Isekai Canceller – Chapter 21

It’s been a while but I’m finally done, here’s another Canceller chapter. Been busy cramming and I’ve still got a bit of more left this week but there should be another chapter later (unless family gets in the way).
Chapter is lightly edited… This has become a regular thing though. Hopefully it isn’t as terrible as the last Canceler chapter’s 1st edit. Sorry if the quality drops a bit, but I’d rather post the chapters since it usually takes me several readthroughs to catch most the errors.
Also, Maybe I’ll squeeze in a Kenja chapter.
Anyways, Enjoy.


Side note: Not much to say except “almost to chapter 25 33″.


Chapter 21: The Three People at the Transaction Site


Truth be told, I would have rather not brought Melissa along to the slum district.
But there was no inn for her to stay at, and I can’t just leave her in the city by herself.
It would be problematic if she got involved with another strange bunch after all. Above all, I should not forget about the fact that Melissa was still not my official slave yet.


So, as expected, I have to do my best to protect her here.
Honestly, with the way Melissa is dressed right now, bringing her into the slums like this was like throwing her into a pack of carnivores while wearing a dress of raw meat. But, well, nothing we could do about that.


「Yo, nii-chan. Nice slave ya got-」


「Ey you, leave that slave here fer-」


「We’re famous around here for our sharp knives ya know」
「If ya don’t wanna end up as rust on these knives then leave your money and that slave here wit us~」
「It’s bad ya know~ It’s bad ya know~ Disobeying is bad ya know~」


「Cancel! Cancel! Cancel!」


Phew. Well, I continued to Cancel every one of these generic-like events.
Cancel sure is useful when you’re in a hurry.


Ano Goshujin-sama, I really am sorry……」(Melissa)


「Like I’ve been saying Melissa, you don’t have go apologizing for every single little thing. Besides, the one who made you wear such an erotic outfit was me」(Hitto)


Melissa’s face was once again dyed the same color as a freshly plucked strawberry.
She must’ve once again become aware of that thing called “Eroticism”.
But it’s because Melissa’s body is seriously erotic you know.
On top of that, despite that lewd body, her face has a bit of Loli in it. Thinking about it again, she was already on a dangerous level, to the point where you could call it “criminal”.


In all honesty, I almost lost my composure and started snickering, but I managed to hold in my laughter for now. We went in search of the bum that Daimon informed us about but―― It was relatively easy to spot him.


On a woven mat, no it was more like a straw mat. Anyways, on a straw mat that wasn’t in too great of a condition, just as Daimon said, there was a bum with a red beard.
Sure enough, behind the red bearded bum was a building and beside that ran an alleyway.


We headed down that alley but, the constant stares aimed at us were annoying.
From that alleyway were, eyes that had a relentless glitter to them or eyes that were lifeless and pale, I’m not sure which one it was.
Although it’s not much better than what men do, but there were women in broad daylight trying to seduce men with their coquettish voices.
They also had slave collars that acted as subjugation devices stuck to them.
Mostly likely they were ordered to bring “customers” to this place.


In such a dangerous place like this I don’t think they would be able to bring much business but, well, I’m sure that they are getting “support” from somewhere or other.


Well, I doubt any of them would come call out to me though.
After all, Melissa is with me and she’s on a completely different level when compared to the prostitutes there.


It’s just, well, since she’s on such an outstanding level there are many guys trying to get in with her. While making plenty use of Cancel as we passed through the alley, we were finally able to reach our destination, the bar “Mysterious Drunkards”.


It wasn’t just the signboard, but the whole building was like a busted up wooden shack. But anyways, we decided to head inside.
The door was poorly fitted. While struggling to open it up, we managed to set foot inside the store but, since this store didn’t have any windows that let in much light, for now it was dim and hard to see.


Well, this is the slums where there are plenty of underground jobs. In order to make it so that you couldn’t get a good glimpse at other people’s faces, there’s a pretty high chance that it was designed to not let in the sunlight.


On the left-hand side of the store’s interior was a counter with three seats. Aside from that there were 5 wooden tables that would seat at most four people, they were set up from left to right in an alternating fashion .
It was deep in the back on the right hand side. Sitting alone by the wall was a customer smoking a Kiseru pipe.
Just like his name of “plate head” implies, in the center of his untidy hair was a bald spot in the shape of a plate.


I approached the man, but he didn’t comment on me at all and continued to drink his sake.
It was sake with a really strong smell. The smell was completely unlike any sake that I have ever smelled before in my previous world, if I had to compare it to something then I would say that it gave off a stench similar to cheese.


While thinking that I would never want to drink that,
「Hello, nice weather today huh」(Hitto)
I used the “password” I was taught earlier.


After that he turned is googly sanpaku eyes[1] towards me.


「Don’t be stupid, it’s gonna rain the rest of the day」
He answered exactly like Daimon said he would.


「I see. By the way, do you know a guy called Daimon?」(Hitto)


After hearing my words the man acknowledged that he knew Daimon. And once all the validations were over it was finally time for me to ask the last question.


