Livestreamer’s New Game+ – Chapter 12

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Volume 2: Samurai Hunting

Chapter 12: Sex Maniac and the USA




「My apologies, could you please repeat yourself once again?」
「Since I couldn’t find a fitting bow for Sonya in Aran’s item box, I figured that we should go out and make one instead」
「Go out, right now?」
「That’s right」
「And also…… to this place? I, for one, thought that we were only going to head to the Rabasta Woodlands……」


Edgar was calm and collected as Sonya was a bit perplexed. Their current location, far away from the starting port city of Crescendo, they were in a town by the name “Myune”, standing inside a small book shop.
Myune was located in the center of the Grand Map in the vicinity of the「Veroon Grand Duchy」Area. Isolated on the outskirts of the Area, it was a small town surrounded by desert.
The Veroon Grand Duchy Area, to the North there is the 「Demon King Magda’s Command Post」which many high level players flock to. In addition, scattered to the East and West are a number of key places necessary for mid-level player. In this world the Veroon Grand Duchy is the Area with the highest population density, and yet there are hardly any players living in this town of Myune. The reason for this was because the major city Vernewt located nearby. With many NPC vendors, an Auction House, and plenty of Story Events, Players often head to large city of Vernewt instead.


「For a while now I’ve been wanting to scout out Myune as a possible livestream location」


Although Myune was a town that had little practical use for your average player, it might be a valuable town for people who want to livestream without being interrupted by other players. Edgar had once thought of that idea and has since wanted to visit this town.


「Also, I read about it on the Wiki, but it looks like they’re selling the recipe for a nice bow with pretty good cost-performance in this book shop」
「The place where Edgar-sama’s good friends were attacked by that Wizard, was it not at the Rabasta Woodlands?」
「We’re just stopping by… well I guess this is a pretty big detour. But, even though it will cost some money, we can just Fast Travel back so it isn’t a big deal」


Edgar spoke as if it was a trivial matter.
Fast Travel was a convenient function that allowed you to instantly arrive at a town or dungeon you have previously visited. However, aside from traveling to your Home House, the distance you could travel was limited by how much in-game currency Manila you had to spend.


「It is true that returning back will take less time compared to us arriving here, but having come so far, I believe it will cost quite a sum of money……」
「You shouldn’t be worrying about the amount, Sonya. And besides, I brought more than enough money from Aran」


But regardless, the reality is that Edgar and Sonya had used a considerable amount of Manila just to reach Myune.
First off, they left the port city of Crescendo by sea and arrived at the city of Gran Holts, in a region within the Veroon Grand Duchy. From there they used the regularly scheduled stagecoaches to reach the city of Vernewt. Once in Vernewt, they rented some horses and continued down a long barren road until finally arriving at Myune.
Of course, with Sonya being Sonya, she had already noticed that they were heading to a different location for a while now.


「Come on in. Would ya be looking for a Recipe?」
「We’re looking for a Bow Recipe」
「The best one we’ve got would be the【Long Bow Creation Method Ⅲ】but…… Will that be alright wit you? A Samurai like yurself can’t equip the bow that’s made from that Recipe though」


Although each and every Class has a limitation on what weapons they can equip, among the available weapons for each class was something more or less like a 「Specialty Weapon」.
If you didn’t have any particular preference in mind then the usual thing to do was to equip your Class’s so-called specialty weapon. The reason for this was simple, it was because you could refine and enhance your specialty weapon’s functions.
By equipping a specialty weapon you could draw out that weapon’s latent abilities. For instance you can give it abnormal status debuffs such as「Poison」, and some weapons increase the number of hits per attack.


Although the bowman class, “Archer”, has the specialty weapon of a bow, from among those「Bows」there are a large variety of different types.
Long Range with high firepower behind each shot, but with the downside of being difficult to fire in rapid-succession and lowering your movement speed: The「Long Bow」. Conversely to that, there is the Short Range low firepower, but capable of rapid-fire shots: The 「Short Bow」. Furthermore, unlike a normal bow which uses「Angled Trajectory」, the highly accurate 「Bow Gun」which can only fire short distances with a linear trajectory, but with an even higher fire-rate than short bows.
Since Sonya is unable to use Skills her firepower is quite limited. Thinking that using a high-powered weapon might offset this a little, Edgar decided to have Sonya use a 「Long Bow」.


