Livestreamer’s New Game+ – Chapter 18

Part 3 and the end of volume 2.



Volume 2: Samurai Hunting

Chapter 18: Friend



Before Edgar was, a clock that displayed both the in-game time and the real world time.
Having left Timberu in the Veroon Grand Duchy Area, Edgar had Fast Traveled from the mountain district to Crescendo and was unintentionally doing a double take as he looked towards the clock a second time.
It seemed as if he had noticed something terrible… In the real world── it was 2 am in the morning.
Tomorrow, or rather, Today is Wednesday.
Naturally it was not a holiday.
It looks like this will be another sleep deprived night.


「Edgar-san, I really am grateful to you」


While not taking notice of Edgar as he was momentarily feeling blue, Usa sincerely bowed her head.
Thinking of it, I don’t know what she does in the real world, but I wonder if it’s okay for Usa to be playing this late at night.
Although it doesn’t concern me either way.


「No, it was thanks to you that I was able to understand more about the Samurai Hunting. You really helped me out」
「Even though they attacked your friend-sans, the Samurai Hunters will still be chasing after you, isn’t that right Edgar-san?」
「Yeah, probably」


However, even while saying that, there was still one thing that was on Edgar’s mind.
I have a feeling that the Wizard somehow knew Suzu-san’s name. And that she knew that Suzu-san and I are acquaintances.
Of course the video uploaded by those colluding players showed Suzu-san in it, but her name was obviously not displayed.
How come that Wizard knew Suzu-san’s name
──I have a feeling that I might have overlooked something.


「But, the person who attacked my friends was not that Summoner, it was a different Player. I plan on doing a bit more searching in order to find the true culprit」
「Eh!? In that case, allow me to help you agaain! Let’s search for that Wizard!」
「ッ!? Are you seriously saying that?」
「Of coursse! I’m super seriouss!」


Usa replies as she happily bounced about.
However, Edgar wore a troubled expression as he scratched his head.
It’s true that being in a Party making it easier to fight, but I’ll pass on that. If I’m alone then I don’t have to be concerned about revealing any secrets. It’s better not having to worry.
Also if I’m alone then I could also use Aran.
No matter how you think of it, it’s better to investigate alone. If I need someone with me then just Sonya should be enough.


「Hmmm…… you’re looking for a Female Wizard who is demon-race, right then. I will do my best to search for her! If anything comes up then I will contact you!」
「Hey, wait a second. You plan on searching on your own? She is a Samurai Hunter who’s killing samurai you know?」


Usa looks completely different from me, so I doubt that she would be attacked… But the possibility isn’t zero.
The truth is, Usa has already been attacked by that Summoner.


「T-That may be true. But I’ll be fine! I, I’m confident in my ability to run away after all!」
「Well, even while being attacked by Mobs, Master was able to run all the way to the Veroon Grand Duchy Area. She is a talented person」
「…… See? Even Momo says so」


Sitting atop her shoulder while giving a big yawn, Usa rustled Momo’s hair saying,「You’re such a good child~」as she pet Momo on the head.
But, I’m pretty sure Momo was making fun of you there.


「Edgar-sama, since it will be dangerous to have your Friends assist in searching for that Wizard, because they were shown in the Grand Mission footage, would it not be all right to cooperate alongside Usa-san?」
「If I need someone to come with me then you are enough, Sonya」
「In order to search for something, it is better to have multiple people rather than just one. Even the database says so, you know?」
「……No, but」


Edgar folded his arms in response to Sonya’s awfully persistent pressure. He thought it over with a sour expression.
It’s true that Sonya does have a point.
Until that video is taken down, it might be a good idea to keep my distance from Suzu-san and the others. If that’s the case, then it might be better to have Usa cooperate with me instead.
Well, in the end I’ll only be chasing after that Wizard until the video gets taken down.
But until then, it might be okay to have some help, I guess…


「All right then. I’ll be counting on you, Usa」
「ッ!! YAY!! Please treat me well! Shishou!!」


Usa looked like she was entirely and thoroughly delighted.
However, Edgar did not fail to miss that one word that Usa has shouted out.


