Isekai Canceller – Chapter 32

Had quizzes last week so had to study. Here’s a chapter though. Maybe I’ll finish Livestreamer later in the day.


TL Side Note: I tried doing accents. Hope you can still understand.


Chapter 32: A Bath, a Meal, and a Tan-skinned Woman



「This is pretty big huh――」(Hitto)


Taking off my clothes in the dressing room, I opened the sliding door and admired the bath as I walked in.
The place was much better built than I thought it would be, it felt almost like a full blown bathhouse.


The entire floor was coated with tile, and although there wasn’t a shower, it properly had faucets to wash yourself, and wooden stools were provided.
There was only one bathtub, but it was so wide that you could probably fit 10 adults in it with room to spare.
There’s no picture of Mt. Fuji, but on the wall, in my world it would be like guarding lion, an imitation head of a water dragon was installed on it, and from there hot water was pouring out and splashing.


……And, well it isn’t exactly accurate, but is it alright if I call it a tub? Well anyways, beside the tub washing their bodies, were some gentlemen briskly scrubbing their backs with a towel.


They entirely doesn’t look like a nice guys. No, ever since I came to this world there’s been nothing but bad and shitty people. Nothing but good for nothing sinister people.
Rather, a skinhead with a cross shaped scar… What did you do to get a scar like that…


Hey, you’re scrubbing your head way too hard! There’s no way it will grow! No matter how hard you scrub you can’t revive the hair follicles under that scar!


The man washing his back, the middle of his body was also covered in scars.
What in the world happened to give you scars like that?


In any case, those guys are busy scrubbing away and polishing their bodies so its a bit hard to go near the wash area.
I easily get involved with a bunch of troublesome things after all. It couldn’t be helped so I put some space between the grim looking bunch and headed over to the bathtub.
Although it looks like in the tub, there’s a single person soaking in there――


「HEY, An-chan!」


What! It’s happening, It’s really happening. The Ossan with the giant scars coating his back, he looked over to me with a scowl while still washing himself.


This is bad, right now I don’t have a weapon. Now that it’s come to this, do I use Cancel? But for that I need to have the proper timing.
Well having no weapon is the same for him. If we squared off with the weapon between our legs then the big guy would……
In any case let’s make sure he doesn’t make light of me.


「What is it? You got a problem or something?」(Hitto)


In an unwavering fashion, while putting strength into my gaze, I answered back in a low tone.
If we’re gonna do it, then I also have to be prepared for it at the very least.


「Bastard―― Before you enter the bath you have to properly wash your body. That’s just common sense」


「……Eh? Oh, yes, you’re right, I’m sorry」(Hitto)


I apologized as I lowered my head. And then, with an “As long as you understand it,” he went back to washing his body――


Turns out he was a man with a tight grasp on good etiquette. I’m sorry for judging you by your looks, I really am.


Doing as I was told, I first washed myself and then once again headed for the bathtub.


「Ha ha ha, you really got told huh, Nii-chan」


And as soon as I put my foot into the bath, someone called out to me in an overly friendly manner…… Wait!


「Aren’t you Mob-san!?」(Hitto)


「Sup, we meet again huh」(Mob)


Raising his right hand, Mob answered with a grin. And then with both hands he splashed his face with warm bath water


「Fuaa~ Baths really are the best huuh. It feels like 10 days of fatigue was just blown away~」(Mob)


“They sure are”, laughing back I sank down up until my shoulders.。
Yeah, it really does feel great.
It’s really been a long time~ unconsciously I let out a deep Haaa~
But still――


「Nevertheless, I didn’t expect Mob-san to be using this inn」(Hitto)


That’s right. Thinking back, this inn was suppose to be like a place of refuge that Shadow told us about. Even so, he must be really well informed if he knows about this place…… Even though he’s just a Mob.


「Well I heard about it from a friend of mine. So, every time I need a place to stay I always chose this place. The price is reasonable after all, and you don’t got to worry about people giving you trouble」(Mob)


Well, at this place, there seems to be an implicit rule where you can’t pry into another guest’s business after all.


「And so, it was Hitto right. How are things going for ya recently?」(Mob)


Hmm? How I’m doing recently, let’s see――
For now I told Mob about our situation aside from the information that seemed problematic to say.


「I see. Hitto’s been takin on a bunch of requests as well huh~ But if that’s true then shouldn’ ya be close to a rank up? It might be cuz you’ve only been collecting Nankou Grass, but if manage to finish your job at the mines, then I think ya’ll be able to reach Novice rank. After that, if you do maybe 4 or 5 Novice level requests then I think you could reach Amateur rank. Well, being an adventure just gets tougher from there though」(Mob)


So that’s how it goes. In that case I’ve heard something good. This Mob really does teach me useful information.
It’s just, considering that the request has already been posted, there isn’t a proper time for me to utilize that information though.


『Hmm~ Hey~ You, You’re a comrade aren’cha?』


And, just as I was talking with Mob, the voice of a woman suddenly rang throughout the men’s bath.
Of course, the voice wasn’t coming from my side of the bath, but――


I turned my head to the direction of the voice. It was from the other side of the wall.
A chime calling from beyond the boundary of this world, from Shangri-la known as the women’s bath.


『But I t’ought that it would only be me today~ I was gon’a be all by my lonesome, I’m glad I have a comrade with me~』


『Eh? No, um, I-I am――』
『Com’on Com’on~ We’re both girls so ya don’t gots’a be so shy~ Should I give you a nice back wash~?』
『Eh? No, for me you don’t, kyaa!』
『OOH! Ya got’s some real nice goods here huuh, mu mu muu~! I’m pre’ty confident in my own, but I lose to size like this~ Ya skin’s so nice an’ smoooth~ 』
『Eh? EEEH! No, that place is, wai-, Nn, Pw-pweaze don’t~~!』


…… At the moment I don’t who one of them is. Yeah, I don’t know but, the other one is Melissa.
Without a doubt, it’s Melissa.
Rather…… What in the world are they doing.


