Isekai Canceller – Chapter 33


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Chapter 33: Cancel Of The Night


After hearing that she was a runaway slave, I was completely dumbfounded, but Melissa’s expression was also dyed the color of bewilderment.
It appears that Melissa as well, she didn’t know that Carana was a runaway slave.
Well I guess that’s obvious, the only just met in the bath after all.


「C-Carana-san is a runaway slave?」(Melissa)


And in her surprise, while looking on with her eyes that were like round blue jewels, Melissa asked Carana a question.


「Yea yea, It’s dat. Weell~ I sort’a up an’ ran away ya know. So dat means that I’ma runaway slave repoor~~~~ting in」(Carana)


Raising her right hand up in a salute, Carana casually informed us.
S-So laid back―― It made me seem stupid for getting worked up.


「B-But if you run away then the pursuers will come after you!」(Melissa)


Melissa raised a panicked voice. Bringing her hands together as if praying, she issued words of warning.
Her expression is… It’s not one you make for someone you had barely just met.
As if, it was the face of someone concerned about a close friend they had known for a good 10 years.
In a situation like this, I guess you can say that it goes to show how much loving kindness is overflowing in Melissa’s heart.


「Ye, well, there’s that too, but I’m doin’ it while knowing alot about that stuff. But, at dis point ya don’ hafta be so worried about it. An’ besides, despite how I look, I’ve been’a runaway slave for 10 days now. It means dat I’m pret’y good at runnin’ away」(Carana)


……That’s quite the bold thing to say.


「Is it okay if I take everyone’s order~?」


And…… as we were talking among ourselves a small child suddenly interrupted, wanting to hear our orders.
What’s this? Are they[1] helping out? But, they are sort of dressed like a cook though……


「Oh! In dat case I’ll hav’a extra big portion~」(Carana)


「Hahaha. Carana-chan really can eat huh~」


「Cuz ya know, the food here’s reaal good. Must be cuz da chef’s really skilled~」(Canara)


「Oh stop~ You’re embarrassing me~」


Rotating the cylindrical hat on their head, the child embarrassingly laughed.
They’re attitude… Are they really a chef?


「Will the two of you have the same?」


「Eh? I-I will have a normal portion……」(Melissa)


「…… For me as well」(Hitto)


「Roger~su. Oh, that would be 500 Gold per person, kay」


I handed over 1000 Gold for both me and Melissa, and Carana handed them a 500 Gold silver coin.


「Okay then, hold one just one minute」


Saying that, their cylindrical hat bobbed up and down as they trotted their way into the kitchen.
Why, isn’t that kinda cute.


「…… Is that child going to cook the meals?」(Hitto)


I was somewhat curious about it, so I ended up mumbling that to myself.


「The hell ya sayin’. Ev’n tho they look like dat, they’re over 30 years old ya know」(Carana)


「N-No way!」(Melissa)
「Are you serious!」(Hitto)


Melissa and I raised our voices at almost the same time, and in response to that Carana started laughing incessantly.


「When peopl’ first come ‘ere, they all have da same reaction」(Carana)


Yeah, well, of course they would. I’m sure anyone would be surprised.
However, even if that’s true, we’ve strayed a bit from the original topic.


「In any case, Carana, are you going to be fine? Of course, you had the subordination magic cast on you, right?」(Hitto)


「Weeell, a bunch’a stuff happened wit that. But I can’t really go inta the details~, Sorry~」(Carana)


「……Well if you don’t want to say then that’s alright」(Hitto)


There’s a rule where we can’t ask unnecessary questions after all.


「Weeell same for me, I gotta meet a real nice Goshujin-sama like Hitto. It might’a been a good thing that I ran away ya know~ Earlier Melissa-chan was all “Goshujin-sama~ this” and “Goshujin-sama~ that” and all」(Carana)
「Wha!? Carana-san!」(Melissa)


Melissa was beet red all the way up to the ears, she tried to forcibly shut Carana’s mouth.
…… What in the world did you two talk about?


