Half-Dragon Slave Life- Prologue 3

Well, That last chapter was pretty messed up huh. Well we’re not done yet~
Again this chapter comes with a warning which advises that you don’t read it if you’re not okay with it. Last chapter wasn’t that bad. But this chapter may be more over-the-top for some.
Almost to the “heart-warming” part though.
ToC is here btw. Spoilers are over after this chapter.

TL side note: There’s more [Watashi] shenanigans in this chapter… Also, consecutive releases are hard when I sleep/play too much.


Prologue 3: Slave


Author Warning: This chapter contains scenes of cannibalism and sexual content, those who are not good with those subjects do be cautious.
TL Note: None of this is described in detail and is mentioned in passing. If you have an “active imagination” and would prefer not to read then feel free to skip this chapter. Or you can read until the slave dealers show up and then stop, your call.


From the memoir of ???


『Watashi’s (My)』 『Mutation』 continued even further.
From her back sprouted the thin membrane of wings. She absentmindedly became aware of this transformation.
At this point, instead of getting agitated by the changes to her own body, it was more like she was astonished by them.
Her left eye could see through the darkness as if it was high noon, and her transformed limbs were limitlessly tough.
However, the varied strengths of her limbs caused her to lose balance. For a short while it was troublesome to even walk.
And―― Along with her listless mind[1] , her memories also began to become faded.
It was already past the point where she couldn’t even remember her name. The faces of her parents were also forgotten.
The only memory left was the truth that they 『Existed』. A heart that was capable of feeling that sadness, it too had been lost.


Fortunately the 『Mutations』 had stopped there.
『Watashi』 was still… Just barely, one could say that her body was still “human”.
There were still remains of the rotten dragon flesh. However, she could not stay put in this stone hut forever. She had to escape somehow.
As her vision was not impaired even in this darkness, she went around and inspected every nook and cranny of the walls, and she discovered a section of the wall that opened up.
Pushing it open, behind the wall was yet another enormous room. And casually lying inside, was a vast fortune of Gold and Magic items. So much that you could even overthrow a country with it.
Among them were Demon Blades that were on the level of Sacred Treasures, Greatswords that were way too large to lift, Sturdy Bows that a human’s strength might not be able to draw back, and numerous other items were left discarded. Her jaw dropped as she beheld how casually they were just lying there.


「This place…… is this the Evil God’s Shrine that was mentioned in legends?」


In any case, it will be convenient to have all this money and weapons. And the other things like dust-covered magic textbooks and publications might be useful in the future.
『Watashi (I)』 arbitrarily stuffed everything into “Other Dimension Storage”, and continued my search of the place.


Instead of a concealed door, inside this room was a normal door. Beyond it was a small passageway made of stone.
Aligned to the left and right were rooms. Inside them were the remnants of various equipments such as water supply systems that were destroyed by the landslide.
In other rooms were living accommodations, it was certain that something had been living here.
However, it must have been hundreds of years since they were last used. The piles and piles of dust had built up until looked like a carpet, to the point where my feet almost sunk into it.


「Even during a landslide, for the foundation to withstand this…… No, this facility had  【Toughness】 built into it’s entirety…… Must have been the dwelling of a powerful magician」


From the horn growing out of my head, I could sense the flow of magic power flowing through the entirety of the facility.
My body had become a convenient thing.


Climbing the stairs to the upper level, I expected the ceiling to rise higher, but it looks like this area was closed off by the earth and dirt.
Looks like the upper floor didn’t have 【Toughness】 built into it.


「For the essential upper levels to not be reinforced…… A strange building?」


At any rate, since it was possible to break through the sealed off facilities overhead, all I had to do was excavate the dirt in order to reach the surface.
Since this time I could start off by using the weapons as tools, it should be easy to clear a path through bedrock that was blocking my path.




After about an hour had passed, Perhaps it was when I had dug about 5m?
All of a sudden the soil overhead fell apart. The light of the sun came shining through.


「Finally…… Got out」


For my exhausted spirit that had to go through so many ups and downs, muttering this was the best I could do.
“I survived”―― That normally emotional feeling was now dull. Tears didn’t even come out.


I went out the surface and as I was aimlessly wandering around in a daze, A voice called out to me from behind.


