Isekai Canceller – Chapter 7

Again with late releases~ Honestly I wanted to get this out earlier but procrastination is too strong for me~ Next week I will be heading into Midterm week so I don’t know how much time I’ll have to translate. I might get another chapter in by Friday but I’m doubtful. Also, thanks to everyone who participated in the poll. Feedback was much appreciated.

Also this chapter… AHHhhhhh~~~~~~ *Bangs head into desk in frustration*


Random Side: Anyone have good banners for Canceller? I can’t seem to find one that looks like the city (RPG-esque or with a fountain). Also I love the ones I have for Kenja; the book/novel crossover one is amazing and fits the story perfectly.


Chapter 7: Stride[*]


Having driven out the idiot who didn’t understand the rules and reasonings of society, the Staff Member was also quite dazed but, just as planned it was now my turn.


Still, Melissa also seemed like she was puzzled. In fact, having seen these reactions, a job like Canceller may not even exist in this world in the first place, huh.


Canceller was a job that certainly existed back in the game but, the time period when it was implemented was short.
After all, the version update that gave birth to Canceller happened just a short while before the Earth was destroyed.


Hmm, but if that’s the case then I would be grateful. Frankly, when I use [Cancel] it turns out well but, if some incompetent guy were to use it then in that moment it would turn into something troublesome.


「I understand. After having defeated the thieves, you wish to take possession of Tornelo-sama’s cargo」(Staff)


「I heard that there would be no problems with that, though」(Hitto)


I explained it to the office person and asked for his conclusion. He was a pretty serious looking man who wore glasses.
Well, in regards to this matter, there probably won’t be any problems considering there was nothing suspicious about it.


「Yes, if something like this were to happen then, according to the regulations, it would be possible to transfer the ownership of the goods to the person took care of it. However, since the goods were already scheduled to be delivered, the responsibility of delivery would simultaneously be transferred. Is this alright with you?」(Staff)


「What do you mean by “responsibility”?」(Hitto)


Since this kind of thing wasn’t in the game I had no idea.


「First of all, you have an obligation to deliver the goods based on the previous contract. In other words, if you wish to have the right of ownership transferred then it will become necessary for you to properly deliver the wine barrels inside the wagon」(Staff)


「Oh, that’s what you’re talking about. There’s no problem since I planned to do that from the beginning. Is it alright if I pay the fee here?」(Hitto)


「There is no problem in doing so. That is also included in the alteration. However, in that situation Hitto-sama would be required to pay a tax after the change of ownership but…… Does Hitto-sama intend to register at the Merchant Guild?」(Staff)


The Merchant Guild, huh.


「No, not right now. For now I think that I’ll register with someone at the Adventurer Guild first」(Hitto)


There wasn’t really a problem with being in two guilds at once but, since I didn’t have a job related to production, it would be pointless to registered here.


「Is that so. If that is the case then there will be a tax collection on account of the alcohol. Will that be alright with you?」(Staff)


Hearing the Staff member’s words, an “Ah!?” leaked out of from Melissa’s voice
There was a so-called carelessness in the air.


Either way, a tax huh. No, I should have expected that. Originally, Tornelo might have had to file his taxes at predetermined times in order to be able to sell his goods.


「So then, how much is it?」(Hitto)


「Yes, that would be 1000 Gold for each separate barrel」(Staff)


…… 1000 Gold you say? If I remember correctly, I was told that the wholesale price for each barrel of this alcohol would be 2000 Gold. But the tax will be taking away half of that, huh.


「How do you decide how much the tax is? Do you take into consideration the sales price?」(Hitto)


「Of course. Considering that Tornelo-sama had previously decided on the price beforehand, I am simply reporting the information, you see.」(Staff)


「……Is that so. Well fine, I get it. I’ll pay.」(Hitto)


For a moment I doubted him but, this staff member doesn’t seem like he’s lying to me or anything. He seems to be the clean-cut type of guy who indifferently treats work as just work.


There is the possibility that I wasn’t able to see through his deceit but, if it was an official thing then there’s probably nothing I can do. Besides, it wasn’t like I wouldn’t be able to still make a profit.


