Isekai Canceller – Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Knight Angie’s True Colors



「For now we’ve finished collecting the raw materials」(Hitto)


Phew, I wiped my brow and took a breath. We had to gather the raw materials from 500 orggs after all.
I had Melissa and Angie to lend a hand, but it still took quite a long time.


The raw material for these orggs was the horn on their heads. Apparently if you boiled it in medicine then it would add an energizing effect to your body.
As for the color, apparently the Guild can tell them apart depending on the size and subtle difference in shape.


And then there’s the King Orgg. It seems that it fell down from the ceiling some time ago when we were fighting with that Monster, but it should be easy to tell the difference due to it’s size.


The orggs also had a number of weapons on hand, but according to Melissa their value doesn’t amount to much.
There’s a limit to how much we can put in the magic bag, so we decided to leave behind the weapons.


Just the horns alone would take up a lot of space after all.
It’s just, there’s still one more thing to take care of. Yes, it was the mysterious Monster.


「I’m not even sure which part we should take as proof that we killed it――」(Hitto)


「In that case you should just take back everything from the neck up. The Guild might be able to figure something out by looking at it’s horn」(Angie)


I see, that certainly might be the case. I cut off the Monster’s head and placed it into the magic bag.


「Goshujin-sama, there is a possibility that this weapon might be worth a good amount. It will also make as a good ingredient so――」(Melissa)


Fumu, is that so. As expected of Melissa, when I praised her she looked like she was about to cry tears of joy.
Well, for now let’s take along the giant hammer as well.


「Now then, with this my duty has come to an end. The problem has been resolved as well. But I am glad that I was able to meet you two, so thank you」(Angie)


Angie held out her right hand as she said that. She probably wanted to exchange handshakes.
The first to accept was Melissa.
And then I also grabbed onto her hand, but――


「After this handshake you will be leaving already?」(Hitto)


“Eh?” Hearing me say that, she looked surprised.
I could tell she hesitated for a moment though.


「Then before you go I would like to ask you something. What did you come here for?」(Hitto)


Angie’s eyebrow quickly jumped up.


「As I said I am just a wandering――」(Angie)
「Come on now, would a wandering knight be wearing the armor of an ambassador for the kingdom?」(Hitto)


As I continued to press my attacks, her expression became even more bewildered.
“Why do you know that?” Is what she’s probably thinking, but her outfit is the same one the imperial knights of the kingdom wore back in the game. A design where the armor around the sides of the chest were left open, I remember it very well.
An Imperial Knight of the Kingdom was different from the normal knights that each feudal lord had, they were assigned to military posts around the royal capital or stationed at various fortresses. Well, in other words there were the elites in terms on knights.

And, even though her armor doesn’t have any royal coat of arms etched on it, well, it was probably purposely removed to hide her social status.


However, even still it was a pretty high-class item, and I think people who see it could easily understand that but――It’s just that this armor is used exclusively for high ranking knights, so your average citizen might not be able to recognize it.
Or rather, that is likely the case.


When Angie was met with my gaze, she looked like she was growing suspicious.
Did it somehow end up as a distrustful atmosphere instead?


「Before I came to this territory, I was somewhat of a wandering traveler you see. I’ve had the chance to see imperial knights plenty of times」(Hitto)


「A traveler? Is that true?」(Angie)


「Yes. I was saved by Goshujin-sama during my journey, and he is allowing me to accompany him a this time」(Melissa)


With a smile on her face Melissa proceeded to explain how she was attacked by thieves.
And then I also spoke the truth about how I only just registered as an adventurer after coming to this land.
If we speak without holding back any secrets, then I hope that the other party will come to believe us.


「With strength such as yours I find it a bit farfetched that you are just a Beginner……」 (Angie)


「It’s true though. Have a look」(Hitto)


I showed Angie my adventurer’s license. My adventurer rank is written on there after all.


「It’s true…… Even so, your abilities are quite frightening」(Angie)


Well, let’s take that as a compliment.


「And so, Angie, are you really an imperial knight?」(Hitto)


「…… I see. If you were able to see through me to such an extent then there’s no point in hiding it. It is true, I am an imperial knight of this kingdom, The Garou Kingdom. Quite frankly, I just so happened to hear of some suspicious rumors regarding this territory’s feudal lord」(Angie)


「”Suspicious” you say……」(Hitto)


I unconsciously repeated Angie’s words. I’m honestly not surprised. It’s not just about ‘suspicious rumors’ after all. The current state of things is considerably screwed up.


「From the way you’re acting, do you have some idea what they are about?」(Angie)


「I don’t even know where to start」(Hitto)


Melissa and I both began explaining what had happened until now.


「A massive increase in taxes, and collecting 50% of your bank deposits? What is with that! There’s no way such tyranny should be allowed!」(Angie)


Angie shouted out a righteous retort but, I thought so. The system was also really different from the game’s after all.


「It seems like the citizens of this land have been suffering quite a lot. Between the bank and other restrictions, there’s also the fact that they can only withdraw 10% a month. Is it different for other places?」(Hitto)


「Of course it is. If that sort of thing was widespread then the country would without a doubt be in upheaval. In the first place, the bank should be cooperating with the kingdom and sharing information. Under normal circumstances such a ridiculous thing should have been discovered immediately but ――」(Angie)


Angie lowered her chin as she said that, and looked as if she had just realized something.


