Isekai Canceller – Chapter 20

So I was going to say “The author Daidai-sensei hasn’t updated Canceller for 2 months” but then he started up again a few days ago.
There’s still 141 chapters of the 1st arc so there’s plenty left to go. Just my random thoughts.
Anyways, Enjoy the awaited Canceller chapter.

Edit: Wow, my first edit had so many errors and typos. It’s honestly quite embarrassing. I fixed what I could find but sorry for the errors. I blame the lack of sleep and the double release.


Side note: Since I already take a bunch of liberties to make things sound “English”, I figured I might as well start using English equivalents for sounds in this series.


Chapter 20: Let’s Buy Information


By using Step Cancel multiple times, Melissa and I arrived at a place close to the city’s western gate.
It didn’t even take more than five minutes to travel here.


「Using magic like this so many times without exhausting your magic power… Goshujin-sama is far too amazing――」(Melissa)


Melissa was honestly surprised by it. Though, in the end this skill doesn’t use magic power.
Well, be that as it may, the reason why I choose the western gate was because it was the closest to the slums.
After all, the gatekeepers that you would have to bribe back in the game were stationed at the western gate.


As such, I approached the western gate together with Melissa. Since it was a rare opportunity, I continued to hold onto her hand. Just a little bonus.


「Ey, show me yer IDs」


…… Yea, before us was a gatekeeper with immorality clearly showing on his face.
With his belly exposed, an expression like a rock, and puffy eyelids, he was a terrible guy with a gaze that made him seem like an idiot.
Geez, please don’t let anyone like this become a gatekeeper.


「Here’s my adventurer’s certificate. This girl is a slave named Melissa so there should be no problem with me bringing her along, right?」(Hitto)


Melissa had completely hidden herself in my shadow while slightly shaking. Since she was clenching my hand really tight, I guess she was pretty afraid.


「Hmph! Adventurer eh. *Tsk*, no money in dat huh. Well wat ever, get a move on」(gatekeeper)


It doesn’t cost money huh…… For adventurers, as long as you have a certificate then there is no need to check your luggage after all. So I guess the gatekeeper was depressed since he couldn’t embezzle money under the guise of “taxation” huh.
Seriously, he really gives off the vibe of dirty money…… But if that’s the case then.


「Say, before that I would like to hear a couple things from you, is that alright?」(Hitto)


「Hah? I don’ really wana, sounds troublesome. Hurry up and get going, I gotta take care of da next guy in line」(gatekeeper)


That was obviously a lie. After all, this guy’s appearance causes the jitters so there was no one behind me to begin with.


「Well, I wouldn’t do something so cold-hearted. I was planning on treating you to some “thanks”, so how about it?」(Hitto)


As I said that, a twisted smile peeked out as the man broadly grinned.
Seriously, this guy’s way too easy to understand.


「Ey, Ima take dis guy in for a bit of inspection. You[1], deal with things here by yourself for a bit」(gatekeeper)


And so I left the gate, and was taken to a place that was in the shade of the rampart walls.


「So? what did ya wanna know」(gatekeeper)


He pretty shamelessly folded his arms as if boasting. While impatiently tapping down his finger, he was displaying some really arrogant mannerisms.
However, well, it was within my expectations. If this man was “prepared” beforehand by the guys in the Thieves Guild, then naturally it would be better to have a man who acts all arrogant so that he is looked down on and overlooked.


「Yea, truth is――」(Hitto)
「Hold up, before that」(gatekeeper)


He cut me off with a low tone of voice. He sharply glared at me while trying to intimidate me.


「How much will the information be? Let’s start from there」(gatekeeper)


…… He’s really used to it huh.
Well then, this is a conversation that wasn’t in the game. As you can expect, even Melissa wouldn’t know the market value of buying information. Besides, she’s still trembling behind my back.


Still, since she was so tightly stuck to me, I was able to enjoy the sensation of her ever-so soft fruits but―― Well, now’s not the time for that.


「Will 5000 Gold be good enough?」(Hitto)


「That ain’t even near enough」(gatekeeper)


Hearing that, he turned around and tried to head back. Damn, it was too cheap huh.


「Then make it 10,000. How about that?」(Hitto)


The gatekeeper’s movements sharply came to a halt. And just like that, he began walking back and returned to where we were before.


