Isekai Canceller – Chapter 29

It’s been a long time, but I haven’t forgotten about all you Canceller readers.
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Chapter 29: Searching For an Inn



「Hey, I just heard a really loud scream, did something happen?」


Oops, I guess if such a loud voice cried out, then you’d expect someone to notice.
Dowan opened up his door and asked while peeking halfway out.


「Yea, just now we got involved with a bunch of thugs you see. They came at us with weapons so I just gave them a taste of their own medicine.」(Hitto)


「……This many people?」(Dowan)


Saying that, Dowan fully opened the door and came out.
Fumu, it’s true that this is a large number though.


「When I didn’t give in to their demands they called out their friends. Well, it was legitimate self-defense or something like that」(Hitto)


「I see, but still, yur a pretty strong adventurer huh」(Dowan)


Well, I can’t deny that.


「But this is still a lot of em. We can’t just leave da bodies lying around here」(Dowan)


Dowan pondered as he stroked his beard.
Now that you mention it, this could be a problem――


「Hey, is it possible for you to gathered up the corpses in one place?」(Dowan)


Dowan asked me that request, but well, I guess I could.


「If it’s that much then I don’t see a problem with it」(Hitto)


「I see. Also, the weapons these guys are carrying, should I buy them off you?」(Dowan)


Speaking of which, there’s quite a large number of them huh, quality aside.


「Can I ask that of you? Truth is that I’m a bit low on funds, you see」(Hitto)


At any rate, although I had 1 million Gold just a while ago, it’s all been seized by the bank so I have no idea what the hell will happen to it.


「Dat so, in that case――」(Dowan)


Saying that Dowan fixed his gaze on their equipment.


「They all look pretty much the same huh. Well, in total I’d guess they’d be around 50,000 Gold, that alright?」(Dowan)


「Yea, that really helps」(Hitto)


I would be grateful for even a small amount right now.
Dowan went into the store and came back with the Gold.


「Here ya go, that’s for the stuff I purchased. Well then, I’ll leave it to you to round them all up and then I’ll handle the rest later. It’s easier to collect them this way after all」(Dowan)


Getting straight to the point, Dowan handed me the Gold coins, and he went back into the shop and shut the door.
I would’ve been good if he stuck around so that I could’ve told him about what these guys were after though.
Well, I guess that would only cause him to worry for no reason.


Also if the only people hired were these guys, then there probably won’t be any ruckus for a while anyways.


Now then, to deal with the corpses… Well, it won’t take long. All I have to do is put them in the Magic Bag, and them dump them out later at an appropriate location. Yup, all finished. Now all I have to do is repeat this several times.
……Rather, is he going to casually collect them equipment like this? I guess―― Well, it isn’t like their corpses will disappear like it did in the game.


Now then, I guess all that’s left is to head to the Guild and give them the request form huh.
……Thinking about it, I cut off a lot of arms today huh. Was it three in total? Hopefully I don’t get some strange nickname like “Arm Cutter~” or something like that. Please spare me from that.[1]


Thinking of things like that, I got back on the wagon but…… Somehow, Melissa is, why is she just staring blankly? Did something happen?


「……Re no――Na……ssa……」(Melissa)[2]


What are you trying to mumble? Are you really alright? Or rather, have you always been absentminded like this?


「Hey, Melissa. Hey~」(Hitto)


「Eh!? Ah! G-Goshujin-sama! 」(Melissa)


「What’s the matter? Were you zoning out? Something happen?」(Hitto)


「N,Nonononononono! Nuting! Nnyoting is wrong!」(Melissa)


Is that so? You seem to be acting a bit strange though Melissa vigorously shook her head back and forth.


「Are you not feeling well? If something is wrong then make sure to tell me, okay? 」(Hitto)


「No, it’s not that! It’s not that! It’s not that! That’s not it at all!」(Melissa)


Is that so? Well, I guess you certainly seem energetic though.


「Well, if nothing is wrong then that’s good though. Anyways, can you take us back to the Adventurer’s Guild? I feel sorry for making you go back and forth like this though」(Hitto)


「Please do not feel sorry at all! I will be heading to Goshujin-sama’s desired location now!」(Melissa)


「Aah, okay, I’m counting on you」(Hitto)


She’s really putting in a lot of effort huh.


Ano, by the way, are you alright, Goshujin-sama?」(Melissa)


While driving the wagon, Melisa asked that as she lowered her eyebrows looking a bit worried.
She must be talking about earlier.


「Yea, it wasn’t much of a problem. I wasn’t injured at all either」(Hitto)


At any rate, I pretty much gave them all death after all.
Still, it would be best if I kept the information relating to Bungle in the corner of my mind for now.


「Is that so. That’s good…… A-And, umm」(Melissa)




「What is it?」(Hitto)


「Um, no. Earlier Goshujin-sama was, umm, N-Nevermind it’s nothing! In any case, we should be hurrying!」(Melissa)


……? For some reason, her cheeks are a bit red and shes acting kind of strange, but for now let’s leave that aside and head to the Adventurer’s Guild. This will make it our third time here today.