「……Hold up, what do you mean by “Shishou[1] “」
「I’ve realized something today. That Aran-san isn’t who I should be aspiring to be like. Saving me when I was in trouble, super cool and really strong…… I want to be like Edgar-san. *Ehehe*」
「What are you saying, Master」


I said it~」starting to blush, Usa tried to hide her embarrassment by placing both hands on her red cheeks. Momo sent her a dampened gaze.
And, Edgar also looked onward with an alarming stare.


「Therefore…… Edgar-san, is it all right if I call you Shishou」
「I refuse」


Bashfully fidgeting, Usa asked that question. But, like the swift slice of a katana, Edgar sharply replied with rejection.
Momo also said the same thing, but really, what the hell are you saying.


「EEHH!? WWHY NOT!? I- I’ll do my best you know! One day I’ll become a samurai like Edgar-san, and that way I can lend Edgar-san my strength too!」
「Don’t need it」


In the last battle I relied on you a bit to help take care of the Lizardmen, but there’s no way I’ll fall so low to the point where I have to rely on your strength. You calling me your Shishou, I don’t see any reason for that either.


Uuu…… e-even if you say that…… umm… Oh, I-I’ll send you a Friend Request, okay! That Wizard, if I find anything about her then I’ll message you, okay!」
「I don’t need that either」


At Edgar’s unrelenting bitter expression, tears started to gather around Usa’s eyes.
But, never losing heart, Usa opened up the menu, and sent Edgar a Friend Request.


「I-I sent you a request! All right then, I am finished now so I will be logging out okay! Thank you very much! Shish-…… Edgar-san! Sonya-san!」
「H-Hey, don’t do that on your own! Wait, Hold on!」
「See ya later, Edgar, Sonya」(Momo)


Firing off a wave of「Verbal Attacks」, Usa and Momo disappeared, as if running away.
The only thing left, was a popup window in the corner of Edgar’s view, notifying him of Usa’s Friend Request.


「…… She was a bit rambunctious, but she was somewhat cute wasn’t she, Edgar-sama」
「In what way. If I knew it would be this troublesome then I wouldn’t have helped her back in Myune」


What the hell do you mean, “I want to be like you”.
Are you trying to get in the way of my precious alone time?


「I, for one, know it」
「Know what?」
「That Edgar-sama is a kind person」


Sonya wore a warm gentle smile.
Edgar’s heart skipped a beat in surprise


「Edgar-sama, I believe it is about time for you to be logging out. You have been on much later than usual today」
「…… You… that’s unfair」


Sonya sent him a fleeting glance as Edgar responded with a scowl.
Saying something like that, and then insisting that I log out.
Isn’t that the same as quitting while you’re ahead.


「Providing relief from the world on the other side, that is the reason why this world exists after all. I believe it is best to have moderation in your playtime」
「You know that I hate going to school」
「Of course. However, recently Edgar-sama seems to be having fun you know?」
「…… Having fun? Me? No way」


Shrugging his shoulder, Edgar let out a depressing laugh.
What kind of proof do you have to say something like that.


「Sonya knows it very well. I have been together with Edgar-sama for a long time after all」


Edgar let out a deep sigh as he grew further depressed with the idea that someone else might know him better than himself.
I look like I’m having fun? Playing Dragon’s Krone with someone else is much more fun?
──How Stupid.


It’s true what Sonya said, when I play with Suzu-san my heart dances. But, playing by myself is several times more enjoyable.


I live my life in this place.
That’s why I have fun by myself.
Playing with classmates is where I draw the line. Friends in this world, I don’t need them.
Especially not a rabbit-eared girl who calls me Shishou, I’ll definitely pass on that.


「…… Later, Sonya. See you tomorrow」
「Okay. Sonya will always be looking forward to Edgar-sama’s return」


Linking her hands together, Sonya gracefully gave a bow.
While watching Sonya, Edgar opened up the Menu.
Menu: Logout──


Edgar’s body, starting from the feet, it started to change into beads of light.
Being displayed in the window, were the words「In the Process of Logging Out」.


Before that that process could complete, Edgar looked over at Usa’s friend request.
And, while clicking his tongue, he pressed「Accept」.



TL Side Note: And so we reach the end of Vol. 2 of the web novel! The Light Novel Version of Volume 1 includes Vol. 1 – Vol. 3 of the web novel, so you’ll have to wait before I post some LN Volume 2 pictures.




TL note: Shishou means Master or Teacher. In context it is referred to someone who teaches you their trade/skills.



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