Isekai Canceller – Chapter 8

Oh, I’m actually early for once. This is my procrastination for the week. This chapter is about 20% longer than normal with a bunch of definitions and terms. As such, some terms might change when more information is revealed in the future. Well then, time to get studying.

Side note: If you didn’t hear, I changed the title of last chapter and wrote an end-note (link) explaining why if you’re curious. No content was changed so no need to reread it.
Also No Chapter next week due to Midterms. Maybe a double release when I get back?


Chapter 8: To the Adventurer Guild


「EH!? He paid you 600,000 Gold!?」


When I returned to wagon Melissa said to me, “You sure took a long time, desu ne[1],” while looking considerably worried about me.
Well that’s was certainly true. After all I spent nearly two hours confined in there.
It seems that she was conflicted on whether or not she should come inside and check on me.
That’s was close[2]. If possible I didn’t want her seeing me use that trick.


「At any rate, still, why did he suddenly――」(Melissa)


Melissa was once again interrogating me with quite curious eyes.


Well, I expected that. At best the wholesale price should’ve been valued at 20,000 Gold. That price somehow became 600,000 Gold.


「Well, you know. After looking at that contract really hard I managed to find a loophole. If people found out about it then that store would be in a whole bunch of trouble. That master earnestly apologized and tried to persuade me saying “I’ll pay you this much so please let me off the hook.” I’m no devil after all. I let him off with just that」(Hitto)


It was a pretty absurd story but well, Melissa probably won’t pry any farther after hearing that.


「O, Oh I see. But as expected of Master! To be able to identify an error in that sort of contract! As a slave, I could not possibly be more proud」(Melissa)


Unexpectedly she responded with a sort of sparkle in her eye―― It’s fine if you think it’s great, but that way of thinking might end up being a bit dangerous.


「However, was that store really popular enough to be able to pay 600,000 Gold?」(Melissa)


She placed her index finger on her cheek in a lovely manner and tilted her head.
Well, he came close to losing all of his money. They might go bankrupt but like I give a crap about that store.


Still, we made it this far quite smoothly huh.
As expected it’s because of [Cancel], the Magic Bag I still had also came in handy.


Anyways the [Cancel] that I used this time, the official name was
[Cooling-Off] but, well, the effects where somewhat different in real life but, the strong point of this skill was that within a certain time frame after you trade something you were able to Cancel that.


By the way, the original use was for when you purchased new equipment. If you didn’t like the gear then you could use this Cancel to cancel the transaction but,


This skill was, “returning merchandise” would be a pretty similar example to what this [Cancel] is. Once the time frame for Cancellation was decided, it was possible to use the weapons as much as you wanted before Canceling it.


Since every weapon had a predetermined level of endurance, normally once that decreased then the amount of money you can sell it for also lowered. But, if you used [Cancel], then you could get back the full amount of money you originally paid if you returned the goods before the time period was up.


That alone made the skill quite good however, something more amazing happened when you Cancelled the sale.
After all this skill, once you sold back the weapons, if in that moment you used [Cancel] then the thing you should have sold would return back into your hand. You would also keep the money you received for it.


In other words, if you were to use this skill, then it was possible to infinitely multiply the amount of money you had.


As you would expect, a large number of Players rushed to file complaints, the administration also recognized this as a bug. They announced that they would make the proper adjustments to remove it but―― Around that time the Prime Minister declared that the meteorite was about to fall. It was already too late for something like fixing a bug, because as it stands the Earth was going to be destroyed anyways.


Well, even with that, the saving grace of this skill was that it could only be used on NPCs.
But in this world you could naturally use it on ordinary people.


Thus, the end result this time was due to this skill. Still, I took the risk that it might not work out in this situation.


In the first place, do I need to be in a situation like right now to be able to invoke the skill? I had that sort of thought but, for some reason I had a feeling that it would work out and I turned out to be right.


But, obviously, I don’t think I will be using this skill proactively.
But considering Melissa’s situation, if push comes to shove then I thought it might be necessary to test it out a little bit.


