New Year’s Musing

Happy New Year everybody! Since Kenja was left out of the christmas release here’s a chapter for you all.


Now on to the musing part. (You can skip to the sign-off if you want)
While being with family for the holidays they naturally asked about my translation projects and, of course, if I earned any money from it. I never really considered it because, for one, I didn’t write these series so it’s not original. Secondly, I don’t think I’m that great of a translator to begin with. But with all the questions and other happenings I figured, “Hey why not,” so I’ll probably be adding a donations page for people who want sponsor extra weekly/monthly chapters whenever I get the time. That said, this will probably give me an excuse to buy more novels so that will be fun for the authors too. That or, you know, food and stuff.

I’m still not sure how to set it up though. I’ll probably end up use streamtip because you can write a message to say which series you want to sponsor, easier on both ends that way (though I think paypal will take a cut since it’s a tip and not a donation).


While we’re on the subject, if I start asking for donations I figure I should put more effort into translating as a whole. So with that, I’m considering either picking up another series and seeing where that goes OR possibly continuing the translation of Half-Dragon Slave Girl, which I’m sure some of you would love to be continued.
I already asked Xant over at Xant & Minions about it (which I’m technically a Minion of now, if you read the christmas post) so the groundwork has somewhat been laid.


Anyways, let me know what you think in the comments. I especially want to know what guys think about the new series/continuing Half-Dragon Slave Girl thingys.

Sorry for all the rambling and, again, Happy New Year!

Announcement: Level 0 Aikido Chapter 3 Released and Volume 2 Illustrations

This news is actually like 2 weeks old but I thought I should give it a proper shout out anyways.

Chapter 3 of The Strongest Level 0 Aikido Practitioner, Now, Here I Come to a Different World! or otherwise known as “Level 0 Aikido” has been released over at BionicArk Translations.

It’s a little out of the blue since I haven’t spoken to BionicArk-san at all, but he’s welcome to take over the series if he so wishes.


Also, while I have your attention, it’s time for some shameless advertisement on behalf of the author (who I might remind you is also the author of Isekai Canceller).

Volume 2 of Level 0 Aikido has been released and is now available on (Kindle) and CDJapan. If you wanted to support the author then follow the links and purchase a copy!

In addition, I have added a Volume 2 Illustrations page that included all the Public illustrations. That’s not to say there’s not more to see in the novels, they basically serve as character introductions/visuals (and I’m pretty sure one of the pictures is cropped).

Likewise, the same principle applies to the Volume 1 Illustrations if you haven’t seen those (although Gei is kinda scary).


Anyways, the link to BionicArk-san’s annoucement is Here. The chapter was released as a side project so go on over and show your support if you want him to continue 😀 (although don’t harass them too much since they seem to be busy).


Update: I got in contact with BionicArk-san and he said he plans to continue the series past chapter 3. Be sure to stop on by and show him your support!

Announcement: Half-Dragon Slave Life Picked Up!

Hey everybody!

As you can probably tell by the title, I’m here to announce that the translations for The Slave Life of a Half-Dragon Girl or otherwise known as “Half-Dragon Slave Life” will be continuing!

The novel has been picked up over at Hachidori Translations by a new translator to the scene, Pau.


The link to the new chapter 7 can be found in their announcement post Here.


Everyone head on over and give some love to Pau-san as they brings you more of Eir and Rimuru’s cute antiques!


As a side note, I will be changing the names of Kaien and such to match the new translations. They also make a lot more sense than the names I gave so I like them better anyways 😀

A New Year, A New Look, And a Ton of Chapters

HEY EVERYONE! It’s you’re translator Ashbell Dancer, or Ash Dancer for (kinda) short. Today marks a special occasion for this blog. As you probably guessed from the title, April 21 is the day I first posted a chapter of Isekai Canceller. So that makes Today our One Year Anniversary!

It’s been a long road huh. Learning how to format everything and how to translate in general. Although it was tough at times, it’s been a lot of fun sharing these series with you all. I hope you continue to come and share your thoughts while enjoying each story. Thanks for supporting me with all the comments and follows!

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Special Announcement and Series Teaser

So today, April 10th Japan time, our beloved (?) author Sorachi Daidai-sensei, Author of Isekai Canceller, has accomplished quite the milestone. Daidai-sensei has actually been SERIALIZED! Congratulations to him!

The series which got serialized is titled: Level 0 de Saikyou no Aikido-ka, Iza, Isekai e Mairu!

Or in translated form: The Strongest Level 0 Aikido Practitioner, Now, Here I Come to a Different World!

In celebration I’ve decided to translate the prologue and chapter 1 as a Teaser.

Table of Contents can be found here.
I’m not really sure what to say about it other than it is quite the improvement from the early Canceller chapters I’ve been doing. The prose is far superior to Canceller, but you can still tell it’s written by Daidai-sensei with his “unique” naming sense and ummm “character design”. Anyways, Hope you enjoy this super over-the-top, One Punch Man-esque series.

Hopefully there will be some other way to purchase the book rather than using, but I’ll probably end up buying a copy just to support Daidai-sensei. Volume 2 of the series is also slated to be released in the future.

As a final note, I don’t really plan on continuing this translation as I already have a bunch of my plate. Maybe I’ll get to it in about 4 years after finishing Canceller :P. And again, Congratulations to Sorachi Daidai-sensei, I will be cheering for your success in the future.


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