Isekai Canceller – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: The Culprit is…


「So that is a King Orgg huh――」


We each pressed our back against the dirt wall, and trying to erase our presence so we wouldn’t be noticed, we peeked out into the open area.


Red, yellow, and other colors of orggs, the number of small fries easily exceeded 200 or even 300.
I don’t think there are 1,000 of them, but…… Is it around 500? Either way there are a few of them.


A number of orggs were carrying stone clubs, but there were some that used knives, swords, and axes.
However, the one who stood out the most was the giant orgg that was being worshiped
Is it around 3 meters tall? It had a humongous girth and it’s flesh was a similar color to mud, in a way it seemed like a big rocky mountain.


There was a higher class version of an orgg known as an ogre, but the King Orgg is even larger than an ogre.
Incidentally the similarly named orcs also exist.
In a normal fantasy they are monsters with the head of a pig.


And the reason for the mass appearance of orggs is probably because of him, the King Orgg is likely the culprit.
In the game it was a Unique class monster, whenever a King Orgg appeared there would always be a ton of small fry swarming around it.


「A Unique Species huh…… This is bad. It’s on a different level than the other orggs」(Angie)


Angie wore a warped expression as she spoke.
It seems like the concept of Unique species also carried over to this world.


「You can’t defeat it?」(Hitto)


「Don’t be stupid. It certainly is far stronger than your average orgg, but I can even handle an Ogre Bross. I will have no trouble. But for the two of you… I think it is best if you withdraw for now」(Angie)


So that’s how it is. This Knight-sama is worried about us.
It’s not like she was making light of us, she only spoke the words in her heart.


That’s why she said she will handle it alone. If I remember correctly an Ogre Bross is a Unique species of Ogre, a level above the orgg class. Obviously it is much harder to deal with than a King Orgg.
But there is one thing. When dealing with Unique species there was always a simple pattern; basically they are the leader types for other monsters of the same species.


As a general principle even a large number of followers can’t compare to the King Orgg though.
Well, she was able to easily turn 50 orggs into mince meat, so I don’t think these numbers will be a problem…… But still.


「Sorry but we can’t just back off after coming so far. Also, I’m just putting this out there, but in the current situation I will have an easier time defeating them」(Hitto)


When I said that, Angie’s eyebrow twitched.


「Quite confident in yourself, aren’t you?」(Angie)


Whoops, did I hurt her pride as a knight? Her tone seemed a bit thorny.
Even so――


「It’s not like I don’t believe in your strength, Angie. I witnessed it firsthand in your fight earlier. Angie, you are undoubtedly strong. But, that’s only if you are able to get in relatively close range. As things are now you won’t be able to bring out your full strength」


Angie looked perplexed for a while, but she eventually nodded with an “Umu“, showing that my words were right on the mark.
Well this is just knowledge from the game, but her attack that uses her wind spirit, it used to be a skill called “Aero Cut” that fired a blade of wind from your sword’s attack.
However, one of the properties of Aero Cut is that the power falls off the farther it travels.


With our current situation, even the closest enemy is more than 50 meters away.
Because of this we can’t rely on Angie’s skill as firepower.
However, if that’s the case――


「I still have this」(Hitto)


Saying that, I took out the Spiral Heavy Crossbow from my magic bag and braced it against my shoulder.
Upon seeing that, Angie’s eyes opened wide.


「H-Hey, Wait a minute! Certainly that weapon looks powerful and it surprised me for a second, but it’s still just a crossbow, right? After you shoot one arrow it will take some time to prepare the next one. Surely they will notice in the meantime and come attack us you know!?」(Angie)


「It’s fine. Just trust me, Angie」(Hitto)


Saying that, I lightly glanced over my shoulder to the panicking Angie. Propping myself on one knee, I set my sights, and――




And using Cancel I fired at the last targets――




The moment I pulled the trigger, the bolt drew a spiral in the air and pierced through the chests of 5 orggs.
And after confirming that it hit the target, I used Cancel to return the bolt to the crossbow.


