Livestreamer’s New Game+ – Chapter 4

Turns out chapters 2 and 3 needed a bit more proofreading. Oh well, Here’s more chapters instead. Was going to hold on to it until tomorrow but whatever. Figured I should keep this show going.



Side note: Lightly edited. Since this series won’t be having many speaker indicators (or none at all), I will eventually be adding a Character Page that shows how each character talks. Like casual vs formal, etc.


Volume 1: New Game+

Chapter 4: Our First Grand Mission (Part 1)



What met Edgar’s eyes, was a nostalgic landscape.
This was the first town you visited after descending into Dragon’s Krone, The City of Crescendo.
Crescendo was located in the southern portion of the Dragon’s Krone world; a small port city built atop sandy hills.
The setting was that the Players washed up on the shores of this port city Crescendo and are foreigners to this land. After learning the basics Players would then leave this city, and then become employed as Dragon Hunters by some far off country.


「Sure brings back memories」


The moist air.
The wind carrying to scent of salt.
Numerous fishing boats casting off into the sea.
I haven’t been in this town for a long long time. But, even if I haven’t visited this place in ages, the people of this port city never change.


「Well then. Before I get all sentimental」


After taking in his surroundings, Edgar looked in the lower corner of his view to see a clock being displayed.
There was in-game time, and the real-world time.
I’ve still got a while before I have to meet up with Ninomiya-san and the others. Although it should be fine if I just sat here and waited for them, I guess it would be better to make some preparations first.


The Grand Mission, it was a quest that required a party and involved team combat.
Unlike when you are in the Field or in a Dungeon, Factions banded together and tried to defeat a common enemy. The goal was to take down the Boss Mob. Four parties would be participating at once and your reward changed based on your team’s performance. Depending on number of enemies you defeated and how much damage you did to the Boss Mob, your party’s rank at the end of the Mission will determine what reward you get.
The most essential parts of the Grand Mission was quickly defeating the smaller Mobs, and making your way to the Boss Mob.
In other words, the focal point of this strategy would be how quickly you can recover the damage you receive on the way, and how fast you can proceed forward.
Naturally, one would think that the job of healing should fall to a Cleric, but that actually had the opposite effect and instead leads to a time loss.
Taking into consideration the incantation time of healing magic and the time it takes to refill the「Stamina Gauge」 used to cast it in the first place, Clerics are better off focusing their efforts on weakening Mobs with debuffs and strengthening allies with buffs instead. Healing during battle, it’s best if you handle that yourself.
Therefore the most essential thing, was to have a sufficient amount of self-healing items.
It’s best if we stocked up on a lot of those recovery items.


「To The Home House」


In response to Edgar’s voice, a menu opened up, and he chose the Home House option.
In an instant his vision was shrouded in light. Edgar Fast Traveled to his Home House




「Welcome Home, Edgar-sama」


When Edgar arrived at the Home House by using Fast Travel, with her white limbs radiantly contrasting against her black Gothic Lolita outfit, the beautiful female elf, Sonya, was waiting for him.


「I’m back, Sonya」
「How unusual for you to log in with a sub-character」
「There’s some things I have to deal with you see」
「Oh my, that must be very difficult. If there is anything that I can assist you with then please feel free to inform me」


Seeing Sonya’s smiling face as she said that, Edgar also found his cheeks loosen into a small smile.
The fact that Sonya was in the Home House of the Sub-Character Edgar was by no mere accident.
As an NPC who supports the players, only 1 NPC was assigned to each individual player’s account.


「Sonya, this is honestly my first time using a sub-character. So, is it possible to take items from the other side’s item box and bring them here? Aran’s side that is」
「My apologies, that is not possible. In order for Aran-sama’s items to enter Edgar-sama’s item inventory, there is no other way besides first logging in as Aran-sama, and then sending the items to Edgar-sama through the mail」
「So that’s how it works」
「Yes. Due to the system’s limitations, this is the only way to do it」


That’s really annoying.
The other side’s item box has a ton of recovery items so I thought that I could just use those, but looks like I have to log into Aran’s side first.


「Edgar-sama, are you perhaps participating in the Grand Mission?」
「Well, that’s what I was planning」
「In that case, I suggest that you first finish setting your skills before you worry about items」
「……Oh yea, that’s right」


An essential part of Dragon’s Krone, were the「Skills」.
Skills were, they were abilities you could acquire by using up the 「Skill Points」 you gained from every level up. There were「Passive Skills」that boosted your body’s abilities, and also「Active Skills」that effected things other than yourself.


The total number of classes you could choose from in Dragon’s Krone were 9 classes. Even if two players shared the same class, they could develop their characters in different ways an have completely different specialties.
The thing that made this possible, was Skill Builds.
The player’s level cap was set at level 100, and although it was only possible to gain a maximum of 100 Skill Points, the number of skills available to each class easily surpassed 100.
In other words, it was impossible for a player to acquire every single skill of their class, and it was necessary for the player to choose which unique skills they wanted to place their points into.
For example, Edgar’s class of「Samurai」,  only including the active skills there was「Upper Stance」,「Middle Stance」,「Lower Stance」, and「Iai」. There were 4 skill trees to choose from.[1]
Each skill tree had it’s own unique specialties and techniques. Being able to customize your skills to fit your own playstyle, this was a fundamental part of one’s growth in Dragon’s Krone.


