Half-Dragon Slave Life- Chapter 1

Was going to continue the marathon but RL got in the way. At least it gave me the time to rephrase some things.
Some of the language in this chapter might have “strange grammar” but that’s because [Watashi] speaks in strange ways. I find it cute so I tried to preserve it. As a result, some of the phrasing is confusing though so I can’t say it’s entirely accurate. My light TLC doesn’t help much either.
Regardless, Hope you Enjoy.

TL side note: It’s strange to have an MC that uses “Boku”… He is young though. I left out some of the (speaker) indicators because I felt they were in the way. Most of it is just back and forths between MCs.
Also maybe I’ll get another chapter of this out this week. There will be a Canceller chapter this week, hopefully.


Chapter 1: Purchase


Author note: The prologue was too long……
TL note: Agreed… and I didn’t even TL prologue 1. Nevermind, I translated it here.


「Alright, the pact ownership has been transferred to you Bo-chan[1]. With this you’re now this girl’s owner」
「Cut it out with the Bo-chan. My name is Rimuru Branché[2]
「I understand, Branché-san. If you would like to request things like re-training, then please inform us within 3 days. We will do our very best to meet your demands」
「Ahh, understood」
「Well then, I await your continued patronage」


Leaving 『Watashi』 behind, Going off to finish discussing the contract was『Goshujin-sama[3]』 . This basically means that I am now officially demoted to a slave.
Since he has the airs of an adventurer I might be used as a meat shield, or perhaps since my owner was a male he would want me as a sex slave. Or perhaps, as both……


「Hey, what’s your name?」(Rimuru)
「――Don’t know」
「…… Mr. Merchant, was she not trained enough?」(Rimuru)
「Ah, no…… This one really did forget about her name you see」(Merchant)


Looked over and stared at me with an expression of half-doubt, Goshujin-sama was.
Does this mean that perhaps he doesn’t trust the slave merchant?


「It’s true. The things that happened before I got swallowed by the landslide, my memory is hazy」


It was in my memories, but it looks like my tone of voice also underwent a substantial change.
Perhaps I should say it was now “blunt”. I think that I’ll only be able to hold conversations that are to-the-point. Although, to be more precise, it shouldn’t be too much of a change from before.


[Well then, I’ll give you a name. Let’s see…… I guess Eir[4] would be good. Since I got the name from the Water God Eir-sama, You better work hard to not disgrace the name, okay?」(Rimuru)
「Eir…… That okay?」(Eir)
「If you use the name of one of the Chief God-samas, then you probably won’t be treated crudely right? Although you’re a slave, I don’t plan on treating you unreasonably. But do realize that that sorta thing might change at any moment」(Rimuru)


Is this person surprisingly a good Goshujin-sama?
Hearing his comment about not being treated unreasonably, I remembered how to feel “relief”.


「Ah, that’s right. As part of the “after-sales service” can I get a mantle with a hood? Since, in various ways, this girl’s appearance stands too much. I don’t want to get wrapped up in some unwanted trouble」(Rimuru)
「Certainly. Well then, How about this mantle? Since it’s used as traveling clothes, it has a hood attached to help avoid the rain」(Merchant)
「Nn, that’s good enough. Thanks. Alright, after you put that on let’s head back to the inn」(Rimuru)


I feel a bit sorry for everyone else left behind, But pardon me for taking an early leaving.
I pray that you are all blessed with good owners.




Perhaps he was still worried even with a hood on, Master headed downtown at a quick pace.
With my own hood on to try and conceal my appearance, I desperately tried to follow him from behind. Although, since the muscle strength of my legs were way too different, all I could do was unreliably hobble after him.
While devoting myself to focusing solely on walking without tripping, before I realized we had reached the inn.
Even though this was my first time in a foreign country, there wasn’t much time to enjoy the scenery.
Although, the current me didn’t have that sort of thought to begin with.