The Result―― In a span of 10 minutes, the mob of around 500 orggs were all pierced through, and their small corpses fell to the floor.


「――W,Wa-Wha! Wa-wa-wa-wa! What in the woorld waas thaaaaaaaat~~~~!」


Angie’s cry echoed throughout the cave’s interior. It appears she is considerably surprised. I guess it’s only natural.


「T-The heck! What did you do!? To begin with you never even replaced the arrow in the crossbow! Why can you go all pew pew and shoot it off like crazy!」(Angie)


Yea. What an impressive barrage of questions. Now, what shall I do? Thinking about it, I don’t really have a good method of concealing it.


「Let’s leave out the troublesome details for now, to put it simply――It was ‘fighting spirit’」(Hitto)


I tried to sum it up into one phrase.


「F-Fighting spirit, I see…… You used fighting spirit huh, no wonder why――」(Angie)


She looked a bit apprehensive, but it seems like she accepted it. What’s this? Is she unexpectedly simple-minded?


「Hey! Like hell ‘fighting spirit’ can do thatーーーー!」(Angie)


She didn’t accept it! Although I thought the same!






「G, Goshujin-sama! That King Orgg monster is-!」(Melissa)


「Yeah, I know. Let’s leave that talk for later, Angie. There’s still an enemy left」(Hitto)


Muu, F-Fine then. We need to defeat that Unique――」(Angie)








Oi oi, what the hell just happened. All of a sudden the King Orgg was sent into the air, then it got buried into the ceiling! This place, the ceiling is exactly as tall as the roof of the inn we’re staying at――


Rather, with this the King Orgg is completely out of commission. And taking the King’s place was…… a monster? It’s height is shorter than the King Orgg.
Even saying that, is it around 2 meters?


It’s appearance was close to a human’s. Although its muscles weren’t that massive, I could tell that its body was tense and well-toned.
It’s skin was the same color as a red orgg. The face above the nose was hideous, it was like a painting of a demon. It had red hair down to the shoulders and a single long horn protruding from it.


That monster, in the wall behind it was a large hole bigger than its body.
It most likely came out from there.
And I don’t know the reason, but it sent the King Orgg flying with the giant hammer that was in its sturdy arms.


Whatever the case may be―― What exactly was it? No, it is growing a horn so it’s without a doubt a monster, the possibility of it being a Unique one is also high. At the least it’s a monster that I have no recollection of.
Because of that, I have no idea how it will act.


「I-Is that perhaps a Unique Species of monster?」(Melissa)


With a slight tremble in her voice, Melissa spoke up.
However, I have any idea how to respond to that question.


「I, I do not know of it. To be honest I am perplexed as well. To kill the King Orgg in one attack…… It is a type that I have never seen before――」(Angie)


So it’s the same for Angie huh…… I think she is quite experienced as well, but for her to not know what it is――


「G, Goshujin-sama. Is that monster looking at us?」(Melissa)


As Melissa pointed her finger to the monster, she spoke in a panicked voice.
I also turned to face it, but because it had a face like a mask, I could not tell what it was thinking. But one thing is certain, its body was turned in our direction.


Then, it slowly began to move, and it crossed both arms in front of its mouth――


「――! Something is coming!」(Angie)


Angie shouted! A bad feeling ran up my spine!
This is dangerous!


The next thing I knew, the monster shot flames from its mouth.
It was not the same as a red orgg, this scale is on a whole different level!
In the first place a red orgg’s flame shouldn’t be able to reach us―― However, the monster constantly spewed forth flames, and the strength of the fire did not die down. With a thunderous noise it’s flying right towards us!


「This is bad! Wingulg! Create a wall to protect――」(Angie)


Angie immediately instructed her spirit animal to turn into a wind wall, but before it could complete it, Cancel!


