Half-Dragon Slave Life- Chapter 2

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TL side note: I should learn more dialects… I pretty much write them all the same despite slight variations in speech. Oh well, I blame English for not having “depth”.
Also I’ve been translating some sound-effects for this series since there are quite a few. Hope that’s okay, most of them are “random” and hard to understand in Japanese anyways.



Chapter 2: Shopping


Early next morning, Master and I decided to go shopping in order to prepare for our journey.
However, my left arm and right leg which stuck out like a sour thumb were wrapped in bandages, half of my face was also covered with bandages in order to disguise my left eye’s appearance.
Although going out like this was a bit unnatural and made me kinda look like some traumatized sick person, if we didn’t do this then we wouldn’t be able to hide my strange figure.


「In contrast, Stands out?」(Eir)
「There’s no helping it, we can’t have you being exposed in public. Darn, if it’s like this then it would’ve been better for me to buy a more normal slave huh……」(Rimuru)


Master, that comment was hurtful nonetheless.


「Next, use this ribbon to hide the horn. As for the wings try to make them as small as possible and hide them within your clothes」(Rimuru)


Doing as I was told, I made the wings about 30 cm small and put the clothes on top of them.
By the way, when I fly they become huge-like and over 2m big.
And with this the disguised me, though it gave off an impression sorta like a heavily wounded little girl, I looked normal.
Only, except for the slave contract collar.
It resembled a collar for a large dog-sama, so hiding it with bandages and such was way too tough.
If it was the winter season then I’d bet it would be possible to hide it with something like a muffler, but the season right now was Autumn. I think it would be a bit too early for that.
Wait, it would make for a fashionable accessory, I suppose?


「Well, like this I think with this much we can deceive people into thinking that you’re a battle wounded slave…… maybe?」(Rimuru)


Still, since the wings on my back were rigid, I couldn’t stop using the mantle though.




Since walking down the main street would draw attention, we headed towards the clothing store by using slightly complicated side-streets.
Although I’ve gotten a lot of experience with it, I couldn’t walk smoothly with my unbalanced limbs. In a good way it made the disguise more believable.


「That sure is a clunky way of walking, right?」(Rimuru)
「With this body, still not used to it」(Eir)
「『This body』 you say…… Was it different before?」(Rimuru)
「Have you heard of the eruption of Mt. Marba?」(Eir)
「That mountain at the southern border of the Forneus Commonwealth huh. If I remember correctly it erupted one month ago or something like that」(Rimuru)


One Month…… Since it took 3 weeks to travel here, that means I was buried alive for over a week.


「I was wrapped up in that eruption. During that time, this hand and foot――」(Eir)


How should I explain it?
If by chance I answered honestly and said『It’s because I found a Dragon’s Corpse and ate it’s flesh and blood』,  Would he believe me?
……Meh, guess it’s fine if he doesn’t.


「I found a Dragon’s Corpse, used it’s flesh and blood to stave off hunger, and became like this」(Eir)
「Don’t lie」(Rimuru)
「It’s true. But, it’s fine if you don’t believe it」(Eir)
「Hmm…… Then, when you got those Gifts, it might have been at that time as well」(Rimuru)


More like, I can’t think of any other possibility.
There was a lot of free time on our journey, so I somehow ended up having a lively conversation with Master.


「What about Family?」(Rimuru)
「I had a Dad. But can’t remember his face. Recollection of the past is vague」(Eir)
「The shock must’ve been too strong… though that might not be the case huh. Perhaps absorbing a large amount of 『Dragon’s Blood』 made it circulate in your brain and caused your thoughts to change……」(Rimuru)
Ano, that’s a terrible situation so I’d probably be dead by now」(Eir)
「…… Feeling so little sadness, it’s a blessing in disguise I guess」(Rimuru)


Somehow, the way Master looked at me, it had sympathy mixed in with it.
Would this be mutual sympathy as people who have both lost their families?


「As for Rimuru-sama?」(Eir)
Nn? Both my parents were raised as adventurers, you see. They were assigned to the defense unit when a Troll attacked the town. They were hyped up so when it cornered them by sneaking up from behind,*Bam*」(Rimuru)
「At the time, yea. But now…… Well, I’ve come to terms with it in my own way. But still, I’m stuck in the middle of my training because both of them ended up dying……」(Rimuru)


Inheriting the techniques that his family had left behind.
Since both of parents left him without any relatives, This might have become Master’s reason for living.
That’s why, even going as far as to take part in slave trafficking which he despises, I bet that’s why he is going to study at the academy in Raum.


For me who had a an unstable way of walking, Master was leading me by the hand.
Truth is, touching a slave with your hands was equivalent to touching filth, but for him to take my hand…
That’s why, He who didn’t hesitate to touch me, it must be true to say that he hates slave trafficking.


