Isekai Canceller – Chapter 34

I didn’t want to leave you with just last chapter so I rushed this one out.




Chapter 34: Waking Up to Melissa’s Voice



「Goshujin-sama~ Please wake up~. It is morning~」


What woke me up was Melissa’s gentle movements, and a soothing voice that brushed against my ear.
It seems like I was able to get a bit of sleep somehow. Last night was truly dangerous.
At first I thought I would need my entire willpower to Cancel my earthly desires, but in the middle of it all Melissa started moving a bit in her sleep. Those soft cushions were being rubbed against my back.


And, if that wasn’t enough, half way through she started sleep talking in a really seductive voice. Geez, so many things were dangerous.
Even so, I didn’t lose! I didn’t lose you hear! Good for me!


「Good morning, Melissa. Thanks for waking me u- Fua!?」(Hitto)


For the moment I sat up, and I turned to face Melissa but―― O-Only a bra. My eyes unconsciously looked in that direction and I ended up raising my voice in surprise.


「AH!? I-I am sorry! For me to show you such an unsightly appearance――」(Melissa)


Saying that, Melissa was panicking as she covered herself with the futon.
No, far from being unsightly, it was more like ‘Thank you for the feast so early in the morning,’ but…… I see, that sound from yesterday was Melissa taking off her dress huh――


「Umm, since it is a dress that Goshujin-sama went through great troubles to lend me, I should not let it get wrinkled, is what I thought……」(Melissa)


Hiding her face, while looking embarrassed, Melissa gave a rather noble reason for her appearance. First thing in the morning, I am already close to being K.O.-ed.


「I-I see. Well, I’m happy that you value it so highly. But staying like that will be pretty bad, I’ll look somewhere else so please get changed」(Hitto)


I swiftly turned around and told Melissa with my back facing her.


「If it was Goshujin-sama then it would be fine if you looked though……」(Melissa)


A quiet rebuttal came from behind me. No, I bet it was just some residual feelings from when she was treated as a slave. That must be it.


Whatever the case may be, Melissa finished getting dressed, and after I equipped the magic bag, we both washed our faces and headed towards the dining room.


We paid 1,000 Gold for breakfast but, to think we would have toast and sunny-side-up eggs.
I’m grateful that it’s a simple meal. It even came with milk.
Jam and butter was also prepared for our use, it was truly an ordinary meal.


And so, leaving the wagon at the inn, Melissa and I headed for the Aloe Forest.
The request from yesterday was somewhat on my mind, but it was still early in the morning.
Right now it was 6 am, and although the gates are open at 5, apparently the Guild doesn’t open until 7 unless there is some special reason for it.


Well, that’s the way things are, so today we’re heading a bit early to the Aloe Forest to gather some Nankou Grass. I plan on starting Dowan’s request after we get back.


「Hey, tha two of ya. If yur up this early, is it a request?」


The Aloe Forest is close to the Western gate.
I thought we might run into him because of that, but the one to call out to us was Daimon.
As expected of him, he seems even more unkempt than yesterday.


Well, it might become troublesome if I ignore him so I might as well reply.


「Yea, we a small request at the Aloe Forest after all」(Hitto)


「Aloe? Even though you own a wagon that you would go as far as to head into the slums for? The only bunch that go there are Beginners and Amateurs who will never rank up ya know? Don’t cha have a pretty high rank though?」(Daimon)


…… In this situation I can’t really say that I’m actually Beginner rank huh.


「Well, an acquaintance asked me for something you see. I’m just running a couple of errands」(Hitto)


「Hmmm, sure sounds like alota work, being an adventurer that is. As I thought, living the comfy life as a gatekeeper is much better. We get a pretty high salary afta all, it even comes with plenty of benefits」(Daimon)


…… This guy has a real nasty face when he laughs huh. I wonder, is he somehow related to the bank?
No, if he was then he wouldn’t be doing this kind of job.


「If you need any info then feel free to come ta me anytime. That’s if ya can pay the compensation of course」(Daimon)


Taking note of that, Melissa and I gave a slight bow, and departed towards the gate.


「Goshujin-sama has the ability to grasp a person’s nature as well, is that correct. I believe that to be amazing」(Melissa)


Melissa looked at me with a gaze of admiration as she said that.
I didn’t intend for it coming off as some sort of big deal though.


