Isekai Canceller – Chapter 6

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Side note: For now I’ll use [brackets] to denote special terms instead of “quotations”. These [brackets] don’t exist in the original text, I just thought it would be easier to read this way. Also I won’t be adding new footnotes for old terms. If you don’t remember/are too lazy to look back then feel free to comment and I’ll clarify for you.


Chapter 6: The Ways to Use Cancel


「I was frightfully nervous thinking that we would be discovered」(Melissa)


Having taken the wagon past the gates, Melissa who was serving as the coachman was patting her chest in relief as she said this.


With the valley of her breasts standing out as she drew her slender white fingers towards them, with a somewhat sensational feeling my heart began to race[1].


「However, I wonder why he simply disregarded that? It did not seemed as if he did not notice it but―」(Melissa)


While placing her finger on her chin, she mumbled at the mystery.
But for me,
「Who knows? Maybe in the end he thought a single bag was nothing to care about?」(Hitto)
I deceived her.


Of course that really wasn’t the case, this was also an effect of [Cancel].


In the first place, in regards to how a Canceller uses his [Cancel] skill, aside from simply using [Cancel] during combat there were actually a variety of different uses.


What I used this time was among one of those uses.
It was [Conversation Cancel][2].


Well just like it reads, this skill was able to cancel conversations.
Honestly back in the real world, since it had the feeling of “What does that even mean?”, I wasn’t able to properly judge what kind of effect it would have.


Incidentally in the game this [Conversation Cancel], if you were to use it during a conversation with an NPC then that would also be cancelled. It had the effect of releasing you from the conversation window.


In the game, once you started a conversation with an NPC, you would essentially become unable to operate the Command until the conversation was over.
Of course there was a button you could use to shorten the conversation but, for an ordinary Character it was impossible to cancel it.


Because of that, if you were to accidentally click on an NPC that had a long conversation, although you could shorten it a little bit, it was still annoying.


A Canceller was able to cancel that. Originally you would not be able to use the Command while inside a conversation but, this [Conversation Cancel] was the only thing able to do that.


And then when you used [Conversation Cancel] in that instant the conversation window would disappear.
That was this skill.


So like this time when the soldier discovered us, if that was the case then I would have a sufficient reason to experiment with using it but―― this skill ended up having better results than expected huh.


It seems that when this skill is used on living things in this world, instead of simply cancelling conversations, it also cancels the things that they were thinking at the time when you use it. More precisely their emotions also became cancelled.


By watching that bewildered person I somewhat understood that it does not erase memories.
Simply, it seems that the feeling that he should investigate the bag once he found it had completely disappeared.
That must be why the person himself must have remembered being somewhat perplexed.


Well, either way, the change in this skill turned out to be a fortunate miscalculation. From here on there might be different ways to use it.


Hmm, but this skill really gives off an impression of being ill-natured. The main reason why Cancellers were hated in the game was because of this.


To be able to cancel an NPCs conversation――If it was just that then this skill wouldn’t have been so despised.
The truth was that this skill also cancel the in-game Chat.


Despite there being personal restrictions. If you used this skill on a specific individual then the person you used it on would have the words he typed disappear.
Thanks to this Cancellers who’s only purpose was to use this to harass other people began to show up and it was quite troublesome.


Of course I never did such a worthless thing. It’s just that for a while Cancellers became something that were detested because of it.


Hmm, while I was reminiscing about such a thing, I was able to gaze upon the open view of the city from the coachman’s seat.
Of course my point of view was different from in the game but, it seems that the basic structure was the same.
On the way I talked with Melissa about it but, as expected the gates open to the general public were each placed one a piece in the South, West, and East.


Right now the wagon was traveling down a stone-paved wagon trail that continued down from the Southern gate.
The trail was something like what you would call a two-lane road with a lane on each side, aside from the wagon trail there was also an established sidewalk.


Because magic tools were developed to a certain extent, spaced in various intervals along the street were long and narrow columns, and suspended above them were what you would call magical lights.


When it becomes nighttime, these lights would illuminate the figure of the streets.


The townscape was, if I had to say it was just like a Medieval-Fantasy. Wooden and stone houses were all lined up in a row.


Since numerous buildings were each individually built to look alike, even in the residential area you would find many ready-built houses[3] there.


Here in Arts Central was a water fountain in the plaza centered between all four directions. Although each one was separated, the wagon was now traveling down a large road that was one of eight in total.


In general the north side was the section for aristocrats, it boasted a high status. Well, in other words, people with a lot of money lived there. The south side was where commoners lived.