An injured girl being led by the hand, and a young boy in nice attire.
From other people’s perspective it must have looked like a naturally lovely and heartwarming sight. That’s why――


「Hey, you brats! Ya must be enjoying life huh~. Share some of dat happiness with us」
「We’re poor and miserable you see. Das why~, lend us some money, man」
「If yaa want~, It’d be fine if ya give us that woman ya know? hehehehehe」
「Hey, now that I look at it dat girl’s a slave right? dat means if we have sum fun wit ‘er den we can’t be punished for it」


Getting involved with a bunch like this, the universe might have pre-determined it.
A group of 4 people, and all of them had weapons…… Most likely they were wannabe adventurers. In this city where people randomly aspiring to become adventurers migrate to, perhaps the number of ruffians was appropriate.
…… By the way Master.


「Why are you hiding yourself behind me, Rimuru-sama」(Eir)
「Didn’t I tell you that I’m bad at close combat」(Rimuru)
「As for me, I was looking forward to seeing my new Master-sama show off how cool he was」(Eir)
「I have a policy of not doing things I’m not capable of」(Rimuru)


Just after saying that you’d journey to Raum, Declaring that you won’t do things that you can’t… What happened to the person from before?


The bunch of ruffians placed their hands on my shoulder, and pushed me aside.
Since Master was the one with the money, they must be planning to approach him “directly”.
Once the ruffians grasped my shoulder, I had Flashbacks of the slave dealer’s 『Training』. I reflexively shoved it away because of the unpleasant sensation.




Making a dull sound, the ruffian’s arm was bent into a position where you should not bend it.
With just a light push from my Left Hand, my arm that was like an iron gauntlet ended up breaking his arm.


「You wanna fight? you brat!」


After momentarily having a dumbfounded expression, a scream echoed through the streets.
In response to the sudden attack, this reaction where they immediately draw their weapons, as expected they could still be called adventurers even if they are rotten.
But the Me right now won’t hesitate in a moment like this.


―― Kill, before you are Killed.


Because that teaching was already carved into my heart.
Before the ruffians could slash with their drawn swords, my right leg kicked off the ground, using that force my knee collided with one of their faces.
With a *squish* I could feel his bone and flesh being smashed. With this 2 of them are down.


Landing on the ground, I simultaneously threw a punch at the nearby man using my right hand… but it didn’t cause much damage.


―― As I thought, if it’s not with my transformed limbs then the power is not enough.


Using the recoil to pull back my right arm, I twirled my body while rotating, and with a slight hop I roundhouse kicked his back and sent the 3 people flying.
Finally the remaining man had finished drawing his sword.
He struck my left arm with the blade――


*Clang* Together with a clear sound, the sword broke.


「…… Still, wanna go?」(Eir)


With that single word, the remaining fragments of mercy left in my heart vanished.
Before the man could even move a finger I launched off the ground with my right leg, and crushed his breastplate with a kick.
The force didn’t stop with just that. Together with a few broken rib bones, the man fell to the ground.
That makes 4 people, Battle Over.




「What do you mean 『Never fought before』. Aren’t you crazy strong」(Rimuru)
「That was first time fighting. The ability of these limbs is amazing, is all」(Eir)


Since it would be bad to stick around that place, we hurriedly escaped the scene.
Those ruffians, although not a single one of them should be all right, none of them should die. I made sure to hold back at least that much.
Overwhelming physical capability. Despite it being 4 vs 1, there was absolutely no problem dealing with those adventurers.
Staggering Speed that didn’t let them draw their swords; Herculean Strength that could easily deal with steel.


「But, left hand and right leg, only those……」(Eir)


My right hand that I hit that man with, my fist was the one injured instead.


「Eir, Let me see that hand. It’s wounded, right?」(Rimuru)


Master took my right hand, and treated it with healing magic.


「Even though it’s just a scratch」(Eir)
「Seeing a girl hurt her hand like that, there’s no way I would feel good about it, right?」(Rimuru)
「Just for me, Even though you plan on forcing me to be a meat shield?」(Eir)
「I decided that you’re the right person for the job, you see」(Rimuru)


This Master… He’s really good at making fallacies.


「Now let’s hurry up and get to the clothing store. After all, you really stood out just now」(Rimuru)
「Not my fault」(Eir)
「I definitely think you’re wrong about that」(Rimuru)


It was agreed upon that the plan for now was “We need to get a change of clothes”. While arguing 『Not true』(Eir) and『Yes it is』(Rimuru), We hurried on our way to the clothing store.




At the clothing store it developed into a situation where Master was primarily the one to pick out the outfits.
A halter neck shirt with a large open back together with a pleated mini-skirt. Knee-socks that went above the knees. Also long gloves.
On my head was a casquette cap[1] to cover my large skull. Sturdy boots were also bought for my feet.
All that’s left is to put on a long mantle to hide the wings and the image would be complete.


「But, it looks hard to move around in a mini-skirt so――」(Eir)
「It really suits you」(Rimuru)
「On a journey the practicality of the pleats will be――」
「It really suits you」
「It really suits you」


Well, I am a slave to begin with.
Although I feel that there’s a bunch of mismatched combinations, If they are Master’s preferences then I have to accept it.