Well that’s fine. In any case, after we reached an area where we couldn’t be seen from the gate, I took Melissa’s hand and used Step Cancel to jump to the Aloe Forest.




We made it to the forest without a hitch.
Since we came here so early, there won’t be too many people here right? I had that thought, but I was naive.
I can’t say it was around 100, but there was at least 30 people harvesting herbs in a single place.


For some reason, there seems to be a glimmering look in everyone’s eyes.
Nonetheless, the merchant who is amassing so much Nankou Grass must be doing pretty well off.
This place is pretty much like an assembly line in some factory. Adventurers obediently come here day after day and bring back ingredients for medicine after all.
Since only a Drugger can make medicine this is the best they can do huh.


Well, as I thought about those type of things, we went over to the place from yesterday that had bountiful herbs.
And, I was planning on harvesting them with Melissa, but-


「Hey! You bastards!」
「Who said you could harvest here!」
「This is our territo――」


「Yeah, Yeah. Cancel, Cancel, and Cancel」(Hitto)


As I sung a tune of rhythmic Cancels, the Three Stars retreated back to the city.
Well, you can consider it punishment for monopolizing this place by your own accord. You won’t be able to take everything for yourselves from now on.


「Okay then, Melissa. We still have Dowan’s request to do so let’s finish things up quickly」(Hitto)
「Yes, Goshujin-sama」(Melissa)


And so along with Melissa, we started plucking up Nankou Grass one by one just like we did yesterday.


All things considered…… Although I don’t want to remember it, because of the bank my funds have pretty much reached rock bottom.
There’s no point in mentioning it now, but that’s how things are so it can’t be helped.


The 1 million Gold won’t come back, and it’s hopeless to try and get the 500,000 Gold within the time limit.
…… Well, that said, I might as well give it a try when we finish up and head back to the city.


Thinking that, I was soothed by the sight of Melissa trying her hardest, and I continued to pick more Nankou Grass, but――


「H-Hey, this place……」
「Are you serious, those guys really aren’t here」


…… Melissa and I, I suppose we have been collecting Nankou Grass for about an hour now.
Around us a bunch of other adventurers started to gather, they were all gazing at the luscious area with mouths gaping open.
And from among them came a single person, a man who by the looks of it seemed like a youthful soldier. He came close to me and asked a question.


「Hey, this place is suppose to be the territory of those Green Three Stars but, will you two really be all right just blatantly harvesting Nankou Grass here?」


……I’m in a bit of a pinch. It seems like he might of seen us yesterday, or perhaps they noticed just now.
Either way the other adventurers seem to be lured to this place.
Now then, what should I do. I can’t exactly tell them the whole truth after all.


「Oh, you mean those guys. Since they were so arrogant and decided things on their own, I voiced a complain and made them go back. So there’s no problem」(Hitto)


For now let’s just go with something like that.


「Made them go back, you did? I saw it yesterday, but if I remember you are a Beginner who just registered right?」


A different person cut into the conversation. So they saw me huh. That makes things somewhat troublesome.


「It’s no problem. That bunch weren’t much of a big deal anyways」(Hitto)


「No, to say they aren’t a big deal…… Those three were Manager rank you know?」


「Even so, compared to Goshujin-sama, those type of outlandish people pose no such threat. Without being able to do anything, they were sent back to town in low spirits」(Melissa)


Melissa proudly declared as she followed up for me.
It came off as a bit boastful though. Personally I don’t think it was anything special.


「I’m not all that amazing. Just think about it for a bit, those three were able to raise their ranks by doing nothing but harvesting Nankou Grass. It’s not like their rank is reflective of their individual skills. If you all put your minds to it then I bet you could do that same thing I did. Aren’t you just too overwhelmed by the thought of going against a Manager rank?」(Hitto)


‘But Goshujin-sama is more than-!’ Melissa was about to interrupt but I held her back with my hand.
And it is certainly true that that bunch aren’t much of a big deal.
I can tell by looking at their equipment.