「Since there are ten barrels that would be 10,000 Gold huh. Can I pay for it here?」(Hitto)


「No, the teller window for payments is a different one. After we finishing making copies of the proper documents please bring them over there in order to pay」(Staff)


It is really just like a public office huh.


「I understand, I’ll do as you say. So, is it alright for me to continue using the wagon?」(Hitto)
「It’s alright to do so. We have already begun transferring the ownership of the wagon. However, we will have to dispose of the Guild’s seal on it. You will be able to use these documents as proof of the change in ownership. As such, please be careful as to not lose it.」(Staff)


Hmm, so that’s how it is. It would be a serious problem if someone were to misuse to Guild’s seal after all.


Afterwards the Staff member skillfully made a copy of the documents by hand, and then handed me the copy.
Since the payment window was in a different place, I temporarily stepped away from the Guild and took out 10,000 Gold from the Magic Bag. I went over to the collection window and payed the tax.


「Master, I am terribly sorry…… I had carelessly forgotten about the tax――」(Melissa)


Melissa lowered her eyebrows with an apologetic expression.
But I wasn’t particularly angry about it.


「Don’t worry about it. Either way, we can’t just not pay it.」(Hitto)


I told her this thinking that I could comfort her but, as expected she’s still a bit disheartened.


「All things considered, to think that 1000 Gold would be taxed from 2000 Gold barrels of alcohol, huh. Was it always this high?」(Hitto)


For now let’s see if I can change the subject.
And with that, Melissa opened her lips.


「The truth is it was cheaper back in the time of the previous count. However, since the previous count suddenly died from illness, his only son inherited this territory but…… Having been told his methods up until now have been too lax, he suddenly began to raise the amount of money required for taxes」(Melissa)


……I see, that’s how it is. He’s the one who imposed the high taxes. These kind of circumstances certainly never showed up in the game but, now that it was transformed into the real world you can expect this sort of thing to happen.


「But if the taxes were suddenly raised then the populace wouldn’t tolerate that, right? Were there really no complaints?」(Hitto)


「Just like Master has said, there was some resistance but, the present lord has divided the weight of the tax among the social classes. Opposite of what one would think, various people, like profitable aristocrats, were given a cheaper tax by the feudal lord. Particularly, people like the leaders of the knights were given favorable treatment. Even if the populace were to rise up in a rebellion, there would be proper countermeasures to ensure everything would be okay」(Melissa)


So that’s how it is. If you were to employ prominent aristocrats, then if worse comes to worse they should be able to suppress any uprising. In particular, I bet having the knights on their side was a big deal.


「I understand what you’re saying. Well either way right now I, I have already decided to earn enough money to have my precious Melissa serve at my side. The tax hurt a little bit but I’ll try my best」(Hitto)


While saying that I gave her a kind smile.


「Goshujin-sama―― Such kind words are wasted on someone like me」(Melissa)


Yup. With both hands covering her mouth, her cheeks reddened as tears formed and flowed down them. Aren’t you overdoing it a bit?


Well, whatever. At least she seems to be happy for the time being.
Now then, with that, we get onto the wagon and first decide to go and deliver the alcohol.




The bar that Tornelo had arranged to bring the alcohol to was located in the plaza along the Southwest side.
Since the front door was closed we circled around to the back entrance. A voice from inside told us to come on in, however――



「What’s with that Tornelo guy. To be killed by some thieves, Geez how useless」


This bar’s master[1] was a black bearded old man but he simply spat out those words.
His appearance was of a sleazy[2] man. His attitude also splendidly matched the way he looked.
I don’t know what kind of person Tornelo was but, the man he had a business contract with died and he has this kind of attitude, huh.


Well, that sort of talk doesn’t concern me though.


「So then, you’re the guy that’s suppose to bring the alcohol instead of Tornelo, Ye?」(Black Beard)


「……Yea, that’s right. Just like that document says, the change in ownership has already been completed」(Hitto)


On top of being scrutinized with a stare that looked like it was evaluating me, to be called “a guy[3]” huh.
Seriously, will a bar run by this dude ever be popular? Well, at the very least I would never come here.


