Am I late to the Christmas Party?

Merry Christmas! Well, it’s sorta still Christmas, right? I’ve been on a plane for about 90% of the day so posting was a bit technically difficult.

Anyways, hey everybody, it’s Ash Dan again. If you noticed from the Half-Dragon release on X&M earlier, I’m alive again due to it being the holidays. As for why I was on hiatus, it has been a busy past few months as I’m in my last year of clinical rotations and making it past this last hurdle is my primary focus at the moment.

In any case, I’m on a small vacation now so I’ll try to pump out some chapters while I have the free time.

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who stuck around through the dry spell. And special thanks to the people asking if I was alive or not. It’s good to know people still look forward to my releases, even if I’m still very small.

Well, enjoy the chapter(s)! Merry Christmas

Livestreamer Chapter 31

Canceller Chapters postponed until Newyears


Happy First of April 2017. Also Status Update.

It’s that time of year again! That special time which comes only once a year, the time for the annual (?) release of the Canceller spinoff! In case you all Cancelled the last chapter from your memory (which you should have), here is a Link to last year’s post. As a quick reminder, it may be April Fools but this is 100% a real chapter written by the same author, and also 100% unrelated to the original Canceller series.


Moving on, I just wanted to say that university has been kicking my butt and Finals are just 2 weeks away, which is why I have pretty much been on a hiatus. I plan to release a few chapters tomorrow but I probably won’t have time for more until after Finals. So yeah, sorry about the unannounced hiatus but real world happens :/ .


Anyways, Enjoy the spinoff and look forward to tomorrow!


An Alternate World’s STRONGEST Canceller ~ Using The Rare Cancel Skill to Become GODLIKE~

Chapter 2

Valentine’s and Dragons

Happy Valentine’s day everybody!


As (sorta) promised, I have chocolates! For your reading pleasure, I have joined up with Xant & Minions to release 2 chapters of Half-Dragon Slave Life!

I assume some, if not most, of you have already read chapter 7 translated by Pau-san of Hachidori translations. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to contact Pau-san to see if they still intended to continue the series. As such, I decided to re-translate chapter 7 for consistency purposes. Pau-san’s chapter 7 isn’t necessarily bad, it’s actually pretty good for a first translation, but since there were some nuances that I wanted to change I just redid the whole thing.

Since it has been a while since my last release, I encourage you to reread it as a refresher, but if you don’t feel like it you can just skip to 8.

As for the translation speed, I’m not too sure. Maybe once or twice a week, if I have the time between studying.


Anyways, here are the links!

Half-Dragon Slave Life ToC

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

New Year’s Musing

Happy New Year everybody! Since Kenja was left out of the christmas release here’s a chapter for you all.


Now on to the musing part. (You can skip to the sign-off if you want)
While being with family for the holidays they naturally asked about my translation projects and, of course, if I earned any money from it. I never really considered it because, for one, I didn’t write these series so it’s not original. Secondly, I don’t think I’m that great of a translator to begin with. But with all the questions and other happenings I figured, “Hey why not,” so I’ll probably be adding a donations page for people who want sponsor extra weekly/monthly chapters whenever I get the time. That said, this will probably give me an excuse to buy more novels so that will be fun for the authors too. That or, you know, food and stuff.

I’m still not sure how to set it up though. I’ll probably end up use streamtip because you can write a message to say which series you want to sponsor, easier on both ends that way (though I think paypal will take a cut since it’s a tip and not a donation).


While we’re on the subject, if I start asking for donations I figure I should put more effort into translating as a whole. So with that, I’m considering either picking up another series and seeing where that goes OR possibly continuing the translation of Half-Dragon Slave Girl, which I’m sure some of you would love to be continued.
I already asked Xant over at Xant & Minions about it (which I’m technically a Minion of now, if you read the christmas post) so the groundwork has somewhat been laid.


Anyways, let me know what you think in the comments. I especially want to know what guys think about the new series/continuing Half-Dragon Slave Girl thingys.

Sorry for all the rambling and, again, Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

It’s still a bit early for me but here’s your presents!
Thanks everyone for reading and commenting, without you guys I wouldn’t have to drive to keep doing this.

On another note: I’m helping over at xant & minions to bring you more bear fluffiness so look forward to a 2nd present storm.

Okay then. Without further ado, here’s your list of Goodies!

Edit: apparently I hit 100 posts so yay for that too!

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