「Whaa! The flames disappeared!」(Angie)


Angie is also surprised by that, but erasing an opponent’s techniques is Cancel’s specialty―― However, it seems that flame had a considerable amount of firepower behind it.
I want to think it was a good idea to erase it. If we took that attack head-on then we would surely be helpless to defend against it.


But I know one thing. Because I erased that flame, for the next 8 seconds, I can’t use Cancel on that monster.


Unlike when you used Cancel on yourself, when you Cancelled your opponent’s moves, you won’t be able to use Cancel on them in rapid succession.
That was the rule of Cancel. And what determines the length of that time-frame, was the different in strength between you and the opponent you used Cancel on.


In other words, the more an opponent’s actions pose a threat to me, the longer the No-Cancel Interval was.
In the case of that attack it was 8 seconds. Out of all the opponents I’ve faced, this is the longest interval. Just that fact shows how powerful that blaze was.
And, even if 8 seconds seems short, during a battle it is excruciatingly long.


「It’s no use! If we stay here the next flame will roast us! I’ll hold him off!」(Hitto)


「Then allow me to assist! I’m interesting in what you did, Hitto, and I’m sure it was an astounding feat―― But for now we should prioritize taking him down!」(Angie)


“Yeah,” I answered back. Melissa seems like she’s about to make a move and say, “I as well!” but――


「You can’t Melissa! You have to escape! There aren’t any other monsters! Head back to that place from earlier!」(Hitto)


The place I was referring to is the open space where the tunnels connected. If she is there then she might run into some adventurers.


「You’ll only get in the way! This is an order! Leave!」(Hitto)
I couldn’t hear what Melissa said. But having her hate me is better than losing her! Against this monster, I don’t have the leeway to be protecting Melissa at the same time!


I looked back and confirmed Melissa had left. Good girl, you did well.
Angie rushed out of the passage we were in and dashed left and right. Luckily the monster just stood there stiff.
At the moment the 8 seconds are up, but in this situation I can’t use Cancel carelessly.




This is, a roar!? Is he trying to intimidate us? No. It’s different! The monster’s muscles swelled and became huge.
That was, Power Howling! It was a skill that pumps you up and increases your offensive power!


Then―― I ended up staring dumbfounded.
The Monster…… leapt into the air. Bending its waist to the ground, it sprung up so fast that it might crash into the ceiling―― And it’s speed was fast! It’s target was-




I ended up crying out. But in that instant Wingulg wrapped around Angie’s legs, and with enhanced leg power she dashed to my side.


In that instant―― A giant hammer came crashing down, the shockwave echoed throughout the room.
A mound of earth was sent flying, a cloud of dust rose into the air, our vision was greatly obscured.
Then, Kyaaa!, A short scream.
Losing her balance from the shockwave, she grabbed onto my armor as I caught.


「T-Thanks …… Sorry about that――」(Angie)


Her face pressed against my chest momentarily, and from there she lifted her chin and said her thanks with slightly red cheeks.
Because of that, I think I felt my heart skip a beat―― But immediately afterwards my heart stopped for a different reason.


There was a large shadow floating overhead. That Monster came at us with the same move as before.
Shit! I’ll use Step Cancel to―― No, the visibility is bad! In that case, Cancel!


The Monster was almost directly on top of us, I made him vanish with Cancel.。
Cancel sends you back to right before you acted. Because of that the Monster should’ve returned to the spot right before he jumped.


「Y-You use really strange techniques huh. No, is it magic? Either way I’ve never seen anything like it」(Angie)


Angie said some praise after seeing my skill.
But―― 30 seconds. That was the risk I received from Cancelling that attack.


In other words, the strength of that attack alone was considerably strong―― When the dust cleared, the spectacle before my eyes only reinforced that fact.


A massive crater. The Monster was standing in the center of it. Seriously, with that much force I see why it took away 30 seconds .


…… However, this Monster’s attack pattern is almost like――



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