That opportunity came because of that piece of trash storekeeper. Fortunately, I was able to make a profit while testing it out.
Thanks to that, now matter how many times I used it, my heart didn’t ache at all. It had more of a “Suck it![3]“, that sort of feeling.


Hmm, but thanks to that, taking into account the tax we had to pay and the toll, the amount of funds we have should be more than 900,000 Gold.


If we continue at this pace then earning 1.5 million Gold within the time period may not be that difficult.
For now let’s head over to the Adventurer Guild to complete my registration.
After that we’ll go sell the remaining gear and, after finding an inn, we’ll call it a day――




Since the Adventurer Guild was located on the side of the Western Gate, it didn’t take much time to arrive there from the bar.


It was a two-story building that was not as large as the Merchant Guild but, well, the structure of the place used was different after all.


But the Adventurer Guild didn’t have a place in front for you to leave your wagon. If possible I would have liked to go inside together with Melissa but.


「Master. If you request the wagon watchers to look after the wagon then it would be possible to leave it here」(Melissa)


“Wagon watchers”? I wondered what that meant but, it seems like if you bring your wagon down the road, it appears that there are workers that will look after your wagon.


That sure is helpful, huh. I asked Melissa where we should go but, afterwards she waved her hand and a young lad wearing something that looked like a flat cap[4] was called over.


It appears that he’s the wagon watcher. However, will it really be okay to leave it to such a young child?


「If anything happens then I’ll call ya right away with this whistle, so be sure to listen for it kay」(Lad)


Oh, I get it. So a watcher is different from a guard huh. Still, it seems that it costs 500 Gold per hour.
I won’t say its luxurious, but it’s still pretty helpful nonetheless.


For the time being, I paid for one hour by slipped a silver coin[5] into his hand, And I headed towards the Guild together with Melissa.


The Guild was a box-shaped building with the mark of a Gryphon[6] carved on the signboard.
The front entrance had a door shaped like a horseshoe and the both of us went inside by pushing past it.


Inside was extremely hot. People trying to receive their rewards for completing requests; there was also a board filled with requests for people to look at.
People gathered around a round-table in the back drinking alcohol.
People seriously talking to each other, Well, there were a variety of different people.


By the way, since the Guild offered alcohol a lot of people came here instead going to bars―― At least, that was the explanation back in the game.


Well, despite that, it’s still a Guild. Like the typical template, there was a front counter with receptionists who provided support for the adventurers lined up there.


It’s not as much in the Merchant Guild but, as expected it’s pretty busy.
Since the sun has already begun to set, I bet a lot of people have come back after completing their requests.


I found a relatively less crowded counter and lined up, waiting for my turn.


「The next person in line nya~」


Whoops, looks like I’m next. The person in charge of this counter was a cute young girl with an anime-like voice.
Her dress uniform was open chested, it had a tinge of red in it’s color.
Since this girl has nekomimi’s[7] on top of her head she must be a beast-folk.
The game had beast-folk in it, after all. Also it had elves too.


However―― Her height was short but her boobs were big. Since her face was childish she looked just like a loli, I bet people can’t get enough just looking at her.




Oh crap! Melissa’s glaring at me with some malice! No, it’s not what you think. Sure I was looking at her cleavage but, you know how it is. Wait, what am I even panicking about.


First of all *Kohon[8]*, I cleared my throat and once again turned my attention to the receptionist and began talking to her.


「My name is Hitto. For reasons I went on a free-willed journey and traveled here but, after calming down a bit I figured that I should register at this Guild. On my way here, I found this person, Melissa, and her accompanying wagon under attack by some thieves. I defeated the thieves and managed to save her but, unfortunately the adventurers who acted as escorts had already passed away. As such, I have come to report this in order to receive the bounty for the thieves. Also I want to simultaneously transfer the ownership of the adventurer’s equipment to me」 (Hitto)


As I explained it to her like that, the receptionist looked at me as if she was surprised.