「HEY, Is someone there? Are you a Survivor!?」


『I』 turned to look towards that voice.
Standing on the crooked surface of a collapsed ledge, A man who looked like a laborer.
Most likely he was assigned to search for survivors, probably a citizen from Marba City[2].


「Ah, “Watashi” is――」
「Y-You! Are you a Demon!?」


With that scream, I was shaken back to reality.
Right now 『My』 figure was… I was in tattered clothes with the left arm and right leg of a Dragon. On my back were small wings, and even a horn was growing out of me.
And also…… I learned of this after the fact but, my left eye was glimmering with the color of gold, and the pupil had changed into long and narrow slit that resembled a reptile’s.
I see… the Demons you hear about in myths would certainly have appearances like this, right?


「You’re wrong, I am――」
「Silence! You bastard, Did that eruption wake you up!? Hey, there’s a Monster[3] over here!」


Perhaps the man had confidence in his abilities, he approached while grasping the ice axe[4] that he was using during the search. He called out to his allies.
In rapid succession, about 5 other workers assembled. In each one of their hands… it looks like none of them forgot to bring their tools with them.


「Please listen, I was one of this village’s――」


Without listening to 『My』 words, the man with obviously not very good hearing came at me and swung the ice axe down at my head.
My Dragon left eye could precisely grasp his movements…… But with my mind too confused to even think about dodging,『Watashi (I)』 once again lost consciousness.




By the time 『I』 had once again regained consciousness, I was dumbfounded by my current surroundings.
My hands and feet had iron handcuffs put on them, I was dressed in a plain Kantoui[5], and was rolling back and forth on the floor.
*Goro-Goro* Becoming aware of the sound of vibrations, I went to look at where it was coming from… Are we inside a wagon?
Surrounding me were lots of children my age that were also wearing the same outfit, Crouched with eyes that were completely pale and lifeless[6].


「……This is, where?」


As expected the other children didn’t respond.
Enclosed by a cage and placed in the wagon bed. While being treated as cargo, it doesn’t look like『Watashi-tachi (We)』 have any chance of escaping.


「Although it seems like I wasn’t killed, This isn’t a very good situation either, I suppose?」


I’ve only heard about this this from rumors, but these guys are probably so-called “Slave Dealers”. From the appearances of the surrounding children, that’s what I concluded.
If that’s the case the it would be bad to stay for very long. If I don’t figure out a way to take off these restraints and escape then…
Since my arm and leg had transformed into a dragon’s, their brute strength were on an entirely different level. If I’m lucky, I might be able to tear them off……


Kuu-, This―― Guuu![7]


As I tried to forcibly rip off the handcuffs, my opposite hand that was still a human’s was pulled along. My bones creaked.
Now that I think about it, if I try to tear them off without putting the same strength into the opposite hand then it will only end up with that other hand being dragged along with it.
My right arm could still pass as a human’s…… No, probably because of the several days of malnourished, it’s appearance was more like a disabled girl’s.


「With my hands bound together like this, I won’t be able to pull them apart, hm……」
「Awake already? As expected of a Monster」


As I was clanking and fiddling around with the handcuffs, a brawny man came beside the cage.
He opened up the cage with a key and yanked 『Watashi (Me)』 out of it.


「Don’t struggle ya hear. We’re only doing a physical examination」
「Physical examination?」
「To see if ya got any diseases, and if you’re a virgin, dat’s all. We gotta make sure of yur selling price after all」
「No waay, Don’t wanna――」
「If you struggle then we’ll cut off your arms and legs, it’s only gonna be meat. Since yur unusual the selling price might be high, right?」


When a slave dies, their meat is crushed and becomes a meal for the other slaves…… That sort of story, the adults used to tell us that to scare us.
Most likely, based on what this man is implying, those scary stories are probably true.


After that, I don’t want to remember the events that happened.
I was strapped to a chair. I still have not forgotten the humiliation of having my genitals thoroughly inspected.
The fact that 『I』 was a virgin was a good thing. If that wasn’t the case… imagining of what could’ve happened sends fear running through my mind.
Even till this day, the echoing sounds of screams and “flirtatious” remarks still linger in my ears.


