Isekai Canceller – Chapter 9

Yay, I’m back. Hope you didn’t have to wait too long with the two chapters last week. Not much to say other than I’m not sure how many chapters there will be this week. Two? Maybe three? Who knows what they’ll be (though I think it’s pretty obvious). Also, since it’s been a while I added some extra footnotes for your convenience.
Anyways Enjoy.

Side note: The -nyans get even more complicated this chapter orz. Also I rushed the editing a bit so feel free to point out any errors.


Chapter 9: Guild Registration Complete


「By the way, if you end up in an unavoidable situation where you won’t be able to work for a while -nya,  then you can submit your activities report along with a holiday notice  -nyan. Make use of it -nyan」


Oh, I see. By submitting that holiday notice you can avoid becoming that “Outcast[1]“-thing, huh.
Incidentally, the reasons for submitting a holiday notice include illness, injury, et cetera but these appear to be the main causes.
The rest are a bit rare but, in order to undertake examinations by the country, or in order to cram for a test also seem to be valid reasons for a holiday notice.


Still, among them were ones you could use as excuses. Despite that there were still people that became Outcast-adventurers but, well, that sort of thing doesn’t really concern me.


However, to use it in “unavoidable situations” huh. I feel that it implies something different from just being sick though.


「With that, we’ve finished the general explanation -nyan. Lastly are the things you shouldn’t do in the Adventurer Guild -nyan. First is that you shouldn’t misuse information you get from a request -nyan. If you accept a mission to guard someone then you shouldn’t do things like leak that information out to thieves -nyan. Nothing absurd -nyan. Also you shouldn’t do something that would put the your client in a disadvantage position -nyan. Don’t swindle people or anything like that -nyan. Threatening or blackmailing people is also no good -nyan. Lastly, it is taboo to quarrel within the Guild -nyan. Actions like wounding or killing other adventurers is obviously forbidden -nyan. If you do any of these acts then you’ll be severely punished -nyan. Depending on the situation there might be a bounty placed on your head and other adventurers will be aiming for your neck -nyan. I want you to never do these things -nyan!」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


She said all this with a smile on her face huh, this girl. Well, that’s fine.
After all, I don’t really plan on getting into fights with others for the time being.
There’s just one thing though.


「Is it acceptable to use self-defense against people who come and attack you?」(Hitto)


This is something I should confirm just in case.


「That’s acceptable -nyan. If you feel like your life is in danger then go all out and fight back -nyan. It’s alright even if you kill them -nyan」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


Even if you kill them…… No, well, that will probably end up being the case but, she easily said it with a smile on her face, huh.
She might actually be really scary, this cat-girl


「There’s nothing else to explain so I’m finished -nyan. Do you have any questions -nyan?」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


Questions huh――


「Will the Guild really buy the raw materials we get from monsters?」 (Hitto)


「That’s right -nyan. It’s often the case that while subjugating monsters you’ll get raw materials from the subjugation portion -nyan. The Guild will buy those -nyan」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


「What about aside from monsters subjugation?」(Hitto)


「? You sure ask weird things -nya-ne. There are no monsters that don’t need to be subjugated -nyan. monsters are all already targets for subjugation -nyan」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


「But didn’t you just say there were requests like extermination requests out there?」(Hitto)


「So-called Extermination Requests are requests sent when monsters begin concentrating in certain places -nyan. Individual monsters are already subjugation targets -nyan」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


So that’s what you mean. In the game when you defeated monsters you were able to get money from them but, since monsters don’t drop money in the real world, this is compensation for that right?


「Then that subjugation request is… what kind of request is that?」(Hitto)


「You sure like worrying about the minor details -nya-ne. You’ll go bald you nyow (know)」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


「That’s none of your business」(Hitto)


I said it with a groan. In the first place, my family history didn’t have any bald people.


「It’s a request that the country sends out in collaboration with the Guild -nya」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


In collaboration with the country eh. All things considered, will the budget be alright with that? That’s what I thought for a second but after thinking about it there’s also the raw materials you get from the subjugation portion.


Most likely the Guild uses this method in order to sell materials as wholesale to other places.
In other words, it’s called subjugation but, it sort of looks like the Guild utilizes adventurers to collect raw materials huh.


I bet the Guild is collaborating because there seems to be a lot of money and profit in monster subjugation. It sure looks that way since the country is helping out too.