Because of that, there was a large number of stores lined up on the northern side that sold extravagant items.
Conversely, established on the southern side were shops and markets for common folk.


In the game, the Church that acted as a resurrection ground on the occasion that you died, located on the side of the city’s Western gate, it should have been constructed closer to the city’s aristocratic side.
The church bell would be rung once every two hours.


Well, in regards to the time, if you went to the plaza then you could tell the time by the clock floated floated over the water fountain. Magic tools used as timepieces were also sold as interior decorations.


Since it was like that in the game, naturally everything here was set up in a similar way.
Likewise, in the game you should be able to purchase land and you could also purchase houses.
Since you could buy large plots of land in the aristocrat district and construct an extravagant mansion, to a certain extent it was popular with Players who had high levels and had gathered enough funds.


Conversely, since there was not much land was left in the commoner district, it was customary to rent out a room in an existing building.
Since the cost of living was cheap in those circumstances, I felt that it was a popular option for Players who thought “For the time being I want to have my own room~”


Well, as for me, I will probably be living at an inn for the time being.
Especially because I have to focus on gathering enough funds to buy a slave first.


「The Merchant Guild was somewhere around the Eastern gate, right?」(Hitto)


「Yes, Goshujin-sama. It is just as you have said」(Melissa)


「Is that so……eh! Hah? Goshujin-samaaa!?」(Hitto)


「Yes. I, now that I have thought it over, if you are to be the one to purchase me as a slave then, as expected using Goshujin-sama here would be the most appropriate」(Melissa)


「No, that’s not right. Didn’t I already tell you? It’s alright if you just call me Hitto[4]」(Hitto)


「That won’t do. After all, if that were the case then while we are in the city Master’s prestige will begin to be doubted. In addition I personally wish to address Master as “Goshujin-sama”」(Melissa)


Melissa told me this while staring at me with a rather serious expression.
In the first place I haven’t purchased her yet, I don’t really give a damn[5] if she calls me Goshujin-sama but…… I suppose she’s quite obstinate about this sort of thing, huh――


「It can’t be helped. Call me Goshujin-sama or whatever you want」(Hitto)


「Yes! Thank you very much, Goshujin-sama」(Melissa)


What exactly are you so happy about?…… Well, coming from a good-looking bishoujo, being called Goshujin-sama doesn’t really feel that bad.


After that we traveled on the wagon a little farther. We approached the center of the plaza around were the fountain was.
Looking at the clock that emerged from the fountain it indicated that the time was 3:00 in the afternoon.


If that’s true, then the time when I saved Melissa should have been around 10:00 in the morning, huh.
Incidentally the way you tell time and the calendar should basically be the same as in the world from where I came from.


Except that there was no concept of a week like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Still, there was things like dates.
By the way, I learned this from talking with Melissa, today seems to be the Fourth day of April.


Well for now we changed the wagon’s course from the South to the East and headed towards that direction.
Continued on like that, after about 20 minutes of traveling we arrived at the Merchant Guild.


It was a building made of red bricks that had a roof shaped like the character へ.
In it’s own way it was a splendid building with both width and depth.
Well, it looked that way even in the game.


The design of a quill and an accounting book was carved onto the signboard, the words “Merchant Guild” were also engraved on it.


Across from the Merchant Guild was a storage area provided for you to park your wagons, we stopped there and secured the horses. Along with Melissa, we both entered the Guild from the front entrance.


Passing through some fairly stylish olive brown doors ―― The figures of Guild staff members hectically running about made it seem as if we had just stepped into a battlefield.


In front of the long, horizontal counter, a queue was formed by various merchants and other notable people all lined up in a row.
As you would expect, such a spectacle was rarely seen back in the game.


This Merchant Guild, as it’s name implies, was an organization built for the sake of merchants. If you wanted to conduct a business then it was first necessary to register at the Guild.


Moreover, if you wanted to maintain a store then at that time you would need to go through the proper procedures. If you wanted to sell anything back in the game then you would have to ask them and wait for a response.


However, it appears like in the real world you need to fill out forms and go through various office-like procedures.


Incidentally, the feudal lord also entrusted the management of the land solely to this Merchant Guild.
Therefore, back in the game, at the time when you would want to buy a residence or land it would be necessary for you to come here and visit the Merchant Guild.


And it doesn’t seem like much has changed on this end.


Still, aside from that, this queue sure seems pretty boring. Coming here just to line up and wait, I have no idea how long this will take.