「I get it, I get it. Then place the barrels over in that empty area over there. I have preparations to make so after you’re done it would be great if you just leave」(Black Beard)


「……Wait, before that I would like to receive the payment」(Hitto)


I made a request I obviously had to right to but, “Ahhh?” he rolled his tongue in displeasure.
This is bad, it’s just a feeling but this guy has a trashy stench about him.[4]


「It’s written in this document, right? I have the right to receive payment for this」(Hitto)


“Chii!” He clicked his tongue. Melissa’s disgust[5] also started to surface.


「You’re a greedy fellow. This is why you registered at the Guild right, this guy. Geez」(Black Beard)


While grumbling complaints, he heading back inside.
It’s neither greed nor bullshit[6]. I’ve already paid the tax for this stuff.


「Here ya go. You should be fine with this」(Black Beard)


The man threw a leather sack filled with money at me. Every thing this guy does is starting to get on my nerves but I inspect the contents.


「Hey! There’s only ten 500 Gold silver coins in here!」(Hitto)


「What’s wrong with that? That’s all I’m gonna pay you. You ain’t even a legit merchant so don’t go complaining about it」(Black Beard)


「Huh? What are you even saying, you bastard. If this is all then it’s out of the question. We paid a tax of 1000 Gold per barrel, you know. If we’re going that far in the red then I have no obligation to sell you the goods」(Hitto)


「Alright I’ll have you pay the break of contract then. According to the contract, if the goods are not delivered within a specified time-frame then you’ll have to pay up 10 million Gold」(Black Beard)


Is this guy seriously saying this sort of thing? Does he not understand the meaning of a contract? Actually, you must be crazy to ask for 10 million Gold.


「In that case you should also abide by the contract and pay 2000 Gold per barrel! If you don’t do that then the contract is a failure」(Hitto)


「Haa? Is you’re head alright?」(Black Beard)


As the man said, for some reason he moved to the front of the counter. He opened up a drawer and rustled around looking for something.
And after a bit he came back with a single piece of paper.


「Here, take a look at this, it’s the contract paper」(Black Beard)


Since the trash gave me the contract to look at I looked over it.


「It definitely says 2000 Gold per barrel according to this」(Hitto)


「Ahh, it certainly does. But take a look at the name, it specifically states that the person to be paid is Tornelo, right?」(Black Beard)


「Like I said, I already did the change of ownership and then came here」(Hitto)


「That’s what something the Guild did on their own. I only promised to pay Tornelo compensation. In other words, I legally don’t got to pay Ya a Single Gold」(Black Beard)


Haa? What’s with that reasoning? If you were going to overlook that in the first place then there was no reason for me to go and change ownership.


「Then this contract is void to begin with」(Hitto)


Anyways, with that reasoning the contract has no meaning from the start.
The person in question has already died after all.


「But that’s not how it is. Take a good look at where it mentions a breach of contract. The penalty for a contract breach doesn’t specify a name, it just says that the person responsible will have the burden of paying up. In other words, since yer the one with the alcohol, if the ownership were to change and and the responsibilities were transferred to you then I have the right to declare a breach of contract」(Black Beard)


I was at a loss for words. What’s with this contract. There isn’t a single shred of equal treatment. The only strong point I see in this contract is that it’s unfair.


No, besides, in the first place, this is――


「Kuu[7], this is a joke of a contract! First of all this breach of contract portion was clearly written in after the fact!」


That’s right, this contract, there’s obviously something wrong with the amount of money for a breach in contract. After all, three of the digits had characters that overlapped each other.


「Huh? Do you have any proof that shows that I added them on afterwards? This is the only copy of the contract, right?」(Black Beard)


……This guy, he assumed that neither I nor Tornelo was carrying to contract which led to this…… Certainly the contract was not in the wagon to begin with but――




Melissa sent a worried expression my way.
At any rate, to think that there would be such a screwed up contract huh. On top of that this guy is ignoring that fact that digits were added on afterwards.


「At any rate, I’m playing you 500 Gold per barrel purely out of my good will. If you get that then hurry up and leave the alcohol here」(Black Beard)


……Chii, if that’s the case then it can’t be helped.


「I get it. Melissa, let’s carry in the alcohol」(Hitto)


「EH!? But Goshujin-sama!」(Melissa)


Melissa widened her eyes in amazement. But you know, there’s no helping it.