「Saying that those three aren’t a big deal, you can’t be serious……」
「But if you think about it, I don’t think I’ve seen those three ever fight before……」
「When one of them tried to flirt with me, they were really persistent so I slapped them in the face on reflex. I remember them getting all teary-eyed after that」
「Wait… aren’t you a guy though……」


For some reason it got really noisy around her huh. Hey wait, there’s way too many adventurers――


「……Either way it looks like those three aren’t here, so it must be true you sent them away―― By the way, I’d like to ask something, if what you say is true then is it all right for all of us to harvest here too?」


……As I thought, we ended up at this topic huh.
‘Goshujin-sama――’ Melissa lowered her brow as she muttered those words, but the answer has already been decided.


「Yeah, go ahead. Take as much as you like. This forest and this place doesn’t belong to anyone after all. I have no right to complain if you do」(Hitto)


Upon hearing my reply the adventurers raised a joyous cheer.
In a quiet voice Melissa asked, “Is this truly all right, Goshujin-sama?” but I nodded my head telling her it was fine


With a warm smile Melissa replied with an, “Is that so.”
Perhaps Melissa understood the way I felt.
If I were to reply to them with “Buzz off, it’s mine!” then I wouldn’t be any different then those three.


Yeah, but still, the adventurers came forth all at once.
The way things are it will be impossible to harvest any more. It can’t be helped.
Melissa and I separated from the scene, and headed back to the Guild.




「Today nya came with less -nyan」(Nyanko)


「Well, a couple of things happened you see. How much will we get for this much?」(Hitto)


「Everything adds up to a perfect 6 kilos -nyan. Nyat would be 30,000 Gold -nyan」(Nyanko)


……That’s inevitable I guess.


「Okay. And so, how goes things with the request?」(Hitto)


「The written request for that is completed -nyan. I’ll hand it to nya over at the counter -nyan」(Nyanko)


Replying with, “Yeah, I’ll leave it to you,” I went over to the front counter. Together with Melissa, we listened to the contents of the request.


Contracted Request
・Transporting Iron Ore and Magic Stones
Requirements: Designated for the Adventurer Hitto
Details: From the Mount Stone Mines
・Iron Ore 3 kg
・Earth Magic Stone 1 kg
・Fire Magic Stone 1 kg
Please transport these back.
For the reward please contact the client Dowan, though you should already know this.
Reward: 30,000 Gold


The reward is 30,000 Gold huh. But right now I have no right to be picky.
That said, after we finish this request I should do a request that can earn more profit―― Well, in any case, let’s focus on this request first.


「If you are able to complete the request safely, then please bring the written request to the client himself and have him sign it before you bring it back -nyan」(Nyanko)


「Okay, understood. Well then, I’ll be off to complete it」(Hitto)


「I will also do my best!」(Melissa)


Melissa is all fired up and ready to go, but we still have the magic bag after all.
I think that fundimentally there’s not much do do in the first place but…… That’s fine I guess.


For the moment we exited the Guild, and while we were at it we might as well have a look at the bank.
The least we can do is get a ticket number which is necessary for later after all.


However, it was true when they said there would be an amazing amount of people. All the seats were filled so there were people standing as they waited.
Are these all people who had to wait 10 days for their appointment? Nevertheless……


「This document has a misspelled word at this one area. Because of this we cannot accept it. Please take another ticket number and visit us a second time after you have made amendments to it」


「P-Please hold on a second! It’s only a single typo right? I’ll fix it right now! It will be really quick!」


「We cannot accept a document that has errors in it. Please take another ticket and wait for your turn」


「S-Stop screwing with me! That means I’ll have to wait another 10 days! Half of my funds have already been taken! At least let me withdraw some of it!」


「Those are the rules, please take another ticket and wait for your turn」


「I’m begging you! It’s only a small mistake! Let me withdraw some of it! If I can’t withdraw at least this much then I will-!」


「Those are the rules」


「Please, I’m begging you…… I’ll lose my store. My daughter is still just a little kid, I don’t want her having to end up as a slave……」


「Those are the rules」


……That’s pretty incredible. He’s begging while crying his eyes out and snot dripping from his nose after all. And he even started prostrate himself on the ground…… Yet the receptionist simply repeated those businesslike words. Ah, it looks like some muscular looking guys showed up and escorted him out by force.


…… Honestly it makes me feel sick inside. Taking a good look around, there isn’t anyone here who has a happy look on their face.
They all look like they are on the brink of life or death, and their expressions reflected that.