「We’ve properly received the request -nyan. I’ll hand it to the higher ups right away -nyan. If they get it quickly then we might be able to give you an estimate by today -nyan」(Nyanko)


「Yea, I’ll leave it to you」(Hitto)


Nevertheless, by today huh. Work gets done really fast around here huh


「Even so, to think that you’d get the client to designate you huh, you’re quite good at this -nyan」(Nyanko)


「It’s all because of Goshujin-sama’s charisma」(Melissa)


Melissa was speaking highly of me with a unusual smile on her face.
For some reason, it seems like she’s suddenly in a good mood this time.


「By the way, did you find out why the first request didn’t come here -nyan?」(Nyanko)


Now that you mention it, there was that huh.


「No, not in detail. But from what I’ve heard there’s been a small misunderstanding regarding Dowan. This time I properly received it from his so there shouldn’t be any problems」(Hitto)


「I see, so nyat’s how it was huh. I wasn’t sure what to do if adventurers discovered that it was a den of scams or something -nyan. It’s a matter of trust nyafter all」(Nyank0)


……This is, well, if I told her about the adventurer named Ragna then I would feel a bit sorry for him.
Although I’ve never met him.


Also I wouldn’t want the Guild to see the client as dangerous and delay their decision. I went through the trouble of being designated by him after all.


Well, even still, the way things are we’re far off from 1.5 million huh…… We were almost there, but the Bank really hurt us huh――


「So, assuming everything goes smoothly, when do you think I’ll be able to take the request?」(Hitto)


「After the people in charge discuss things and put it in order, they should put out the request by tomorrow -nyan. Since it’s a designated request -nyan, we’ll make sure no other adventurers take it -nyan」(Nyanko)


「Yea, thanks. Also, if I remember correctly Mt. Stone isn’t that far away, right?」(Hitto)


「Goshujin-sama. If we headed to the Northeast of here, it would take us 3 hours to reach Mt. Stone by wagon」(Melissa)


「You beat me too it -nyan」(Nyanko)


Well yea, Melissa is excellent after all.
Well, we finished what we had to say for now so Melissa and I left the Guild.
If things continue like this then we should be able to accept Dowan’s request.
Tomorrow’s course will be collecting Nankou Grass early in the morning, and then picking up the request when we get back.


「Melissa, sorry for keeping you so busy today, but can you head to a clothing store? If possible, a store that sells male and female underwear」(Hitto)


「Eh!? Male and Female?」(Melissa)


「That’s right. A few for you as well, we have to buy some right?」(Hitto)


「There’s no need for that! I am fine with what I have. I can’t possibly burden Goshujin-sama more than I already have!」(Melissa)


Well, even if you say that… You can’t just wear a single pair forever, right?


「It’s fine so just take us there. It’s uncomfortable if you don’t have a pair to change into right? I also need some anyways」(Hitto)


「Yes! Of course, we should always keep in mind Goshujin-sama’s appearance. However, you do not have to worry about me. I can always wash it while doing the laundry after all」(Melissa)


「No, if you wash it with the laundry, what will you wear in the meantime? It’s not like they will instantly be dry afterwards」(Hitto)


「Th-That is… I will only not wear any during that time」(Melissa)


Hey, Wait! What is this girl saying with her face red like that!?


「There’s no way you can do that! Just look at what you’re wearing! In a short dress like that, wearing N-No Panties is way too dangerous! There’s no way I’ll allow it!」(Hitt0)


With just a little bit of walking, she will probably be in danger of being “fully exposed” after all.


「Goshujin-sama…… You’re right, of course you won’t want to see something as unsightly as me」(Melissa)


No, why did it become like that.


「D-Don’t be silly. Melissa is undoubtedly beautiful, you know. It’s just, well umm, you probably don’t want to be “seen” by other people, and it’s a bit embarrassing for me too… Anyways, that’s how things are so please just head to the store!」(Hitto)


「Goshujin-sama……To go so far just for me―― Understood! I will take us to a merchant’s store!」(Melissa)


I’m not really sure why the conversation made her all teary-eyed, but for the time being we headed to the store.




「Thank you for your patronage」


The shopkeeper saw us off as we left the store. Knowing Melissa she probably took us to a relatively cheap store, but still the change of underwear for me and Melissa, and after buying 2 extra pairs of hemp trousers for me, everything ended up costing 40,000 Gold.


We used to have 1 million Gold but that became 500,000 Gold when we deposited it. The money we have on hand was only 80,000 Gold and not much of that is left now.
On top of it all, at most we can only take out 50,000 Gold and we’d have to wait 10 days for that.


I keep saying it, but it’s completely messed up huh. 500,000 Gold just up and disappeared as soon as it’s deposited, the hell’s up with that. I just don’t get it!


