Half-Dragon Slave Life- Chapter 3

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Also I’ve been translating some of the sound effects since I’m too lazy to add footnotes for them. This series has a lot of them so there will still be some extra notes but yea.



Chapter 3: Inspection



After we had gathered my equipment, upon returning to the inn it seems like we are going to do an inspection of my Gifts.


「So that’s how it’s gonna be, Eir. First off, let’s investigate the gift “Other Dimension Storage”」(Rimuru)
「I’ll be frank, how much can you shove inside?」
「Specifically, things like their size, or weight, or volume…… I want to know the limitations on objects you can put in that other dimension」


Having been asked that, I tilted my head.
No, it’s not like I didn’t understand the question, it’s because I myself do not know the limits.


「Long ago, I did a test to see the limit but… In the end, couldn’t find out. Even after throwing in 50 trees used for construction that were over 20m each, there was plenty of room left it seems」(Eir)
「…… That much huh」(Rimuru)
「As for the others, meat from a magic beast that weighs several dozen tons, and I tried putting in the water from a small spring until it dried up, but they all fit without any problems」
「There’s no problem with that!?」


Now that I remember about it, since I can carry as much『Reinforcement Supplies』 as I want while being just one person, I might be a valuable asset to something like the army.
I guess that’s why Father said『Keep it a secret at all costs』.


「How about conditions for placing things in, or places where you can take them out. What about those?」(Rimuru)
「Putting things in is restricted to materials that I am touching with my hand. Also, it is possible to place connected things inside at the same time」(Eir)
「Umm, For instance, when you place a 『Doll』 inside, the『Doll’s Clothes』 would go in with it, sorta like that?」(Eir)
「Oh, its like accessories are bundled together with it huh…… For those accessories, how far do they extend?」(Rimuru)
「How far?」(Eir)


Master was, his finger snapped into an upright position as he began explaining. He somewhat looks like a schoolhouse teacher.


「Things like clothes and shoes are touching the『Target』 so they are treated as attached to it. If the doll was left on the ground then it would also be touching that but, can you take in the ground too?」(Rimuru)
「That cannot be taken in. Most likely, does my perception have an influence on it?」(Eir)
「It’s important that the individual recognizes the consecutive categorization of the things, is that what you mean to say?」(Rimuru)
「I’m not sure myself」(Eir)


Specifically, the meaning behind Master’s explanation… I don’t understand it at all.
Completely ignoring me, Master was nodding his head with a *yup-yup* and started writing the details in a notebook.
If it’s like this, does he look like a child doing his homework? Well, he was still a child though.


「Next let’s talk about the Gift “Acrobatics”, but you said this was something you definitely didn’t have before, right?」(Rimuru)
「Right now, are you able to feel the effects of the Gift?」(Rimuru)
「Since my limbs became like like this my balance when moving had become bad. And yet, seeing that it’s impossible for me to fall over… Part of the effect?」(Eir)
「I see, that certainly is a possibility. Even though Eir has such an awkward way of walking, you didn’t fall over at all today huh」(Rimuru)


On the contrary, I was able to make complicated maneuvers when I was fighting those hoodlums. Somehow they were entirely smooth movements much different from before.
I’ve heard that it is unexpectedly difficult to get your body to move like your mind wants it to, but it felt exactly just like that. It was like I had completely control over my own body.
In contrast, when it comes to controlling unconscious behaviors… Basically, I think that’s why things like walking end up being awkward.
That also might’ve been the case when I brushed off that ruffian’s hand. Though I wasn’t really into it at the time.


Fumu Fumu. So if those limbs had a proper sense of balance, then you’d definitely not lose to someone like a soldier, right?」(Rimuru)
「Never tried it before so not sure. Rather, going against a first rate soldier, I wouldn’t want to do that you know?」(Eir)
「I never said anything about challenging a first rate opponent. Next would be “Magic Power Bestowal” but……」(Rimuru)


In regards to that, I have no clue at all.
In the first place, I lived a life with absolutely no contact with magic, so there’s no way I’d know.


「First off, Do I even have magic powers?」(Eir)
「Everyone has magic power in them. Although, the problem comes from whether or not you can control and utilize it」
「Nope, can’t do that」


I puffed out my chest with a *Hehe* as I said it.


「You’re sure proud of it huh. Well, Magic isn’t something you can learn just through studying anyways. At any rate, since you have the Gift, you should have some talent what it comes to those things」(Rimuru)
「Does Rimuru-sama know about his “Limited Identification”?」(Eir)
「My “Limited Identification” is, all it let’s me do is see through my opponents Gifts. It’s not something that let’s me see their physical abilities or name or any status like that」
「Pretty useless huh」


Of course that was a joke.
Gifts are the “trump cards” in this world. Pretending to be powerless, and then using the Gifts you possess to turn the tables, you often hear stories of that.
Being able to defend against that, you could say that it has merit in itself.


