Livestreamer’s New Game+ – Chapter 20

Finals are up-and-coming and since Thanksgiving is just around the corner this may or may not be my last release for about a month. I’ll try and squeeze out one more chapter of livestreamer before going on hiatus though.



Volume 3: Let’s Make a Clan!

Chapter 20: Harassment



There were 2 reasons as to why Edgar was waiting in the Training Room with Suzu.
The first reason is the one he had told Suzu, Edgar wanted to confirm the limits of Moon Step to better decide where to allocate his stats in the future.
As for the other reason… It was to somehow get his jittery heart to calm down.


「Edgar-kun, it seems like Megu and the others have started hunting」
「…… Where at?」
「They’re at the coastlands that are pretty close. Apparently they’re aiming to get the ingredients dropped by『Crab Scissors』and『Lizardmen』first」


Crab Scissors were low-level crab type Mobs, and together with Lizardmen they were among the first Mob characters you encounter when you first start hunting.
Of course, it wasn’t just Megu who went out to hunt those Mobs. The Fighter Andou and the Knight Yamabuki also went.


──In other words, right now Edgar and Suzu were alone together in Crescendo, just the two of them.


「Before the ingredients gathering team returns, we have to buy the Recipe and leftover ingredients, right?」
「Y-Yea… You’re right」


Surveying the MAP of Crescendo, Suzu confirmed the plan.
But, Edgar could only give an absent-minded response.


When Edgar heard about the situation from Megu, it was right after he logged in.
And right after that, together with Andou and Yamabuki, she dashed off and immediately departed.


By the time Edgar had logged in, it was before Suzu had arrived. Megu and her group of 3 had already logged in and accepted the Clan Quest from the Hunter’s Guild.
The designated goods for this clan quest were the items「Leather Mail」and「Bone Sword」, is what Megu told him.
Just like they discussed at school, the ingredients for both of these low-level equipments could easily be purchased from materials stores or they were dropped by the Mobs near Crescendo.
However, there was a slight problem.
The number of「Leather Mail」and「Bone Sword」, they needed to have 20 of each. This would require a rather large amount of ingredients.


Therefore, Megu came up with the idea to divide their members into 2 groups and split the work.
Along with Andou and Yamabuki, Megu will be part of the Mob hunting and ingredients gathering team.
And, the two people who logged in late, Edgar and Suzu, will be part of the Recipe and ingredients buying team──


「…… I’m sorry Edgar-kun, you wanted to be a part of the『Ingredients gathering team』 right?」


Dazing off as he looked at the Map, Suzu timidly called out to Edgar.


「Well, Edgar-kun is a vanguard class after all, I’m sure you wanted to hunt Mobs since it’s been so long, right?」
「No, it’s fine. I’m the one at fault for logging in late after all. Also, I can’t just leave Suzu-san alone and let you go by yourself」


Although the city is a safe area where PK is impossible, with the Samurai Hunters running rampant right now, there’s not telling what might happen.
For instance, if the Samurai Hunters find Suzu-san then they could restlessly stalk her, and she might be subject to various forms of harassment.
And in regards to hunting Mobs, after Suzu-san and the others log out, I can hop on to Aran and do all the hunting I want, so my frustration is at zero.
Although, because of that my lack of sleep is at max.


「Thanks, Edgar-kun」
「…… Well first off, let’s search for the Recipe before we look for ingredients to buy」


Being met with a straightforward smile, Edgar ended up turning his gaze downward.
As I thought, Suzu-san is much tougher opponent than any high-level player.




