Level 0 Aikido – Chapter 1

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Hope you enjoy the serialized work of Sorachi Daidai-sensei.


Disclaimer: Much of the original syntax and sentence structure was heavily altered to preserve the mood. I also made some inferences, added clarifying adjectives, and even reworded certain sentences for them to make sense in English. Don’t take this as a 100% accurate and direct translation.



Volume 1: The Aikido Practictioner Who Descended to a Different World Arc

Chapter 1: Meeting a Magic Girl in the Forest



(Now then. Where is this?)


The scenery around Nagare suddenly changed, the expanse before him was somewhere in a forest.
From the looks of it, the forest was filled with hardwood trees. At a glance you would think that they were trees you often see in Japan, but there were certain parts that differed from Nagare’s original world.


Some of the flowers looked strange and poisonous, and some of the plants seemed like they were made of metal.


(Looks like I somehow managed to arrive in a different world)


Nagare understood this fact in an instant. Nagare was a master of Aiki-Jujutsu after all.
For Aiki-Jujutsu, being able grasp the nature of any phenomenon was a key principle. As Nagare was a master of such an art, he came to this conclusion through the sensations he felt. The air, the smells, the signs of danger, he took everything in and easily grasped their nature.


When he was still in Japan, Nagare was quite fond of internet web novels. This might had been in large part because of his great-great-grandchild who taught him various things about novels.


Incidentally, for Nagare who could grasp and understand everything, he was also highly proficient in IT-type subjects such as the internet, e-mail, programming, and even hacking.
While we are on the topic, Nagare once received the Akutagawa Prize for one of his stories, and once he submitted it to a novel hosting site for aspiring novelists he received First Price for his work. Currently his novel has sold more than 100 trillion copies worldwide.[1]


‘Well then…’ Nagare placed his hand on his chin as he was deep in thought.
He began considering what he should do from now on, but Nagare quickly reached his decision.


「Let us relax and spend the rest of our life in this place」


He made no signs of hesitation. Of course, this was natural. It is important in Aiki-Jujutsu to be resolute and make firm decisions. If you cannot do this then you would not be able to fully master Aiki-Jujutsu, or any art for that matter.
If you are indecisive in your ways, then you cannot become an Expert.


Moreover, Nagare already no longer had any lingering connects to his home world. His wife already passed on before him, and his children have all grown into wonderful adults. He had also saved the Earth countless numbers of times.
At the very least, he should be able to live out the rest of his life as he pleased without fear of any divine punishment.


Fortunately, before he came to this world Nagare had left a farewell letter in the courtyard.
Thinking that one day he might get sent to a different world, Nagare had always kept that letter in his breastpocket just in case such an occasion should arise.[2]
The letter covered a variety of topics: saying “I am going on a journey”, instructions on who will take over the Dojo, the location of his dying will and how to distribute his inheritance; everything was accounted for in the letter.


Nagare was a man who made preparations so that there will be no worries for the future. With this, his family should be at ease and they shouldn’t do things such as file a missing persons report.
Above all else, Nagare had a tendency to suddenly disappear on a journey and not come back for several years so this would not be the first time something like this has happened.


Now then, with everything wrapped up, Nagare decided to search for a place with other people and took his first steps into this unknown other world.


In that moment.




From deep in the forest, the screams of a young girl managed to reach his ears.
Of course, Nagare was not one to ignore such a cry.


Making an assumption based on that scream, Nagare guessed that the girl was mostly likely being attacked by some nearby Monsters. Acting on his conjecture, Nagare hurriedly made his way to the source of that voice.






Gya agii!


「This is again a strange sight」


Nagare had arrived at a large open area in the forest.
There he caught sight of a lone Girl being surrounded by bizarre monsters.
Green skin covered their bodies, and their height was about half of Nagare’s. With very large eyes, their mouths casually exposed their tiny fangs.


Image-wise they sort of looked like a baby Oni without a horn.


「H-Hey you, over there! I don’t know who you are but SAVE ME!」


And so, when the Girl noticed Nagare, she cried out seeking help.
Would it be correct to say that her age was around 15 or 16 years old?
Pink hair that was bunched up on both sides; a Girl of relatively small stature.
The Girl was clad in a blue accented robe, grabbing hold of a metal staff.
But, even from underneath the robe, one could tell that her swelling chest was a clear sign that she was a splendid adult, at least in that respect.