「Well, with just “Other Dimension Storage” and “Acrobatics” you’re plenty outrageous already. Eir, wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t go out alone from now on?」(Rimuru)
「I’ve already had enough of slave traders」(Eir)
「It might not end with just that you see. With that arm of yours you’ll be able to carry a bunch of materials. And I’m not sure what would happen if others learned about “Other Dimension Storage”. Cutting off your legs…… There might be people who have ideas like that」(Rimuru)


Tens of wagon’s worth…… In the worst cases I could be made to carry the materials of several hundreds worth. There might even be some noble or military person who would think that cutting off my legs could serve as a “light” punishment.
Because if they did that I wouldn’t be able to do something like『Run away to some shelter』.


「When I go outside I’ll be sure to go with the almighty Rimuru-sama」(Eir)
「It would be best if you did that. After all, if you lose any limbs, then I can fix them for you」(Rimuru)
「That is… Isn’t that type of【Healing】an upper class magic?」(Eir)


Since I lived in a community that focused on lumbering, I’ve seen people get injured to the point of losing limbs before.
According to those people『If you used the upper class healing magic called【Recovery】 then you would be able to restore it, but that would cost an expensive amount of money. It’s pretty much impossible』 is what they told me.
Someone who can use high level magic like that, he wants to enroll in Raum’s academy? Is there really a need for that?


「I still can’t use long distance healing you see. Well, I’ve got plenty of other reasons too. Anyways let’s leave that conversation aside for today. Tomorrow let’s gather some necessities for the journey」(Rimuru)
「Food, water, fuel, and various other things. Since I have Eir with me, we can buy a bunch of things without any problems, right? Shopping will be fun」
「Treating people like things…… wait, wasn’t I already a “thing[1]“?」
Muu, I don’t plan on treating Eir like a property. My words early weren’t very considerate. Sorry.」
「No, it’s completely fine. I’m indebted to Rimuru-sama after all」


After all, before anyone else could, I was fortunate enough to meet such a kind Master…… Wanting more than this would be extravagant.


「By the way, will we be sleeping together tonight as well?」(Eir)
「…… Damn it, I forgot about that!」(Rimuru)


But still, looks like he’s a little strange in a couple of ways.




The following day, Master went off and bought a large amount of meat and vegetables, in addition to grains, water sacks that that could be used as containers and also extra clothes, and other things like oil.
Such an impressive amount like this, It was plenty enough goods that you could probably open up a store with.


「Rimuru-sama, you buy too much」(Eir)
「Well, since we could use it to experiment on Eir’s “Other Dimension Storage”, I figured we should buy a lot」(Rimuru)
「You have a lot of money huh」
「My family is pretty renowned you see. For a time we were well known for being magic healers. Of course, that comes with the appropriate amount of assets」
「――Damn rich kid」
「Have you no mercy!?」


Of course, I didn’t mean that seriously[2]. How should I put it, teasing him was pretty effective so, couldn’t help myself……
Now that you mention it, didn’t he say that his surname was Branché-san back when he was introducing himself? If I remember correctly I think that was an distinguished family of healers.
I meant it as a joke, so I wasn’t being serious when I said it, but perhaps he really is a genuine Obou-chama[3].


「Anyways-! Let’s test out if we can fit all of this into “Other Dimension Storage”. If we can do that then let’s leave from this city」(Rimuru)
「Already departing? What about preparing emotionally[4]……」(Eir)
「No, we’ll be leaving the city but we won’t be departing on our journey. We’ll take a detour and head to the East, in the opposite direction of Raum. About one day’s distance away there is a town by the name of Focalor[5]. Since that’s where my home is, we’re going to go retrieve some items that I didn’t get to take with me」
Nn, understood」


For me who was able to transport a large amount of lumber, there’s still plenty of room even with this many goods.
*Poi Poi[6]* while throwing things into “Other Dimension Storage”, we checked out of the inn before noon. From there we left Sokaris.


「Do you know about the city of Focalor?」(Rimuru)


After passing through the city gates, Master asked me a question in regards to our destination.
Since there’s no way a countryside gal like me would know about it, I answered honestly.


「No idea」(Eir)
「It’s more or less my hometown so, it’s a satellite town of Sokaris and it’s pretty famous so――」(Rimuru)
「I have absolutely no idea」(Eir)
「…… Well, Sokaris isn’t that famous of a city to begin with. Yea, that must be why」(Rimuru)


“The World Tree’s Labyrinth City”, “The Adventurer’s City”…… There were many popular names for Sokaris, those names have spread all across the continent.
For that reason the neighboring small cities were, it could be said that that is the reason why their names aren’t well known.


「Even though I don’t know of it, there’s no problem」(Eir)
「No, I’m not really bothered by that you know」(Rimuru)
「I’m not saying that Rimuru-sama’s hometown is a backwoods city or anything like that」(Eir)
「You… Truth is that you’re trying to rub it in, aren’t you?」(Rimuru)


It’s Master’s fault for being so vulnerable to teasing you know?