What was necessary to make「Leather Mail」and「Bone Sword」were【Pelt Armor Creation Method Ⅰ】and【One-Hand Sword Creation Method Ⅰ】respectively. Both of which were part of the 「Beginner Craftsman’s Item Production Line」.
Although the items requested of you for the Clan Quest change every time, most of the time they are easily produced items from the Beginner Craftsman Recipes.
“Why do we have to go through the trouble of crafting so many beginner equipment just to create a clan?”, there were many people who raised complaints about this, but this aspect of clan creation has never been changed throughout all the subsequent game updates.
With VRMMOs being a brand new genre, there were certainly those who focused entirely their attention on Mob hunting and PvP combat. However, there are also those drawn to the in-depth crafting system, and the admins kept this quest for those who spent the time developing their crafting level, for those who wanted to put their skills to practical use.
And in order to cater to those dissenters, and also to appease to those Players who find it bothersome to hunt low-level Mobs and craft goods every time they want to make a clan, you were allowed to sell both the items themselves and the ingredients required for them at the Auction House or your own Social Shop. This led to a large number of transactions conducted primarily by beginner Players and became an important source of income for them. In addition this gave rise to so-called 「Crafting Shops」where Players would go through the trouble of searching for ingredients and then crafting the goods for you. Because of this, one could say that the administrators’ decision was the correct one.


「Heya Nii-chan, would ‘ja be making a clan??」


They were walking along the beach that separated Crescendo from the beautiful ocean.
As Edgar and Suzu were on their way to the Book Shop, the NPC storekeeper at the Book Shop called out to them.


「The fact that we are trying to make a clan, how can you tell?」(Suzu)
「Well, it’s cuz ya know~ Crafting is something ya do by yourself, right? Most of the guys who come by here are all like that. But, there’s 2 of you here…… And yer also a boy and a girl, a nice lookin’『Couple』. So you ought to be making a clan, right?」


“Going on a date and makin’ a clan. Must be great huh,” The Book Store owner wore a sly smile. Both Edgar and Suzu both felt an awkward shyness develop between the two.


「W-We are not a Couple or anything like that!」
「Woow, how pure and innocent. Making a clan so that the two of you can spend more time together, it really burns of youth. In the past me and my wife also-」
「Enough with the stories of your past, Can you just hurry up and give us the Recipe?」


As the shopkeeper continued to wear a grin, Edgar promptly cut him off as he was about lose himself in the past.
What do you mean “wife”. Aren’t you an NPC?
What the hell kind of programming were you given?


「You’re really cold-hearted huh, Nii-chan. If you can’t have an open mind then yer girlfriend will end up hating you, ya know?」
「I already said we’re not like that」
「Yea yea, here’ya go. You needed 【Pelt Armor Creation Method Ⅰ】and【One-Hand Sword Creation Method Ⅰ】right. For the ingredients you can buy them at the auction or the material shops at the East of the city. Ya can also use the social shops in the plaza too」
「Thanks. Let’s go, Suzu-san」


Wanting to get away from the shopkeeper who has no idea what he’s talking about, Edgar snatched up the Recipes and left the store with Suzu as quickly as possible.


「N-Next is the materials shop, right?」(Edgar)


As if ashamed, Suzu buried herself deep within her hood.
Perhaps she was feeling embarrassed, Edgar was having a hard time finding the right words to say.
Why does it end up like this. The way everyone acts.
Is it really that weird for Suzu and me to be alone together?
I can’t deny it’s abnormal though.


「……I wonder, are there many people like that?」


Still surrounded by an awkward mood, the two were walking down the coastline as they headed to the eastern district of the city.
Carried by the wind, together with the aroma of salt, the sound of Suzu’s soft voice reached Edgar’s ear.





「What that shopkeeper-san was talking about before」
「…… Couples and Clans, you mean that?」


While slightly hanging her head in shame, Suzu replied back.
Due to the nature of virtual reality games, it was much easier to role-play compared to traditional games. And in Dragon’s Krone, there were a few stories of that.
Of course there were those who purposely misrepresented their gender, otherwise known as「Nekama[1]」, but since the method of communication in this world was by using your real「Voice」instead of word in a chat, those people would instantly be exposed. You could say that cases like this were rare in Dragon’s Krone.
Consequently, just like the book shopkeeper had said, there were many players in Dragon’s Krone who created Clans for purposes unlike those in traditional MMO games.


