Happy First of April 2017. Also Status Update.

It’s that time of year again! That special time which comes only once a year, the time for the annual (?) release of the Canceller spinoff! In case you all Cancelled the last chapter from your memory (which you should have), here is a Link to last year’s post. As a quick reminder, it may be April Fools but this is 100% a real chapter written by the same author, and also 100% unrelated to the original Canceller series.


Moving on, I just wanted to say that university has been kicking my butt and Finals are just 2 weeks away, which is why I have pretty much been on a hiatus. I plan to release a few chapters tomorrow but I probably won’t have time for more until after Finals. So yeah, sorry about the unannounced hiatus but real world happens :/ .


Anyways, Enjoy the spinoff and look forward to tomorrow!


An Alternate World’s STRONGEST Canceller ~ Using The Rare Cancel Skill to Become GODLIKE~

Chapter 2

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