「Okami[5], I just got back. The key please」(Rimuru)
「Welcome back―― Ah, so is that girl a slave?」(Okami)
「Yea, because I wanted to have a bodyguard. You don’t mind if she joins me in my room, right?」(Rimuru)
「Of course I don’t really mind but…… Try not to make things too dirty」(Okami)
「Hmm? Ah, I see. So it would be better to take a bath first huh. Is there anyone using the public bath right now?」(Rimuru)


Master glanced over at me, Looks like it’s decided that I will take a bath.
It’s true that I’m covered in dust from my long journey. The scent of my 『Training』 and the likes still lingered as well.


「There’s still hot water in it」(Okami)
「Alright, then I’ll have Eir go take a bath first. The room number is 203. As for a change of clothes…… for now it will be fine to wear some of mine」(Rimuru)


Is this his way of telling me to go polish up my body before coming to do 『Things』?
Perhaps this may finally be the time to resolve myself.




Thoroughly washing my body, I steeled myself and raised the hot water over my head.
Quickly wiping my body, my hair dried shortly afterwards and putting on just a shirt I headed towards the room.
Master was sitting at the desk in the room, it looked like he was organizing the luggage.
The bed was…… As expected there was only one. With a pomf, I sat on the bed……


「Ah, you returned? I hope the clothes were the right siz―― eh, WHY ARE YOU ONLY WEARING THE TOP HALF!?」
「Uhm, This is my first time “servicing” someone so……」
「That’s not what I’m talking about! I didn’t buy you with that sort of goal in mind. Didn’t I say it was to be a bodyguard!」


Now that you mention it, was something like that said during the talk with the Okami?


「Is that so? I thought that was an excuse」
「To begin with I am still a minor. It’s still too early to talk about that stuff.……probably. Though I have some interest in it」


Waved both hands frantically in denial, Master was. Swiftly glancing at his nether region, it was having a typical reaction in it’s own way.
This was one of the results of my worthless 『Training』.


「In other words, you are saying that my chastity will be taken after a few years, is that correct?」
「…… How did it end up like that?」


And so, I was suddenly curious about something. Exactly how old is Master?


「Uhm, How old is Goshujin-sama exactly?」
「Can you please stop with that “Goshujin-sama”? Somehow it makes me uneasy…… I turned 12 just this year」
「Then I will go with Rimuru-sama. Rimuru-sama, you are younger than I had thought」


I thought he was 14 or 15 years old. He’s relatively tall for his age. It’s only in height though.
His appearance was that of a delicate book boy after all. Although, you still can’t erase the impression of “tall and skinny”.


「My parents were slightly rich you see. That said, those parents ended up passing away at the beginning of this year though」(Rimuru)
「That is…… my condolences」
「Don’t mind it. However, because of it I learned that I still need to study harder」
「Compared to age, Mature?」
「Eir is the same. Despite your looks, isn’t your way of speaking well-mannered. How old are you too?」
「This year I became 13」


I still remembered my age.
Since I’m no longer eating the dragon meat, I would like to think that nothing more about my past days were forgotten.


「I said it earlier, but the reason why I bought you was for the sake of having a bodyguard. Putting it this way is a bit crude, but it’s to be a meat shield」
「I… can’t fight you know?」
「Even still, with that scaly portion, I think that your survival rate would be higher than other normal slaves. Also I can use healing magic, so I can more or less heal any injuries you have」


Is that so I can continue being a wall even after being injured?
If that’s the case then it looks like this will be a pretty harsh work environment.


「Unfortunately for me, I have no talent for close-range combat, nor do I have any talent for offensive magic. Since I’m in the middle of my education, I was planning on enrolling in the Magic Academy in Raum. But above all I don’t have any confidence that I’ll be able to arrive at that place」
「If so then by employing adventurers, if you go together with a company of merchants then……」


Using what little knowledge I had from stories, I tried to rebuttal.
Most likely, just like the girls that were left behind, the Me right now is returning back to that gloomy state, I think.


「Of course, I considered that. But it will take around 6 weeks to reach Raum from here. Contracting adventurers for such a long period of time would cost a lot of money. Also, even if I went together with a group of merchants, it wouldn’t be a group that would protect me. If push comes to shove then they might even abandon me」
「I could do the same you know?」
「Eir is my slave, you see. You absolutely won’t betray me. Even though I’m not to fond of the whole slave system, I used it as a means of “buying trust through money”. That is to say…… Sorry」
「No, that is nothing to be concerned about」
「Also you see, I have the power of “Limited Identification” that allows me to see other people’s Gifts. I came to realize that Eir possessed 3 Gifts you know」


The only gift I possess should be “Other Dimension Storage”.
Did something change other than what happened to my memories and body?