「It’s true that there are stories like that. How should I say… Apparently there are players that use it as a pick-up line」
「……?? What do you mean by that?」
「Basically…… umm…… A male player would say to a female player『I want to make a Clan with you』or something like that」
「So you mean…… It’s kind of like, a confession?」
「That’s what I’ve heard」


Somewhat embarrassed, Edgar scratched the tip of his nose as he replied.
Although this is a completely ludicrous conversation that is entirely unrelated to me, apparently there really are female players who fall for that line.
In the past, I remember reading about it in a magazine that was doing a special feature on Dragon’s Krone.
Like in one of those movies, if some handsome character gallantly came to my rescue, and if he said that line to me after single-handedly defeating all the monsters, then I might just say Okay; a bunch of female players voiced opinions like that.
The super heart pounding suspension bridge effect, having their hearts seized at such a critical moment, it was a rather interesting read.


「I see…… So that’s what it was」(Suzu)
「……?? Something the matter?」


Just then, Edgar noticed that Suzu’s complexion looked as if several dark shades had fallen over it.


「The truth is, before we started playing with Edgar-kun, there was a really persistent person who kept on insisting『I want to make a clan with you』, he kept bothering me with it」
「…… Wha-, are you serious?」


As Suzu uttered those words, Edgar looked back in shock.
What the hell.
No one ever told me this. This is the first I’ve heard of it.
That said, I only started talking to Suzu-san just recently though.


「He was very persistent, so Megu got really mad and said『We’ll never play with you ever again! Stay away from us!』. Megu said she would report him to the administrators for harassment, but I thought going that far would be a bit too much」
「No, Suzu-san, something like that completely falls under acts of harassment. Also, since that guy was so persistent, you should’ve reported him to the admins immediately」


Acts of harassment were on the same level as colluding, they are both things that might cause Dragon’s Krone to be shut down.
In this virtual world where you could create a beautiful avatar for yourself, there are a few people who ride on their high horses while venting their frustrations with the real world.
Hearing stories of those kind of people, it really pisses me off.


「But…… Isn’t that like, him asking me to go out with him?」
「Go out with him? By going out you mean… that person, do you know him in real life?」
「Yeah. Well, rather than knowing him in real life, he goes to our school……」


And, just as Suzu was about to say that man’s name-


「Hmmm? Is that Suzu-chan?」


Materials stores and Variety stores, a number of different shops lined the city plaza.
An unpleasant tone that could strike a nerve, a man’s voice called out from behind Edgar and Suzu.


「Eh, You’re kidding!? Why is h-……ッ!?」(Suzu)
「Wow, it’s been so long. Have you been doing well? Wait, if we bumped into each other in a place like this, doesn’t that mean we’re just destined for each other? Or perhaps, were you out looking for me?」


Seeing that man, the startled Suzu ducked down and tried to make herself seem small.
Short brown hair with a two-block hairstyle[2], dark tan skin.
Giving off a feeling of deja vu, a laid-back atmosphere enveloped the man with the class “Knight”.
Seeing that player’s name, Edgar suddenly realized.


「Suzu-san, that guy who you said tried to flirt with you…… Is that guy perhaps… This guy?」
「……Yes. But, why is he here……」


Grabbing the hem of Edgar’s clothes, Suzu looked to Edgar with fear in her eyes.
I see, so this guy is the persistent bastard who’s been harassing Suzu-san.


I also know this guy.
He looks the same way he does in the real world, so he did a real world scan of his body like I did huh.


This bastard…… This guy is, he is someone who doesn’t lose to Yamabuki in terms of playboy-ness. He is Itou Yoshizumi from the class next door.



Extra Note: I added the description for Ramirezi, the LN only character, in the Character’s Page for anyone who is interested (she’s towards the bottom of the page). Personally I haven’t had the time to read the LN so no idea how she plays a part in the story. Chronologically, she doesn’t appear until after Vol 4 of the WN so no real need to know yet.




TL note: As explained in the passage, a Nekama is someone who pretends to be the opposite sex than their real one when playing online.


TL note: From what I gather, a two-block cut is a (korean?) hairstyle where the sides and back of your hair are cut short, whole the hair on your crown is left medium to long.

You can see what Yoshizumi looks like on the LN Illustrations Page (he’s the big dude on the left) or you can see his initial concept art at the very bottom of the Character’s Page (I’ll add a proper description when he gets fully introduced).

Also if you want to see an IRL picture of a two-block cut then here’s a random one off pinterest. Link




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