Based on her charming features she would definitely be classified as a Bishoujo, but her words emanated a somewhat rough and unrefined sensation.


By the way, the language that the Girl was speaking was a genuine other-world language.
But then, why can Nagare understand it?
Did he obtain the power of universal translation? Nay, that was not the case.


Before arriving at this clearing, Nagare had already heard the Girl’s voice once before.
For the God Slaying School of Aiki-Jujutsu, it’s key teaching was being able to see through an opponent’s core, ward off[3] and take in their strength, and converting that strength into a different power before striking back with it.
If the user is unpolished and lacking in skill then at most they could only increase the power up to 110%. With a certain level of discipline then an assistant instructor might be able to multiply the power a few times over, But this was the uppermost limit.


However, Kaminagi Nagare was an unparalleled genius. Donning on his new name of “Nagare”[4], it was an incredibly easy task for him to take in his opponent’s strength and multiply it by several tens of thousands of times the original amount.


Of course, this ability did not apply only to the martial arts. For Nagare, a man who could take in anything and everything by using Aiki-Jujutsu, simply hearing a single word of this other-world language allowed him to take it in and ward it off. He could then multiply that one word by several tens of thousands of times and send it back at himself. Using this method, it was possible for him to grasp and understand it.


In other words, when Nagare had heard this Girl’s cry for help not long ago, in that instant he was able to grasp and understand the entirety of this other-world language.


In the wide and expansive world, the only one capable of such a feat was Nagare.


Gyo Gyo! A strange one, showed up!
It’s fine, even though, I thought we finally got our hands on a ‘fertile’ one[5]!
To late for that, He’s in the way!


And of course, the same thing could be said for the Goblin’s language.
By taking in the Goblin’s words, Nagare could understand their language by using the exact same method.


(I see, so these small guys are monsters known as goblins. So they are the type that can impregnate other’s with their seed without any regards to their race huh――)


Nagare had not specifically heard the word “goblin” spoken by the Girl or the monsters, but since he understood everything as a whole, Nagare knew what they were.
Coming to that understanding was easier to him than learning the multiplication table.


Hey you guys, will you please leave that girl alone?[6]


Since Nagare more or less learned the goblin’s language, he made use of his newfound knowledge and asked them a question.
And because of that, the Girl stared at him with wide open eyes.


「Hey you! You can understand the goblins words?」


「Yeah, well, I could only understand it just recently though」


With a “Haaah?” the Girl wore a baffled expression as her voice leaked out.
But, that was the truth. After all, Nagare had just learned this other-world’s language a short while ago as well.


Gyo Gyo! Us, Why do we have to be scared by a puny human like you!
You, are you stupid?
You’re only one person, there’s nothing you can do, all by yourself! Gya!


(Seem like there’s no room for negotiation……)


Thinking that to himself, Nagare took a fighting stance.
However, the number of goblins was quite large. Most likely their count reached the 300 mark.
Leaving aside the old Nagare, it may take the current Nagare a considerable amount of time to finish them all off.
Until he get’s used to things, it may take Nagare about a whole 30 minutes to take care of them.


「Young Lass. It looks like the goblins have no plans on retreating」


「No, to call me “Young Lass”[7] is a bit……」


The Girl had a dubious expression as she said that.


「However, their numbers seem a bit high. I too wish to finish things up as quickly as possible, so I would be grateful to you if you could at least dispose of a few by throwing some sparks around」


「Haah? What kind of stupid thing are you talking about! If I could do something like that then I would’ve done it by now!」


「But, Young Lass, judging by your appearance, are not able to fight for yourself at least to some extent?」


Hearing Nagare’s question, the Girl seemed troubled as she replied.


「Well you see, I could more or less be considered a Magician. As long as I have some magic power left I could do something about it. But right now I have almost no magic power left you know! That’s why I can’t use magic! Seriously, I never would’ve thought that there was THIS many goblins here!」


(As I thought, she was a Magician huh)


Nagare inclined his chin as if satisfied by her reply.
Magic. Nagare was unfamiliar with Magics and the like because it did not exist in modern-day Japan, but based on the Girl’s appearance he easily assumed that it might actually exist in this other world.


