Livestreamer’s New Game+ – Chapter 5

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Side note: As usual, Lightly Edited.


Volume 1: New Game+

Chapter 5: Our First Grand Mission (Part 2)



「Well done making it here! You Newborn Dragon Hunters!」


A man with a crew-cut, clad in silver plate armor, was vigorously shouting at Andou.


「For you lot who haven’t even gotten past『Potty Training』 the most ideal quest has come! Let’s chase out those Rotten Orcs! How about it! Are you ready to show everyone what you’re made of!?」
「Aah~…… This guy… do we really have to go along with him?」
「yea, probably」


To the plate-mail man who had an annoyingly high amount of tension, Andou and Yamabuki looked to be a bit fed up.
Being a VRMMO game, unlike other games up until now, Dragon’s Krone possessed a high level of player immersion.「Role-playing」, assuming a ‘character’ and acting out the story, was one of the established ways to enjoy yourself in this game. There were also a large number of players who didn’t role-play and simply enjoyed the game as it was suppose to be played.
And Andou and the others belonged to the group that only wanted to enjoy the game as it was.


「……L-Leave it to us~……」
「GAHAHA, A Great Answer Andou! The thing I request of you is… Help us drive back the orcs who are attacking from the East at the Mist Witch Lookout. I want you to quickly head on over there and annihilate them!」


It appears that the Grand Mission’s story this time goes something like that.
In the world of Dragon’s Krone, there are a great number of fiendish Mobs who are not from the Dragon race.
Among them were the Mob that even relatively low level players could handle, the Orc race.
Since Orcs had a low level of intelligence they didn’t use magic, but they were a Mob who used single attack「Two-Handed Weapons」 and had a high attack power. If you get surrounded by a number of them, then orcs became the natural enemy for beginners who would end up panicking.


「A bunch of orcs are coming… that’s a bit scary huh~. They have, like, super hideous faces right? Those guys」
「Nn~, they’re really scary…… But it will be alright if we fight them as a Party, Megu」


Watching Andou and Yamabuki deal with the procedures from afar, Megu was showing signs of unease as Suzu answered her with a smile.


「Ah, Megu, about the strategy… Yamabuki-kun and Andou-kun will pull in the enemies, and Edgar-kun and Megu will finish them off, something like that sound okay?」
「I guess so~. Will Suzu be on healing duty?」
「Yup, leave it to me」


“That’s my job after all,” Suzu continued.
When he heard that conversation, Edgar was thinking about suggesting that the Cleric, Suzu, focus on support magic instead, but he stopped himself just before saying it.
If I was the Party Leader instead, then I should voice my opinion and tell Ninomiya-san and the others how to act, But this time it’s different. Also it seems like Ninomiya-san and the others aren’t focused on efficiency, so it would be better to stay silent unless we find ourselves in a pinch.


「Edgar-kun, does that plan sound good to you?」
「eh? oh……sure」


Suddenly being addressed by Suzu, Edgar gave a rushed response.


「Ah, maybe~, is Edgar all scared of the orcs?」


Megu whispered while grinning ear to ear.
The Grand Mission this time will be charging into a group of orcs, in addition, waiting for them behind the masses of orcs will be the Boss Mob 「Orc King」.
For lower level players, it wouldn’t be strange to be somewhat scared by them.
I am completely fine with them though.


「……Well, orcs have scary faces that probably came straight out of some nightmare after all. Megu-san’s feelings, I can’t say that I don’t see where you’re coming from」
「If things get bad come save me kay~, Edgar」


So far, Edgar had never experienced someone relying on him for something, so he just stared back in bewilderment.


「It’s not『eh?』!! You and I are the main attackers right! If you just abandon me and run away by yourself then things will get scary afterwards you know!」


Glancing at him with a scowl, Megu was obviously showing her blood lust.
If we end up in a pinch, first things first, I have to save Megu-san at all costs. In order to preserve my tranquil high-school life, right now and in the future.


