Livestreamer’s New Game+ – Chapter 17

Part 2



Volume 2: Samurai Hunting

Chapter 17: The Samurai Hunter, is Hunted.


「Sonya, you really saved me there. Thanks」


With the surrounding Lizardmen now gone, and having confirmed that the only one left was the Summoner who had lost control of his body, Edgar offered a few words of thanks to his Partner who helping him out of a pinch.
It was my mistake for using Moon Step the same way I do with Aran.
In that moment, if Sonya had not used an Energy Potion on me… I might have been the one to lose instead.
Looks like I need to reassess Edgar’s combat abilities.


「No, I did nothing worthy of thanks. The one who saved Edgar-sama was the person who protected me by dealing with the Lizardmen, it is Usa-san」
「……Huh, Me?」


For Usa who did not expect her name to be mentioned, she stopped her movements as she was picking up the dropped items left by the Lizardmen. Both her ears stood up on ends.
Just as Edgar had requested, Usa cut down every single one of the Lizardmen who came near to Sonya.
As Usa defeated the Lizardmen who approached Sonya, new Lizardmen would instead be summoned closer to Edgar. Although I sort of get the feeling that she’s somewhat at fault for putting me in a pinch, the person who put her all into protecting Sonya was without a doubt this small rabbit-eared Samurai.


「You’re right. Thanks for saving me, Usa」
「eh, umm, no, that is…… I…… this is a bit embarrassing」


Fidgeting and turning, Usa’s cheeks turned slightly red.
Embarrassing? Why is it embarrassing?


「……I-In any case, there’s something more important than that, Edgaar-saan!」
「W-What is it?」
「How come Edgar-san can use the Moon Step!?」


For a moment it was shoved into the corner of her mind as she focused solely on protecting Sonya, but that question had filled Usa’s thoughts up to the brim.
“How come Edgar-san can use the same Moon Step as Aran, the person I admire”.
「He is my benefactor who saved me when I was trapped in Myune」 + 「A Master at using Moon Step」, having both of those titled bestowed upon him, Usa looked towards Edgar with longing envy.


「Perhaps Edgar-san is an acquaintance of Aran-san and you had him teach you how to use the Moon Step, and then the two of you──」
「S, Stop-」


Sure enough, being engulfed by her excitement, Usa grabbed hold of Edgar’s hand as she questioned.


「Before any of that, I have to hear a couple of things from that spread out guy over there. Your questions will be for later」
「……Y-You are right」


All the while stuck in a state of paralysis, Edgar pointed towards the demon-race Summoner who was spread out on the ground.
What exactly is Samurai Hunting.
What are your motives.
And, Why do you know about me.
……Well, I am questioning him first, because I haven’t thought of an excuse for Usa yet. That’s another reason I suppose.


「……Damn, like I thought, you’re hella strong」


With the freedom over his body stolen, Timberu merely glanced at Edgar with an unpleasant smile.


「I’m going to ask a few questions」
「Haha, like hell I’ll answer you, dumbass. Hurry up and kill me. I ain’t got anything good in my inventory so it doesn’t mean shit to me」


Timberu cackled and sneered.
Unlike in the real world, here in Dragon’s Krone where death is a trivial penalty, threatening someone with murder doesn’t have much of an effect.
Just as Timberu said, as long as you don’t put anything into your item inventory, and if your equipment is nothing but cheap store-bought goods, then you can face death without ever fearing penalty.


「I see. So even someone like you can use their brains huh」
「No shit. Besides, the “spoils” from today’s hunt were really good. Ain’t that right『Edgar-san』? Ku ku, I’m glad I stuck around this place for so long」


Timberu wore a grin as if he was the true victor.
So his spoils of war would be my name huh.
──Hmph. To think he would open up his mouth like that.


「Thanks. A few questions are resolved now. I didn’t think that you would give me answers even before I started questioning you though」


Timberu’s expression stiffed up for a second.


「I’ve understood 2 things from your words just now. First off, I knew that there were a few others besides you who are hunting samurai, but it looks like you hunters aren’t affiliated with one another. If you were all cooperating with each other, then you wouldn’t have spent your time stuck here for so long, and you would instead head to the place where my good friends were attacked」
「T-The reason for that is……」
「And the 2nd thing. The person you are searching for is Me. Even though I don’t know how you know my face, you didn’t know my name. It’s just a guess, but the reason why you know me, is because of a Screen Shot…… No, it’s probably a video」


A Screen Shot is, as the name implies, a term to describe a snapshot in this world.
Unlike recording a video, it did not require the need for in-game currency. Anyone could just take a picture at their leisure.
A Screen Shot, or a Livestream Video. Those were both common methods that could display a Player’s face but「Without displaying their name」.


