed to the audience changed to an aerial view where it captured both the dragon and the man.
Followed by a ring of light, the man stood before the gigantic dragon’s feet.
The man cut through the dragon’s boulder-like foot.
As blood flew into the air, the dragon began it’s counterattack.
Flapping its wings towards the sky, the dragon swung around and, using its giant tail like a whip, it aimed for the man.
The incredible shockwave produced made the air tremble, but once again the man disappeared.


『UOOHHH!! It’s amazing no matter how many times I see it!』


Endless messages of praise came streaming through the pop-up window like a waterfall.


「Make sure not to blink!」


As if toying with it, the man ran past the dragon’s left foot and appeared below it’s belly; he ran to the other side by slipping underneath it. The katana sliced through the soft underbelly, and again a whirl of blood spewed forth.
Such an intense attack violently shook the dragon’s torso, It’s balance crumbled.
But, that was the time for the dragon to strike the man with it’s next attack.
Before the man’s eyes, he could see flickering flames escaping from the corners of the dragon’s mouth.
In the next instant, a hell-flame engulfed the wetlands, evaporating all of the surrounding moisture── An instantaneous release of【Dragon Breath】 left the soil in ruins.
A blaze of hot air spread out. The tall grass was turned to charcoal.
As if boasting, the dragon let out a loud triumphant roar towards the heavens.


『You can’t be serious!!』
『Is it…… over?』


Thinking that there was no chance of survival, unrest began spreading amongst the Listeners.




In the broadcast footage was a white shadow.
The man hung onto the dragon’s back.
Piercing his katana between the black dragon’s scales, he avoided the hell-fire without a scratch of damage.


「I’m not done yet!」


Trying to shake the man off it’s back, the dragon went into a wild frenzy as it twisted it’s body. But again, that light came forth.
Effortlessly weaving between the dragon’s talons and fangs, splatters of blood and the ring of light danced together in the air.
It was like a giant black shadow struggling against a tiny white spirit.




The camera chased after the man at blistering speeds.
Winding to the right, Dodging to the left── The dragon continued to rampage while high in the sky, but it could not separate itself from that Light.




The man wore a natural smile on his face as he cried out.
Sprinting atop the scales, the man evaded the dragon’s attacks as he aimed for that one place. The place that controlled this giant’s body; It’s head.
Then, faster than it could react, reflected in the dragon’s red eyes was the man; his armor formed a white wall before the dragon.
The man took his beloved katana in hand, and fluidly sealed it back in it’s saya. Then, all of a sudden, a ferocious fang shot out from it.
A technique that sacrifices defense for offense, the「Samurai」 Class skill:【Battōjutsu】──
Along with a glittering effect, materializing above the dragon’s head was a number; a damage counter that was in the six figures.


『HE DID IT!!!』


Sounding the end of the battle, the dragon’s death cry echoed out. The enormous dragon feebly fell over and perished.
What was said to be the one of the strongest boss monsters in the VRMMO game「Dragon’s Krone」: The Supreme Dragon Drake. This was the moment when the “Popular Livestreamer” 「Aran」soloed it.



Aran vs Drake


TL note 1: Since Aran uses “Samurai Class” skills, I’ve decided to leave the “sword” and “scabbard/sheathe” as their Japanese equivalents of “Katana” and “Saya”, respectively.

There were other complex/technical terms of the Katana mentioned, like ‘Hamon’ for instance, but I translated them for clarity.


TL note 2: The first skill “Invincible War Technique” can be translated more accurately into “Kongou/Vajra Martial Arts”.

Dissecting the term, Vajra is a representation of a diamond and a thunderbolt. Together it is both Indestructible (Diamond) and with Immense Power (Thunderbolt). In a religious context, Vajra also represents “indestructible truth”. (And yes, it is spelled the same way as the Kongou-class warships. Although those were named after a mountain).

The “War Technique”/”Martial Arts” portion of the word refers to Middle Age combat techniques used by members of the military and samurai. These war techniques are not just limited to hand-to-hand but also include other forms of combat such as swords, spears, guns, horseback riding, etc.


TL note 3: Battōjutsu is the old term used to describe “The art of drawing out the sword”. Nowadays it’s called iaijutsu. While iaijutsu can be used for sport, think of Battojutsu to be the more deadly, combat orientated version.

Edit: After the author converted the prologue into digest form, she changed the skill Battojutsu into “All or Nothing”.


TL note 4: The name Aran is pronounced like Allan. I specifically chose to spell it Aran to help prove a point in a later chapter.



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