「Whatever. In reality, aside from the fields, a few stores, and places to live, my home is a pretty normal town」 (Rimuru)
「Sounds like a nice place, doesn’t it」(Eir)


After all, there is nothing better than being “normal”.
(TL: Awww, Eir… T_T)


「Since it’s a place like that, being back a slave would bring a lot of attention. But I wish to use Eir’s “Other Dimension Storage”」(Rimuru)
「In other words, you want to hide this 『Contract Collar』?」(Eir)
「Since not much time has passed since my parents passed away, If I suddenly showed up in the town and said “I’ve come back after buying a female slave”, my reputation would fall you know」
「Cover it again with the Mantle?」
「I’d be grateful if you could do that」
「I don’t really mind if you tell them something like “I’m your bride” you know?」
「…… That is, in time… okay?」


Ah, he didn’t deny it. Is this an unexpectedly good mood?
My heart went *Doki Doki* for a moment there. Even though Master is a child, he’s surprisingly suave when it comes to women. I should make a note of that.




*Taku Taku*, *Poka Poka*[7]
Ever since that exchange earlier, the conversation came to a halt.
The trip was proceeding smoothly. Leisurely walking along in this nice weather, I gradually started getting drowsy.




When I was reflexively yawning and rubbing my eyes, my horn was tingling and giving off a strange response.


「Hmm? Is something……」(Eir)
「What’s wrong?」(Rimuru)
「It was sorta like a magical signal but……??」(Eir)


At my response, Master took out his staff and began surveying the surrounding.


「Eir should draw your sword too. We’d be at a disadvantage if we aren’t prepared」(Rimuru)


Since the road we were traveling on was well maintained, the field of vision was good.
The grass surrounding the road wasn’t taller than around knee height, so there was no place to hide.
Even though this place was in the outskirts of Sokaris, this should’ve been a safe route to take.
Or at least that’s what Master told me.


「……Nothing, is there?」(Eir)
「No…… From Above!?」(Rimuru)


Acting on Master’s voice, I turned my head upwards.
In the clear sky with not a single cloud, was a small black spot.
That spot was rapidly growing larger.




The attack was coming from above, so it was hard to tell when it would strike.
Since there was nothing in the sky to compare it’s size to, there were no landmarks to measure the distance.


「Rimuru-sama, Get down!」(Eir)


I swung the great sword to show off my strength. At the same time I used my right hand to tear off the bandages around my left eye.
I simply did it to not impede my field of vision, but when I was attacked by the laborer on the mountain, this eye was able to capture his movements.
It was a tactic that relied on that dynamic vision.


Perhaps provoking it with my sword swing was effective, A gigantic shadow fell down upon me.
Surely, this guy is――


「A Vulture! It’s a giant bird that feasts on meat. It’s movements are fast so look out」(Rimuru)


Master identified it so I could know it’s abilities.
Spanning a total of 4 meters, with just that it exerted pressure on me.
Different from the fight with the ruffians, This was a true battle to the death.


――But, if I lose…… I won’t be able to continue living as a slave. Having survived so long to end up as bird feed. By all means, No Thanks!


As expected, my left eye could accurately track my opponent’s movements.
I exerted pressure on my left arm without any concerns, everything was in good shape.


「――I’ll do it!」(Eir)


Firing myself up, I let out a cry.
The Vulture’s distance was already just a breath away.
Since the giant bird’s head was facing downward as it was charging in to attack, it’s wings were spread out wide. It brought out it’s talons earlier and set them in a position to snatch it’s prey.
Because of that, it’s speed fell drastically. Of course it did, if it didn’t then it would go crashing into the ground.


And this, was also the best opportunity for me to strike.




In response to the high speed shadow that a normal person wouldn’t be able to track, I accurately let loose a counterattack.




TL note: The word for “Thing” can also be translated as “possession/property”. Any translation would do, just different connotations. Basically she’s “not a person” (as a slave).


TL note: Eir didn’t actually say “damn rich kid”, She only said “rich kid”.
She always talks in polite (yet broken and short) speech. But you know, to set the mood and all.


TL note: Obou-chama/Obocchama is the son of a rich family. Basically called “(rich) young master”.


TL note: The phrase she uses here is “Kokoro no junbi”. It means “Preparing your heart” which is basically “getting ready to do something (mentally/spiritually)”. Just thought I’d point it out because ya know, It’s something you say before “doing it” (whatever that means).


TL note: Forcalor/Furcalor is a duke of hell and is the 41st of the 72 demons mentioned in the Lesser Key of Solomon.
… This series really likes to make me research things huh. At least it’s “impossible” for me to get names wrong :/


TL note: *Poi Poi* is the sound of throwing things… definitely not from a Shiratsuyu-class destroyer.


TL note: *Taku Taku* is the sound of walking/trotting. *Poka Poka* is the sound of the sun/also the sound of trotting.


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