Isekai Canceller – Chapter 12

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Short chapter but with a bunch of descriptions orz. I took some liberties with the translations to make them sound better in English so I hope they are still correct. Will probably have to double-check some other time.
But Enjoy.

Side note: Slowly proceeding as always.


Chapter 12: Staying at the Inn


「Goshujin-sama. What should we do about vising Eringi[1]? Today, the sun had already begun to set, and I believe that the store should be closing soon――」(Melissa)


Melissa asked me while sitting on the coachman’s seat.
We certainly spent a lot of time in Dowan’s store after all.


Well, I’m fine with that either way.


「Let’s leave going to the magic device shop for later. We might find some other uses for the recall stones after all. There’s no real need to sell them right now. It would be a bit different if we really needed the money, but for now we’re finished selling things」(Hitto)


「Yes. You are certainly correct. Since purchasing recall stones would cost us 60,000 Gold, I also believe that it would be a good idea to hold onto them for now.」(Melissa)


…… Do they really go for that much? No, they sell for 20,000 so double that price would be within reason, but to think it would be three times that…


「Well whatever. So then, next is an inn. We’ve got to find a place to stay for the night」(Hitto)


「Eh!? Ah… Yes, that is true. An inn is it」(Melissa)


Hmm? for some reason her eyes are darting back and forth. Why is her face turning so bright red?


「Melissa, your face is red you know」(Hitto)


「Hya! I-ish dat sho?」(Melissa)


Yea. Not just her face, but her pronunciation is also a bit off.


「Do you have a cold? In that case, it would be better if we found an inn quickly huh. Do you have any recommendations?」(Hitto)


「Ye-Yes. Then, I know of an inn just ahead that will also be able to accommodate the wagon」(Melissa)


Fumu. I would be grateful if they looked after the wagon as well.


「Well then, I guess we should go there. I’ll leave the navigation to you, Melissa」(Hitto)


「Of course! I have received your command!」(Melissa)


Hmm? Somehow, she’s become strangely energetic huh? Was it not a cold?





Melissa guided us towards the inn and we arrived shortly after.
It was a building made of bricks, and it stood three stories high. It’s appearance closely resemble a Business Hotel.
According to Melissa, there also appears to be something that looks like a large public bath.
There was also a Toilet[2] installed in each room. Since it had a magic device used for flushing it with water, it felt pretty much the same as back on Earth.


In front of the entrance stood a man that looked exactly like a bellboy and, upon noticing the wagon approach, he led us to a private stall exclusively used for wagons.
We left the wagon there, and together we headed to the inn.


Incidentally, it appears that they will also properly feed the horses fodder. These accommodations are certainly convenient.


And then, in order to complete our check-in, we were escorted to the front-counter which pretty much resembled one from my world.


The stone floor made a nice *Click-Clack* sound as you walked across it. It wasn’t as good as marble, but it was still a good floor nonetheless.


Behind the counter stood a plump woman around the age of 40.


「I would like to check-out a room for today」(Hitto)


「Yes, lodging is it. Is it your first time here, Okyakusan[3]?」(40-something)


「Yea, that’s right. Are there any empty rooms?」(Hitto)


「There’s no problem with that. It’s just, since everywhere is swamped I think you’ll have to room together though. If you’re rooming together with a slave then in that case I’ll be taking the fee for only one person」(40-something)


I unintentionally knitted my eyebrows in suspicion. What is this woman even saying?


「Hmm? Are you unsatisfied wit that? In that case I think it would be best if you searched for a different inn, Although it will be the same everywhere else――」(40-something)
「I’m not upset because of that sort of thing. I don’t know if being a slave makes a difference or not, but since another person is staying too, naturally you should charge for two people right?」(Hitto)


I asked this with a “What the hell are you playing at?” attitude about me. But instead the woman responded with a confused look.


「Well, if you consent to that then I’m fine with that too. So, about the room, if you’re together with a slave then in that case I guess it’ll be a Single-sized bed」(40-something)
「Hey wait a minute. Why did you assume it would be a Single?」(Hitto)


「Eh? Ahh, I see, so is a Double more to your preference? You’ll have plenty of extra room with that. In that case」(40-something)
「Wait, wait, hold up. That is, no, I don’t think it would be too strange, but do you have any Twin beds?」(Hitto)


Geez, going straight to a Double-bed is being way too hasty.


「Haa? Twin? Hey you. That kind of room has two separate beds, you know?」(40-something)


Of course it does. Why are you saying something so obvious. Do you think that I don’t already know that?