「I see, by the way, where can we get tonight’s dinner?」(Hitto)


As I said that I secretly handed him a 10,000 Gold coin.
The man took the gold coin, and he told me where the transaction was going to take place.


Apparently, after going out of the opposite end of this alleyway we should head in the opposite direction of the Thieves Guild. It seems like today’s transaction location is going to be at a building with a star mark hanging on it.


It was about 15 minutes before the transaction would take place. We really have to hurry up huh.






Well, the result was that we found my covered wagon pretty much right away.
The reason being was that once we arrived near transaction location that the Kappa told us about, we saw three men pulling the wagon.
Wait, aren’t those three the same guys that got involved with Melissa earlier? That trio really is a bunch of good-for-nothing guys huh.
…… Leaving that aside, they stick out like a sore thumb. Since they couldn’t bring the wagon inside of the building itself, naturally they would be on standby outside of the place.


Incidentally, no one else was so blatantly standing in wait in front of the transaction location.
Of course there was no one. Who would want to attract attention during an underhanded deal.


「……Hey, what’s up with the wagon crew, are they newbies?」
「Do they even understand how this deal works?」
「Hey, someone go and tell em」
「Nah, they’re idiots right? It’s a waste of effort trying to explain it to an idiot……」


Yea, I have pretty good ears after all. I was able to listen in on hushed conversations like that.
Well, I pretty much already knew they were not too bright from the moment I met them though.
Well whatever. Or rather, in a situation like this it would probably be faster to bring them to a different place and finish them off.


「Here we go, Melissa」(Hitto)


While shielding Melissa behind my back, I came close to the stolen wagon and the three idiots waiting for the deal.


「Hey, you guys」(Hitto)


「Huh? what’s up with you…… wait, haven’t I seen your face before?」
「Ah!? That’s the guy who was at the Guild yesterday!」
「Why if it ain’t that cocky rookie from before!」


It looks like they more or less remember about me. Since I Canceled it they didn’t mention the incident with Melissa, but it seems like they still have some lingering resentment from when they first saw me at the Guild.
It isn’t like Cancel erases all of your memories after all.


「Still, ya bastard, for a rookie like you to end up here huh. Do ya even know what this place is?」


「More or less. Or rather, instead of coming here on our own we chased you instead」(Hitto)


The trio’s eyebrows all spiked up. Looks like my presumption was correct.


「You chased us you say? Why is that?」


「Since that wagon is mine after all」(Hitto)


Hearing that, the three men exchanged glances.


「T-this wagon is yours you say? Y-you got no way to prove it!」


「I already registered as it’s owner. If you had it verified then you would find out right away. Shall we all go to the Merchant Guild?」(Hitto)


The bunch groaned “Gakku[2]” in quiet voices. Now then, let’s see if they obediently give in or not.


「Sh-shaddup! This wagon is something We found! That’s why it already belongs to us!」
「If you want us to hand it over then give us the money for it!」
「While you’re at it, give us that slave too!」


…… As expected, trying to reason with them was pointless. Wait, why do I have to pay you for something that was stolen from me?


「I don’t feel like paying you. Also, if you absolutely won’t return the wagon then…… Are you fine with me being a bit “forceful” too?」(Hitto)


After I said that their faces warped into a grin.


「Ye sure gots some guts huh. Going against us like that. Right, First?」
「You sure said it, Second. This guy doesn’t value his life」
「Hey, Third~ get a load of this guy. Is he trying to bluff us or something? His legs are shaking」


They are not shaking at all though. Wait, these guys’ names are First, Second, and Third!?
What kind of Position are you trying to keep!?
……Well whatever.


「In that case, let’s take this somewhere else」(Hitto)


I jerked my chin as I told them. But those guys just made disgruntled expressions.


「Hah? Ain’t it fine of we did it here」
「Well then ya bastard! You just trying to bother my buddies!?」[3]
「First off, why the hell do we have to listen to what you say anyways!」


……These guys can’t be serious, right?


「You guys, did you forget why you came here for? Just try and see what happens if you start a fight right in front of the transaction spot. Far from being able to sell the wagon, you might end up with someone aiming to take your life you know. Is that alright with you?」


Perhaps they finally understood after I said that, the three exchanged looks while slightly in a panic.


「H-hmph! Fine, we’ll play along. But! I, First, will be deciding on the location!」


Tsk, what a troublesome bunch. Well fine.


Melissa and I stepped back from the wagon and followed the three from behind――





「Now then, if it’s here then we can go at it to our hearts content」


The place where the bunch took us was an open and empty space within the slums. The width of the alleyway widened out, and there was pretty much nothing to obstruct your view.
Although, the outer edges of the space were still partially surrounded by buildings.
I guess you could say that it sort of felt like a plaza within the slums.
Well, it was still a desolate place without a fountain or anything though.
That’s probably why they figured that this would make a good place for a fight.


By the way, there was absolutely no one else around. At least, that’s how it should have been, but there were quite of number of curious looks spectating us from the side.
Well, it doesn’t seem like they are planning to get closer. Perhaps they noticed the atmosphere between us but, unbeknownst to us, their gazes retreated and could only be sensed from the depths of the shadows. They also started placing bets on which one of us would win.