「All that’s left is to get some clothes that have a similar pattern to these. Also I guess it would be good to get some spare boots too」(Rimuru)
「In that case, Allow me to prepare a few arrangements for you to chose from」(employee)
「I’ll leave it to you, also the underwear will be primarily White――」(Rimuru)


Ehhh, he even went so far as to decide on the color of underwear. Even though he’s a Shouta[2], Master is quite the Ero.
While I had a wearily expression on my face, a different empolyee-san called out to me.


「Oh dear, you’re really being taken care of」(employee 2)
「Being treated like a plaything, no mistaking it」(Eir)
「No, you really are being cared for. Just think, there isn’t any master who would enthusiastically pick out a slave’s clothes like this」
「…… I, suppose so」




The next place we went was the equipment store. It mainly dealt with equipments for adventurers.


「First, to see how heavy of a sword you can carry,  Let’s confirm it」(Rimuru)


Going along with Master’s and the Shopkeeper’s enthusiasm, they joined forces to make me swing swords one after another. The result: The right hand could carry a Dagger[3], and the left hand could carry a two-handed greatsword.
For the left hand, I could swing a two-handed great sword as if it was a twig.


「To think, a person exists that could swing this sword with just one hand……」(Shopkeeper)
「Regarding her arm, keep it a secret」(Rimuru)
「I ain’t got no hobby of chatting about customer’s privacy. In any case Jou-chan[4], Yur just like a legendary knight ya know?」(Shopkeeper)


One of the fairy-tales, a story about a knight who wielded a two-handed sword with one hand, I often heard it. I think the shopkeeper was talking about that same story.[5]


「But for me, sword technique is still a beginner’s so」(Eir)
「It’s fine. You’ll be swing’n that greatsword with one hand, so to compensate for the lack of technique it’ll seem pretty menacing」(Shopkeeper)
「The right arm is powerless, so can you supplement it with the dagger? If you strike barehanded then you’ll end up getting hurt again」(Rimuru)


As for two-handed swords, “Other Dimension Storage” has countless numbers of them in it, so if I really need to then I can make use of those.
Next was choosing armor but, this was quite difficult.
First off, was the fact that I could not walk smoothly. Because of my body’s terrible balance, we were at a loss at decided how heavy the armor I wear could be.
In the end, we decided on a light breastplate that was easy to move in.


「With this, I suppose we’re done with the general equipment?」(Rimuru)
「…… Master[6], I’ll leave the choice of armor for the left hand up to you」(Rimuru)
「Ah yea, ya mean for when the left arm gets hit with a sword eh」(Shopkeeper)


Having said that, he brought out the shell of a bug that could be used as a gauntlet.
It was so light that I felt like I was wearing nothing at all.


「In the labyrinth, this is a gauntlet that used the shell of a ‘Huge Ant’. If it’s this then even Jou-chan can use it」(Shopkeeper)
「How much would it be?」(Rimuru)
「Ordinarily it would be 7 Gold coins. But ya showed me something interestin’ so I’ll give it to ya fer 5 coins」(Shopkeeper)
「Something interesting?」(Rimuru)
「Swingin’ a greatsword with one hand, dat ain’t something ya see everyday. It’s payment for dat」(Shopkeeper)


And thus, I (just as a pretense) had finished gathering my equipment.


Additional note that I’m too lazy to add in:
TL note: “Forneus Commonwealth”.
Forneus is the name of a great marquis of hell mentioned in the Lesser Key of Solomon. He is the 30th of 72 demons


TL note: A Casquette cap is a french “newsboy cap”. Example Picture here


TL note: If you didn’t know, Shouta/Shota is male version of a Loli. Eir really did call him that.


TL note: Technically the word for Dagger can be translated to either Dagger or Short Sword. Not sure what I should go with since each has it’s own connotations so I went with the more contrasting Dagger.


TL note: Jou-chan is referring to Eir. It pretty much means “Lassy” or “Young lady”.


Random TL note: This is probably a reference to the prequel, haven’t read it though. Just thought I’d point it out.

Edit: Yea, It’s a reference to Yuuri’s party from the prequel.


TL note: This Master is Rimuru talking to the Shopkeeper, as they are sometimes called as such.


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  1. There are many different sorts of daggers & short swords, some look totally different from one another, but some daggers or short swords could reasonably be likened to one another only on different scales, if you compared some of the larger daggers & smaller short swords.

    However, daggers are generally considered last reserve weapon, or for the speedier, agile type of attackers, assassins, ninjas, rogues etc. or even as throwing daggers.

    Short swords are depending on the situation, from gladius similar, to two weapon style, or more of a close quarters combat.

    What I can recall from different mangas & anime, is that short swords are also generally worn on the belt, while daggers can be hidden everywhere there’s enough space.


  2. Reminder that Rimuru is actually a 30 year old employee.

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    • I skimmed through a bunch of chapters with a couple of dragons in it and the dragon was most likely Black. So I assume the color of her scales copy the Dragon’s so they should be Black too.

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