「However, even though you say that you are unable to fight, are you not holding a staff in your hands? With that, surely you should be able to deal with a couple of goblin-level opponents」


「Haaaah? Are you STUPID!? There’s NO WAY I can use the staff to fight! A staff is a tool to use magic you know, it is NOT a weapon!」


As she feverishly shouted a reply, Nagare tilted his head in confusion.
Although the Girl said it wasn’t a weapon, the staff was clearly made of metal. In addition, the shaft of the staff was long and at the end of it was a round and sturdy looking crystal. From both sides of the staff there were even sharp needle-like protrusions extending out of it.


Based on Nagare’s knowledge, that staff could easily be considered as a weapon.


「Young Lass, that staff is perfectly fit to be used as a weapon you know」
「Like I said, being called “Young Lass” is a bit…… Wait, How in the world can this thing be used as a weapon! It’s a staff you know, A STAFF!」


The Girl voiced her complaints while swinging the staff about.


Nagare let a single breath slip out. It seems like in this other world a staff isn’t considered a weapon. It was considered as solely a support tool to assist in utilizing magic.


「First off, please try holding the bottom portion of the staff. And when one of them starts coming at you, swing it down and try to hit them with the top part that is sticking out. For something like goblins, doing that should be enough to handle them」


As Nagare was giving a lecture to the Girl――


Gyo Gyo! What have you two been blabbering about! Everyone, Get em!


The sound of the goblin’s war-cry echoed throughout the forest. Wanting to take care of Nagare first, a large number of them charged him at the same time.
The goblins were holding various weapons in their hands such as knives and worn-out swords and axes.


But even if their weapons were worn-out, their numbers were the problem. In addition, Nagare was currently only wearing his Dougi and Hakama[8]. In this condition, receiving a single attack would Normally prove to be life-threatening.


However―― The goblins that sprung at him simultaneously, all of them had the trajectory of their bodies altered. These several hundreds of goblins suddenly found themselves cutting down not Nagare, but their own comrades instead.


Was it internal discord? No, it was different. This was an ultimate technique of the God Slaying School: 【Utsusemi-Ran[9]】, a skill that did not require the use of any strength whatsoever.
No matter who the opponent, when they begin their attack the air around the wavers. Using the skin to sense that microscopic movement that normally goes unnoticed, the attack is taken in and warded off the instant it is started, and then it is sent towards a different opponent.


In group combat this technique was extremely effective. From the sidelines it looks exactly like the enemies were quarreling amongst themselves and attacked each other, so naturally it was often thought to be a genuine fallout between comrades.


However, in truth, all of this was the result of Nagare’s Aiki-Jujutsu changing the momentum of his opponents.
Yes, this was a technique Nagare could use without lifting a single finger, and enemies were simply defeated by their fellow comrades.
In reality, as the bodies started to pile up because of Nagare’s actions, the goblins themselves started to doubt each other. In the end, discord would spread throughout the chain of command and it really would devolve into a fallout between comrades.


(Good Grief, this truly is foolish)


While carrying that thought in his mind, Nagare grew curious of the Girl’s situation and turned his attention to her――






(Are you kidding me……? I can’t believe it. Did I really do this?)


Gradually creeping towards her, A goblin was trying to grab the Girl.


But the Girl had remembered Nagare’s words. While half in doubt, she grabbed the end of the staff, aimed the protrusion downward, and closed her eyes as she swung the staff down at the goblin.


In that instant she felt a *Squish*-like sensation as if crushing one of the fruits of the forest.
Slowly opening her eyes little by little, she found at her feet the corpse of a goblin.
The Girl was surprised by this. After all, the Girl was a Magician. She had never once before defeated a monster without the use of magic.
Moreover, the thing that she used to defeat it was the very staff she held in her own hands.
The Girl had witnessed countless numbers of Magicians and Wizards before, but none of them have ever done something so strange and bizarre as to use their staff as a weapon.


A staff was an essential tool for storing and enhancing your magic power in preparation to use magic; this was common sense among magic users. As a result, no one has ever once thought that staves may have an alternative use other than being supporting equipment.


