Isekai Canceller – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: The Dwarf’s Shop


“Dwarf” was a race that also existed in the game I was playing.
It was a race different from humans. Their primary characteristics were being short and stout with beards growing on their face, very much like this dwarf shopkeeper.


The game pretty much let you choose whatever race you wanted your Player Character to be.
Dwarfs were not skilled when it came to Magic, but their abilities came from being both strong and dexterous.
Many of them were part of the warrior-class, but quite a few of them also displayed their skills as part of the production-class.


Although their appearance made them look not well suited for fine detailed work, and even though they had large hands, dwarfs were a race whose craftsmanship allowed them to make delicate creations with vivid ornaments.


Additionally, according to the setting they were extremely strict and did not allow slacking off when it came to work huh.
It’s just that their inflexible disposition made them hard to deal with. Another way of putting it was that they were a race who was synonymous with stubbornness.


Nevertheless, I certainly didn’t expect to meet a dwarf in this sort of place.
That’s because, back in the game, almost all of the NPC dwarfs often lived together in villages.


「And so, what’s your business here」


Just like I expected, his greeting wasn’t too friendly. It was as if he only serviced customers when he felt like it. But in any case, he’s looking over at me with an intense stare.
It was like entering a convenience store and having the cashier stare at you with a dissecting gaze.
In a store like that, I doubt many customers would come in to buy meat buns from them.




「The truth is that I’ve got a few things I want to sell. Is that sort of thing alright with you?」(Hitto)


「Yea. Even if the store’s a bit beat up, that sort of thing shouldn’t be a problem. If ya want me to buy some things then leave ’em here」


Saying this, he struck the counter with his finger.
As such, I retrieved all of the aforementioned equipment from my Magic Bag and lined them up on the counter.


「I’m gonna go assess these, so wait around here and have a look around」


I replied “I got it” and waited with Melissa for the assessment to finish.


In the meantime we looked around the inside of the store but―― I see, this shop really has some nice goods.
Since there’s a place deeper inside that looks like a workshop, this dwarf shop must be doing some blacksmithing as a side-job.


I wasn’t particularly well-versed in my knowledge of weapons and armors but, even so, I somehow understood.


Dwarfs were brutally tactless about most things. But when it came to their work, it was first-class. You could say that they handled it worth earnest enthusiasm.
The store was worn-down but I could very much understand that every single piece of equipment laid out were all magnificent items.


That is to say, numerous weapons were crafted while grinding away minuscule imperfections. Their outward appearances were also treated similarly. Each and every piece of merchandise was absent of even a single speck of dust, to the point that they sparkled. The high level of attention paid to their maintenance was another point that elevated their value.


I didn’t sense any cut-corners in their production either. A novice might not notice all these details, but even a novice should still be able to recognize how amazing these goods are.


「Is there anything that you would like Melissa? If you’re fine with a weapon then it’s alright to choose one」(Hitto)


After I told her, she replied “Eh!?” while looking really surprised.
But something like before might happen again. It should be alright if Melissa had something to bring along for self-defense.
(TL: He’s talking about the incident with the 3-idiots last chapter)


We shouldn’t have to worry about getting any armor though. The [Mirage Dress] that she is borrowing is a rather excellent piece of armor.


On top of having defensive power, when it sensed hostility, the dress had the special ability of shrouding and mist-ifying your entire body to the point where it would be difficult for attacks to hit you.


However, if it had that effect then it would’ve have been fine or it to activate against that bunch earlier…… Is what I thought but, it must have been because that bunch didn’t hold any hostility towards her.


They may not have meant any physical harm. But their intentions were still distorted the wrong way.


「If there’s a weapon that looks useful then go ahead and have a look at it」(Hitto)


「No, but as expected I cannot help but feel apologetic this. As it is, Master is already graciously collecting funds for my sake――」(Melissa)


Even though I told Melissa to go ahead and pick out something appropriate for her, she was once again wearing a sorry-looking expression.


「After all, it’s not like we’re that desperate for money right now. If it’s something at this level, then I’ll show you that I can earn back the cost in no time at all」(Hitto)


“Don’t let little things worry you so much,” I tried to convey it to her with a kind smile but, her mentality is still a bit hesitant huh.
Maybe it’s modesty or something like that――


「The assessment’s done」


Hmm? It’s already over huh, that was surprisingly quick.


I left the conversation with Melissa for another time, and made my way to the counter.
And afterward the dwarf shopkeeper gave me his explanation.