「D-D-D-Didn’t I, didn’t I say I won’t say anything」


Edgar’s words were right on the mark, is what Timberu’s expression was telling him.


「I haven’t even started questioning, you right? But, before that… Sonya. Can you purchase a livestream time-slot for me? For the cost, please use the money left at the Home House. Make it free for others to view the stream. I want as much people to see it as possible」
「As you wish」
「……W-What, a, a livestream slot? What do you plan on doing!?」


Ignoring the panicking Timberu, Edgar opened up the livestream menu.
An all so familiar window popped up.
Being displayed within that window, was a reflection of Edgar’s view.
In other words, it was showing Timberu.


「Usa, with you included, there are quite a number of Players falling victim to the Samurai Hunting incident, am I right?」
「Eh……? Umm…… Yes. It seems like a large number of Samurai Players are being attacked by PKers」
「As I had explained the other day, within the past few days the mortality rate of Samurai class Players has increased exponentially due to acts of PK. Based on that information, I believe it would not be incorrect to say that there has been a large number of victims」


Sonya softly added on that extra information.


「W-What of it, What do you mean!? What does that have to do with anything!?」
「…… You, as expected, you’re not that smart huh. What we’re trying to say is, there are a ton of Samurai Players who are incredibly pissed-off at you 『Samurai Hunters』」


Finally getting a grasp on the current situation, Timberu’s face instantly turned pale.
There was a reason why livestream videos and screen shots didn’t display other peoples names.
If perhaps the Player Name of an unrelated 3rd party was displayed, then it was possible to look up their Player Name and learn everything about their in-game information.
For example, depending on the current time and place, you could gain some extremely useful information.
And, if you were seeking revenge on someone for PKing you, then──


「…… Edgar-sama, I have finished purchasing your requested livestream time-slot」


Sonya’s voice rang out as if it were a death sentence.
And so, the status of the livestream window reflecting Edgar’s vision changed from「Offline」to「Online」.




「Hello to all you Listeners out there. My name is Edgar. Let’s see~, I believe this is the first time many of you have met me, but many of you are probably wondering why I have suddenly started streaming…… By a miraculous chance, today I have found a Player that I’m sure many of you have been searching for. Here is that player, his name is Tim──」


While Edgar started off the livestream in a manner that seemed like he was used to it, Timberu shouted and cried as he tried to interrupt the broadcast.
What Edgar was currently broadcasting, was the「Name」and「Appearance」of Timberu: a member of the Samurai Hunters.
It was possible to change your name by paying money, but it would take time for the transaction to complete. Even if this guy is a PK Player, I still think that revealing someone’s name is somewhat unethical. But even so, I still want to support those Samurai Players who have to play while being afraid of the shadows.


「…… Just say that from the start then. So annoying」


“What a waste of money”, while grumbling to himself, Edgar switched the livestream status to Offline.


「…… What you said before was right, the Samurai we have been searching for is You. I don’t know any of the other guys, and I don’t feel like getting all buddy-buddy with them either. If anything, they’re not much different from enemies to me」
「And your motives?」
「It varies. There are a few guys who want to challenge you to some PvP, and there’s also guys who just want to find out your identity. I’m part of the former」
「Why though? Why do you want to fight me in PvP?」


This Avatar’s level is low, and its equipment isn’t that great either.
I still don’t think that I will lose…… but there shouldn’t be much merit in winning against me.


「Ain’t it obvious. It’s cuz the only one who can use Moon Step other than Aran is you」


Edgar unintentionally gasped.


That’s impossible.
It’s true that a while ago I ended up using Moon Step in front of this guy, but aside from just now there shouldn’t be any Players who know that I can use Moon Step.
When I went Mob hunting with Suzu and the others I didn’t use it. Even when our group was about to get wiped out a few days ago, I still didn’t use Moon Step.
Of course, even if they knew, Megu-san Andou and Yamabuki… they wouldn’t──


「……No, hold on a second」


Edgar slowly churned through his memories.
Within those memories, from the moment this Avatar was created, he traced back to that one Grand Mission.
The reckless Andou and Yamabuki.
The Colluding Players that attacked them.
Being carried away by his anger, the thing he used was── The Moon Step.


