April Fools and a Very Special Canceller Chapter

Hello internet dwellers! It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year again, April Fools! Today I have for you a rather special chapter. I have mentioned it before but there is a Spinoff Series of Isekai Canceller that is written by the same author as the original, Sorachi Daidai-sensei. Since I thought it fit the season well, I went ahead and translated chapter 1.

When I read it the first time it seemed pretty funny but since then it has undergone drastic changes and is now a completely different monster than the original version.

I contemplated even releasing this chapter in the first place since releasing it could easily destroy the very fabric of reality as we now know it. But since I was driven slightly insane by reading it I figured why the hell not, the world already ended in 2012 anyways. Besides, reading it will probably relieve the pent of rage most the commenters have for the series. It will be good for soul.

Anyways, Here it is. The Spinoff Series of Isekai Canceller.

The Title is:
An Alternate World’s STRONGEST Canceller ~ Using The Rare Cancel Skill to Become GODLIKE~

Chapter 1 can be found here.
The Raws can be found here.

*Update*: For some reason comments weren’t enabled on the chapter page itself. You should be able to comment to your heart’s content now.

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