Kenja ni Natta – Chapter 2-1

It’s been a really, really, really long time huh. So long that I even had to go back and reread chapters to match my old translation style.

In any case, Kenja is back! I don’t know how many of you were looking forward to it, but I plan on putting out more chapters when I can. Think of it as me giving you a headstart if you need to reread things too.

Volume 2 START! Enjoy!


Volume 2: Sightseeing in a Different World Together with Librarian-san

Chapter 2-1: The Jewel Box Filled with Gold



The Adventurer’s Guild doubling as a Government Office.
In general, after defeating monsters that exist all throughout the world, for the sake of so-called Adventurers who make a living off exploring newfound labyrinths, the Guild was a place that supported those people by issuing requests and facilitating information exchange.
That being said, if you were not an adventurer then this place would not offer you much comfort. However, when referring to the Adventurer’s Guild in the Royal Capital, that conception did not fit this place in any way shape or form.
Here in the capital, the Guild provided work services such as issuing identification cards, and also provided other services such as being a place to take out loans. Whether you were an average traveler who couldn’t use a single offensive magic or if you were a citizen of the capital, it was a place that provided support for whatever the circumstances may be. That pretty much summarizes what the Guild is.


「For Kenja-sama, would this be the first time that you are visiting the Guild?」(Primevère)
「It’s not my first time. Before…… umm, in order to find some work, I came here before」(Ayame)


While cutting it short, I managed to reply with an answer.
It’s not a lie that I did come here searching for a job.
However, the first time I came here happened a little before searching for a job, it was for a different reason.
Issuing an identification card, and taking out a loan.
Without a doubt, I shouldn’t tell Primevère about that sort of thing.
A penniless and unidentified man, it would obviously sound suspicious.


「At this Guild, one of my good friends is working here. If you do not mind, then please allow me to introduce you」(Primevère)
「Sure, it would be my pleasure」(Ayame)


Primevere’s friend huh……. I wonder what kind of person they are.
A gentle onee-san with a calming aura to her, maybe something like that.


Opening the door that was made of a material half-way between wood and bamboo, Primevere and I entered the Guild.
For a moment stares gathered upon us, and just like that, all the gazes endlessly poured down upon the person beside me.
Male and female alike, they were probably all charmed by Primevere’s beauty.
Oh, it looks like the stares from the Adventurer-like people lessened just now.


After being soothed by what seemed like the visage of a goddess, their eyes were inevitably fixated on the charming appearance of her monochrome work clothes.
When I first met Primevere as well, I was so entranced by her looks that I ended up having to look towards the ground.


I don’t know if she was used to it, or if she simply didn’t notice, but it doesn’t seem like Primevere herself is particularly bothered by the multitude of gazes facing her way.


「I do not see Eim-san at all huh~…… That person, even if they were lowering their head or crouching down, I was confident that I could spot them out though」(Primevere)


Though she herself was under the relentless fire of heated looks, raising her heels as she tip-toed up, Primevere placed her hand near her brow as she swiftly looked about.


「Even if they had their head down… Does your friend really stand out that much?」(Ayame)
「They really do. They are very tall and slender, so they are as easy to find as a big landmark」(Primevere)


That’s a pretty large exaggeration, though I can’t really say that.


「Oh, what’s this, treating someone like they are a signpost, how rude of you」


Having the words taken right out of my mouth, I was taken aback as a voice called out from behind us.


Turning to face the direction of that voice, there stood a single woman who showed up without us realizing.
Folding both arms in front of her abdomen, she stood in a proper position with her back straightened out.
Golden blond hair extended down to her waist in a non-Western fashion; it was silky like that of soft animal hair.
And extending from her waist, so fluffy that I unintentionally wanted to hug it, was a fox tail waving about.


「Long time no see, Prim」(Eim)


Your typical greeting & hug transpired before me, but, I had my gaze involuntarily stolen from me.
Eim and that so-called fox-eared onee-san, their size doesn’t lose to the hugeness of Primevere.
No, they are merely being held back by clothes, perhaps they are even bigger than that.