「”Other Dimension Storage”, “Acrobatics”, and “Magic Power Bestowal”. Those Three. By any chance, are you not aware of them yourself?」(Rimuru)
「Yes…… No, I am aware of “Other Dimension Storage”」
「In that case, the other Two might have been acquired without your knowledge, Or perhaps you had them before but never came to realize it……」
「To had a Gift like “Acrobatics”, I expect to have realized it」


Now that you mention it, despite my balance being messed up because of my various muscle strengths being out of sync, until this point I have never tripped on myself.
Perhaps this was one of the blessings of having “Acrobatics”?


「Stories about obtaining a Gift without knowledge of it…… No, there’s a microscopic chance but, is there a past incident of this…… Hmm?」(Rimuru)


Even though we were in the middle of a conversation, my troubled Master was at his wits end with the situation of my Gifts.
This person, he might have a predisposition for being a workaholic.


Etto, I would like to return to the conversation about 『Why I was purchased』 but…?」
「Ahh, sorry. Well, rather than contracting adventurers for an extended period of time, discovering a talented slave was more “economical”. I had my eye on you since I figured it would definitely be a bargain in the long run.
If you’re a slave, then once we arrive you won’t be able to say 『Alright, Sayonara』 right? Since you also possessed “Acrobatics”, if you slowly learned battle techniques, then you would surely end up being strong」
「…… I see」
「In addition…… Is there something in your “Other Dimension Storage”?」
「The only thing I can see is your Gift. But if you had a power like that, then your might come with a “bonus” right?」
「Shrewd, aren’t you」


Well then, how much should I reveal…… Of course I was not obliged to answer truthfully.


「Some money, and a few items for a journeying…… something like that」
「How much?」
「200 gold coins, and things like a ring of mental resistance……」


Providing a fairly reserved estimation of the items, holding back with great difficulty, I answered.
The true value of gold coins was several hundred thousand times that amount.
Also the dragon’s corpse…… that sort of thing should be enough to overthrow a country with.
The rest were mythological-class weapons, for some unknown reason there were nonsensical and stupidly large greatswords, and strong bows which a human level of strength wouldn’t be able to draw back. Those things were in there too.


「I see. If I had that much of a fortune then I certainly would want to hide it as well」(Rimuru)
「Rimuru-sama purchased me for 80 gold coins, but buying myself back with this money would be……」(Eir)
「I won’t acknowledge that. Sorry to say, but it’s because I need you」
「Please say lines like that to your girlfriend. You’re like a playboy」
「Not like that!?」


Being flustered like this might be more appropriate for his age. Since it seemed like I gained a little brother, I was a bit happy about it.
For some reason, I felt like excessively teasing him.


「Since I have my own ring of mental resistance, it’s fine if you wear it yourself. Also I plan on going to sleep since it’s late today, but tomorrow we should go buy clothes for you, Eir」(Rimuru)
「Clothes, going to buy them?」
「Do you plan on covering yourself from head to toe with that mantle?」
「A hat to hide the horn, a mantle to hide the wings[7], of course clothes that allow you to bring out the wings would be good too. After that I would like to conceal your left eye, left arm, and right leg as well. Also there’s equipment too」


My looks changed so they would stand out, perhaps this is the only way.
But he forgot one important thing.


「Rimuru-sama, if possible I request for some underwear as well」
Uu!? Y-yea, Ov coarse…… Eh? You’re not wearing any?」[8]


The last part was said in an extremely quite voice. His face slightly red.


「I am not wearing any. Since I planned on “servicing” after all」
「It’s fine if you don’t, okay?」
「Yes. But if you cannot endure it any longer, then please feel free at any time」


Those words were also the result of my 『Training』. With a fleeting glance I looked down at the bed I was sitting on.
Clearly it was a small bed meant for one person. Perhaps because he noticed where my eyes headed, Master began panicking.