「Do you have any other questions -nyan?」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


Oh, that’s right. Now that you mention it, there’s one more important thing I have to ask.


「Is it possible for slaves to register in the Guild?」(Hitto)


Off to the side Melissa went “Eh!?”, she said it while quite surprised.
Well, I thought something like that might happen.


「It’s possible -nyan. However, for slaves they are required to get permission from their slave owners first before they can register -nyan」(Nekmomimi-shoujo)


「Permission from the slave owner huh. Do you need documents for that?」(Hitto)


「An official document is no good -nyan. If they aren’t here in person then it won’t be allowed -nyan. Nyafter (after) all, we need to confirm the subordination vessel -nyan」(Nekmomimi-shoujo)


「You’re quite strict about it huh」(Hitto)


「Of course -nyan. If we registered a runaway slave then, “whoops,” it would be a serious problem -nyan」(Nekmomimi-shoujo)


As expected, it’s related to runaway slaves eh……


「Perhaps you also wish to register that slave girl over there nyor (or) something like that?」(Nekmomimi-shoujo)


“Nyor something,” she actually said it, this cat-girl.


「No, I just wanted to ask about it. Well fine, That’s all the questions I have for you」(Hitto)


「……Somehow you sure seem arrogant -nya」(Nekmomimi-shoujo)


Leave me alone.


「Well that’s good -nyan. You’re certificate is finished -nyan. But before I hand it over I’ll be collecting the registration fee -nyan. That’ll be 15,000 Gold -nyan」(Nekmomimi-shoujo)


「That registration fee is too high!」(Hitto)


「Of course -nyan. It’s common sense -nyan. But if you’re nyot (not) able to pay for it all at once nyen (then), we accept deferred payments -nyan. In that situation, we’ll deduct it from your request commissions -nyan. What do you want to do -nya?」(Nekmomimi-shoujo)


「No, I’ll pay for it now」(Hitto)


Saying that, I payed her 15,000 Gold in gold-coins.


「Thanks for your business -nyan」(Nekmomimi-shoujo)


What’s with that phrasing?


「Alright then, here is your adventurer certificate -nyan. Hitto-nyan’s personal information is recorded on it -nyan. It’s definitely not good if you lost it -nyan. When you lose it then the Guild can’t be held responsible -nyan. If harm is caused to the Guild because someone abuses it then you yourself will be held responsible -nyan. The replacement fee will be 30,000 Gold -nyan. You’re able to update it once a year -nyan. Anyone up to [Expert] has to pay a 20,000 Gold renewal fee -nyan. Above [Expert[2]] it’s free of charge -nyan」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


I feel that she said some pretty amazing things without hesitation.
This sort of thing is completely different from the game. Wait, even the renewal fee is way too high!
Even though it’s free for people above [Expert]!


「Well, at least the registration is over for now. Afterwards, I’ll leave the change in ownership and the case with the thieves to you」(Hitto)


「I understand -nyan. Come this way -nyan」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


I was invited inside by the receptionist, and I followed her towards the back but.


「You can’t go any further -nyan! Past this point is off-limits for anyone except for adventurers -nyan!」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


The cat-girl held our her hand and declared this as if it was a command to my slave (Planned[3]), Melissa.
As a result, Melissa looked at a loss on how to respond.


「If it’s the rules then it can’t be helped. Melissa, can I ask you to go back to the wagon and look after it?」(Hitto)


「Ah, of course. Is that so, I understand. Well then, I will do my best to properly look after the wagon!」(Melissa)


No, well, we originally entrusted that job to the wagon watcher, but if I told her to wait here then I have a feeling that it would be somewhat dangerous.
In short, I’m worried about her. But since that’s embarrassing to say I used the wagon as an excuse.


Although there were more-or-less some figures of women among them, it was pretty much nothing but savage adventurers out there.
To make Melissa wait for me here is, it’s kind of like tossing a female sheep into a pack of starving wolves.


「It’s fine if you have that Lad continue looking after the wagon as well」(Hitto)


「No such thing! If I am to return to the wagon then it will my job to look after it!」(Melissa)


So, she went back to the wagon with a strange fighting spirit. Well, an hour hasn’t passed yet so I think the payment should be fine for now…… And, well, I doubt anything will happen in that wide-open street.


After all, it’s probably safer to wait there than in here.