「No, I don’t plan on doing that but…… If Megu-san gets angry, then I feel sorry for the orcs instead. I definitely won’t abandon you」
「Y-You just casually said something so rude! Edgar, were you always that type of character!?」
「a ha ha, Edgar-kun is so interesting」


As Suzu’s light laughter mixed in together with Megu’s retort, the surroundings seemed to spread out.
Covering her mouth with both hands, seeing the corners of Suzu’s eyes narrow like that, Edgar suddenly found himself swallowing his breath.
What a charming smile. Just getting to see that smile makes me think that it was a good idea to accept their invitation.


「Heeey~, We finished with our registration」


As Andou’s voice reached them, Megu let out a cry filled with fighting spirit.
At last, together with his classmates, it was finally time to challenge the Grand Mission──


At the edge of their view floated the words「Confirming Participation In The Grand Mission」.
And then, after a short while, Edgar and the others were forcibly sent into the Field were the Grand Mission would take place, The「Mist Witch Lookout」.




The Mist Witch Lookout, set a little to the East of Crescendo, it was the abandoned ruins of a fort.
According to it’s background story, in the days of old the Crescendo region was constantly under attack by Orcs. During those times, humans apparently built the Mist Witch Fortress using their own bare hands.
After a long hard fought battle, the war against the Orcs ended in the Human’s victory and they ruled over Crescendo. The Mist Witch Fortress has since then been used as an observatory to watch out for the Orc’s movements, a 「Lookout」.




Gathered along the rampart walls of the Mist Witch Lookout, there were a number of NPCs clad in silver armor, and a man yelling at the top of his lungs who seemed like he was the leader of this Lookout Recapture Squad.
Since he was wearing the same kind of armor as that silver guy at the Hunter’s Guild, I suppose he must be under the direct command of the ruler of this Mist Witch domain.


「W-What intense heat」
「T-This is…… amazing」


Raising their voices in astonishment, were Megu and Yamabuki.
Among the NPCs stood Edgar’s party.


Off in the distance, the sound of metal clashing could be heard.
The earthly tremors of explosive magic.
The roaring cries of Orcs.
From beyond the rampart walls, screams could be heard.
Here in this pseudo-constructed world, an unbelievable amount of tension and exhilaration dominated the atmosphere.


「Yamabuki-kun, Andou-kun, the strategy, make sure not to forget it」
「I won’t forget. Me and Yamabuki will gather the targets, then Megu and Edgar will finish them off, right」


Suzu tried to get their attention, but being swallowed by the excitement Yamabuki and Andou answered somewhat absentmindedly.


Seeing them act like that, Edgar was feeling a sense of nostalgia.
When I first started out I was just like them, this kind of atmosphere always got me excited. That is the true pleasure of VR games; it’s something that you couldn’t taste if you played some other sort of game.
But, if you become too excited then it might prove fatal.
If you are overexcited then you won’t be able to make calm decisions, in a dangerous situation those feelings of excitement can turn into「Poison」.


「……Suzu-san, do you have a moment?」


Even though it was her character name, being apprehensive about calling her just「Suzu」, Edgar called out to one of his party members, to Suzu who didn’t seem like she was being swept away by the mood. He wanted to confirm the situation.


「Andou and Yamabuki, is this their first Grand Mission?」
「Yea, and I think it’s the same for Megu. I have some experience though」
「I see. In that case, there’s the possibility that those two will dive in headfirst while forgetting the strategy. Healing magic raises Aggro, so if the orcs start targeting you then just call out to me」


“Aggro[1]” was something that applied to Mobs, it was「Hatred towards the Player」.
Once a player gathers a certain level of Aggro, Mobs will then target that player and start attacking them. But, there was a certain technique to control this Aggro known as 「Aggro Management」. This Aggro Management was an extremely important component of Party Combat.


Since the main thing that generates the most Aggro was「The Severity of Damage Dealt」, if you had a large number of Attackers, and if players other than yourself continue to attack in a similar fashion, then the Mobs would target everyone separately and you might not be able to heal them in time.
In order to counteract that, classes like Knights and Fighters were assigned 「Tank Duty」. Since they were classes that possessed 「Aggro Generating Skills」, they can make themselves the target of enemy attacks. As such, it was important to have at least one person in your party who could be on tank duty, or at least that was the theory behind it.