Damn it! We have to figure out if we can do something about that―― For now we should visit the bank and have a look huh.


Ano, Goshujin-sama, I am truly grateful. However, will our funds be alright?」(Melissa)


Muu, even Melissa is being apologetic.
Even so, I can’t afford to be stingy here.
Truth is that our wallet is hurting quite a bit, but if we go and harvest Nankou Grass tomorrow morning then I have no doubts that our funds would exceed 100,000 Gold after that.
Earning 1.5 million will still be a bit tough, but we’ll figure it out somehow.


「There shouldn’t be any problems for now. I can always earn more later after all. In any case, we have to find an inn to stay at for today. We can’t stay at yesterday’s place after all. Melissa, do you know a good inn that has a bath attached to the room?」(Hitto)


「Eh? Attached to the room? Between the Western gate and Eastern gate are places called “Hotels” that have individual baths with each room, but-」(Melissa)


「I see, in that case please take us there」(Hitto)


「But Goshujin-sama, Hotels cost a considerable fee……」(Melissa)


Muu? As expected, they are expensive huh…… But, if it’s only a little extra then it can’t be helped. Or rather, now that we’ve made it this far we can’t exactly be too stingy.


「Anyways, let’s go and have a look. We won’t know how much it will be if we don’t look around, after all」(Hitto)


「Yes, as you wish」(Melissa)


Saying that, Melissa took the wagon out into the streets and went to our destination.
Looking around again, there really are a number of dazzling signboards being hung around in front of buildings that looked Hotels.
They existed back in the game but I’ve never been inside them.
Because of that, I’m not exactly sure what the prices are.
Well, even so, I doubt that the prices would be ridiculously expensive――






……The interior is really different huh. I thought the same for the inn we stayed at yesterday, but this hotel has a marble floor with elegant looking pillars.
The entrance was wider than yesterday’s inn as well.
The receptionist at the counter was a man wearing a black suit.
Not good, I’m starting to get a bit nervous.


「Would you be looking for lodging?」


「Yea, that’s what we were planning on, there’s no problem with that, right?」(Hitto)


「Yes, at this establishment, even if you are together with a slave, we strive to provide you with the absolute best service」


「I-Is that so……」(Hitto)


His tone is completely unchanging. He isn’t showing signs of hesitation and his expressions are also very courteous.
It doesn’t seem like he’s discriminant towards slaves either.
Well, but still, it seems like some places refuse you if you want to lodge together with a slave huh.


「However there is one extra point. Here at this Hotel, if you are to lodge together with a slave then we request the right to confirm that you are officially master and servant. Although it happens rarely, at times there are customers who are assisting fugitive slaves, you see――」


……This is bad. It’s not like I’m bringing along a run away slave, but I don’t have anything yet that proves Melissa is an official slave .
Should I try explaining it to them? No, if I did that then it would only seem even more suspicious.


It can’t be helped so I guess we should obediently give in and just――No, right now we should say it’s okay to check or else it will seem suspicious. Especially since we can use Cancel, it hasn’t been decided if we’re going to stay here or not.
In that case――


「Well before that, how much will it cost to stay for one night? I would like to know before we proceed」(Hitto)


「Oh my, how impolite of me. At this establishment, if you were to lodge together with a slave including our other services, a single night will cost 30,000 Gold」


「30,000! There’s unreasonable! It’s way too expensive! Our budget is only about 3,000 to begin with!」(Hitto)


「Eh? T-Three thousand Gold is it? It that case it will be a bit――」


「I know, right! Yea, it looks like coming here was a mistake. Sorry for taking up some of your time」(Hitto)


「Oh no, not at all. If the time comes when your budget can allow it, please feel free to utilize our services next time」


As I was seen off by the bellboy at the front entrance, Melissa and I left the Hotel.
Anyways, I was planning on staying if it was out of our budget range by just a bit, but one night is 30,000!? That’s just too expensive!




「What’s this? Oh my, well this is quite the coincidence」


I was racking my brain on where we should stay for tonight as we left the hotel, when from the side someone called out to us.
Wondering who it was so I took a look, standing there was a tall man in a white suit, looking on with a friendly smile on his face.
His blond hair was combed down with wax in a slick fashion, he seemed somewhat like an aristocrat but――


Who in the world is this guy? Hmmm, but I remember that shameless smile from somewhere… wait, those rimless glasses and narrow eyes―― Oh!






Saying that, Shadow covered my mouth with his right hand.


「On this side of things I go by the name Light, it’s a please to make your acquaintance」


With his narrow eyes he skillfully gave me a wink, as if asking me for a favor.
Wait, Why is this guy here anyways?





TL note: Since no one probably remembers, in chapter 22 “First-Time Team Battle” Hitto cut off both of Second’s arms, and in the last chapter he cut off one arms. Making it a total of 3 arms in one day.


TL note:  As usual, I have absolutely no idea what Melissa is saying.



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