「Do you have an idea?」(Hitto)


Being curious about Angie’s action I asked her a question.


「No, I was just wondering why the kingdom was unable to realize that this was going on even after things got this bad. To begin with, now that I think about it, today is the first time I heard that the feudal lord had changed」(Angie)


The first time she heard of it? Is that really even possible?


「Melissa, do you happen to know about the Duke of Arts, the previous feudal lord?」(Angie)


Angie asked her that question


「Yes. Previously the taxes weren’t as high as they are now, and the bank did not do thing such as collect interest for themselves」(Melissa)


「I see…… So this tyranny only started when the feudal lord changed―― Was the lordship passed down to his heir? I think I’ve heard that he had an only son」(Angie)


「Yes. I have heard that was the case. However I think that there weren’t many bad rumors in the past……」(Melissa)


「So that’s how it is. I wonder what happened when the lord assumed his position…… Was there no problems at that time――」(Angie)


When Angie muttered that question, Melissa answered with a “No”.


「It is probably because none of the citizens knew about it…… I believe that practically no one has ever seen the present lord’s face」(Melissa)


No one?


「Melissa, what do you mean by that?」(Hitto)


Angie looked doubtful as she wore a grimace, but I was also curious about this.


「Yes, Goshujin-sama. This is only what I have heard, but even though the lord-sama inherited his position, the citizens only came to know about the change because of an official notice. He has never once made an appearance at a public venue」(Melissa)


「That’s absurd! If a new feudal lord is instated within the kingdom, then at the very least they should hold a public ceremony to greet the citizens. It is a well established tradition, and yet they didn’t even do that……」(Angie)


“Hmmm,” Angie seems to be racking her brains out, but leaving aside the typical traditions, to think that no one has ever seen him huh.


「This whole thing smells a bit fishy」(Hitto)


「Yes, I think so too. It seems like I should temporarily head back to the royal castle to report all this……」(Angie)


Angie placed her hand on her chin, she spoke up as she continued to circulate her thoughts.
Even so, the castle huh. It seems like my suspicious were correct that she’s a high ranking imperial knight.
The royal castle was erected in the center of the royal capital.
The kingdom’s chivalric order should be a collection of elites. Considering that I can understand why she was so strong.


「So the reason why you spoke with the miners, is because you were investigating the current feudal lord?」(Hitto)


「Yes. But I as I was asking I heard about the large number of monsters that had appeared. I didn’t get to hear much about the lord, but thanks to Hitto and Melissa I’ve learned about a lot of things. You have my gratitude」(Angie)


「Don’t mention it. And so Angie, will you really be returning back?」(Hitto)


「That’s what I intend to do. Well, I do plan on having a look around with my own eyes though」(Angie)


「I see. Is there something we can help you with?」(Hitto)


「…… I appreciate the sentiment, but there is a possibility that this incident will evolve into a majorly troublesome one. And so―― though you might find it offensive……」(Angie)


「You don’t want to get us involved, is that it?」(Hitto)


When I said what I think she was trying to say, Angie nodded with an “Umu.


「I’m sorry. That’s honestly what I wanted to say」(Angie)


She returned those words while silently lowering her head. She really is too formal huh, this knight-san.


「Don’t mind it. I’m sure you have to consider your standing. But about the bank, I would like to ask if you can do something about it. We’ve had 1 million Gold promptly stolen from us after all」(Hitto)


「Understood, I will try my best」(Angie)


「Thanks for the help. Well, we will also do some research while trying to stay inconspicuous」(Hitto)


Well it’s only as insurance in regards to the bank though. We also have to think of ways to handle it ourselves, but it would be a lie to say I’m not interested in the feudal lord.


「…… I guess there’s no stopping you at this point. However, I want you to not do anything reckless. Although this is just a personal request」(Angie)


Lowering her brow, she voiced her concern. Even though we just met, to think she would be so worried about us. I feel grateful for it.


「Okay then. Well, I also don’t want to do anything too dangerous either」(Hitto)


After out talk Angie headed for the exit first.
It would’ve been great if we could leave together, but it seems like she really needs to report on what has been happening.
And I still had a job to do. We still had to collect iron ore and magic stones after all.


Incidentally it was decided that I would be the one to receive the reward.
Apparently it was because I played a bigger role in this incident, although I think she was being overly humble.
Well, it doesn’t seem like she will back down on this so I’ll give in this time.




「All things considered, Melissa. I have a few questions. Since he never showed his face, and the lord imposed heavy taxes on this territory, has anyone ever considered running away from this place?」(Hitto)


After we saw off Angie, on our way back Melissa and I collected the raw materials from the orggs and also recovered the articles and adventurer licenses of the adventurers who sacrificed their lives.
While we were on-route I was curious about a few things so I decided to ask Melissa.


「That would be unthinkable, Goshujin-sama! It is impossible to run away from a lord’s territory!」(Melissa)




「What do you mean by that? Is it hard to escape because there’s a fortress at the borders or something?」(Hitto)


Even with that I don’t think it would be ‘impossible’ to run away though.


「Rather than a fortress…… Since the feudal lord-sama doesn’t allow it, it is impossible to escape from this territory――」(Melissa)


…… Well yea. If you asked the feudal lord “Can we run away?” there’s no way he would just say “Sure, that’s fine”―― I continued to ask questions, but I still can’t quite understand why they can’t leave the territory―― Hmmmm……





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