「Since these pieces of equipment over here have suffered quite a bit, the price won’t be very high. Still, all together it’s worth around 1,000 Gold. The ones over here have had very thorough maintenance done on them. Take a look at this paper for a complete breakdown. Anyway, the total value for these is 8,000 Gold」


Upon hearing their values I stared in completely amazement. No, not because of the prices, I was astonished by the accuracy of Melissa’s estimations. Was she at this level because she was a slave of a merchant?
(TL: Melissa guessed the prices exactly right in chapter 4)


I guess you could say, if she was at this level then most likely she should have the qualifications to be a [Checker (Appraiser)].
[Checker] was an upper-class job that you could obtain in the game. Although, production-classes like [Drugger] and [Smith] needed to gain the necessary experience before getting it―― I should investigate this next opportunity I have.


「What’s with the dumb face?」


「Ah, yea my bad. It’s just. No nevermind, that amount of money is good enough, I’ll leave it to you. By the way, Do you buy recall stones here?」(Hitto)


「Recall stones? That sort of thing isn’t within my expertise ya know. There are stores that specialize in magic devices. It would be best to go and see them instead」


「I see. Do you know of any good stores?」(Hitto)


Melissa might be able to tell me about some if I asked her but, Well, might as well ask.


「If that’s the case then ya should go to Eringi’s[1] Magic Shop. Or rather, in this town it’s better if you avoided going anywhere else but there. The rest of ’em are all crooked on top of their high prices, after all」


「Is that so, thanks」(Hitto)


「Do you have a map? I can draw one for ya if ya need」


As opposed to his appearance, this dwarf was a nice person. Although, his words and expression made it seem like he was constantly irritated.
The “Gap” is pretty amazing.


「Ah, Master, if it is regarding the location of that store then I already know about it」(Melissa)


As expected, Melissa already knew about it huh. Regardless, she’s still amazing.


「Since it seems like she knows the way, we should be fine without it」(Hitto)


I informed him of this, and the only thing he retorted with was “Dat right”.
Well, if you got used to this bluntness then it could be considered cute.
(TL: Tsundere dwarfs)


「By the way…… Come to think of it, I’m called Hitto so is it alright if I ask for your name?」(Hitto)
「It’s Dowan」(Dowan)


「So it’s Dowan. I plan on coming here from now on so my best regards」(Hitto)


「Ah, customers are always welcome to come」(Dowan)


「Yea. So then Dowan, do you any good weapons for this girl? I wanted something for self-defense though」(Hitto)


After that Melissa let out an “Eh!?” in a surprised tone, but I decided that it would be best to ignore it.


「For her, huh? Let’s see. Jou-chan[2], have you used a weapon before?」(Dowan)


「Tha-That is, umm… I’ve only tried using a sword for training purposes before――」(Melissa)


A sword for training purposes? Do slaves often have to learn swordsmanship? Or maybe it’s because Tornelo was a merchant so he thought she could be useful as a bodyguard?


「That so. So you don’t got any real combat experience, right?」(Dowan)


「That is correct. I only learned some of the basic forms」(Melissa)


And then, without saying a single word, Dowan went over to one of the display walls and brought back a single slender sword.


「This is a [Wind Estoc]. An estoc[3] by itself isn’t exactly a lightweight weapon, but this one’s combined with a magic stone during it’s production. One of it’s features is being as light as a feather. In addition, if you are proficient in using magic and if you pour magic into it when you swing then the strength of the Wind will add to it’s effective range」


Oh, I see. As expected, he chose a very appropriate weapon for her huh. Moreover, these type of slender swords could also be used as equipment for production-class jobs. This was something from back in the game but, there was no harm in bringing it along.


「How about it? Why don’t you try swinging it a little, Melissa?」(Hitto)


“Is that alright?” She looked for confirmation from me and I gave her my consent.


「Ah, it really is very light-weight. If it’s like this then even I would be able to use it, however――」(Melissa)


That last part was a bit unenthusiastic huh. Judging by her looks, well, she’s probably concerned about the price.


「If I were to consider buying this then how much would it cost?」(Hitto)


「Ahh, well in that case 15,000 Gold would be fine」(Dowan)


15,000 huh. Should I buy it for that price? Truthfully I never used this type of weapon in the game so I don’t know the market price but, while I was pondering it Melissa raised her voice and let out an “Eh!?” in surprise.


「What’s wrong, is it really expensive?」(Hitto)


I whispered in Melissa’s ear to make sure that Dowan wouldn’t hear us.


