Livestreamer’s New Game+ – Chapter 6

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Volume 1: New Game+

Chapter 6: Trouble A’brewing at the Mist Witch Lookout (Part 1)



As the rampart doors connecting to the inside of the lookout opened wide, almost as if some foreign substance suddenly was yanked out of their ears, the intense sound of battle assaulted Edgar and the other’s eardrums.
This Field where the Grand Mission was taking place, This Mist Witch Lookout, it was a simple Field designed almost like an Arena.
In the center of it all was a watchtower surrounded by a number of buildings. Aside from that there was no other places to take cover.
Also there, was a disgusting number of Orc figures, and clashing swords with them were the NPCs of the Recapture Squad.




As the NPCs behind them formed a surging wave and charged forth, plunging in head first along with the NPCs, were the cornerstones of their party’s formation. Of all things, it was the tanks Andou and Yamabuki.


「H-HOLD ON! Andou! Yamabuki!」
「You Three should hurry, Megu-san!」


The two dashed ahead without paying any attention to the rest of their party members. Megu called out trying to stop them, but, just like the figures of those two, her words simply melded together with the loud clamor and disappeared.


「You’ve got to be kidding me……」


Watching as Andou and Yamabuki disappeared into the wave of NPCs, Edgar just stood there looking astonished.
Now they’ve done it.
To think, both of our tanks to rushed on ahead and left us behind at the very start of the quest… This was beyond my expectations.


「What’s up with those guys! They’re total idiots, right!? I can’t believe this!! It’s like they didn’t under the strategy AT ALL!」
「It doesn’t look good huh, this situation……」


Even the normally calm Suzu was showing signs of panic.
Although this was an「Event」 related to the Grand Mission Festival, the penalty associated with dying was still in full effect. In other words, if you died then everything in your item inventory will be turned into drops.
Andou and Yamabuki will suffer the consequences for diving in recklessly, but Suzu-san and Megu-san who were left behind, I can’t let them die and meet the same fate.


「Megu-san, Suzu-san, let’s change up our strategy」


Among the NPCs that were all charging forth like an avalanche, Edgar held back the other two people who were left behind.


「Haa!? Why are you being so laid-back Edgar! We have to hurry up, and chase after those blockheads!」
「As things are now, splitting up and chasing after Andou and Yamabuki isn’t a good idea. Even if it’s only us three, we have to act in a composed manner」


The worst thing that could happen right now, is getting split apart by the wave of NPCs as they tried to chase after Andou and Yamabuki.
A troubling number of Orcs were causing mayhem as they swung their weapons around. Even if they tried to wait for the quest to end, they would probably be attacked by the orcs and wiped-out first.


「Megu, just calm down for now. Like Edgar-kun said, we have to keep our cool, okay?」


Grabbing onto her hand, Suzu tried to suppress Megu’s emotions.
Unlike traditional games that were like watching「unrealistic」fights on a TV screen, VRMMO combat let you take in the fear and excitement with all 5 of your senses, a「Realistic」experience.
The「Excitement」that consumed Andou and Yamabuki, and the「Anger」 that consumed Megu, These were not things being displayed on some status screen. Without even having to cast “abnormal status recovery” magic, Suzu’s touch was able to return Megu to a state of「composure」.


「Well then, Edgar-kun, you said we were changing our strategy?」


While pacifying Megu who was letting the words “I’ll make them pay after this” leak out of her mouth, Suzu asked a question.


「For now let’s give up on trying to attack the Boss『Orc King』who’s waiting at the center of the watchtower. Our highest priority, should be meeting up with Andou and Yamabuki first」
「In that case we have to hurry up and──」
「That would be dangerous, Megu-san. If you give in to your anger and dive in after them, then you could get surrounded by orcs and that will be the end of the line for you. As we chase after them, it is important that we confirm the safety of our surroundings. However, Megu-san is not wrong, it’s true that we can’t just sit here and waste time twiddling our thumbs」


Saying that, Edgar took out an item from his item inventory.


「……What’s this?」
「Just a Healing Herb」


This was something he had prepared in advance, Edgar had filled 2/3rds of his item inventory with recovery herbs.


「Healing Herb? Did you prepare this beforehand? Even though we have Suzu?」
「As long as we have lost our tanks, it is dangerous to be casting healing magic. In you happen to take any damage, then use these to heal yourself, Megu-san. As for Suzu-san, until we meet up with Andou and Yamabuki, I would like for you to focus on weakening and debuff magic」
「……Yeah, understood」
「Also, until we meet up with them it would be best if we avoided combat. We will do our best to focus on running away. We’ll fall behind the other parties in rankings, but that can’t be helped」


It would be best if we gave up on the Grand Mission reward huh.
Even so, to think that our goal changed from completing the Grand Mission to ‘making it to the end without dying’…
Aaah, Parties are really annoying.


「Speaking of which, ya know Edgar…… He’s surprisingly a really reliable guy huh」
「Yeah, it might be a bit rude to say, but I’m honestly surprised」


Looking amazed, Megu whispered to Suzu.
Although it was supposed to be a compliment, he somewhat felt that they were making fun of him at the same time. Edgar was at a loss at what expression he should make, so he scratched his nose embarrassingly.


「……W-Well then, let’s go」


Handing half of the Healing Herbs to Megu, Edgar readied his beginner samurai weapon「Uchigatana[1]」and pulled it out.




At the same time, Megu wielded two small daggers in both hands, and Suzu took up her staff.
Although they are now completely behind, from here on it will be “Quest Start”──
The start to Edgar’s Grand Mission troubles was only beginning.




Edgar was apprehensive about trying to survive until the end of the quest, but during the Grand Mission that is an event tailored to low-level players, he was their greatest ally.
The orcs gathered around the 4 entrances at the start, he dealt with them all by himself without any assistance from his party.