「That is, in other words -nyan. Even nyough (though) Hitto-nyan isn’t registered as an adventurer, you ended up exterminating some thieves, is that right -nyan?」(Nekomimi-shoujo[9])


It doesn’t really matter but, as expected she uses “nyan” to end her sentences -nyan.
Oops, looks like it’s contagious.


「Ahh, that’s right. If you don’t believe me, should I bring out their heads?」(Hitto)


Incidentally, their heads were stored in my bag. It’s alright to put even corpses in there after all.


「Nyo Nyo Nyo (no)! If you brought out the heads here it would cause trouble -nya! Afterwords I’ll guide you to a room in Claims Assessment -nya! That’s why, for now, let’s finished your registration with the Guild -nyan!」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


She said this while bringing both of her hands forwards in cat-like pose.
It was cute but her hands were just like a normal person’s.


「Alright then, please fill out the necessary information on this paper -nyan」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


Either way this girl, if you overlook the time when she was surprised, it seems like she’s constantly having fun.
She’s constantly smiling with a friendly smile on her face.


Well, it’s still much better than being constantly cranky. Even in convenience stores, in addition to the employees that hand you change with a frown on their face. If it was the same either way, I would rather have a JK with a warm smile on her face hand it to me instead.
(JK= Joshi kosei or Highschool girl)


Anyways, first of all, I begin filling out the paper that was handed to me.
Let’s start off with my first name, “Hitto” should be good enough here.
It should be fine if I don’t put a last name. I wrote that I was a traveler, after all.


Then, I filled in my height and weight as I remembered, and―― Fumu, “Job” finally showed up.


「Do I really need to fill this out?」(Hitto)


「Yup, Nyu (you) do. Is there something you are unsure about -nyan? Hmm? It’s nyaa (the) job, eh? Are you not aware of your own Job[10] -nyan? If you haven’t been given a job it’s okay to leave it empty -nyan, you can also write down what you plan to be -nyan」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


For some reason I think that the ratio of “nyan”s had suddenly increased but, enough about that, it wasn’t like I didn’t know my Job. In the first place, I don’t know how natural inhabitants of this world learn about their Jobs but, for me, my Job is a [Canceller].


There’s no mistaking that. I can even confirm it on the Status in my head. However――


「That’s not exactly the case but, by the way, do you know what a [Canceller] is?」(Hitto)


Well, let’s verify it just in case.
If Cancellers exist in the first place then there’s no need to hide it, after all.


But the truth was――


「Kyan[11]――? Nywat (what) is that? Nyat (that) is?」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


She tilted her head like a small animal while asking me a question.
Yup, adorable. No, that’s not right.


「No, it’s fine. Let’s see, I’ll say I’m a [Fighter]. Is it alright if I just right that down?」(Hitto)


「Nyat’s (that’s) fine. So~ then, nyu (you) are a [Fighter] eh, Nyai (I) see. Just like I thought -nyan」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


It seems like she thought I was a [Fighter] just by looking at me. Well, judging by my armor and dual swords you can guess it was something close to that.


By the way, so-called [Fighters] were a basic job in the warrior class.
As the name implies, it was someone who was skilled in using weapons in combat.


However, in regards to skill characteristics, a large number Players restricted themselves to only using a single weapon.
Additionally the other basic Jobs in the game were like this:
[Martialist] who specialized in using their bare hands.
[Archer] who’s strong point was bows.
[Thief] which was proficient at stealing, setting traps, and escaping.
Production class jobs that focusing on forging called [Smiths], and apothecaries called [Drugger].
Magic users called [Mage], and Spirit Users called [Sorcerer].
Healing classes called [Sister] and [Parson] ([Sister] for Women and [Parson] for Men).
And finally there were people who used summons called [Summoner], and people who used monsters called [Evil Tamer].
(For clarity: [12])


If you include [Canceller] in this list then these Jobs make up all 12 of the basic job classes.
Still, jobs were further divided into upper-class, high-class, supreme-class, and extreme-class jobs. If you increased your rank high enough then it was possible to undergo a job change.


Well, with that, if you go off of the equipment I’m wearing right now, I thought that I could pass as a basic [Fighter] class but, it seems like that idea fit well with the image.