「Master. The line with many people standing there is for people who are registering at the Guild and for people who are requesting to open up a shop. Since Master is requesting a change in ownership of cargo it is possible to use this line instead」(Melissa)


Having been informed by Melissa, I moved towards the counter in the back.
Since over here has only about 5 or 6 people lined up, if it’s like this then it certainly seems like we wouldn’t have to wait for long.


While talking to Melissa about what would happen next I got in line and waited for my turn.
And then, after one more person finishes, it will finally be my turn at the counter.


「Yes yes, pardon me for a bit」 (???)


For some reason a fatso[6] wedged himself in front of me.


「Master, this is……」(Melissa)
「Ahh, he cut in front of us. In a fairly bold way as well」(Hitto)


Incidentally, behind me were about 4 or 5 new people lined up. This guy also disregarded them and cut to the front.


「Hey you, everyone else is standing in line so don’t cut in front」(Hitto)


The fatso didn’t say anything. What’s with this guy?


「Hey, you better stop」


The person behind me whispered in my ear.


「Why is that? Shouldn’t you guys be angry as well?」(Hitto)


Starting to grow irritated, I turned my head and questioned.


「You don’t know? That person is called Bungle[7], one of this city’s most famous and wealthy merchants. He manages quite a large weapons and armor store, you know. I heard he has a lot of influence on the feudal lord. If you oppose him then you’re in for a lot of trouble. For your own sake, it’s better if you endure it right now」


「Bungle!? I, I have also heard of that name from Tornelo…… Using quite forceful methods he expanded his store, using everything in his power to destroy things he did not like…… Master, here we should――」(Melissa)


Melissa looked at me with worried eyes.
Then Bungle turned his head towards me and with a *Niyaa[8]* he displayed a dirty grin.


「Well, I am in a good mood today. I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear those rude words that you[9] said to me earlier」(Bungle)


「The next person please ~」


Ohh it was my turn next, but Bungle proceeded forward. For some reason the guys behind me were calling out, “Good for you, huh,” and various other things.


Good for me? What kind of stupid things are you saying. I don’t know how much of a great and wealthy merchant this guy is but, I’m not someone who would just consent and go “Oh, is that so?” just like that.


「Why if it isn’t Bungle-sama. As always we have been in your care. So then, what sort of business do you have with us today?」(Guild Staff)
「Umu. The truth is――」(Bungle)


I faced the fatso’s back and let out a voice that sounded like roar.


「…… Umm, the truth is?」(Bungle)


With words that sounded like a question escaping his mouth, Bungle tilted his head.
The staff member faced him with a somewhat puzzled look.


「If your business is finished then would you mind going off to the side?」(Hitto)


Having told Bungle this, the fatso turned towards me with a bewildered look on his coarse, round face.


「You don’t have any more business here, right?」(Hitto)
「……Ah, yeaaa」(Bungle)


Having said that Bungle got out of line, and just like that headed outside the building.
Seriously, You get what you deserve――


TL Extra Note: Hahaha, ざまぁみろ! [Zamaa miro!]. (This is what Hitto actually says by the way.)


TL Extra note 2: Also I wanted to call the person behind Hitto (The Butt Person) but since Anaru took that job I’ll leave him unnamed.


TL Side Note: I sometimes forget that Melissa is wearing a lewd, “not much better than underwear,” Mirage Dress.


TL note: For those who care, the original is [会話 キャンセル] or [Kaiwa Cancel].


TL note: I assume it sort of resembles tract homes. Except made out of wood and stone.


TL note: Originally spelled [ご主人様] which means Master-sama. This is slightly different than what Melissa called Tornelo which is more like “owner”.

Do note that the Capitalized “Master” is actually Goshujin-sama. Since I’m lazy/it would break the immersion, I’ll only use Goshujin-sama when it makes sense to and will use Master most of the time. (Also silly Hitto, Melissa has only listened to you once when it comes to naming.)


TL note: Hitto literally said something like “I don’t give a shit [if she calls me that]” but since I thought it sounded weird for Japanese I changed it a bit.


TL note: Originally [デブ] for “fat person”. Since he’s a jerk, I’ll call him Fatso.


TL note: Originally his name is spelled [ボンゴル] or phonetically [Bongoru]. Since I think it’s close enough (and cuz I/Hitto hates him) I’ll name him Bungle. Bungle means “Clumsy and Awkward” so I think the name fits.


TL note: The sound effect he does is [ニヤッ] or “the sound of smiling/grinning”


TL note: Hitto is called [貴様]/[Kisama] or “a bastard” again. Maybe everyone is just jealous of Melissa or something.


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