「It doesn’t matter. The one equipping it will be Her」
Heeh~, making your Companion equip it…… You’re quite the sex maniac huh」


Looking at Sonya’s figure as she stood close behind Edgar, the shopkeeper wore a mischievous smile.
What do you mean by “Sex Maniac”. What’s wrong with me setting things to my preference.
While glaring back at the shopkeeper, Edgar spat out those words in his heart.
Incidentally, “Companion” was another name for Support NPCs.
Often times Support NPCs that go hunting alongside their masters are called as such.


「Well~, Having a good look at your Companion here, I can’t say I don’t get where you’re coming from」
「Well, Thanks」


While averting his eyes as to not see the shopkeeper’s sneering grin, Edgar received the【Long Bow Creation Method Ⅲ】from him and put it in his item inventory.
We’ve got the Recipe now. Next is the Ingredients.
The「Composite Bow」that can be made from the【Long Bow Creation Method Ⅲ】does not require the use of materials above “Rare” class. It is a bow that could be crafted from “Common” and “Uncommon” class materials sold on the marketplace.
We should be able to gather all the ingredients necessary just by looking around town for a bit.


「Is Edgar-sama a『Sex Maniac』?」


The moment they exited the Book Shop, Sonya abruptly voiced those words. Edgar unintentionally spat out his breath.


「According to the database, a Sex Manic is 『A Person of Peculiar Tastes』and『A Person with Strong Sexual Desires』. Synonyms include the words『Pervert』『Lecher』『Degenerate』『Erotomaniac』──*Mmmph*」
「Hey, Wait, STOP!」


Edgar hastily closed off Sonya’s mouth.
What in the world is she saying all of a sudden. It’s a good thing this place doesn’t have many people.


「Listen carefully Sonya, be sure to never speak of this again」
「……?? Understood, I have received your command」


While tilting her head to the side, Sonya acknowledged the words of the now panicking Edgar.
To think that bringing Sonya to hunt with me would carry such a “Risk”…
──As I thought, hunting by yourself is much more stress-free.


“That bombshell must never see the light of day,” with his thoughts in turmoil, Edgar went around to the other stores that sold Wood and Steel materials.
However… silently following him from behind, and unbeknownst to the person in question, Sonya was adding a certain entry into her Programmed Learning Database:
Edgar-sama is a Sex Maniac」.[1]




「It is an elegant bow, isn’t it」
「It’s not very high-grade, but for something that doesn’t use Rare ingredients I think it turned out pretty good」


Edgar crafted the aforementioned composite bow and handed it over to Sonya, but a weapon was not the only thing that he gave her.
Because the Gothic Lolita dress that fit Edgar’s preferences was not very well suited for combat purposes, Edgar had prepared a complete set of Archer equipment.
Made from leather and dyed the color Moss Green was a「Ranger Jacket」, covering the arm from the shoulder down to the elbow was a「Ranger Spaulder」, and attached to only one of her knees was a「Ranger Poleyn」that allowed you to shoot from a kneeling position. All the equipment were chosen with an emphasis on mobility.
They were equipment being sold at your average armor shop, but since they had the additional attribute of Accuracy UP they were impressively effective relative to their price.


「Well then, Let’s head back」


By traveling through Crescendo, we should be able to reach the Rabasta Woodlands were Suzu-san and Megu-san were attacked.
If our opponents are on the level of Forest Goblins, then Sonya should be able to defeat them on her own.
Thus, Edgar opened the Menu. But, as he was thinking of selecting the Fast Travel option, something happened.


「LIKE・I・SAID! There’s noo waay, that’s unreasonable!」
「……What’s going on?」


With its lack of Players, Myune was a quiet town. The occasional conversations of friendly NPCs gave the place a comforting and pleasant atmosphere. In such a town, a man’s angry shout suddenly rang out.