……I was right to think that these bank people are only out to extort money.
Even if they act like they are forced to do this because it is their job, I really can’t accept that they are doing all this with such stone cold expressions…… But――


「I know, Melissa. In any case let’s get a ticket number and head out to do the request」(Hitto)


Using Cancel on the current situation will honestly be difficult. This is just reality.
This bank, they take the forms from customers into the back room and have it confirmed by higher authorities.
I’m trying to think of a way around this…… But first I have to deal with the ticket number.
In order to withdraw money, you have to wait in line for the number on your ticket to be called.
In addition this ticket number isn’t your average ticket, it is shaped like a silver plate, and the number isn’t written in pen or anything, instead it was chiseled into the ticket with the same neat typeface.
This way it will be difficult to make counterfeits.


And when the receptionist lady calls out your number, the person brings their ticket to the teller window.
At that time, you have to hand in a completed form declaring how much you want to withdraw along with other details that needs to be filled out in advance.
Based on that exchange from earlier, if you have any discrepancies in the form then they will request that you rewrite it, and demand that you take another ticket on top of it all.


The most troublesome thing about this is, that you have to wait 10 days before your number is called.
Basically, although I won’t be doing it in the first place, even if I forcefully cut ahead in line by using Cancel, the ticket number still wouldn’t match correctly.


If I hand the receptionist my ticket, and then use Cancel on the process of handing it over, then it would only end up with them demanding that I take another ticket.


Because of that, it is impossible to circumvent the standard process.
But if that is true, then if I wait the 10 days and withdraw my money, if I used Cancel at that time will I be able to withdraw the original 1 million? I had that sort of idea, but―― That also seems difficult.


There is the possibility that when the receptionist accepts my forms, and after she has given me the money I withdrew, I can use Cancel and convince her that I haven’t received the money yet.
This would be an application of Conversation Cancel, but this would only be effective if the receptionist handled all the procedures by herself.


However, at this bank you interact with the woman at the teller window, but the forms are sent to a different person for confirmation.
And I can’t be for sure that the forms aren’t reviewed by several people when it goes into the back room.
If I were to use Cancel in that situation then it might be discovered by a different staff member.


And, once it gets discovered one time then it will cause a sense of distrust.
If that were to happen, then I will no doubt be marked for suspicion by the bank.


Damn it! Either way it won’t go in my favor!…… Well not matter how much I think about it, there’s not much I can do at the moment. One way or the other I still have to get past the line after all.


Guess there’s no helping it…… For now I, together with Melissa, left the bank and headed for the Mt. Stone mines.
Once we left the city, I took out the magic map to confirm our location just in case. Based on the information from earlier, the mines are to the northeast of Central Arts, and like the name implies it resides with the mountainous region of Mt. Stone.


It really is a region with only mountains huh.
It is a bit farther from here than the forest was, but with Step Cancel we’ll get there in no time.


「Now then, let’s go shall we」(Hitto)
「Yes, Goshujin-sama」(Melissa)


It seems like Melissa already understood, she voluntarily held out her hand while wearing a happy smile.
Somehow this makes me a bit embarrassed instead, but I hold onto her hand in the meantime, and fixing my gaze on a destination I used Cancel a repeated number of times.


In response to the change in scenery,
「Goshujin-sama’s magic is really quite amazing――」
Melissa let out some words of admiration.


Well, I also think it is quite a convenient ability.
With our current pace another 10 Cancels should get us to――




And, suddenly hearing the sound of a shrill cry, I stopped using Cancel halfway through the motion.
Melissa as well, she also looks startled by the scream.


Since I was traveling by the shortest route possible, I wasn’t really paying attention to the highway. Our current location was atop a small hill surrounded by flowers.


And that scream came from somewhere below the slope of this hill, it came from a place somewhat separated from the highway.
Over there, equipped with chain mail, was a soldier-esque man wielded a bastard sword, and a women in a leaf-green robe with a wooden staff being surrounded by a pack of wolves.


The way things are I can’t tell the conclusion, but I don’t think those are ordinary wolves.
There is a high chance that they are monsters.


From the looks of it I could tell that the soldier man’s arm had blood running from it.
The reason for the woman’s shrill cry was probably because of that.




Melissa murmured softly as she lowered her brow in concern, but, of course I know. Seeing something like this, there’s no way I can ignore it.


「We’re going to help, Melissa!」(Hitto)
「Understood! Goshujin-sama!」(Melissa)






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