Isekai Canceller – Chapter 31

I said I was alive then went on an unplanned hiatus :/. Life and work got in the way for a bit but I’m back in school now so I should have some more free time now (when I’m not studying that is). Hopefully I’ll get a lot done on the weekend in terms of TL.

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Chapter 31: Single? Double?


Returning back to the wagon, Melissa greeted me while looking delighted.
The sun had pretty much set, but in this dim alley her smile seemed light it up, at least that’s how it felt.


「Goshujin-sama. How did it go with the inn?」(Melissa)


「Yea, for now the only thing they said was to wait here. I’ve been told that they would open up the front but ――」(Hitto)


After I told her that, Melissa and I turned to face the front of the building.
But still, no matter how you look at it, it just seems like an ordinary stone wall. Exactly where are we suppose to put the wagon in a place like this?


As I was thinking that, *Gogogoo* a heavy noise started vibrating. As we were taken aback, a part of the wall in front of us… it split apart and opened up down the middle.


“It’s almost like a device from some dungeon,” Hitto muttered in his mind as he placed his finger on his chin.
Melissa was also staring in amazement. “To think that there was such a contraption,” she also wasn’t expecting something like this.


「How bout this? If it’s like this then it’ll work out, riight~?」


Within the opened wall, was the woman in a black negligee.
Once she caught sight of her, Melissa was once again startled. I guess that was expected.
With an outfit like that, normally you wouldn’t want to be seen in it.
For me as well, I’m having a hard time knowing where to look. After all this woman, her see-through bra and panties are in full view.


Let’s do the appropriate thing for now. Fixing my eyes somewhere around her shoulders, we began talking.


「Yeah, there’s no problem. You don’t mind if I just put it in like this, right?」(Hitto)


「Let’s seee~ I don’t mind if you just shove it in wherever it can fit~」


Huh? That’s weird? It was supposed to be a normal conversation but somehow it only sounds indecent?




M-Melissa is narrowly looking over with eyes dyed the color of contempt…… No, you’re mistaken. That’s not what I was thinking!


Anyways, coughing to divert the subject, we took the wagon inside the building.
The wall turned back to normal and shut. Is this also done by some magic device?
While thinking of that sort of thing I took a look at our surroundings.
A lamp was hanging from the ceiling and illuminated the room with a warm orange glow.
It wasn’t all that bright but it was good enough to see what you were doing.


Looking in front of us, there was a space divided up by fences.
I guess that’s were we should put the wagon.
The space was divided up into 4 compartments, and only one of them was occupied
Far to the right I could see a staircase leading upwards. It seems that she came down here using that.


「Not many wagons come here ya see. So this place is pretty up empty all the time~」


「Is that so. Well, if that’s true then its convenient for us. By the way, there’s no problem with us leaving the wagon here tomorrow, right?」(Hitto)


「No problem as long as you pay the lodging fee~」


I see, that’s good then. I plan on using a skill tomorrow as transportation after all.
Well anyways, we climbed the stairs to the second floor as I thought about that.


「So, what will you do about the rooom~?」


Returning behind the counter, Hey, Don’t go opening the neck of your negligee as you say that! Dammit, it’s not as big as Melissa’s but this one has quite the pair on her!
Rather, Melissa is also at a loss for words. You’re way too shameless!


「I-In any case, do you have a twin room open? I want to know the price」(Hitto)


「Hmmmm~, Do~n’t think there is one huuh~. The twin rooms are occupied you see. Right now we only got two single rooms or a double」


「In that case I’ll take two sing……」(Hitto)
「P-Please make it the Double」(Melissa)




「Melissa, what are you saying? A double is……」(Hitto)


「G-Goshujin-sama is the one who is acting strange. T-To go out of your way to rent out 2 rooms like that. I-It may be rude of me to say this, but we also have to think about our expenses!」(Melissa)


It’s fine that you’re desperately trying to sound polite, but if you keep fumbling on your words halfway through, it doesn’t really help you know.


「Well, 2 single rooms would be 3000 Gold. A double costs 2000 Gold. It’s true that a double is more economical you know~. You’ve gone through so much trouble so just make it a double okay~」


The woman said that with a grin on her face. What exactly is so funny!
And Melissa is being stubborn. “We should be mindful of our funds,” was her opinion.
If I had to say myself, it’s true that we are in a pinch. We only have 82,336 Gold left.
It’s true that when we think about it rationally, it is best to go for the cheaper option even if it’s only by a little.


Especially since we will be leaving the wagon here tomorrow, it will be a requirement that we pay for at least two days of lodging.
Considering that, a 2 singles would cost 6000 Gold, and a double costs 4000.


Dammit! Even though we had 1 million just before noon today, and it becoming 500,000 when I deposited it is just outrageous!
But complaining about it at this point is meaningless.
In the worst case it will just end up with me sleeping on the floor.


「Alright then. We’ll take a double for 2 nights……」(Hitto)


「Thanks for your patronage, that will be 4000 Gold」


I handed over the amount she told me.


「So how do meals and using the bath work?」(Hitto)


「For meals, the dining room is just down that hall~ and the bathhouse is just below that~ On your way to the dining room, there’s a staircase heading down to the first floor, so just go down there~. For the most part, to the right of the stairs is the women’s bath and to the left of it is the men’s~」


From in front of the counter, the woman swung her chin over towards the hallway to her right.