However, “making the enemies target you”, this was a rather difficult technique for beginner players.
This was because「Healing a low HP Player’s Health」also generated a large amount of Aggro.
In other words, if the Tank is negligent in his duty of Aggro-Control, then every time he gets healed there is the possibility that the Mob might rush into the rear guard and attack the Cleric. For beginner parties, this was a common incident that occurred and often lead to a complete party wipe-out.


「……Understood. Or rather, Edgar-kun is really calm huh」
「Eh? That so?」
「Yea. It’s like, “as expected of a restarting player”」


Those words made Edgar’s heart jump.
Crap. Even though I told myself that I wouldn’t offer any advice, I ended up saying something by accident. If I’m not careful and stand out too much then they might start questioning things later.


「Well then, Strengthening Magic, I’m going to cast some, okay」


Suzu took up her staff, and she activated【Scutum I[2]】 which enhanced the defensive power of all party members.
A number of light orbs swirled around each party member, and their bodies started to lightly shine.


「Let’s do our best, Edgar-kun」


From underneath her hood, a smile could be seen on Suzu’s face.
And so, the Leader-esque NPC of the Recapture Squad brandishing his sword in the air. As if inspired by him, the surrounding NPCs all held up their swords and shields.
A dreadful, feverish enthusiasm.
The excitement in the air continued to escalate, the signal for battle was approaching.
The NPC’s immense war cry paralyzed Edgar and other’s sense of hearing.


And then, a single ray of light.
The door to the Mist Witch Lookout soundlessly opened.
That was the signal for the Start of the Grand Mission.





TL note: The original word used here is “Hate”. Since it’s pretty much the same, I converted it into the English equivalent of “Aggro”


TL note: As I mentioned in chapter 1, a Scutum is a type of shield used by roman centurions.




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  3. Just going to put some gaming jargon here to inevitably be ignored.

    RP: Role play. People who talk in extremely confusing ways. They immerse themselves in the game lore and try to imitate it in words and action.
    NPC: Non-Player Character. The Computer/AI.
    Mob: An enemy NPC.
    Pull(ed) Threat: To rip the Mobs attention away from the tank. Can be used when intentional or accidental
    Pull: To attract an enemy to a different location in order to kill it safely without drawing attention from nearby enemies.
    Aggro: Short for Aggression. Also commonly referred to as hate or threat. The amount of hate a mob has toward you and/or the party. In a negative way it may be used as: “he pulled aggro”. A positive way would be: “aggro that mob” (more commonly used as “Pull that mob” these days).
    Taunt: draw and/or keep the enemies attention to one’s self. Used differently in each game.
    Wipe: When everyone in the group dies.
    Train: Leading one or more hostile enemies around. Very frowned upon if you lead them to the entrance of the current area or other people. Usually the polite thing to do is shout out warnings for people to get out of the way.
    Corpse Run: Where in games you leave your equipment behind after death and need to run back and retrieve them.
    Link Dead: The role play form of being Disconnected. LD for short.
    respawn: To reappear in the game, usually at predefined location. Usually used for NPCs in MMOs.
    Camp(ing): one of multiple meaning depending on context.

    In PvP situation 1: You already killed a player and are now patrolling the area where you killed said player in order to kill him again (usually as many times as you can).
    In PvP situation 2: You are holding a location where you can easily kill enemies as they approach. You stay in this location and wait for prey to come to you. This location usually holds a significant advantage for you.
    In PvE situation 1: You hold a spot where enemies respawn so you can continue to kill them as long as you want or need to.
    In PvE situation 2: The role play term to log out of the game.

    PK: Player Killer. Those who hunt other players for fun or sport. Only seen in games with a system rule that give negative outcome for killing “innocent” players.
    PKK: Player Killer Killer. RP nerds who hunt PKs. They get butt hurt about being killed by another player so they usually form groups to hunt them down. Also only seen in games with a system rule that give negative outcome for killing “innocent” players.
    Game Master: RP word for customer support rep. When the game uses this, the term GM gets confusing since depending on context it may mean Guild Master, the one who runs/owns a guild. Assuming the game uses the word guild and not clan, company, etc

    Got bored. Too many. Moving on.


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