「Well, if it’s dat much then I’ll atleast hear ya out」(gatekeeper)


Phew, it seems to be enough for now.
And so I handed over 10,000 Gold, and the man began listening to me summarize the situation so far.
And afterwards I saw him stroking his chin while going “Fumu” until he opened his big mouth.


「Dat covered wagon, I’ve seen it」(gatekeeper)


「Really!? Well, how long ago was it? Was it heading to the slums?」(Hitto)


「…… Fer only 10,000 Gold I ain’t saying more den dis ya know」(gatekeeper)


Tsk! Damn greedy bastard. Since there was no way around it I handed him another 10,000 Gold.
Honestly, I was actually getting information so I should be paying for it, but it seems that this man can just never have enough.
Although, if I had to pay after hearing the info then I could somehow manage something by using Cancel.
But if he’s going to give out information piece by piece then it will be tough either way huh.


Well nonetheless, in this situation I’m the one who’s in a disadvantageous position. I can’t do anything if he’s asking for pay in advance huh……


「Hehe, thank ya. Now let’s see, those guys passed through dis gate ’bout 30 minutes ago. It was a group of three guys and… well, I’m pretty sure they were heading to the slums」(gatekeeper)


「I see. So they really were heading to the Thieves Guild, am I right?」(Hitto)




「――I already paid 10,000 you know」(Hitto)
「Unfortunately dat info is pretty expensive ta give out」(gatekeeper)
「I get it, stop dancing around it already. How much do you want?」(Hitto)
「Well, let’s see… if I could have another 30,000 Gold then…」(gatekeeper)


30,000 huh…… It’s annoying but I obediently paid up.


「Here, 30,000. So, how was it?」(Hitto)


「Ah, dat bunch definitely wasn’t going to da Thieves Guild」(gatekeeper)


They didn’t go? I raised my brow in confusing as I continued questioning.


「What do you mean they didn’t go there? You can’t be saying that they plan on using the wagon for themselves right?」(Hitto)


「Nah~ not like dat. I heard that bunch mumbling it, but they said that the commission percentages for ‘that guy’ were good. Ya see, the Thieves Guild’s prices are real cheap. ‘Cuz of dat, stolen goods usually go for only half da market price. So das why they say that it’s better to have a Broker traffic goods for you and act as a middleman between the Thieves Guild. Dere’s a rumor going round dat says that if you use that Broker then you can at 70% of the market price」(gatekeeper)


I see. The 20% difference is a pretty nice deal after all. Also it would definitely be better to have someone buy it at a higher price, but.……


「This is a pretty simple question but, is it really okay if that ‘Broker’ or whatever does something like that?  Normally, if the Guild heard about this sort of thing then wouldn’t he be given some sort of ‘punishment’ or something?」(Hitto)


In any case, they would be forcefully making transactions on their own in spite of the Thieves Guild. You could say that it’s the same as asking for a death wish.


「In the end dis is only some gossip, but the Broker and the Guild, It seems like dere’s a guy who’s an old friend of theirs that can somewhat speak for both of them. And it looks like the Broker gives a portion of the profits over to dat guy」(gatekeeper)


…… I see. Putting it differently, if you can entice a guy who has power alongside the Guild then you can conduct as much underhanded and reckless businesses as you want, huh.
As you would expect, the people at the Guild, if there was a way to somehow get your hands on the Guild’s profits and use them to fatten your own personal wallets then they would be on the lookout for things like that.


「Also dat Broker won’t do business in any transaction that’s too cheap ya see. But if it’s a wagon like dat then it would be plenty valuable enough to deal with」(gatekeeper)


「I see…… I pretty much get it. Well then, do you know where them thieving bastards are going to conduct the transaction?」(Hitto)




「*Sigh* Fine, here’s another 10,000」(Hitto)
「Hehehe, thanks for your patronage!」(gatekeeper)


Hmm? For some reason, once he took the gold coin from me he suddenly started making a grinning smile that was different from before……


「Those guys always change the transaction location so I ain’t really sure where they’re gonna do it. But ya see, head past the gate and go towards the southern part of the slums. Once ya get there, look for a place with a red bearded hobo sleeping there. After that, head down the side of the back alley until you see a beaten up sign that says 【Mysterious Drunkards】 and head inside. It’s a bar that deals with thieves, but look for a guy sitting by the wall with a Kiseru[2] in his mouth and a plate for a head that looks like a Kappa[3]. Tell that guy “Hello, nice weather today huh”, and then he’ll answer answer “Don’t be stupid, it’s gonna rain the rest of the day”. If he says that the you’ll know for sure that it’s the right person your talking to. after that ask him if he’s heard of a guy named Daimon and he should know you came from me. By the way, Daimon would be my name」(Daimon)


He suddenly started talking nonstop so I was slightly taken aback.
But as expected of Melissa, even though she was so scared, as soon as she heard him start talking she brought out a notepad and began writing it down.
Amazing, isn’t it.