「Sorry for the wait~」


Yeah, the child-like cook came back with the food. Standing on their tip-toes, they struggled with a *heave-ho* as they placed the food on the table.
Well, isn’t that heartwarming.


And so, in the end all three of us ate our meal. Just as Carana said, the meal was far more delicious than what we had for lunch today.
The food we had was something similar to stir-fried vegetables, and a soup made with eggs. There was also some rice.


That said, the flavors weren’t on the same level as some fancy restaurant, but it had an incredibly homely taste. If it’s like this then you’ll never get tired of the taste no matter how many times you have it.


Melissa also said it was delicious. When the chef came back to pick up the dishes, she even asked them for the recipe.


「Hmmm~ Who do you plan on makin’ that for Melissa-chan~?」(Carana)
「T-That is――」(Melissa)


Restlessly joining her fingers, she glanced over to me.
…… An environment suitable for cooking, hopefully we can arrange for that in the future.


「Really though, Ya don’t oft’n see a slave love her Goshujin-sama so much like this. Thanks for the passion filled meal~」(Carana)


While wearing a smug and mischievous grin, Carana stood up.


「I’ll give’ya two some alone time, butting in anymore would be rude aft’a all. It’sa bout time I take my leave~ But, it’s been fun so thanks. By the way, are you two gon’na be staying here long?」(Carana)




Melissa slightly peeked over and directed her eyes at me.
Well let’s see.


「At the very least we’ll be staying till tomorrow. After that it hasn’t been decided but, well, if there’s room then I plan on staying here 」(Hitto)


「Ya serious? Hooray~ I’ve been pret’y lonely ya know. If ya don’ mind, can I come talk to you guys next time too?」(Carana)


She clapped her hands together before her chest, and smiled as a sign of friendship.
With a personality like hers, even if I said no she probably wouldn’t listen either way though.
But Melissa as well, she’s looking at me with pleading eyes, like the eyes of an abandoned little kitten.
……Well, gue’s it can’t be help’d. Damn, seems like it’s contagious.[2]


「Whatever, just do what you want. If you’re Melissa’s friend then I don’t really have a reason to refuse」(Hitto)


「Whoaa! Ya really get it~ Thanksee~」(Carana)


「Eh!? Wha!」(Hitto)


This girl, she’s suddenly came and hugged me! Ah, there’s a pretty nice sensation on my face―― It doesn’t feel good at all!


「W, Wait a-!? What are you doing Carana!?」(Melissa)


Melissa’s baffled voice managed to reach my ears.
N-Not good! Just tighten your cheeks! Do not waiver!


「Oh, sorry bout that. I just, ya know. I get carried away pret’y easy so it was an accident. My bad, My bad」(Carana)


Finally, the two tanned mounds separated from my face.
A sad departure, no, what am I even say-, Upuu!?


「Y-You can’t do that to Goshujin-sama!」(Melissa)


T-This is another feeling of being wrapped up, a tender softness. Also, a sweet fragrance――
W-Wha! Melissa is-!? Melissa’s Boo-, i-is it okay for me to grin at this point?


「Oh com’e now~ Ya don’t haf’ta make such scary face Melissa. I ain’t gon’a go after Melissa’s Goshujin-sama~. Oh, but I’m happy that you just called me “Carana” though」(Carana)


With an “Eh?”, Melissa let go of my arm, and I parted with that soft sensation.
I-It’s not like I’m sad about it.


「For now on just call me Carana, no need’a worry bout formalities. I’ll call ya with just “Melissa” too. Well then, the nuisance will take its leave kay~ Seeya lata~」(Carana)


Saying that, she waved goodbye and left the dining room.
That woman is really like a storm.


「Oh! Goshujin-sama~ since your partner’s a pretty lady make sure not ta be tooo much in’a hurry, kay~」(Carana)


You were still here!?