Without any reserve, they glued their bodies together as they embraced. Both parties swelled in size as they drew closer, or rather, their Oppai companions met and pressed against each other.
Frankly put, I would like to be between them.[1]


「It’s pretty rare for Prim to come here huh. Something happen?」(Eim)
「I am together here with Kenja-sama, we both came here to receive a reward from the Soldier-samas」(Primevere)


Primevere’s small hand pulled me closer, and she presented me in front of Eim.
I know that you are trying to introduce me, but this isn’t the first time I’ve met this person.


「Oh, come on Prim, you’re always so uptight. It’s fine if you don’t use such polite language with me――wait, huh?」(Eim)
「Umm, thank you for the other day……」(Ayame)
「My, if it isn’t Ayame-chan. That would mean the Kenja-sama Prim was talking about is… Huh?」(Eim)


I could sort of tell due to the fox ears, but she really is the same person huh.
When I first came here she issued me my identification card, provided me with funds through a loan, and even assigned me some work to do―― To put it simply, I am deeply indebted to her.


As her fox ears flickered slightly, Eim looked at me and then at Primevere’s face in turn, and all of a sudden she widely grinned as her cheeks loosened up.
With a wholehearted smile, she started poking Primevere in the shoulder.
Umm, most likely, our relationship is much different from what you imagine.


「Oh my, Prim. It looks you finally get to date your beloved Kenja-sama」(Eim)
「That’s not how it is, Eim-san. Since Kenja-sama is so kind, he is merely allowing me to accompany him here after he had saved me」(Primevere)


I know it’s the truth, but promptly shooting down the idea like that is a bit saddening.


「I see~ So Ayame-san saved Prim hmmm」(Eim)


Eim looks in my direction with a wide and smug grin.
I reflexively averted my eyes, but I could not escape her gaze.
It was like a warm smile that said “I can see through everything.”


「Are you perhaps acquainted with Kenja-sama as well, Eim-san?」(Primevere)
「That’s right, if I remember correctly――」(Eim)


While swaying her fox tail, she quickly glanced over at me.
I felt like I could hear the words, “It’s alright, I won’t say anything unnecessary.”


「He came here to utilize our job services. Just like you, apparently it’s easier for him to use magic when it’s outdoors」(Eim)
「So that is how it isー」(Primevere)


Primevere looked at me and nodded as if saying ,”Oh I see.”


Well, if you looked at it objectively then that Magic is more suited for outdoors than indoors.
In my case it isn’t that I’m better at using it outdoors, but that I can only use it outdoors, but, well, no point in saying that now.


As we were conversing by the entrance to the Guild, all of a sudden it got really noisy outside.
Opening up the door, a soldier clad in armor came through.


「You are, the Librarian-sama and Kenja-sama, correct? I have brought along the thing that I have promised,―― Eim-san, I would appreciate if we could borrow one of the inner rooms」(Soldier)
「Understood. Please head this way」(Eim)


That gossip loving smile from earlier instantly disappeared, and Eim entered work-mode as she promptly guided the soldiers deeper into the Guild.


They were carrying heavy looking sacks with great care, about 10 soldiers each went into separate rooms.
On their way in, they called out to 3 other adventurers, and those 3 each went into a room with a soldier.
It must be that, since the amount of reward money different for each person, they were called into a separate room for it huh.


Well certainly, even though they tried their best and fought off the demons, if they were suddenly told that some unknown Kenja was going to receive several hundred times their reward, they probably wouldn’t feel great about it.
If I was in the adventurer’s shoes, I would definitely voice a complain.


「Kenja-sama, please head into this room」(Soldier)


A soldier-san with a much more luxurious set of armor compared to the others called out to me, and I was guided back into the farmost room.




「Now then, this will be the reward for today. Precisely put, it will be 236 Gold coins」(Soldier)


Carefully piling them up 10 coins at a time, he did so to make sure not to mistake the amount.
It was precisely 236 pieces of gold.
In the first place, I burned quite a number of demons to a crisp, to the point where I don’t know the exact count, so I can’t really be nitpicky about how much they give me anyways.


「All right then, please allow me to put them in this」(Soldier)


Opening up a tightly locked chest, he shuffled the gold coins around as he placed them inside.
After some time he finished put all the gold coins inside, and firmly locked it with a silver key.
And then he placed that chest into a large cloth bag, and along with the silver key he placed the bag on the desk.
To some unrelated third-party, it looks just like normal luggage.