「After that, ask that plated Kappa head “Where can we get tonight’s dinner?” and once he hears that he’ll tell you where the transaction is taking place. There’s a system to know where they’ll hold the transaction you see. If you hurry then I’d bet you’ll be able to make the afternoon transaction. If you take when that bunch left the gate into account, with that timing then you’d be able to meet the seller. Ah, also you’ll have to hand that Kappa a fee of 10,000 for the info」(Daimon)


「Ah, understood」(Hitto)


Umu. Nah, but still, you sure are a decisive one huh. I like that! I said it just now but I’m Daimon, You are?」(Daimon)


…… Wait, my name should’ve been written in the description of my adventurer’s certificate. Still, I don’t really want to see this guy that often…… But even so.


「My name is Hitto. Thanks for the information」(Hitto)


「Naah, it’s no problem at all. Well, as you can see I’m an expert when it comes to underground info. If ya want to know something then come ask me again」(Daimon)


「Uh, yea. I got it……」(Hitto)


This change in attitude is amazing huh. He was so discontent before but now he’s all smiles. Well, that smile honestly had a bad sensation oozing from it though.
Or rather, seeing him like this I’m not sure what to say or do about it.


「Still, all things considered, you really have a good master huh. You’re such a beauty that I bet this guy listens to your every desire. Be sure to woo him if you want some support, ya hear」(Daimon)


「Eh? ah, yes……」(Melissa)


Melissa sure looks perplexed huh. Well of course she is. Out of nowhere he said that to her with a creepy smile on his face.


…… But in reality if Melissa did try begging me like that then I would probably give in right away.


Well, I got the information I wanted nonetheless. I parted with Daimon and signaled to Melissa that we were going to leave the gate.
But still, that Daimon… Of course he wasn’t a great guy, but he might be useful for various things.
I guess I should remember his name and face huh――



TL note: That’s a lot of money you spent there, Hitto… RIP 60,000 + 10,000 Gold later. Though he did “earn” 150,000 from the Nankou Grass request, that’s still a lot.



TL Note: Don’t remember when, but it was mentioned that 2 guards are stationed at a gate. So the “you” would be the scummy guard talking to the other one.


TL note: A Kiseru is a japanese pipe. You know, the typical ones you see people use. Like the one Frolaytia uses in Heavy Object. Wiki link here.


TL note: A Kappa is a Japanese turtle/river yokai. They look like this or for you ecchi’s out there they also look like this (lewd warning?). Wiki link here.

Edit: It amuses me that twice the number of people clicked the “ecchi” link and not the normal one first.


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    • Yea. Though Hitto did say that if he heard the information first and -then- had to pay then he could’ve used Cancel after hearing what he wanted. But since he had to pay first and then hear the info, there wasn’t much to do.


      • well look at it this way. even though it costed his quite a bit of money he is now on that guy’s ‘good side’ if Hitto had done his usual cancel on to get his money back that also means he reset his relationship with Daimon. but now that he is on Daimon’s good side Hitto now has a connection to the more… darker information he can use in the future


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  3. 70k? hmm. I bet that’s a small amount for him. Btw, did he not have any money from when he played the game? Considering all of his gears… He should have a fortune.. Maybe the money didn’t ‘transfer’ to this world? Welp, that’s author’s business. Still, I’m curious.

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  4. The way Hitto does things feels so counter productive .-. spending 60k to get a 50k ish wagon (when he doesn’t even know if the horses are safe) back when he still needs 1.5 million to buy Melissa.


    • 50k is the money he would earn for selling it. Buying a new wagon is assumed to cost 150k, excluding new horses. Also there’s the whole “revenge for stealing my stuff” thing


  5. He betta not keep spendin half o his profits wit zat dare deadline, oa he wone have da requiad dough to buy da big breasted goil.

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