「For an experienced player such as Edgar-sama I feel that there is no need for an explanation, but I think that it would be best if Edgar-sama decides on what Skill Build he wishes to use」
「Well, I don’t plan on leveling up this character, so I’ll just decide it later」
「…… Eh, will that be the case?」


Sonya wrinkled her brow while seeming sad.
As if trying to say「How unfortunate」she shrugged her shoulders slightly.


「Since this was a sub-character, I thought that I might finally be able to accompany Edgar-sama…」


Edgar was overwhelmed with an unusual sense of guilt.
For a Support NPC, it was possible for them to go out into the Field with you as a Partner. And yet, up until now he had never taken Sonya with him.
This was because Aran was specialized in solo play.


「……Once everything is finished, I guess it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take Sonya hunting with this sub-chara 」
「Will we really?」
「I’m so glad」


Seeing Sonya with a wholehearted smile on her face, Edgar forgot for a moment that she was not a human. He forgot that she was a program.
Of course you could choose your support NPC’s gender, but aside from that you could also choose from a variety of customizations, even choosing if they would be human or animals. Players who customize their NPCs to be females, apparently there are a few players who seriously end up falling in love with them.
Support NPCs were always obedient, always standing by your side, always saving you and helping out in many ways. The players who fall in love with those NPCs, I understand their feelings painfully well.


「Well then-, I’ll be logging in to Aran for a bit」
「Understood. Please have a safe trip, Edgar-sama」


Looking over his shoulder and seeing Sonya gracefully bow, Edgar operated the menu and logged out, leaving his Home House behind.
According to the real world clock reflected in the corner of his view, the appointed time until he met with Suzu was steadily approaching.




The meeting place where Edgar was to join up with Suzu’s group was right in the center of Crescendo, right in front of the Hunter’s Guild.
The Hunter’s Guild, it was the place where Dragon Hunters could go and receive various quests. It was also possible to receive the Grand Mission quest there.
It was convenient that they could undertake the Grand Mission right away after they had gathered, but since the Hunter’s Guild was the largest building in all of Crescendo, this was overall the best meeting place.


「Heeey~ Edogawa~」


Hearing a voice call out to him, Edgar turned around.
Pushing his way past the other players gathered to participate in the Grand Mission, before him he found an avatar that was the splitting image of the real world Andou with a shaven head, his character name was 「Andou」. Likewise, exactly like the real world Yamabuki, was a long-hair avatar with the character name 「Yamabuki」.
And, looking behind the two, Edgar saw 2 more female avatars.


「I could totally tell it was you right away. Did ya wait long?」
「……No, not really」


Seeming somewhat non-apologetic, the long haired Yamabuki shrugged his shoulders, and Edgar softly muttered a reply.
Although the meeting time should’ve been 6pm, it was already 30 minutes past that appointment.
However, Edgar encountered a bit of difficulty trying to transfer recovery items for Aran’s item box, so he also ended up being about 10 minutes late.


「Oh~! Really thank ya, Edogawa!」


And, one of the 2 female avatars, a small elf with tanned skin pushed aside Andou and appeared in front of Edgar.
Her skin was exposed in many places, she wore leather short pants, and a short tanktop that exposed her navel.
This super energetic person, she is probably Ninomiya-san’s friend Sasaki Megumi, “Megu-san”. Setting up her avatar as a small elf with tan skin…… She really knows her stuff. [2]
Guessing from her appearance, her class must be a Thief.


「Ya know, I heard that Andou and Yamabuki totally forgot about our promise. I thought for sure that we couldn’t do the Grand Mission and my anger was up to the Max. HOWEVER! You really saved us~」


Putting an emphasis on the「However!」, Megu sent a glare at Andou and Yamabuki who were behind her.
I see.
So the reason why they were late, is because they were receiving Megu-san’s wrath.


「Really though, Thank You, Edogawa-kun…… Well, I guess in this world…… Should we call you Edgar-kun?」


With a glowing smile on her face, standing beside Sasaki Megumi was Suzu.
Her looks were the same as if she took a copy of her real world self. Wrapped in a pure white robe, her figure looked divine.
Her character name was「Suzu」.
Her Class was Cleric.
Choosing a class that supported her allies with healing, what a befitting class for Ninomiya-san.


「 “Edogar”, since your name’s Edogawa, it became Edgar?」
「That’s right」
「Not real creative huh~. That said, our names ain’t that much better」


Saying “We’re not ones to talk”, Andou and Yamabuki both laughed. [3]
The flashy one, Yamabuki, was wearing iron plated armor that covered his vulnerable points; his class was Knight. And wielding a giant axe with a baseball player-esque bald-cut was Andou who’s class was a Fighter.
This is again, I feel that these classes very much suited their personalities.