「Quite the opposite! It is completely dirt cheap! Based off my own judgement, at the very least the raw materials needed to produce this would cost a minimum of 60,000 Gold!」(Melissa)


Oh, so your saying it’s cheap. If that was there case then there should be no problems, but to think that the price was less then half huh.


「I get it, I’ll be purchasing this. Here’s the payment」(Hitto)
「Ahh, then I’ll say my thanks to ya」(Dowan)


「Nah, I believe we were able to buy some really nice goods. It’s just, are you able to make a living off this?」(Hitto)


The amounts of money that Melissa mentioned somewhat bothered me so I decided to ask about it.


「Well, just barely I guess. But for me, this is much better than having the equipment that I painstakingly made just sit here gathering dust, after all[4]」(Dowan)


Oh I get it. So that’s why he doesn’t really care about the money huh. The taxes were raised, and I heard that everywhere you look they try to squeeze every last penny out of you. Taking that into considering, I agree with Melissa when she says that this was a really fine store. It still looked beat-up though.


「Here, Melissa. Go ahead and use this」(Hitto)
「Is, is this really alright?」(Melissa)
「I’m the one requesting it. In times like this you should accept it without being reserved」(Hitto)


Since I insisted on it, Melissa deeply bowed her head.


「I understand. This weapon that Master has so graciously given me, I will cherish it as a treasure for the rest of my life」


No―― Like I said, you’re exaggerating it too much. Also, I would be troubled if you treated it like a treasure. It’s for self-defense after all.


「By the way, judging by your outfit you’re an adventurer, right?」(Dowan)


Just as I thought it would be a good time to leave, Dowan called out to me so I might as well hear him out.


「Yea that’s right, you could tell?」(Hitto)


「Pretty much. Well, the only people who go this far out of their way to come here are adventurers after all. Anyways, you’re called Hitto huh. You’re a pretty high ranked adventurer, right? After all, you’re carrying around some real nice equipment」(Dowan)


What should I do. I think that telling him that I just registered as a [Beginner] would be a bad idea.
Nevertheless, as expected of the person who manages a shop like this one. Just by looking at my equipment, he could discern these type of things.


「Well, I’ll leave that up to your imagination. So, is there something you need from me?」(Hitto)


Based on his way of talking, it looks like he only wanted to confirm if I was an adventurer or not.


「Yea that’s right. Five days ago I asked the Guild if they could bring me some iron ore and some magical fire stones and earth stones, but since then I haven’t gotten a reply. My stock is about to run out so I’m in a pinch. It’s fine if you go in your free time, but can you check and see if they got the request for me?」(Dowan)


I see. It was a request but it seemed pretty easy to accomplish huh.
Even so, I guess since everyone needed money the organization was kind of a mess.


「Understood, I’ll go ask. But to think that you request those things from adventurers huh. I thought that sort of thing would be under the Merchant Guild’s expertise」(Hitto)


「Normally. Before I would go through the Merchant Guild to get someone to gather those things. But lately all of the merchants have only been prioritizing Bungle’s stores so they won’t even come around here. That’s why I’m relying on the Adventurer Guild though」(Dowan)


That Bungle huh…… He’s really a troublesome guy.


「Sure seems difficult. I understand now. But, is it really alright if I only go in my free time?」(Hitto)


「Well, if it’s before the 7th then it should be fine. But if you can get to it earlier then that would be better」(Dowan)
(TL: The current date is “The 4th of April” so he would like it done in 3-ish days)


「Understood. I plan on leaving early tomorrow morning for a request, but when I return in the evening I’ll be sure to ask」(Hitto)


「Thanks. In return, next time I’ll give ya a special service」(Dowan)


Just be listening him talk for a bit, I could tell that he was a fairly excellent shopkeeper.
Although, his never-changing expression made him look irritated the entire time.


Well whatever. Melissa and I parted ways with Dowan and left the store behind――


TL Extra note: Pretty plain chapter but soon the subject will get a bit “controversial” (?)


TL Note: I’m not sure if Eringi is referring to a person’s name here, or if it’s referring to the Eryngii Mushroom (Wiki link)


TL note: Jou-chan pretty much means “Young lady”


TL note: An Estoc is a french sword that could similarly be used as a lance (Wiki reference). I like how the “In popular culture” section points out SAO and Dark Souls. Personally, I think of LotR.


TL note: The way Dowan phrases this, it can either imply that he made all these weapons or that he “gathered” them from other places/people.


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