「These bunch of thieves have recently been showing up a lot -nyan. They’ve caused a lot of damage -nyan. To be able to defeat them single-handedly is amazing -nyan!」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


I entered the assessment room and, as instructed, placed the heads on top of the table but, I’m getting praised quite a lot huh.
Were these guys really such a big deal? Honestly they were so weak that it kinda annoyed me though.


「The adventueres that were defeated by these thieves were all [Amateurs[4]] -nyan. They were pretty skilled -nyan. You fought against opponents that could take down a Party of them -nyan. That means if we look at just your strength then Hitto-nyan is above [Amateur] rank -nyan」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


She’s most likely trying to praise me but, for some reason it sounded weird. Saying “Amateur” really makes it seem that way.
Although it didn’t seem that way in the game.


「Does that mean that my rank will go up right away?」(Hitto)


Well, since I was more-or-less interested I asked to find out.


「That’s not gonna happen -nyan. It’s nyunfortunate (unfortunate) but if you’re not registered at the Guild then your accomplishments before entering will nyot (not) give you any merits -nyan. But with this level of strength you’ll definitely escape [Beginner[5]] rank in no time at all -nyan. Do your best -nyan」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


Yea. I figured as much. As expected, it wouldn’t be that simple.


「Alrighty then, the reward for these thieves is 15,000 Gold per person -nyan. Also I’ve finished with the ownership transfer -nyan. With that, everything is done -nyan」(Nekomimi-shoujo)


……15,000 Gold per person huh. For some reason I feel that she’s been telling me some rather strange amounts of money while going “amazing, amazing.”
Well, there’s no helping that huh.


For now I grab the things that I received, expressed my thanks to the cat-girl receptionist, and stepped away from the counter.


And then before I left the Guild I went over to the notice board to look over the requests posted there―― But, most of the requests were already gone.


「Nii-chan[6], are ya a newcomer?」


While I was looked at the notice board, suddenly a voice called out to me from the side.
When I looked there was a middle-aged adventurer with a beard shaped like the character 口 who was intently staring at my gear.


「Yea that’s right. I’m Hitto, a [Beginner] adventurer that just registered today. And you are?」(Hitto)


「I’m not someone who needs a name, just a “Mob[7]“. Nice to meetcha」


……Is that so, so he’s a small-fry huh.


「Anyways Nii-chan, despite being a newcomer you’ve got some nice equipment, ya know?」(Mob)


「Is that right? Well, if you’re judging based on only looks then you must be spot-on」(Hitto)


It appears that there are some people in this world that can pretty much tell a person’s worth huh.
Well, there are some that try to deceive newcomers who have just registered though.


「That right? Well whateva, besides that Nii-chan. If you’re looking for a request at this time of day then it’s pointless ya know」(Mob)


“Pointless?” I was suspicious as I asked.
But then, “Mob” nodded his head.


「If you’re looking for a request then there’s an appropriate time to do so. There’s a certain time when they’re posted on there. The good requests are pretty much taken right away. Moreover, since adventurers are always hungry for more work, it’s standard to scramble for them. If someone like you leisurely takes him time searching then you’ll soon run out of work ya know」(Mob)


…… Oh I see. In the game, as long as it wasn’t past the the posted time interval, requests didn’t disappear. Because of that I was a bit careless huh.


But if you’re talking about reality then that definitely won’t be the case.


「Is it always like this?」(Hitto)


「Pretty much. It was a bit calmer before the feudal lord changed but, since the new lord raised the taxes, it’s been pretty harsh for us to maintain our livelihood. On top of that, the strings on our client’s wallets have grown tighter so the request commissions have started to diminish. That’s why adventurers all desperately try and snatch up the few juicy jobs left」(Mob)


That stuff about the feudal lord was just like what Melissa said huh. So his influence even stretches as far as here.
It is truly a troublesome topic.


「But is it alright for you to teach me this stuff? Won’t you be bothered by it as well?」(Hitto)


「Well, certainly “I have no need to be tellin’ a newcomer about this sorta information!” there are some guys who think that way. But I understand the importance of newcomers so I plan on nurturing them. That’s why I’m teaching ya these things」(Mob)


Despite calling himself a mob-character he sure is a person who properly thinks about things.
For thinking of you as small-fry from the start, I’m sorry about that, seriously.