「C-Can you please do something about that! When I return, I will be sure to return the money!」
「In that case you should just go ask your Friends or something! Asking me for help ain’t going to get you anywhere!」


The commotion was coming from the center of Myune. In the middle of the town was a beautiful oasis; glimmers of light danced on water’s surface as the sun reflected against it. Close by was a single general store.
At the entrance of the store, was a daunting old man who seemed like the storekeeper, and a Player who looked like she would burst into tears at any second.
It seems like the girl was being driven out by the storekeeper. A small young girl with rabbit ears, a Player with the name「USA」.
The half-human, half-beast Avatar she used was part of the Mohm race.
Unlike the Elf-race Megu and the Demon-race Timbre, and different from the Human-race Edgar, the Mohm race was a species similar to a Mascot Character for Dragon’s Krone. Even as adults, people of the Mohm race will always have small and tiny bodies.[2]


「I, I don’t have any Friends…… At this rate I won’t be able to get back home to Crescendo……」
「Like I care, you dunce! You have no one to blame but yourself, coming here at your Level without even a back-up plan!」


Her rabbit ears drooped, the Mohm Girl hung her head down.


「I wonder what might be the problem」
「It’s probably……」


Hearing the exchange between the shopkeeper and the Mohm Girl, Edgar shifted his attention to them.
That Player has no way to get back to Crescendo.


Incidents like this often happened to beginner players.
As they start to increase their Level, they get absorbed in the Fun of defeating Mobs, and before they realize it they will find themselves in a location farther off then where they intended.
And so, if they are unlucky then they will step foot into a hazardous Area, and no matter how hard they try they can’t defeat the Mobs attacking them. They will have no choice but to take refuge in a nearby town.
Being in a town surrounded by terrifying Mobs, if they had the money for it then they could Fast Travel back to their home town, but if they don’t have the money then they will have to once again run past the field of Mobs. If they are killed by said Mobs then they will be sent back to their Home House, but all the items they gathered would be hopelessly lost.
And, it looks like that Mohm Girl committed that exact same mistake.


「Well, it’s just like that shopkeeper said, you reap what you sow. Let’s go, Sonya」
「Edgar-sama, as USA-san seems to be in quite the predicament, how about we, for instance, allowed her to Fast Travel along with us」
「……Why would we do that?」


When Sonya’s words came forth, Edgar was in disbelief at what he just heard.


「Why in the world do I have to go out of my way to help some random Player. Besides, if you die then you’ll get sent back to your Home Home. She’d lose all her items and equipment, but it’s not like she will be trapped in this town forever, right?」
「However, She is a Samurai just the same as Edgar-sama. If you took a look at her Status, then you will be able to see that she had just started playing not that long ago」


At that one word, Edgar fixed his gaze on the Mohm Girl who was completely at a loss as she stood before the general store.
Edgar opened up the Menu, and confirmed the Status of his target.
It’s like Sonya said, she’s the same class as me. A Samurai huh.
Her equipment is「Cloth Armor」which is unusual for a Samurai, but the weapon on her waist is no doubt a katana.
Because the size is made to suit her height, it is a pretty cute katana though.


「Oh, this is her self-introduction」


Taking a look at the same Mohm Girl’s Status, Sonya let out a couple of words.
On the Status screen, At the very bottom.
There you could leave a Comment that acted like a sort of self-introduction.
And, looking at the one sentence written there, Edgar let out a small sigh.


「 “I started playing because I admire the Samurai, Aran-san”── She appears to be a fan of Edgar-sama, isn’t she」


Being in apparel magazines and game magazines, with his mass exposure in multi-media, there were quite a few Players who start playing Dragon’s Krone out of admiration for Aran.
And so, being the popular livestreamer that he was, Edgar had an extreme weakness for those who admire him with words like “I’m a fan”.
Because he is a Loner in the real world, here in the virtual world he deeply cherishes his Fans and Listeners.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was「Imprinted in his brain」to care for them.




Being suddenly called out to, the Mohm Girl seized up and froze.


「…… Do you have no way of getting to Crescendo?」
「Eh? Eh, ummm…… Yes. That is……」


She’s desperately racking her mind for options, so she’s that type of person huh.
While still being hesitantly scared, the Mohm Girl ever-so-slowly nodded her head.