「No, you got it wrong! This is, umm…… Just me not paying attention to details! I’ll be sleeping on the floor today!」
「A slave should not disregard her Master and sleep in a bed. Rimuru-sama should be the one to use the bed」
「It’s better than making a woman sleep on the floor, I’m not a savage. Eir will use it」
「I’ll make it an order」
「I’m begging you……」
「No, then let’s sleep together」
「T-that is…… dangerous, in many ways」
「Ah, my appearance, unpleasant?」
「That’s not true at all! It’s super cool!」


Standing up to emphasize it, Master was.
Certainly, at an age like this, he might be fond of an appearance like this.


I confirmed it earlier by using the mirror in the pubic bath, but the figure I have now is… from my upper left arm to the fingertips, and from my right knee downwards had changed into a dragon’s.
On the upper region of my forehead, slightly towards the right, a single tiny horn was visible. On my back were tiny bat-like wings. These can also expand if I put in enough willpower.
When it’s time to fly, or when I sense wide-area magic, it should be fine to make them larger.
In addition the iris of my left eye had become golden, the pupil was now tall and slender like a reptile’s.
My once brown, sunburned skin had turned pale. My blond hair also changed to a silver color.
Overall it became abnormally white-ish. On the other hand, it produced a demon-like appearance.


「If Rimuru-sama is not against it, then there is no problem」
Uguu, That is…… I’m not responsible if something happens you hear!」
「Lullaby, should I sing?」
「Don’t treat me like a baby」


Lecturing with his cheeks puffed out, Master was.
Somehow it really does seem like I gained a little brother. That person purchased me, saved me from the slave merchants…… I think that my tension was raised a little[9].
Looking back on the past, while referring to things associated with anguish, Our first day had ended.



TL note: Bo-chan is like saying “young master”. It also insinuates that he is the son of a rich family.


TL note: The boy’s name is リムル=ブランシェ or pronounced “Rimuru Buranshei”. He refers to himself as “Boku” which is more “childish” than other forms.


TL note: Goshujin-sama means “Master”-sama. [Watashi] often refers to Rimuru as Goshujin-sama, Goshujin, and just Shujin which means all mean Master/Owner/”Husband” in different contexts.


TL note: [Watashi]’s name is エイル or pronounced “Ei-ru”. Originally I wanted to spell it as Eru but Eir is a goddess/valkyrie in Norse mythology so I went with that. The goddess Eir is associated with medicine and healing.
(Also, there’s a J-pop artist with the same name that spells it Eir so…)


TL note: Rimuru calls the lady “Okami”, which means something like “Madam Manager”. (Go watch Hanasaku Iroha)


TL note: [Etto] or more correctly [eto] is a verbal pause similar to [Ano]. English equivilant would be “Umm” or “Uhh”.


TL note: I previous translated Wings (plural) as a single wing since there was no indication of singular or plural. But since she has one of everything I assumed it to be a single wing.
It seems like her wing(s) are capable of flight so I’ll change it to plural until it’s clearly indicated.

Previous chapter has been edited to reflect this change.


TL note: Ov coarse (Of course) is written in kanakana, hence the purposeful misspelling.


TL note: The phrase “my tension was raised” essentially means that she’s becoming enthusiastic/her spirits were lifted.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter. I definitely like the feel of the interactions between the MCs. They both seem to be enjoyable, and the MC herself doesn’t seem to be too much of a cheat beyond the gear she’s got on hand, but it’s not a very useful cheat due to the problem of never getting peace again if she reveals the truth to the wrong person.


  2. I must say, when I saw the summary at first I was kinda ‘meh’ about it, but reading this chapter I think it’s interesting enough.


  3. Interesting that she isn’t totally compelled to answer about the storage. She might have an unusual resistance to the collar, or it might not be reliable when it comes to indirect orders.


    • Well, the collar was effective in her “Training” so I assume she is not immune to it.

      As for the orders, I believe only direct orders need to be obeyed, hence why Rimuru only threatened to use it (later when he wanted her to sleep on the bed).
      As for the collars acting as a lie detector… no idea if they have that function.


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