Not showing any signs of doubting, the catgirl at the reception desk began checking the form I had just finished filling out. Then she started explaining about the Guild.


「First I’ll say the Adventurer Guild somehow suits you -nyan. The fundamental policy of the Adventurer Guild is to be an organization that conducts activities to help maintain the peace and security of the region -nyan. The primary focus of the Guild itself is to provide support for adventurers who are working to complete jobs -nyan. The jobs cover a wide range of things -nyan, but basically we accept and sponsor requests from individual people and countries -nyan. Adventurers perform these requests and afterwards receive a reward -nyan. Some of the simple requests include harvesting, mining, extermination of monsters and escorting. Well, there are a bunch -nyan」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


Hmm, this part is pretty much the same as in the game. It would’ve been fine just to ignore it but, for some reason Melissa is seriously paying attention while writing it down on a notepad.
Wait, when did you get a notepad?


「In order to accept a job, you go over to that Board and look at the requests. And after you choose a job that suits you, you bring it over here to the receptionist desk -nyan. However, aside from the contract-types there are also completion-types there -nyan」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


“Completion-type”? That’s a Word I don’t recognize.


「These so-called contract-types, like the name implies, are requests that adventurers complete themselves -nyan. Among them are some that recommend or require being in a Party so please be careful -nyan. There are also group requests there -nyan. Completion-types are, although I don’t really have to say it, it’s the type where once you have completed the contents of the request then you’re able to receive the reward -nyan. One portion may include collecting things and another part may include exterminating monsters, this sort of thing is pretty common -nyan」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


Oh, that’s what it means. If I remember correctly, there were also rewards for killing monsters back in the game.
However, harvesting requests should have been completely separate requests back in the game, but, well, I bet it must be difficult for the receptionist desk to have to constantly process requests for medicinal herbs one-by-one.


「There are also Urgent Requests and Commission Requests among them -nyan. Urgent requests are ones that want you to prioritize them over everything -nyan. Commission requests are given to specified adventures by the Guild -nyan. It’s possible to refuse commission requests -nyan, but if you refuse them then it will be reflected on the assessment of your rank -nyan. Conversely, if you accept and successfully complete them then your fame and fortune will both sky-rocket -nyan! It’s a good deal -nyan!」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


So-called Urgent Quests also existed back in the game, but Commission ones didn’t.
But, based on what she’s saying, I think she’s trying to subtly imply that if I end up getting a commission then I should definitely accept it.


「Next let’s proceed to your rank -nyan. There are jobs that recommend that you have at least a certain adventurer rank in order to do them -nyan. That recommendation basically means that they want someone of that rank to do that job -nyan. If you don’t meet the rank requirements then you won’t be able to accept the request -nyan.」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


Well, there should be no problem with that.


「As I just said, adventurers each have a certain rank -nyan. When an adventurer first registers then they Start off at the lowest rank at [Beginner] -nyan. From there, the order goes up to [Novice], [Amateur], [Manager], [Expert], [Specialist], [Professional], and [Master] -nyan. Your rank changes based on each individual adventurers behavior, the success rate of requests, and personal ability, The Guild takes these into consideration when deciding a member’s assessment -nyan. However, there are some adventures who are able to instantly raise their rank based on their merits -nyan. Nevertheless, it is still possible for your rank to be lowered in certain cases -nyan」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


Now that you mention it, back in the game, there was no way for your rank to fall huh.


「When you say “in some cases it can fall,” what kind of circumstances are they?」(Hitto)


In response to my question, the cat ears went *Pyokon![13]* and with them happily raised she answered me.


「Some examples of a case when your rank would fall is if you violate protocol, if your behavior was “poor”, or if you don’t accept requests in a very long time -nyan. By the way, in the case where your rank falls while you’re at the initial stage of a [Beginner] then you’ll be expelled from the Guild -nyan. Be careful -nyan」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


「Oh, I see. But being expelled is pretty harsh, huh. Leaving the protocol violation aside, how long can you go without accepting a request?」(Hitto)


「NyanNyan (TL: “Alright”?? I have no idea), first you’ll be warned within 3 months -nyan. After 6 months we gather information about the individual and then decide if we should lower their rank -nyan. By the way, in our business we call those adventures that don’t work outcast-adventurers[14] -nyan. Just a bit of trivia -nyan. You can also call expulsion a “Ban” -nyan」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


Outcast-adventurers huh…… I don’t know why but somehow that doesn’t sound like a good thing.