「We were planning on heading back to Crescendo using Fast Travel, but…… well, how to put this. If you would like, do you want us to take you along with us?」
「……ッ! REALLY!?」


When using Fast Travel, the one who has to pay the Manila for it would be Me, the Party Leader.
Even if she doesn’t have the money, if the Mohm Girl forms a Party with me then she should be able to go back to Crescendo with us.
It’s not like Sonya and I will be harmed by it in any way. It’s not too big of a deal I guess.


「B-But, I don’t have any money you know?」
「That doesn’t matter. I don’t need any money」
Ah, but, if it’s materials from hunting Mobs on the way here, then I have those!」


Saying that, she took out a mountain’s worth of「Saber Cat Fangs」「Lizardman Scales」and「Iwakui Bug Horns」from her item inventory.
Every one of those were materials dropped by the nearby Mobs.
If you sold them at a store then their price would be dirt cheap. Materials with the lowest rarity 「Common Class」.
To be completely honest, I don’t want it.


「No, there’s no need. I know it seems very suspicious…… But I’m simply doing it out of good will」
「Eh, EHHHH!?」


The Mohm Girl’s rabbit ears shot up and stood their full-length in surprise.
My, what a cute gesture.


「T-That is…… Really?」


With her body teetering from side to side, the Mohm Girl looked at Edgar for a long time with upturned eyes.


「Yea, no need to worry. Umm, U.S.A?」
「Awa~, Thank you so very much! I didn’t know what to do when the general store owner-san said『Buzz off~ Like hell I’m going to give you healing items!』. I was really at my wit’s end」


So… The general store shopkeeper was yelling because you tried to ask an NPC to loan you out items and tried to pay them back later, huh.
There’s no way he would agree to that.


「Obviously. I get where he’s coming from」
「You truly are my lifesaver! But…… umm, my name is “usa”」
「It’s usa. The usa from “Usagi”」


I guess there’s no one who would name themselves “Yu-Es-Ay (U.S.A.)” huh. Well, it doesn’t matter either way.[3]
Apart from the Edgar who was for some reason filled with exhaustion, Usa continued on while looking delighted.


「Edgar-san’s class is Samurai as well isn’t it. Were you alright, Edgar-san?」
「Alright? Why do you ask?」
「Because of the『Samurai Hunting』, you know」


Although Usa casually said those words without a second thought, Edgar staggered in response.


「What did you say?」
「I, the reason why I came to Myune was because I was chased here due to the『Samurai Hunting』 you know. Were you not attacked by people on your way here?」


Edgar unintentionally swallowed his breath.
Samurai Hunting“──
To think that I would be able to get information about「Samurai Hunting」out here in this remote place.


「I’m sorry, about that incident, can you please explain it to me in detail」


At first I thought Sonya was out of her mind, and I was completely astonished by her suggestion to help, but I’m glad that I listened to her in the end.
Thus, as Edgar whispered those thoughts to himself, Usa looked back at him with a puzzled look on her face.




Extra TL note: Usa’s character design is just… so PERFECT. So perfect that I changed my profile pic into it (no more ren ashbell pic for now I guess). So if you see a rabbit girl in comments, it’s still me 😛

You can see Usa and Sonya in Ranger Outfit at the Character’s Page.




TL note: The word for “Sex Maniac” is actually close to “Nympho”. However, Nympho is technically only used to refer to girls and the male equivalent, Satyr, doesn’t sound as good so I just went with the generic Sex Maniac. Also, LOL Sonya.


TL note: The word “Mohm” is pronounced as “Mou-Mu”. Took me a long time to come up with a phonetic equivalent but hopefully it’s good, open to suggestions if someone has a better way to spell it.


TL note: Usa’s Player name is “USA”, spelled in English and in all caps. Edgar misread the name as U.S.A. as in the United States of America (hence the Yu-Es-Ay pronunciation). Hopefully the way I inserted the U.S.A. parts tells you how Edgar pronounced it, and also hopefully most of you pronounced it that way in your heads to begin with.

Her name is suppose to be pronounced as the Usa (ウサ) from “Usa-gi” (ウサギ). Usagi means rabbit/bunny.

As a side-note: The title of this chapter is also USA spelled in English (with no periods).



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