Well, this is the Slums after all. To be honest, this kind of thing probably happens all the time. Seems like the residents of this area have learned to make a meal out of anything, no matter what it is.


And so, I once again began observing my opponents to gain more details on them.
The one named Second had his belly sticking out, based on earlier it seems like he’s most likely the leader of the pack.
His height was about the same as mine but I feel that his middle portion was much bigger.


On his body were sheets of armor that looked stuck together, as for the raw materials, well, I assume it was made of iron. I guess you could say the quality wasn’t all that great? It was like the types of armor you would call Lamellar Armor, the type of armor where the iron sheets are joined together with things like string.[4]


It was shaped in an apron like fashion so that it would only protect the torso. From his shoulders to his arms, I’m not sure if it’s to show off his muscles or something, but they were uncovered with exposed flesh.


From his waist down were obviously trousers, but equip to his knees were iron kneecaps.
Because of that he really looks like an underling huh.


In his hand he was holding an axe. It was the double-edged type with a wooden body. It would probably be called a type of battle axe, but I don’t think it’s very deserving of such a title. Extra Note


The 2nd person was a man by the name of Third who was wearing a scaly like armor. In comparison he was a tall man with long brown hair. A thin and narrow physique.
His armor was something called Scale Armor. With leather as a foundation, it was armor that had iron scrap sown together with string.[5]


It was made in a similar fashion to lamellar armor, but compared to lamellar armor which is made entirely with iron plates, the leather foundation and the smaller scales made it easier to move in. At least that’s what how the game’s guide explained it.


In the game, lamellar armor had much higher defensive ability, but the number of jobs that used scale armor were many.
Since this man is wearing a quiver on his back and carries a bow in his hand, it’s very likely that he has the job of Archer.


After all, even though it was impossible for archers to use lamellar armor, it was still possible for them to use scale armor back in the game.
The weapon in his hand was a Long Bow…… No, must be a High Long Bow huh.
Compared to a regular long bow, high long bows were the type that possesses more destructive power and the bowstring was also reinforced.


Personally I think this archer is going to be the most troublesome opponent to deal with.
Even if I Cancelled them, it will be difficult deal with constant long distance attacks.


The last of them was a short black haired man by the name of First. It looks like he some of his hair tied up in a knot behind his head.
Among their discontent looks, this man looked the most pissed off. His face revealed some particularly evil intentions.
His equipment were easy to move in leather armor and leather boots.
He had thin gloves on his hands, and in both of them were daggers. Specifically they were weapons called Rondel Daggers. Spanning a length of 30 cm, they were both daggers that had handguards in the shape of round disks, and he was holding them both in a ready stance.[6]


Duel wielding knives and daggers during combat was the style used by the Thief class.
Since he was wearing easy to move in leather armor that wouldn’t make a sound, leather boots that wouldn’t impede movement, and gloves that allowed him to perform precise tasks without much hindrance, it shouldn’t be wrong to assume that his job was a Thief.
You could almost tell just by his atmosphere. It seems like he’s stolen a lot of things before, not just the wagon.


Fumu, even without a Magic class their team balance isn’t that bad huh. Especially for the archer- While he’s pinning down the opponent from long range, the thief can look for a surprise attack.
And once the archer and thief have chiseled away at them, the fighter can go in for the finishing blow. It was also possible for the fighter to act as a wall and buy enough time for the archer to take aim, and the thief could circle around in that time and attack from behind.


Well, in terms of combat ability, I am clearly on a higher level than them.
I don’t plan on underestimating them, even if they looks like opponents that will definitely lose but――


「Go-Goshijin-sama! Please allow me to provide you with Support!」(Melissa)


Wait, what?



Extra TL note: So much descriptions…


TL Note: Sanpaku is a condition of the eyes where the whites are excessively showing. It’s commonly related to being a drunkard. Wiki link here:


TL note: Gakku is a sound effect with a similar connotation to “damn it/we’ve been caught”. It’s like the sound of “gulping”.


I actually don’t know what this line is suppose to mean. Especially the second half where the guy says [いやがる]. Not sure if this is suppose to be “dislike” or something else like “you have buddies hiding somewhere else” due to the unclothe speech, doesn’t help that the author has a tendency to “misspell” things.
Original is as follows if anyone wants to give me some input:「さてはテメェ! 他に仲間がいやがるな!」


TL note: Like the sentence described, Lamellar Armor is plates of metal tied together. Wiki link here:


TL note: Like the sentence describes, Scale Armor is scales of metal tied together. Wiki link here:


TL note: A Rondel dagger is as it sounds, a dagger with a rounded crossguard. I wrote “handguard” in the translation as it’s easier to understand than crossguard, or whatever the crossguard equivilent is for a dagger. Wiki link here:

Extra note

TL note: In the next chapter, this axe will be changed into a mace. In chapter 147, The author decides to change the weapon to better fit the skill this guy uses. Looks like he forgot to change this part/chapter as well so I’ll just leave it as is (mostly because I’m not sure what to change it to).
Also I find it funny that I randomly read chapter 147 before when it mentions this change.


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