Megu swiftly maneuvered the daggers in her hands, and silenced the orcs with a sure-fire strike.
This would make it her 4th one. Suzu-san was not using her healing magic, and was focusing on weakening the enemies.
Looks like it will be smooth sailing up for now.
Based on my assumption, the orcs that we will have to work together as a party to defeat, they probably won’t show up until we get closer to the watchtower where Boss Mob is.


「Suzu-san, it is about time you should stopped using debuff magic. If the time comes, we might need you to preserve some stamina」


That “If” that Edgar was speaking of, was the「If」if they managed to meet up with Andou and Yamabuki who went on ahead.
Those two are carrying absolutely no Healing Herbs… I doubt that to be the case, but we have to move under the assumption that we could find them in a situation where they have almost no health left. If something like that were to happen, then before we even bother with Aggro Management, we have to prioritize healing them first.
If the tanks end up dying, then the possibility that Suzu-san and Megu-san will survive until to the end of the Grand Mission will be pretty much close to Zero.


「The next one is coming! Edgaarr!」


Without waiting for Suzu’s reply, in front of him was an Orc readying his humongous axe.
His target is me huh.
Edgar immediately pointed his blade at the Orc.
Grasping onto the hilt, He took a step forward.
The distance from the Orc was a few meters. The number of steps between them was about 4 steps. That distance was the same length of the orc’s axe.
Edgar kicked off the ground with his left foot
Maybe because his Status was low, his movements were a bit dull but it wasn’t a problem.
As if he was gliding across the floor, Edgar closed the distance in an instant and appeared before the Orc’s chest.
The First Skill in the【Lower Stance】Tree, the Samurai Skill:【Ground Rush】.


「I got this」


From the rear, Suzu’s voice could be heard.
And, at the same time there was the sound of the Orc swinging down his axe.
Swiftly dodging to the right, shifting to the side with perfect timing, Edgar held his katana with an overhead stance, and let loose the blade.
The moment the giant axe and the katana clashed, the screeching sound of metal rang out.
With a thud, the ground shook.
Stuck in the ground was the giant axe. He took no damage. And again he quickly let loose his katana.
Now defenseless, he slipped past the Orc’s side and aiming for it’s back, he sliced through.
With a flashy effect, blood spewed forth.


「Megu-san! The finishing blow!」


Megu had stopped for a moment as she was dumbfounded by Edgar’s movements, but she again stirred her hands.
Thiefs had low HP and lacked brute force, but their attacks were accurate and they were hard to catch. With skills that enhanced movement, Thiefs were a class with high agility stats.
Compared to the other classes, a Thief’s accuracy was much higher, so their duty was often to finish off Mobs.




Megu, similar to Edgar’s【Ground Rush】, she activated her own high-speed movement skill【Wind Walker】. She bridged the distance between her and the Orc within a second.
Crossing beside Edgar,  she landed firmly on the hilt of the giant axe that was wedged in the floor.
The Orc didn’t have a chance to react.
She leapt straight up into the air──
Twirling her body around, she flew towards the Orc’s backside.
At the same time a glittering effect shot out of her two daggers.
A Skill that unleashed 2 swift attacks:【2-Fold Blink Strike】.
Since she was equip with a dagger in each hand, the Orc was struck by a total of 4 slashes.




The Orc’s giant body began to sway, and it fell down to its knees.
Megu, who had landed behind the Orc, was in danger of being squashed, so in a panic she rushed over to Edgar’s side.


Fii~! Good Job Edgar!…… Wait, rather than a “Good Job” aren’t you like super amazing? How come you can move around like that?」
「No, well, it just happened to work out by accident」


Trying not to raise any suspicions, Edgar acted humble about it.
Even if they believe that I started over again, it’s still not good to stand out too much.
In order to not seem too conspicuous, it might be best if I purposely take some damage…… But taking damage from the orcs might end up a bit painful.
Wonder what I should do.


「……Megu! Edgar-kun!」


Then, the alarmed voice of Suzu reached both of their ears.


「Over there! Andou and Yamabuki!」
「Eh!? Seriously!? Where!?」


With some anger mixed in with her tone, Megu began searching around for the two.
No, rather than “anger”, it’s closer to “murderous intent”.
This is… I can’t afford to let Megu-san have her way with them huh. After we’ve gone through so much to desperately try and save them for the orcs, I can’t have her killing off Andou and Yamabuki like that.


「Over there! Where the Orcs are!」
「……Found them」


Faster than Megu could, Edgar spotted them first.
As for the location, they were about half way to one of the entrances to the watchtower.
Surrounded by a party of orcs, Edgar could see the figures of two players with long hair and a shaved head.


「Suzu-san, Prepare to use healing magic」


Immediately giving instructions to Suzu, Edgar began running towards them.


「Megu-san, Prioritize attacking the same target as me」
「Eeeh, by that, you mean, which one!? Wai- Hold up, Wait a second!」
「Megu, Hurry!」


Having not yet spotted Andou and Yamabuki, Megu chased after Edgar and Suzu who left before her. She sprinted after them.
Probably, when we cast healing magic on Andou and Yamabuki, the orcs will most likely change their target to Suzu-san. But that doesn’t matter.
I will dispose of all the orcs who try to chase after Suzu-san.
Keeping an eye out for the orcs in their surroundings, Edgar, Suzu, and Megu avoided their attacks as they pressed on forward, trying to reach Andou and Yamabuki who were being cornered by a party of orcs.


──However, awaiting them there was a situation that they would have never expected.






TL note: Uchigatana are shorter than the originally traditional Tachi sword. It is also worn blade side up with allowed for the creation of techniques such as battoujutsu and iaijutsu. See reference picture here (I will probably be referencing this picture again)





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