「Although I don’t mean to be rude, but is that key safe to keep?」(Ayame)
「This chest and key are… I am told that they were excavated from a labyrinth several decades ago. Even if it is attacked by monsters or assaulted by magic, it would not have a single scratch left on it. It is an exemplary sturdy chest」(Soldier)


If that is the case, then you mean to say that as long as I have this chest and key then I can consider it entirely thief-proof huh.


But what should I do with it… I will probably end up leaving this cumbersome chest locked inside the inn.
One day I could buy a plot of land, and I plan on building a hut there or something, but……
It’s not like I can do that sort of thing right away.


「If I used Earth Magic, then I bet the chest would be pretty hard to find if I made it absorb into the floorboards」(Ayame)


But to put matters simply, I can’t use magic indoors.
That doesn’t seem like the type of magic I can use with just a few pebbles either――, I guess it can’t be helped, I’ll have to use a Japanese adolescent’s ultimate hiding spot.[2]


「Now then, with this the delivery of the reward is now completed」(Soldier)
「Okay, for going out of your way to bring it all the way here, Thank You very much 」(Ayame)


After confirming that the Soldier-san had left the room, I also made my way out.
As expected, Primevere must have already left without me―― I didn’t let my hopes get too high, but.


「Ah, Kenja-samaー」


Having a friendly chat with Eim from across the receptionist desk, a girl waved her hand as she beckoned me over.
Once I waved back in return, she smiled embarrassingly as she played with her silver hair.
Not good, this girl is too cute.


Looking on in fascination, Eim watched her with a smile devoid of hostility.
Watching me as I faced the bashful looking Primevere, Eim’s wore a broad and content smile.


From Eim’s perspective, Primevere and I might look like a pair of pure and innocent lovers.
Though it’s not the truth, it sort of makes me happy.
To be seen as a lover to such a beautiful person, it must mean that my own good looks are nothing to laugh about.
Although I doubt that to be the case.


「Since Kenja-sama has already returned, it is about time that I should be heading back as well」(Primevere)
「I’m here pretty much all the time, so come buy if you need anything kay」(Eim)


Saying those words, Eim showed no signs of hesitations as she brought her lips to Primevere’s cheek.


Eh, What? Perhaps, is kissing on the cheek a sign of greeting in this world?
On Earth there was a country where you greeted relatives with a hug, so I can’t say it isn’t normal.


Casually, Eim peeked over to me, and replied back with a dainty wink.
Is that a Go Sign or a Stop, I’m not sure which……


「Now then Kenja-sama, shall we depart?」(Primevere)


As I was preoccupied with Eim’s expressions, Primevere has already made her way over to me.
The side of her face stood before me.
Veiled beneath her beautiful silver hair, was Primevere’s soft and tender cheeks.


「Umm, uhh…… Earlier with Eim-san, what did she do to you earlier」(Ayame)
「? Eim-san did?――Oh, it appears that some dirt was stuck to my ear, so she blew it off for me」(Primevere)


I looked over to Eim one more time.
Pretending not to notice me, Eim stuck out her tongue and slowly licked the back of her hand.
Dangerous…… One step further and I might have reached my end as a human being.[3]


I should be careful of that person’s gestures.
Keeping that in mind, I left the Adventurer’s Guild together with Primevere.




TL note: Oppai means Boobies




TL note: The “Ultimate Hiding Spot” for an adolescent young man… is under his bed where he can hide is “magazines”.


TL note:

I’m not entirely sure about this line. On one hand it might be saying “It was so erotic that I almost died”, and on the other hand it could be more literal as in “she might kill me”. See Edit.

Or maybe, it’s suppose to be vague like that. I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Original line is 「危ねぇ……。あと一歩で人間としての終末を迎えるところだった。」 If you want to draw your own conclusions.

Edit: Xabove in the comments points out that this line could be referring to Ayame realizing that “Kissing on the cheek is not normal”, Which I agree makes the most sense. To that effect, this line is saying he avoided “Social Suicide” because he now knows “not to kiss Prim on the cheek” (for no reason, that is).

I guess I was just paranoid because I know the real reason the author wrote that scene.


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