But, right now the Girl was receiving quite a lot of mental shock.
Afterwards, when a goblin came close to her, she would again swing down the staff, and again their skulls would be thoroughly crushed. Their brain matter spewed out as the goblins lay dead on the floor.


It felt as if she suddenly became a skilled fighter.
Certainly the staff was made of Magic Silver, but even so, for it to have this much destructive force……


「It must be because I’m holding the staff at the very end huh…… But for someone as powerless as me to be able to defeat goblins just by doing this…… Perhaps, Is that guy some kind of famous adventurer?」


While murmuring those sort of things under her breath, the Girl merrily used the spiked staff to beat down the goblins that were charging towards her.
With their green blood covering her entire body, her appearance now looked exactly like that of a Witch.


And so, possibly because Nagare regained his rhythm and could once again use his previous strength, a few minutes later the two of them stood with goblin corpses scattered all across their surroundings――




TL note: The Akutagawa Prize is a prize awarded to “the best serious literary story published in a newspaper or magazine by a new or rising author”. It comes with a 1 million yen cash award + a pocket watch and is one of Japan’s most sought after literary prizes.

As a visual reference, 100 trillion is 100,000,000,000,000 Copies


TL note: I would just like to point out, Nagare anticipated that he would EVENTUALLY get sent to a different world. Since he “knew” that it would happen one day, he always kept a letter in his pocket just in case.


TL note: A bit of clarification for the word “Ward off”.

Ward off is a two part word meaning “To Take” and “To Distribute”. It is one of the key principles in Aikido where you receive an attack and then redirect it. “Ward off” by itself doesn’t really portray this imagery properly so I opted to add the “take in/absorb” part to better clarify it’s meaning.

Essentially this line (which has been repeated several times now) means that the key principle of Aiki-Jujutsu is to “Absorb an opponent’s strength, convert it and multiply it by adding in your own, and the returning it to take down your opponent”.


TL note: Like I mentioned in the last footnote of the previous chapter, The first “Kaminagi Nagare” is spelled in Kanji while the ‘New Name: Nagare’ is spelled as  [ナガレ], symbolizing he is a “Different Nagare”.


TL note: The original word for “Fertile one” is the word for “Seed-bed”. As in, a place to ‘plant’ and grow seeds (or in this case, offspring).


TL note: The Goblins do not speak in Hiragana (ひらがな) But instead they speak in Katakana (カタカナ). As such, I italicized all the “goblin” speech and left the “human” speech un-italicized.

This particular line, Nagare speaks it in “goblin language”.


TL note: Nagare calls her “Ojou-Chan”, which is equivalent to saying “young lady” or “little lass”.

The reason why the Girl finds it strange is because it is usually used when an older person/adult talks to a younger/little girl.


TL note: Dougi (sometimes called “Keikogi”) are traditional martial arts training uniform used across several disciplines such as judo and kendo. A Hakama is the lower “pants” portion of the uniform that is tied around the waist.

See the picture of Nagare in the announcement post or the ToC as reference.


TL note: Utsusemi-Ran 【空蝉乱】 is broken up into two parts. Utsusemi means “Empty Cicada” and is a Cicada which has “Cast off it’s shell”. In games such as final fantasy, Utsusemi is a ninja technique that creates a “shell” (copy image) that absorbs attacks.

The “Ran” portion of the word mean War, Rebellion, Revolt, Disorder, etc.

If I had to choose an English name I would go with something like [Cast-Off Rebellion].

Also, as said in the previous chapter, “God-Slaying School” is read using the same as “Kaminagi [Nagare]”, kind of implying that it is “His” technique (although the current Nagare is a ‘different’ Nagare)



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  1. Next thing you know, he’s going to find a Paladin with only a shield, and tell people to shieldbash the monsters to death.


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  4. Author is masturbating using the mc…DAMMIT
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    While we are on the topic, Nagare once received the Akutagawa Prize for one of his stories, and once he submitted it to a novel hosting site for aspiring novelists he received First Price for his work. Currently his novel has sold more than 100 trillion copies worldwide.”
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    The magician girl’s amazement at idea of using a magic STAFF to hit someone was amusing. Especially with the description of the the numerous nasty projections on a heavy blunt metal instrument. Pictured something certain to result in immediate arrest at the scene of any crime. Even jaywalking.
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