「Damn it. Maybe… it was during that Grand Mission huh」


I screwed up. I should’ve been more careful.
At that time, I don’t know if it was the Fighter or the Monk── But one of them was recording it huh.


「Sonya. I need you to collect some info. Focus on searching videos」
「Understood. And for the Keyword?」
「Let’s see… Go with『Moon Step』and『Mist Witch』」


Sonya closed her eyelids. She was accessing the massive database.
And from that database, she pulled out any information that was related to the keywords Moon Step and Mist Witch.


「…… There are 160 corresponding results. As for videos that correspond to both Keywords, there is only 1」
「What is the name of the video?」
「The title is『The Mysterious Moon Step User at Mist Witch』. The video was submitted 1 week ago」


With that information, Edgar searched through the video rankings for the video in question.
And he started playing the video.
Being shown in the video was the figure of a completely unremarkable and average-looking Player. It was a figure he often saw in the real world; it was a picture of himself.


So it’s true, huh.
There was still a video left over from that Grand Mission that showed me using the Moon Step.
And once the other Players saw this video, they came searching for me huh. Rather than pursuing Aran who has a much higher level and better equipment, if they chased after the low level Edgar with poor equipment, then they might be able to come close to realizing the secret behind Moon Step.
The only saving grace, is that there’s only a small number of people who have seen this video.


「Sonya, put out a request to the Admins to remove that video. State that the reason is because the video was recorded by Colluding Players from the Grand Mission a few days ago」
「As you request」


Things have become really troublesome.
Even if the video does get taken down, there will still be some time before everything is resolved. And in the meantime the flames spread by the Samurai Hunters probably won’t die down easily.
Most likely, there are more than just intermediate level players chasing after Edgar.
Even among the high ranked livestreamers, there are probably a few who want to add “I can use the Moon Step” to their descriptions. Those people might come desperately searching for Edgar.


「hey-, Edgar」


Towards Edgar who was making a bitter expression as he wrinkled his brow, Timberu called out in a hushed tone.


「How come you can use the Moon Step? Rather, how do you use it?」
「…… I have no reason to tell you」


More like, there’s no way I would tell you.
Just how messed up is this guy’s thought process.


「Aside from that, Timberu. I’ll give you a warning. Don’t ever go disclosing my name」
「O-Of course I know that」
「Listen here. If the Samurai Hunters somehow find out my name, it doesn’t matter if you are innocent or guilty── I’ll come searching for you even to the far ends of the planet」
「……C-C’mon man. That’s just cruel」
「Which one of us is the “cruel” one here」


Like you’re one to talk, waiting here just to PK beginner players.
As I thought, maybe I should just continue the broadcast.


「I’ve told you everything I know. Isn’t that enough?」


Timberu made an appeal as if saying,”Please spare me.”
In those all so terrifying demon eyes, the remnants of tears started to surface.


「Let’s see…… Usa, is there something you’d like to say to the man who attacked you?」
「…… Eh? Me?」
「If you like, you could finish him off you know?」
「EEH!? Um, no, uhh……」


Being suddenly thrown a question by Edgar, Usa was completely caught off guard.
It’s true that this person attacked me, and become of him we were trapped in Myune but… because of that I was able to meet Edgar-san.
I’m not really holding a grudge against him.
But still, in times like this you have to firmly teach them a lesson.
For the sake of other Samurai as well.
She mumbled and nodded to her self for some time, and, sharply returning to her senses, Usa cried out.


「If you do it again, T-T-T-Then I’ll beat you up you heear! D-Don’t look down on us Samuraai!」


While trying her best to fill her voice with a sense of intimidation, Usa’s voice rang out into the surroundings.
The person herself tried to make a scary demonic face [1] , wanting to instill in Timberu a sense of fear, but no matter how you looked at it, it only looked like a tiny girl overexerting herself as she acted all tsun-tsun.[2]
Frankly put, it was cute.


「…… Yeah, well… What she said. Don’t underestimate Samurai」


Edgar added on those few words.
But unlike Usa, Edgar glanced towards Timberu with a menacing gaze. Welling up from within Timberu’s throat, was a small, scream.







TL note: The “Demonic Face” that Usa made was her trying to imitate a Hannya mask. Wiki link for explanation and an example picture is here.


TL note: In case you didn’t know, Tsun-Tsun is the first half of tsundere, with Tsundere meaning something like “acting coldly at first then later lovey dovey”.

If I had to choose different words to describe Usa’s actions, it would be like “cute pouting”.



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