「Just leave already!」(Hitto)


As I barked back at her, this time for certain, Carana left the room.


「Seriously, what the hell is that suppose to―― Melissa?」(Hitto)


When I looked at her, Melissa’s face was dyed the same color as a ripe red apple. She wouldn’t look me in the eye.
……It’s all because of that meddlesome Carana! What am I suppose to do! Even though there’ s nothing left to do besides return to our room, the mood would only be awkward for me!


Kuu, What am I suppose to do now――



「Yeah. All right then, for now it’s okay if Melissa uses the bed. I will just use the floor」(Hitto)


「You cannot! As a slave I cannot overlook having my Goshujin-sama sleep on the floor! If that is the case then I will sleep on the floor――」(Melissa)


Yea, I thought it would become like this. Yup.


After Melissa and I had finished our meal, and after parting ways with Carana, we retrieved the bag that we left with Annie, and promptly returned to our room.
It was already 8 pm by the time we finished eating after all.
And, it’s fine that we went to our room but―― as I thought, the sight of this double bed is way too graphic. Frankly, my heart is already about to explode… “Then, I will be fine with the floor!” I thought it would work out but…


It was impossible huh. Melissa is entirely serious.
There’s no way she would let me do something like sleep on the floor. Well, if I was forceful about it, it might turn out differently if I made it an order, but, I doubt that would work out either. If I did that I have a feeling that it will only end up with her showing me a depressed appearance.


Something like that would likely cause my relationship with Melissa to crumble, is what I think.
During our meal, and when we were in the room, unlike before, she did not sit on the floor like a slave normally would.
But, even so, this and that are two different things. No, it would still be abnormal in this situation for only one person to be on the floor.


Besides―― it will almost be 9 pm now. In this world without a TV or internet, there’s only one thing to do at night.
No! I didn’t mean that, I meant the only thing to do was sleep――


「F-Fine. Well, the bed is pretty big after all. I’ll be sleeping on this side. We have to wake up early tomorrow after all. You should get a reasonable amount of sleep too, Melissa」(Hitto)


Saying that, I laid down on the farthest corner of the bed, and turned around a bit before settling down to sleep.
If I looked at Melissa’s face now, I have no idea what’s going to happen, so I covered myself with the futon with my back facing her.


Now, there real problem starts from here. How do I stop this restless heartbeat.
I know! Sheep! When you’re in trouble just count sheep! Lambs! Wool!


One Sheep, Two Sheep, Three Sheep……


「……Eh? Goshujin-sama, have you really fallen asleep?」(Melissa)


I am asleep. Yes, I am already asleep. Being a Wolf is bad, I am a Sheep.
Getting the OK to visit a love hotel was all an illusion.
Embracing her will only end up in a slap to the face, and a-
「Why are you misunderstanding for? You’re disgusting!」
I won’t forget what happened that summer.


Then, the soft sound of something lightly falling to the ground reached my ears.
Afterwards, “I will be turning off the lights, okay,” those words came from Melissa’s mouth, and the only thing I could see was the darkness from behind my eyelids.


「Goshujin-sama, please excuse me――」(Melissa)


Lifting up the futon, with a rustling sound, Melissa slowly crawled inside.


「…… Goshujin-sama wouldn’t get angry at this much, right? Your back―― I will be borrowing it……」(Melissa)


23 Sheep, 24 Sheep…… Hey! Why is there the sensation of two soft fruit on my back!? Damn it! Calm down, only sheep, 25 Sheep, 27 Boobs-, That’s not right!! The Hell am I thinking! Just Calm Down! I know, Cancel! Cancel these earthly desires!




TL Extra note: Cancel solves everything… or maybe not.




TL Note: The child’s gender is never actually stated, I assume it’s a He/Male but we’ll go with “They” for now because you can’t assume gender in 2016, or something.


TL note: Here Hitto did a slight accent, like Carana always does.



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