Fortunately, there was no one among them that had a gift with the power of “Identification”. Because of that they never asked about “Other Dimension Storage”.
Placed in it was gold and weapons, this was 『Watashi’s (My)』 trump card.
Given the opportunity, I might be possible for me to buy back my own rights. The problem right now is that if the slave dealers found out then it would all be confiscated, and everything will pretty much come to an end.
I have to be aware of the timing. If I don’t use it at the right time then…




Since then 3 weeks have passed.
『Watashi-tachi (We)』 were transported to the so-called Holy City of Sokaris.[8]
Since we were not officially recognized as slaves, we were let past the checking point. We were pretty much forced to march through.
Of course, in the meantime it wasn’t like we did nothing. As we were going to become goods for sale, we had a variety of knowledge and techniques driven into us.
Primarily it was knowledge on how to service a man, and the techniques. If you were still a virgin then you weren’t taught “hands on”.


Of course I tried to resist.
However, on『Watashi’s (My)』 neck had a『Slave Contract Collar』 placed on it. If I try to resist or try to escape, then the collar will cause me excruciating pain.
This magic device cannot kill the one wearing it. But in exchange, it was able to cause enough pain that it could drive you insane.
In actuality there were children that ended up driven mad by it. And then, on the next day, there would be unusual meat for dinner.
What that really is… I’m sure you understand.


Around the time we arrived at Sokaris, 『I』 had the same lifeless eyes as all the other children.
『I』 think that my condition was better than the other children’s. After all, what little emotion 『I』 had left still went through highs and lows.
Even still, my heart had received plenty of trauma. That experience was carved in『Me』, Ingrained in me.


―― In other words…… “Don’t show Compassion“, “Show no Mercy“, “Kill or be Killed“, those things.


At that time, because I thought that I shouldn’t hurt that worker with the ice axe, I was too slow in coping with the situation.
That is what resulted in my current circumstances.


At the heart of this city a broken world tree was towering overhead.
Although it was broken, the massive world tree eventually gave birth to a labyrinth. After that it yielded treasures that will be able to grant dreams of getting rich quick.
Currently the labyrinth has reached 700 floors and only 20% of them have been explored.[9]
In order to protect itself, the world tree that was broken by the Great War between gods and demons summoned powerful monsters inside itself.[10]


And so, a large number of adventurers gathered in this city.
Because of Greed, For Fame, To Earn Money. They gathered because of these.
And if people are gathered here, then the demand for slaves will also rise.
Some are used in battle, Some are used to satisfy lust, and Some are used as labor.


Officially they are treated as daily living commodities by the city, and slave dealers were able to open shop.
From what I’ve heard, it looks like they are going to hold an auction in 3 days.
We were told by the slave merchant that we would be able to live a normal life if we’re bought by a nice master, but a wicked adventurer could still use you as a meat shield. If that happens then from that day on you will be treated as garbage.
And if they pay out a certain amount beforehand, if would be possible to complete the transaction without having to wait 3 days for the auction……


「Say, this one’s horn and wings, are they the real thing?」


Sitting in a cage while in a melancholic mood,『I』 was holding my knees when a young boy with the airs of an adventurer came in front of me.
His age was about the same as mine, you could say that he wasn’t even an adult yet. Wearing a worn-out robe, it was pretty clear that he was no good at close-range combat.
But since the tailoring of his clothes wasn’t that bad, it looks like he has money.


「Yes, they’re the real deal. This one’s the offspring of a dragon and a human, you see――」


That’s not the truth.
『My』 memories may have faded, but it’s definitely true that I have memories of being a human.
Disregarding the “sales talk” of the slave merchant, I gazed at the boy with my vacant eyes.
Slender arms and legs, Silky blond hair, a well-featured appearance.
If that sort of thing was your fancy then he was a Bishounen[11] that could make you fall for him in a second. However, I suppose his future as an adventurer may look bleak.
If he had a talent for magic then… That would be a different story though.


「This one, she strong?」
「Eh? Ah yes, please take a look at this arm and leg! They’ve got claws dat can cut through iron ya know!」
「In that case, why hasn’t she run away?」
「Da-Dat’s to say…… Because it’s got a contract collar attached to it」
「Hmm……? But it’s weaker than you fellas so that’s why it got caught, right?」
「N-no…… This one was sold to us ya know!」


Gradually the slave merchant started to build up a cold sweat. Looks like the young boys clever tactics were being effective.
In my mind I began searching through the treasures that I had placed “Other Dimension Storage”. There were tons of magic devices that would be useful to the boy.
In a dull and gloomy voice, 『Watashi』 called out to the boy.


