Half-Dragon Slave Life- Prologue 1

Edit: Initially I added a bunch of anti-spoilers but I decided to have an “edited” and a “clean” chapter instead. This version of the chapter will be “edited” to conceal possible spoilers while the “clean” version will not have any omissions. The “Clean” Version can be found Here

TL;DR: If you DON’T care about prequel spoilers then go read the Full Clean Version


Original Post:

Okay, so I wasn’t going to completely TL this chapter because it contains spoilers from the prequel. But then I realized that Anti-Spoilers are the best thing ever so here it is.

The following is just a quick translation so there’s no fancy wording and “mood preservation” that I usually try to add into other chapters (though I think it’s pretty good nonetheless).

All spoilers are from the authors previous work: Yuuri of the Destructive (rule-shattering) eyes. Technically the entire chapter is a spoiler but I figured that I’d do it as a bonus chapter since it was short.



Edit: Some people have been asking “Why the hell did you add so many anti-spoilers!?”
Well… it is to be considerate towards those who want to read the original work/prequel. If other readers/translators want to read it then I don’t want to ruin the story by possibly spoiling plot. If you find it annoying then I apologize, but I’d rather not ruin the entire plot of the prequel for those who are interested in it.

Again, The “Clean/Full” version with all spoilers included can be found Here



Prologue 1: Legends


In the beginning, a Single Seed existed in the world.


Along with the Seed that encompassed everything, an empty space where nothing existed.
That was the world in its entirety.


But, one day, the Seed made a wish.


『I want to bud』


But in order to bud, not enough things existed in this world.


Earth to take up roots.


Therefore, the Seed separated from within itself those various things. It brought forth Light, It crafted the Earth, It circulated Air.
From it Water was born, and along with Water living creatures were created.


So that the newly born Children wouldn’t get lost in the darkness of the night. It arranged the Sun and the Moon.


And thus, in this world created by the Seed, It sprouted in the Heart of the world, Took roots, and became an enormous and Large Tree.
The Large Tree acted as the Children’s home, it created dwellings within itself to shelter them.




Before long, the creatures of the world matured. Various being began to surface.
Their diversity surpassed the Large Tree’s wildest imaginations.


And then one day, Beings with higher intelligence began to surface from among the creatures.
They were the ones who ruled over the other creatures. They fought with those of different races. War was brought into the world.


Watching over that scene, the Large Tree was saddened. It decided to give birth to 『Gods』 that could supervise them.
And thus various Gods were born.


The Sun God: Horus
The Water God: Eir
The Wind God: Hastur
The Drifting God: Levi




They were 『Gods』, In other words they regulated humans. They broke the world up into multiple countries, for the time being an end to all the fighting was finally in sight.


Before long the Large Tree was called the『World Tree』, It became the cornerstone of Faith.
『Gods』 obeyed the 『World Tree』, the world had reached peace…… Or so it seemed.




One day in the land of the North, a being called the 『Demon King』 had appeared.
At the time the world had become independent of the World Tree. The world had begun progressing on its own.


The 『Demon King』 wanted a position amongst the Gods. In order to supersede the World Tree, it had its eyes set on taking the Large Tree.


The various gods scrambled to arms in opposition of the 『Demon King』.
The 『Gods』 joined their hands together, Many people fought.


Spoiler Summary: Demon King was defeated but the World Tree was damaged.


With the 『World Tree』half destroyed, the world had lost the heart of its creation and faith. Many were thrown into disarray.
In the future, this war would be called the『Great War of Gods and Demons』. It was told as a story of something that must be avoid.




The world of humans had not yet regained peace, the necessary time would be many years.
For the Demon Beasts of the North as well, they had lost their figurehead the『Demon King』. Let us say that their weakened influence was a blessing in disguise.
And thus the humans, they regained peace in the world.


And so, after 500 years have passed since the Great War of Gods and Demons, we reach the current age.




From the Legend inherited by a Nameless Storyteller.


Author Note: It’s a Legend passed down through oral tradition, so the details are rather vague you see.
The full details can be found in my previous work (http://ncode.syosetu.com/n8735cc/) (TL note: It’s a link to “Yuuri of the Destructive Eyes”). Please give it a read.


TL Note about the Gods names:
Horus is an Egyptian “Sky” god
Eir is a valkyrie/norse goddess of healing. Name means Peace and Mercy
Hastur/Huster/Hasuta/Hastorr is from Cthulhu Mythos but is synonymous with Iapyx. Iapyx is a minor greek god of the north-west wind.
Levi is a Bible figure who had is tribe of Levites scattered by a “curse” for their wrongdoings. Ironically, Levi means “To Join”


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9 thoughts on “Half-Dragon Slave Life- Prologue 1

  1. So… I know it’s been put a while ago, but I’m still going to ask – how actually big are the spoilers of Hakai Me no Yuuri? To rephrase, what part of it does it spoil?


    • I can’t really say for sure, since I haven’t read the entirety of this series or Yuuri, but I assume this “Prologue” just spoils the ending of Yuuri.
      That said, this prologue is only a “legend” so the events might be exaggerated or altered.


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