Announcement: Level 0 Aikido Chapter 3 Released and Volume 2 Illustrations

This news is actually like 2 weeks old but I thought I should give it a proper shout out anyways.

Chapter 3 of The Strongest Level 0 Aikido Practitioner, Now, Here I Come to a Different World! or otherwise known as “Level 0 Aikido” has been released over at BionicArk Translations.

It’s a little out of the blue since I haven’t spoken to BionicArk-san at all, but he’s welcome to take over the series if he so wishes.


Also, while I have your attention, it’s time for some shameless advertisement on behalf of the author (who I might remind you is also the author of Isekai Canceller).

Volume 2 of Level 0 Aikido has been released and is now available on (Kindle) and CDJapan. If you wanted to support the author then follow the links and purchase a copy!

In addition, I have added a Volume 2 Illustrations page that included all the Public illustrations. That’s not to say there’s not more to see in the novels, they basically serve as character introductions/visuals (and I’m pretty sure one of the pictures is cropped).

Likewise, the same principle applies to the Volume 1 Illustrations if you haven’t seen those (although Gei is kinda scary).


Anyways, the link to BionicArk-san’s annoucement is Here. The chapter was released as a side project so go on over and show your support if you want him to continue 😀 (although don’t harass them too much since they seem to be busy).


Update: I got in contact with BionicArk-san and he said he plans to continue the series past chapter 3. Be sure to stop on by and show him your support!


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