「Somehow, it seems like there’s a voice I know mixed in over there」(Mob)


Yeah, that is because she’s an acquaintance of yours too, Mob.
Hey! Why did the bunch washing themselves suddenly slow down! Their faces are red too!


『Heey~, by the way~ are you here for a special reas’n too?』
『No, that’s not why I’m here necessarily……』


Hey, this place really echoes well huh! Just how thin are these walls! Wait, now that I look at it, there’s a small gap near the walls so that’s how the sound leaks in huh――


And so, the woman with the really hard to understand pseudo-Kansai accent continued her conversation with Melissa.
That being said, most of the time I only heard the voice of the practically unknown woman so I’m pretty sure Melissa was also perplexed on how to respond――
But, a sense of playfulness and laughter gradually started to mix in with the mood.


Well, in any case, since it felt somewhat awkward to keep listening, I figured it was about time to finish washing up. Saying my goodbyes to Mob, I left the bath.
Rather, Mob really likes to take long baths huh――





After exiting the bathhouse I stood in the hallway for a bit as I waited for Melissa.
After all, she did say that she would wait for me if she finished first.
In spite of that, if I ignored her and went to the dining room beforehand then it would be quite cold-hearted


So, after waiting about 10 or 15 minutes――


「Ah! Goshujin-sama! Were you perhaps waiting for me?」(Melissa)


「No, I just got out a few moments ago」(Hitto)


When Melissa came up from the women’s bath, I gave a stereotypical response for a guy.
There was nothing like a hairdryer so it was the same for me too, but her blonde hair was still wet.
That said, this is also nice. For some reason a woman with wet hair really is stimulating.
Since she also washed her body, the sweet aroma of soap also wafted through the air.
It really excites the male instincts―― Although, what is that behind you?


「Ooooh~ so th’t guy’s Melissa-chan’s Goshujin-sama ey? He’s a pre’ty good one, ain’t he?」


……Yeah, this voice is without a doubt this the same voice belonging to that woman we heard in the bath a while ago.





「And, so. Why is this woman… Why is she sitting together with me and Melissa?」(Hitto)


While displaying a doubtful look, I sent a puzzled gaze at the woman who sat down on the opposite side of the table to me.
Since Melissa finished taking her bath, we decided to go to the dining room that wasn’t too far off, but why did this woman come along with us.
She came out of the bath along with Melissa, and since she suddenly started talking to us in a friendly manner, I was a bit interested but… without even a hint of hesitation she just went ahead and sat down together with us……


「Now now, it ain’t that big’a deal. Instead of eat’n alone it’s more fun with more people~」


She stuck out her right hand and flapped it up and down as she said that. That gesture really is like a pseudo-Kansai person.
But still, this woman, is she younger than me? I have the feeling that she’s older than Melissa, but her skin is all tanned.
Her hair is black and reached down to her shoulders. With cat-like eyes she seems like the energetic type but…… it’s more like, she’s annoying.
Yeah, she’s a noisy woman. That’s the feeling I get.
Well, her breasts are… Like I heard about them in the bath but they’re still quite…… Wait! What the hell am I thinking!


You’re at fault too, this person. For some reason she came wearing a really lose black T-shirt, so loose that it looked like those fruits would naturally spill out. Have you no shame!


Well, that being said, with her dialect and “that” type of atmosphere about her it doesn’t feel all that erotic.


「Hey Melissa. This woman isn’t some acquaintance you know from somewhere righ-」(Hitto)


As I shifted my gaze to Melissa, and wanted to hear her answer, the woman next to me cut into the conversation.
And with a wrinkled and mean-looking brow.


「I’m say’n it’s Carana, that’s me. Calling a lady “this woman” is rude ya know. Be sure to remember it kay~」(Carana)


……Without so much as a warning, aren’t you the one being rude by suddenly taking a seat next to someone?
In any case I turned and looked to Melissa with a gaze that asked, “Who the hell is this person?”
But, it looks like she is also perplexed on how to act.


「Weeell~ I just met Melissa-chan for the first time in the bath huh. But since our circumstances are pre’ty similar, we real’y hit it off and became good friends ya know. Ain’t dat right, Melissa-chan」(Carana)


She asked with a wholehearted smile on her face. “W-, Yes. Well…” Melissa replied while still seeming confused.
I feel that it was a bit forced though. So she’s saying they’re intimate buddies just because Melissa knows her name, is it.
Also…… their circumstances huh. Well, that is most likely a factor. Considering that they are both wearing collars around their necks.


「*Haa*, fine, enough already, it’s tiresome. But you-, I mean Carana. Is it alright for you to be here? I shouldn’t be one to say, but shouldn’t you be waiting for your master?」(Hitto)


As long as she’s visibly showing her collar, it’s not like I’m breaking the unspoken rules by asking. Or rather, this guy just went and forced herself into our circle so we have no choice but to ask her about it though.


「Ah. You ain’t got’a worry about that~. I’ma runaway slave aft’a all」


「I see. But even if you say you’re a runaway slave… HAA!?」


I accidentally let out a crazed shout, and looked towards this woman with astonished eyes――



TL Extra Note: Next chapter is my favorite. (Though some of you probably will think the opposite)


TL Side Comment: I really don’t know why Carana has big breasts (well I do, it’s just an author thing). But still, she would’ve served as a good foil to Melissa; being her literal opposite in every other way besides breast size. Oh well, just a little rant from me, is all.



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