「I have no combat experience, so I’m not sure if I’m strong. But if you buy『Watashi』, I promise I will be useful to you」
「Hey! Don’t go speak’n on yur own!」


The slave merchant used a cane to push『Watashi』 down.
It was possible to dodge it, but『Watashi』 did not have the will to do so at the moment. Simply put, “To stay here“, “Being bought be some unknown person“, rather than all that she felt that it would be much better for her to go with that boy instead.
Towards someone like『Watashi』 with a background he knew nothing about, the boy looked at her with a strange and curious gaze.


「Interesting…… Her appearance is like that, but…… Occhan[12], how much is this one?」
「Heh! Since it’s before the auction it will be 100 gold coins!」
「That’s expensive. You think that since I’m a kid you can overcharge me?」
「Even if you say that, but this one is a crown jewel and still a virgin, you see. And there are many other customers that would find it’s outward appearance to be well-befitting……」


I haven’t seen any customers like that.


「I see, I’d buy her if it’s 80 though」
「I guess there’s no help’n it! In dat case, I’d happily accept 80」
「You’re pretty good at this huh, Ossan」




And that is how『Watashi』 became the young boy’s slave.




Author note: Next time the protagonist’s names will be revealed.
TL side note: They’d better! Too many pronouns for me to handle.



TL note: the word for Mind/Spirit/Soul is the same. The description can apply to any of these.


TL note: Originally I translated the first chapter assuming that Marba City was the name of their town/village (since being born ‘near’ the city of Marba didn’t really make sense to me). Apparently, she really was born near Marba. As in, the name of her town/village/settlement wasn’t Marba, Marba was just the nearest big city. Assumedly, this man is from the City, NOT from the village.


TL note: The word for Monster here is “Bakemono” so like a terrifying creature.


TL note: An ice pick is a tool used during climbing/hiking. You can see a picture at the wiki page here


TL note: A Kantoui is a simple piece of clothing with a slit in the top. Here’s a picture


TL note: The original text said “eyes like dead fish eyes” but I decided to put it into context as “pale and lifeless”


TL note: *Kuu* is a sound of dissatisfaction. And *Guuu* is the sound her of trying really hard to pull them off.


TL note: Sokaris/Seker is an egyptian god. He is a falcon god associated with funerals, life, and death.


TL note: I’m not entirely sure if this line means “20% is unexplored” or “only 20% has been explored”. I’ll ask other people later but here’s the raw if someone out there can help me out then I’d be grateful.
I’m pretty sure “only 20% explored” is correct, the grammar just confused me.
Original: 現在は700層にも及ぶ迷宮の2割程度しか踏破できていないそうだ。


TL note: This information come from prologue 1 which has partial spoilers to the previous story/prequel.

Basically, this World Tree was the originator of the world; giving birth to everything. Gods were born to rule over mankind but one day the Demon King wanted a seat of power among the gods so a war began. The battle between the Gods and the Demons became known as the Great War which left the world tree in ruins. These events too place 500 years prior to this story.


TL note: Bishounen means “Pretty boy”


TL note: Occhan mean “uncle”/middle-aged man (as in he’s talking to the merchant). Same meaning as Ossan


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7 thoughts on “Half-Dragon Slave Life- Prologue 3

  1. It’s okay, not too dark, since she wasn’t hurt that much, The cannibalism was just hints. The slave trader did mention it, and the narration didn’t tell that the meat was clearly a human’s.

    The MC didn’t try to resist because she doesn’t care either way.

    Thanks for the chapter.


    • There have been cases where human meat hasn’t been referred to as ‘human meat’ and still eaten ‘somewhat normally’. I think it was usually called *Long Pig’, but Fallout had ‘Strange Meat’, so it wouldn’t be impossible for others as well. ‘Course, it’s also possible they just disposed of the corpses, and bought some other kind of meat, just to keep up that illusion of cannibalism for that added layer of fear, so until proof is obtained, I wouldn’t be sure of either yes or no in that situation.


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