「Outcast-adventurers eh――」(Melissa)


Wait, you’re even writing that in the notebook!? No, that might be important later.


Still, I should try my best to avoid getting involved in these outcast-people. Well, that’s probably impossible――


ACTUAL Author note: That’s unthinkable you know!…… I’m telling the truth, you know!


My extra TL note: It would be boring if he did -nyan.


TL Extra note 2: I pretty much had Neko Mimi Mode stuck in my head the entire time. orz


TL Note: Melissa is still speaking formally/respectfully to Hitto. Since the translation seems a bit condescending I decided the add the “Desu ne” to make it sound more polite. Desu ne is a sentence-ender so it has no real meaning, Melissa says it a lot.


TL note: The original wording was closer to “that was dangerous”. Since the context is different, I changed it a bit.


TL Side note: I said this before in an extra side note, but Hitto says
[ざまぁ!]/”Zamaa” here. It means something like “Serves you right!/ You get what you deserve!”. Since “Suck it!” sounds more insulting, I used that.


TL note: Originally [パンチング帽] or “punching cap”. It’s actually the type of bonnet/Flat cap that “working class” wear. Think of your typical British news-boy from movies.


TL note: If you remember, Silver coins come in 100, 500, and 1000 Gold. Hitto gave him a single 500 Gold silver coin.


TL note: Don’t know if I have to say this, but here a Picture of a Gryphon/Griffin/Griffon if you need help visualizing it. Since Griffon can refer to a breed of dog/vulture I went with the gryphon spelling instead.


TL note: Nekomimi are cat ears. Like This. Although the first thing I thought was This.


TL note: Kohon is the sound of coughing


TL note: The cat-girl (nekomimi-shoujo or NK-S) talks like “a cat would”, ending her sentences in -nyan or -nya or “meow”. She also uses -nya in the middle of her sentences so I’ve tried to incorporate that into the translation.

Since I personally find it slightly annoying to read the English translations of these words, I’ve added the (English equivalent) in (parenthesis) to help you better understand. I know it breaks immersion but I don’t want to be confusing people on what “nyough” etc. means.


TL note: This “Job” refers to [適性]/”Tekisei” which means something like “Aptitude” or “Personal capabilities”


TL note: Remember that [Canceller] is originally spelled/pronounced [Kyansera]. NK-S cuts off the word here into just [Kyan-] (it also sounds like nyan).


TL note:

Normally I don’t mess with the syntax or sentence spacing that much but since this part is long I made an exception so it would be easier to read.

A bit of clarity. All names are pronounced in “English”.
[Martialists] are “Martial artists”
Apothecaries are old-time pharmacists, as in they make potions, antidotes, medicine, drugs, etc. Their class name is [ドラッカー]/[Dorakka]/[Drug-er] (unless someone’s got a better translation).

The healing classes are [Sister] and [Parson] . That extra parenthesis at the end was in the original text and was written by the author.
Males are considered [パースン]/[Pa-sun]/[Parson] (Link) (credit goes to RKain and crimsonphoenix125 for informing me of this).
[Sister] and [Parson] are considered the same class, just different names.

Also, side-note, I have to point out that Spirit User is “Seirei Tsukai(!) no [Sorcerer]”


TL note: [ぴょこん!] or “Pyokon” is the sound of her ears “cheerfully bouncing”.


TL note: The original wording is [エタ冒険者]/[Eta-Boukensha]. An “Eta” (link) is kinda like an outcast that is discriminated against by the community. The word Eta refers to being “dirty/unclean” but since “filthy-adventurer” doesn’t really make sense I went with outcast. This might change in the future when they reveal more details.


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