「Hmph, looks like you understand. If you get it then hurry up and bring ’em in」(Black Beard)


「Ahh, but first I’ll have you confirm the delivery of the goods. I don’t want you complaining about it later, after all」(Hitto)


「Hmph! I’m busy but I guess it can’t be helped, I’ll at least do that for you」(Black Beard)


This guy is thoroughly arrogant. As expected, Melissa appears to be completely against the idea but, anyhow we carry the alcohol into the store.


「With this we’re finished. Alright then, Melissa. I’m worried about the wagon so go back ahead of me」(Hitto)




Melissa sure seems frustrated with her face turned down, huh.


「Also Melissa, until I return make sure to patiently wait for me in the wagon. In the wagon, you hear? Is that good?」(Hitto)


「Eh? Ah, of course」(Melissa)


With a puzzled expression, Melissa exited through the back door.
Alright then.


「So then, here’s the alcohol that was to be delivered. There’s no problem with it, right?」(Hitto)


「Ahh, there’s certainly ten barrels here」(Black Beard)


「Alright. Then, I’ll be alright for me to take this 5000 Gold, right?」(Hitto)


As I said this I took ten of the 500 Gold silver coins from within the leather sack and placed them in my bag.


「Yea, with this the transaction has been safely completed」(Black Beard)


「Yup, that’s true. Well then, that transaction I―― will [Cancel] it!」(Hitto)


「Huh? What are yo……」(Black Beard)


「What’s wrong?」(Hitto)


「Hmm? Ah, nothing」(Black Beard)


The idiot tilted his head and held his chin.


「Alright then, I’ll be taking back this alcohol」(Hitto)


「What!? Wait, stop screwing with me! If you did that then you’d breach the contract!」(Black Beard)


「That wouldn’t be a good joke. Then the 5000 Gold you first mentioned would be enough. Please pay up」(Hitto)


「……Ah, ahh so that’s how it is」(Black Beard)


Having said that the bearded man left and once again put ten silver coins into the leather sack and came back.
I took them out and placed them in my bag.


「Now with this, the contract has been fulfilled but―― I’ll also [Cancel] this!」(Hitto)


After that, I repeated to process until that master cried out “There’s nothing left, what happened to all the money!?”――


TL Extra note: Kakaka, Hitto takes crap from no one…


TL Extra note 2: Slowly the (reverse) harem is being formed…


Extra side about the title: The title of this chapter is [足下] or [Ashimoto]. I originally translated it as “Steps” because I thought it referred to Hitto going through the proper steps to complete the ownership transfer/alcohol contract. After thinking about it, I realized that the title can also refer to “My Pace” or how Hitto goes with the flow/does whatever he wants. Both technically apply to this chapter so I decided to go with “Stride” since stride can be talking about his “steps” and also “the way he walks/does things”. Clever wordplay, huh.


TL Note: Japanese people call bar owners/bartenders [マスター] or “Master/Masutah(phonetically)”.


TL note: The original wording was something like “filthy/dirty/foul” but since that sounded a bit out of context I went with “Sleazy”.

His dialog is somewhat “unrefined” but it’s a little hard to portray that in English when he only does it sometimes. Also since he’s referred to as the man with the black beard/mustache I’ll call him “Black Beard” (or BB for short if you want)


TL Side note: The original word used is [てめぇ] or phonetically “Teme” which is a rude way of saying “you”. It’s not as bad as “bastard” though.

Interesting side: the first sentence on Jisho that uses this word is [てめぇら、死にやがれ!] which they translate as “Fuck you all to hell!” I just found it funny so I thought I’d share.


TL note: By trashy stench Hitto means something like “something smells fishy about this guy”. Since that didn’t seem as harsh I went with a more literal translation.


TL note: Originally Melissa felt “unpleasant feelings” towards BB. Disgust has a bit too harsh of a connotation but it’s the only one that really fits here.


TL note: Again with this [クソ] or “shit” wording. Watch the language Hitto 😛


TL note: “Kuu” is sort of like “Chii” but not produced in the same. It has the connotation of “dissatisfaction”. Those who know idolm@ster should be familiar with “Kuu”


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