Ultimate sadness; an unrelated side-note

On a completely unrelated side note to any of the series, I just found out that Hanpen won’t be illustrating Blade Dance anymore due to poor health :'(. You will be missed. Although the new artist, Nimura, has some pretty epic art I will miss the super detailed hair of Hanpen.

In my depression, I secretly read 2.5 chapters of Canceller (because I’m evil like that) and after an emotional roller-coaster of going from depressed to angry to delighted with Hitto’s antics I feel much better now. Expect Chapter 6 of Canceller later this week. Kenja ni Natta will probably go on mini-hiatus unless people really want more chapters of it. Like I said many times, I’m not really qualified to translate Kenja but if people enjoy the read as much as I do then I’ll put in the effort.

Also, here’s a sample of the new Blade Dance artist. The color pages are great and all but the black and white volume illustrations by Nimura as honestly quite lacking in detail. They look more like a manga drawing than a novel one.



19 thoughts on “Ultimate sadness; an unrelated side-note

  1. D; I hate it when I see an author or illustrator ill. Well, on another note I was enjoying Kenja but can completely understand if you want to put it on haitus if you aren’t enjoying it or if it is simply difficult to translate.

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    • That’s not really the reason why it’s on mini-hiatus. I originally planned to only do Chapter 1-1 and maybe do the rest in my free time. I really do love the series but it takes a lot of time to translate which would take away from Canceller. Especially since I’m honestly not qualified enough. For now, maybe a Kenja chapter every month or so, depending.

      If enough people want me to continue Kenja instead of Canceller then I’ll work on it a bit more. Maybe I’ll make a poll next time,


      • I prefer kenja over canceller but I have zero knowledge in translating so I don’t know how the difficulties compare, and I am a lowly leech so what ever you choose to do, I support you. 🙂


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  3. …. I only know the leviathan novel thingy, but imo that one has better illustrations and character design, so I am actually looking forward to the new Blade Dance new illustrations. Well whatever the case I just hope the new illustrator will draw the swords better.


  4. the author and the illustrator should have gone to the gym and eaten raw eggs with vitamins and nutrients supplements to keep themselves healthy!


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