「I know that. So, do you have any empty Twin rooms?」(Hitto)


「We have some but, is that really alright with you?」(40-something)


「Of course it’s alright with me. That’s what I’ve been telling you」(Hitto)


「Ano, Goshujin-sama. Will that really be alright?」(Melissa)


Eh, You too, Melissa!? Why are you guys asking me this with such confused looks.


「Anyways, a Twin is fine. How much is the fee?」(Hitto)


「Ah, yea… well then, the fee for a one night stay for two people is 8,000 Gold」(40-something)


…… That’s pretty expensive. I remember that, back in the game, the more expensive ones costed 2,000 Gold for one person.
Well, but it can’t be helped. I paid the woman the fee, received the key, and headed to the room with Melissa.


By the way, we started off with a Single but I think that having separate rooms would be best. But since I was worried about having to look after the wagon, I decided to settle with being in a room together.
If I voiced a complaint then I think they would change it but, judging by her attitude, I don’t think Melissa would be alright with that.



The room was, well, it felt pretty ordinary. Conversely, the fact that I don’t feel any discomfort might be considered amazing.
Although the ground was made of floorboards, a personal toilet was prepared, and inside near the wall were two beds lined up side-by-side


There was even a closet for you to put your clothes. Across from the bed was a night stand with a magic device on it that made sure you had enough light.
A desk with drawers was also installed, and a single notepad was left on top of it.


Right now the curtains were closed, but if you opened them then you could see through a glass window.


Honestly, if you ignored the fact that there was no TV, then this would be exactly like a Hotel from my world.
All that’s left is if there was a bath or not, huh.


And, just when I was thinking that I should take off my armor and combat equipment, Melissa came and gave me a hand with it.


This somehow makes us look like an intimate married couple―― Wait, what am I even saying.


Well, for now I stuffed my armor into the Magic Bag, but I kept out my weapons as usual.
You never know what might happen after all.


And, I sat down on the bed but…… I wonder why Melissa kept standing in front of me with her hands held together.


「No, Melissa. How about sitting down and relaxing a bit?」(Hitto)


When I called out to her, she responded with a “Yes, Thank you very much”―― and She sat on the floor in a Seiza position.


Yup, looks like this world has Seiza[4] too huh…… No, that’s not right.


「What are you doing?」(Hitto)


「Yes, you told me to sit down so, Ah! Perhaps I have done something to offend you! Is there something wrong with the way I am sitting?」(Melissa)


「No, instead of that, sitting on the bed should be fine. There’s an extra one after all」(Hitto)


「Tha! That sort of thing! The likes of me who is but a lowly slave, other than as a nighttime companion, for me to do something like sit on the bed is just simply, just simply!」(Melissa)


Yea, just now a certain “keyword” came out but, well let’s leave that aside.


「A lowly slave…… Melissa, you should stop undervaluing yourself already. I’m pretty sure I told you this already but you have been plenty helpful and have saved me plenty of trouble so far. That’s why you should go ahead and use the bed without worrying about it」(Hitto)


「But that is…… Even so, I am still a slave―― For me who is nothing other than Master’s possession, to be treated like a human being is……」(Melissa)


Why is that so? Exactly what kind of treatment has Melissa been given before that made her like this? Seriously, I have a hard time understanding it.


「Melissa, it seems you’ve misunderstood something but, certainly I just went with the flow and decided to buy you as a slave however, I didn’t originally intend to do ‘that’」(Hitto)


「Eh……? Ah, i-is that so―― I guess that’s how it is……」(Melissa)


Huh? What? For some reason she became strangely depressed.


「Anyways. Even if you still embrace your status of a slave for now, I think it would be best if you did something about that way of thinking from now on. But nonetheless, I still can’t see you as a slave. So please, go ahead and use the bed」(Hitto)


「But that’s……」(Melissa)


A very weak voice escaped her lips. But, she really did lose all her enthusiasm huh? What’s up with that.


「Fine, in that case, please listen to this command. Use the bed」(Hitto)


「…… I understand」(Melissa)


After that she finally moved over to the bed.
But, is it really alright if slaves are treated like that? Certainly I once thought about things like buying a slave but, When I look at Her now, instead of thinking of Her as a slave, I wish to accept Her more as an ordinary comrade.


But as expected the funds needed to set her free are quite high. In our present state we are hopelessly limited.
Seriously, it really feels hopeless.


Hmm? Did the negativity somehow spread to me too?
Muu, in that case I better do something about it――


TL Extra note: Poor Melissa.


TL Note: Still not sure if this is a name or “King mushroom”. In this context it sounds like a name, it’s probably both though (Like Bungle’s name).


TL Note: The original word here is Toilet but you can think of it as a bathroom as well.


TL note: Okyakusan is like saying “Mr. Guest”, that sounds weird so I left it in Romaji.