「Is that so, thanks for the valuable information」(Hitto)


「Ya don’t have to thank me, Ahh one more thing――」(Mob)


“Mob” taught me the times when requests were posted, and after that we parted ways.
Thanks to that I was saved quite a bit of trouble huh.
Incidentally the times when requests are posted are in the morning, midday, afternoon, and in the evening. Four times in total.


So, if that was the case then the only requests posted right now are Completion Requests huh.
Then, this is――


Completion Request
・Collection of Nankou Grass[8]
Requirements: Nothing in particular
Details: Please collect Nankou Grass that grows in the Aloe Forest
Reward: 50 Gold for every 10 grams


This is―― Is this some sort of request for medicinal herbs? That’s what I understand from the name but, it’s the type where you can get a reward as long as you go and collect a certain amount of grams.


I have the Magic Bag after all. Considering that, this might just be a juicy request.
This request didn’t exist in the game but I already knew about the Aloe Forest.
In the game, it should be not too far off to the West from here.


After I was considerably composed, I called out to one of the receptionists.
It was a different receptionist from the cat-girl before but, well, it was the same either way.


「I just wanted to ask, but how long would to take to reach the Aloe Forest on foot?」(Hitto)


「If you are referring to the Aloe Forest then it would take about 30~40 minutes for a Warrior-class adventurer to reach there on foot. However, if it was something like a Magic-class then it may take a bit longer」


「I see. Then, if I’m not mistaken, this request is a Completion-type one right?」(Hitto)


I asked while I pointed at the only remaining request on the notice board.


「Yes. That request is something that is never discontinued you see. Even so, no matter how much Nankou Grass you pick from the Aloe Forest, the next morning more of them will have sprouted. That’s how much vitality it has, you see. As such, this request is there every single day」(Receptionist)


Is that how it is? That’s quite the regenerative ability huh――


「Is this Nankou Grass some sort of medicinal herb?」(Hitto)


「Yes. However, if you leave it as a grass then it would not have much of an effect. In the hands of a [Drugger] it can be compounded into a medical cream that is useful as a healing ointment. The person who sends out this request is, that person mass produces this medication in order to amass a massive fortune large enough for a lifetime」(Receptionist)


Hmm~ So that’s it. Even though this used to be a game world, once it became real there are a bunch of people like this.


「Do you have any other questions for me?」(Receptionist)


「No, I’m good. Thanks」(Hitto)


As I said that I parted ways with the receptionist, and decided to leave the Guild.


Well, first let’s do that. Let’s head out to the Aloe Forest tomorrow morning.
I bet if I show up early in the morning then I’ll be able to gather a bunch of them.
In these situations I’m really grateful that the Magic Bag exists.


I was planning on going by myself early in the morning, and while I was thinking that I left the Guild and decided to return to the wagon but――



「Hey, hey Nee-chan[9]. Come play with us a bit」


「Na!? Wait, Please stop it!」


「Don’t look so grossed out, I’m sure it will be much more fun with us than with that dude」


「If ya want, you can have some nighttime fun with us ya know」


…… What’s with those dim-witted guys?


TL note: Oh, a cliffhanger. You know what that means 😉



TL Note: If you don’t remember, “Outcast” refers to [Eta-Boukensha] or “Outcast-Adventurers” from last chapter. Basically an adventurer that doesn’t work and is labeled as “unclean/dirty”


TL note: In case you don’t remember, ranks go from [Beginner] to [Master] with 8 ranks in total. [Expert] is rank #5.


TL Side note: The original wording here is [予定] or “Yotei” which means Planned/scheduled. Basically Hitto is saying “My slave (at least that’s what I plan)”


TL note: [Amateur] is rank #3.


TL note: [Beginner] is rank #1


TL note: He calls Hitto [兄ちゃん]/Nii-chan Which basically means “Bro/Laddie/Sonny” but literally means “older brother”.


TL note: He calls himself a [モブ]/”Mob”. Basically he’s saying “I’m a mob-character/minor-character that doesn’t need a name” He also uses informal speech. Personally I wanted to call him “Kuchi” (the character for his beard) or just “Senpai”


TL note: Original word is [ナンコウ草] or “Nankou Kusa”. Nankou can mean many things so it could mean “ointment” or something like “southbound”. There’s no real way to know since there’s no Kanji though.


TL note: The female equivalent of “Nii-chan”. So basically “Sis”


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