「Hmm~, Edogawa…… I mean, Edgar’s class is a Samurai huh~. You choose a pretty tough class to play huh. Ah, maybe, are you trying to imitate Aran?」
「No, that’s not the case at all」


The happy-looking Megu was in high spirits.
Instead of “imitating”, I’m the real deal though.


「……Hmm? But, you’re still only LV1? Didn’t you play before, Edgar? Dragon’s Krone that is」


‘Maybe I was mistaken?’ Megu looked over at Suzu.
At those words, Suzu and Andou, and Yamabuki’s gazes all turned and fixed themselves on Edgar. The situation turned into something like that.


「When we talked to you in the classroom it seemed like you played before, but…… If you’ve been playing since before, isn’t it weird to be LV1?」
「Ah, Edgar-kun, is that perhaps…… a sub-character?」
「Eeehh…… aaaa…… ummm」


Being barraged by questions in this virtual world, as if this was in the real world, Edgar stuttered to find words.
I didn’t consider the most basic parts. If I told them that I made a sub-chara to match their levels then they would probably accept that, but Andou and Yamabuki might pursue it further and say「We wanna see your main character」.
I must avoid that at all costs.
In order to protect my livelihood in this world.


「The truth is I used to play before and eventually retired. But my brother has been insisting that we play again lately, so that’s why I’m still LV 1」
「Aah, I get it. So Edgar is starting over huh」


Edgar was quite impressed with himself as he came up with an excuse on the spot.
Doesn’t this solve just about everything?
If they believe that I recently restarted playing, then it wouldn’t be strange if I had some previous knowledge. There isn’t even a need to look purposely unskilled. Even if it’s just to accompany them during the Grand Mission, it’s great that I don’t have to worry about making any missteps.


「Edgar-kun, If your brother invited you…… Does that mean you two are playing together?」
「Well, we haven’t been playing together much though」


Suzu asked that with a very curious expression on her face, but Edgar had expected as much.
“Unchain”, being the latest console that was a top-of-the-line technology, it was essentially like an expensive gaming PC; not something that a high-schooler could buy with just pocket change. Although it was not unusual for a household to have an Unchain console, for a family to have a device for each of it’s children, that was extremely rare.
I would like if you didn’t probe any further than that.


「If that’s true, then this is probably the best time for us to be doing the Grand Mission. Nice Timing~」
「Oh, I know Megu. After we clear the Grand Mission, we should all go and help Edgar-kun with leveling up」
「Yea, guess so~. He really helped us out this time after all…… I guess it’s fine if we gave him a helping hand」


As Suzu clapped her hands together with a *Pon*, Megu lightly shrugged her shoulders as if it couldn’t be helped.
But, having them help raise his level, for Edgar who had never experienced something that, he felt a strange emotion overcome him.
I don’t really plan on raising this character, so I don’t really need your help.
But still, why do I not feel bad about them offering to help me.


「…… My thanks」
「You, even in this world you still seem all gloomy huh…… Can’t you be more like『Thanks guys~!』 and just reply like that?」


Leave me alone.
‘What a poor guy’, to Andou who dropped his shoulders in sympathy, Edgar retorted in his heart.


「Hey~, for now shouldn’t we go and register for the Grand Mission? We don’t know how long it will take to complete it after all」
「Yup, we should. Uhyaaa~ I’m super excited!」


With Yamabuki’s words, Megu made a short hop into the air. She seems to be enjoying herself to the fullest.
Looking at them from behind, somewhere in his heart, Edgar felt that it was all a bit anticlimactic.
I was so worried about meeting my real world classmates here in Dragon’s Krone, but looks like I might have been anxious about it for nothing.
They are just like me; They simply like this game. To me, they just look like Players who came here to have fun.


「Let’s go, Edgar-kun」


Suzu called out to Edgar.
And as Edgar was still feeling somewhat let-down, he was pulled along by Suzu’s group, and they opened the door to the Hunter’s Guild.


TL Extra Note: Our little Ran is slowly growing up :,(




TL note: Upper, Middle, and Lower Stance are originally “Jōdan”, “Chūdan” and “Gendan”. They are kendo terms that refer to the stance you take when you hold out your sword. Essentially they are “over head”, “mid-level”, and “downward” stances. Iai is as I explained before, “the art of drawing out the sword”.


TL note: When Ran/Edgar says “she really knows her stuff” he meant it like… a dark Elf really suits his “fancy” (as shown by Sonya also being an Elf).

Also, “Megu” is Sasaki Megumi’s nickname.


TL note: To point things out, the two guy’s names are a simple conversion of their Kanji names into Katakana.

Andou: 安藤 → 「アンドウ」

Yamabuki: 山吹 → 「ヤマブキ」


Like he said in the previous chapter, Edgar’s name is in Katakana as 「エドガー」

Megumi/Megu-san uses her nickname of Megu:「メグ」

Suzu is the only one who keeps her name the exact same, Suzu: すず →「すず」





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  2. If this gets an anime, I can picture the first episode ending with this chapter, with the ending song’s intro beginning to play in the background as Edgar runs while being pulled by Suzu’s hands towards the guild’s door, then a vertical panning shot towards the sky and the ending footage starts.


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