TL note: Seiza is a formal Japanese way of sitting. It’s the one where you sit on your feet and is sometimes quite painful. Wiki link if you want.


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43 thoughts on “Isekai Canceller – Chapter 12

    • Well, honestly I’d probably try to hold back until she at least sees herself as a human and a comrade first, and then go all out if asked to. The denseness is pretty clear though… He acted like he didn’t even consider it in the first place.


      • At the very least, I think it would be best if he Actually owned her first.
        Though it wasn’t like he didn’t recognize her intentions, he just doesn’t understand her feelings.


      • I respect the guy for not being a total scumbag rapist who goes all ero at the thought of having a beautiful slave. Although it’s strange that such thoughts never seem to even occur to him. He’s doing all this to buy her and isn’t taking advantage at all, what a saint. Gah makes me have mixed feelings though. On one hand, he’s a good guy who respects women. On the other hand, comon it’s a fantasy world with different societal and moral beliefs. Isn’t the point of such stories to let loose a bit? XD he doesn’t have to go all Summoned Slaughterman of course, but he’s even more proper than Silver Masked Satou.


        • True. I would keep to the policy of not doing things to people they don’t want done to them unless they attempt to harm you though, and everything else is your own judgement. I would probably enjoy sex with the slave, but then feel like a scumbag, as I wouldn’t have allowed her to ask for it as a human instead, so the best solution is to wait and see if her feelings are unchanged later.

          Liked by 1 person

        • In this kind of world Slave is not seen as humans but tools
          especially beautiful slave girls are often use as sex tools

          so if you use that kind of thinking you well see that the mc greatly offended his companion
          for the slave girl nothing is more important than serving the master they love

          So if MC well continue on this path then I can only say he is GAY!

          satou as you mention is different case
          first of all the slave girls he had are to young for his type
          as you might notice he is waiting for the oldest slave to mature before taking action

          so like I said showing kindness to a slave has just an opposite results
          sad to say the mc here is just hurting and insulting his slave companion making her feel lower than trash

          Liked by 1 person

  1. Why would he complain and offer to pay more than what the lady said she was going to charge him for the room when he knows that he needs to save a lot of money?


    • I said it earlier in the comments but it’s basically because he thinks she was up to something dubious/fishy (like trying to scam him) so he pointed it out.
      Turns out it sort of backfired in that respect but at least Hitto got to feel a sense of morality like “you should treat slaves as people too”


      • “you should treat slaves as people too”- that only applies to OUR world
        different world such a this you well have an opposite effect
        its like showing love to your remote control TV

        The value’s and morality is different for every world which most reader failed to understand when reading a novel

        For example in this case the slave girl feel that she is worse than trash
        normal her master would rape her on spot and so she fulfill her part as a slave
        since the MC deny this that is the same as saying your existence is not needed
        she is already use being a sex slave and its normal for them in there world


  2. The MC done the right thing here. Melissa is too broken atm to start a relationship and too young as well. Nothing wrong with being dense if it keeps you from doing the wrong actions. The MC is doing the right thing by treating Melissa with respect and kindness this will eventually continue to help Melissa to value herself more and hopefully in later chapters she would not see herself as a slave but a human being with feelings and freedom to do what they want. I hope the MC does not get into the romantic/sexual relationship with Melissa though I would rather the MC be like a big brother or friend to her vice versa. Thanks for the update.


    • lol that is wrong way of thinking
      Imagine if the girl start acting as human how well the society on that world treat her?

      The setting is like this a slave well be a slave for ever
      as proof the slave has time limit after there master died

      So saying to slave in that world to act as a human is like saying kill your self on spot.


  3. That is why most reader doesn’t enjoy and fail to understand this kind of novel
    Most reader stick to much to the REAL WORLD morality and values

    This is a different world
    A world where a slave is not seen as human
    So imagine your a slave and all of a sudden you are said to be human how well you feel?
    you are just forcing your own selfish logic and beliefs to a being in a different world
    for example the slave start thinking she is part of human society then well the Human on that world accept her? NO! One thing a slave in that world is FIX that’s the reason there is a TIME LIMIT for every slave that losses its master. They well remain slave forever UNLESS MC start ruling the world and make a new law from scratch.

    So such kind of thinking are very cruel to the slave girl
    MC make her feel she is trash by not sleeping to her
    Or you guys believe the girl is another virgin heroin lol
    The girl is obviously use being a sex tool or she well not be that disappointed.


  4. Well some of you guys are depressing as fuck. However you made some interesting points I did not think of it that way. Hmm well romance aside I would like to see how the MC keeps on surviving in this world and what goals will he make. I for one am hoping for good fight scenes more than anything.


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