「Anyone can enter the bath, right?」(Hitto)


「Yeeah, I don’t really mind it. All the customers here understand that, otherwise they wouldn’t come to stay here in the first place」


Grinning, she relaxed the corners of her mouth. The meaning hidden behind those words, it proves that shadow was telling the truth when he told us about this place.
In reality, this woman never once treated Melissa as a slave.


「Incidentally the meals are a separate charge of 500 Gold. Be sure to keep that in mind kay~ The bath is free though. There’s some soap in the rooms so use it as you see fit. But be aware that dining room and bath both close at 8 pm」


The meals are extra huh. Well it’s still cheaper than the inn we stayed at yesterday. Apparently a twin room only costs 2500 Gold after all.


「Alrighty then, there’s the key to your room. It’s room 302 on the 3rd floor, by the way the name’s Annie. I’m more or less the landlord here. Well, if anything happens then I’ll pretty much be here all the time. Well then, have a good night~」(Annie)


After she said that and waved her hand a bit, she went right back and fell asleep again.
Is this person alright? Incidentally, the stairs heading up, it was located down the hall opposite of the dining room.


Melissa and I headed up to our room.
By the way, this inn is a 5 story building made of stone. The front side of the first floor consisted of the area to park wagons. Marked off deeper inside the first floor was the bath.
The 2nd floor had the front counter, and past that was the dining hall.


The floors where guests stay were between the 3rd and 5th floors. Each floor had 2 single rooms, a double room, and a twin room. Also there was a studio room on each floor.
The studio room was a large room for groups of customers to stay in, so apparently they aren’t offered to a single or a pair of guests.


Well that’s how it goes, after climbing the stairs up to our floor, the room 302 was located immediately to our right.
The key was made of metal but, well, I guess that would be pretty typical though.
However, this is sort of a “special” kind of inn, so maybe it’s to give the impression that it’s safe to store valuables here.


The insides of the room were, compared to the outside of the building it was surprisingly decent.
It did feel a bit old, but it was unexpectedly cleaned with attention to detail.


It was also furnished with a toilet in a separate room. There wasn’t a closet, but there was a wooden chest to put clothes and the like in it, so it was passable.


There was also a magic device that ensured that we would have lighting whenever we needed.


And, well, there really is “that” huh. Yea, along the wall was a double sized bed that was blatantly left there.
And Melissa is, she’s all fidgety for some reason. Why is that!? No, it must be because she’s nervous.
All things considered both of us are still too young. No, if Melissa told me her age I think she would probably be younger than me. As expected, in times like this it’s the man’s job the lead and…… Hey! No good, No good! What the hell am I thinking!? Just keep calm, Just keep calm.


「A-Anyways, how about we have a seat, Melissa」(Hitto)


Saying that we both sat down on the bed. Even so, maybe Melissa is starting to understand the things I hate, so she wouldn’t sit in the floor anymore―― But, s-so close. So close that it’s like our arms are glued next to each other.
This isn’t good, my heart is pumping too much! Dammit!


「Ah! Maybe I should just sit on the floor~」(Hitto)
「If you did then our positions would be reversed, Goshujin-sama!」(Melissa)


As I tried to move to the floor she hastily restrained me.
Kuu, thinking about it again this is really making me nervous. Seriously, what should I do――





As it is I had to do something about that tense mood, so I suggested that we take a bath for now.
It was only 6 pm  according to the clock in the room after all. We should be able to make it in time for the bath and dining room.
The room didn’t just have soap, it also properly had towels to use. This place is surprisingly considerate.


Melissa and I grabbed on to them and headed to the first floor. Handing the Magic Bag to Annie we went into the bath.


Annie said, “You’re such a worry wart~” as she laughed away, but there are some things you really should worry about.
If we left it with the landlord who shoves a knife in your throat for waking her up then I’m sure it will be safe.
After all I did go and wake her up again. Melissa was so startled that she let out a little scream.
I’ll say it again, this inn is pretty unbelievable.


Well, it’s finally time for a bath. As I walked down the hallway with Melissa I said to her with a smile, “Be sure to take your time and refresh yourself”.


「Understood. Thank you very much. However…… I am a little nervous. It really has been a long time since I took a bath by myself after all……」(Melissa)


When they are together with their masters, slaves primarily go into the bath together with their masters. It was the main principle that they should attend to their masters by washing them and the such.


Of course slaves were not allowed to bathe at the same time. Separate from their masters, apparently they were only allowed to wipe themselves down with a worn-out towel.


Even if that is the rule in this world, I still can’t help but feel uncomfortable about it.
She hasn’t been able to go to the bath alone in a long time, so I want her to enjoy it to the fullest.


「Well then, I will be excusing myself」(Melissa)


「Oh, if you finish before me then feel free to wait in the dining room」(Hitto)


The plan is to have dinner when we’re finished bathing after all.


「I will do no such thing! I will properly wait for Goshujin-sama to finish!」(Melissa)


She’s saying that was a strong look in her eyes huh…… Well if she wants to wait then so be it―― It’s just that I think I will be the one to finish first though.


Well whatever. After parting with Melissa, I headed towards the men’s bath.








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