Isekai Canceller – Chapter 27

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter.
Next week I will be having finals so this will be the last “scheduled” chapter for about 2 or 3 weeks. I do plan on releasing a couple of “Special” chapters though.
Anyways, Enjoy.

TL Side Note: This chapter will be a bit more “vulgar” than normal. Also, again, I took some liberties with the economic terms to help context.


Chapter 27: We Have No Money!



「50% Every 6 Months!?」


In my hysteria I unintentionally let out a crazed cry.
In addition to the people already looking at us because of my treatment of slaves, that cry drew even more attention to us.
Melissa was in a panic saying, “P-Please Calm Down, Goshujin-sama!” and trying to control the situation.


But, Like hell can I stay calm right now!


「50% means that they take half of the entire balance right!? And every 6 months means that the whole damn thing will be gone in a year! Who the hell would use a bank like that!?」(Hitto)


I somewhat feel like I accidentally let my tone become more rough. But I realized that Melissa was giving me a concerned look so I was somehow able to calm down a bit.


「It is just as Goshujin-sama says. I don’t believe there is anyone who would want to use the bank as it is now」(Melissa)


「Of course, Melissa. I’m thinking of heading over to the bank right this moment and withdrawing the entire account’s worth. Seriously, what kind of sick joke is this」(Hitto)


「……Goshujin-sama, it is already too late to do that. Once money has been deposited into this territory’s bank then there is a restriction of only being able to withdraw 10% of your account balance every month」(Melissa)




I was at a loss for words. Only being able to withdraw 10% each month… Is this country filing for bankruptcy or some shit!?


「What the hell! If it’s like you say then no one in their right mind would ever deposit money in that bank!」(Hitto)


「Yes. That is why if you are affluent to a certain degree then you will receive an mandatory decree that forces you to deposit money into the bank. If you ignore that decree then you will be issued a fine or, depending on the circumstances, you might be sentenced to a severe punishment」(Melissa)


「A, a mandatory decree? What the hell…… I don’t get it at all. In the first place, if you made a decree like that then there’s no way the nobles would stay quiet about it, right?」(Hitto)


「That is… a select portion of nobles are given preferential treatment and “interest rates” are not applied to them. The amount they can withdraw is not restricted either. On top of being able to withdraw and deposit money as much as they like, they are also given the maximum priority and have their requests expedited. In addition, if those nobles become associated with the bank then a portion of the annual “interest rate” collection will be distributed among them」(Melissa)


D-Damn it! Nobles get favorable treatment even in times like this!


「As such, relatively high ranking nobles proactively utilize the bank. I doubt that the current banking system will overturned in the near future」(Melissa)


Of course it won’t. Those nobles want to keep sucking on the sweet nectar of the current system after all.


「Shit! This whole situation is completely idiotic! Basically you’re saying that in 6 months only half of my money will be left!?」(Hitto)


「…… About that, Goshujin-sama… Our conversation earlier about the “interest rate” being taken every 6 months was only a figure of speech to help better explain the bank’s operations. That “6 months” does not take into account the day you first deposit funds. More specifically the “interest rate” is taken out of your account on the 4th and 10th months……」(Melissa)


…… At this point, something like that doesn’t even surprise me.


「So then, Melissa. What month is it now?」(Hitto)


I pretty much asked just to double check.


「It is the 4th month, April」(Melissa)


「So it really is April…… For now we should be fine until the 10th month, October, huh. But still, damn it! Let’s hurry up and go back to the Guild for now」(Hitto)


「Umm, Goshujin-sama…… Since the “interest rate” is collected on the 4th month, in the case that you deposit money during this month… Th-then, it has been arranged that the amount you deposit will have half of it’s total automatically deducted during the transaction――」(Melissa)




What the fuck! Damn it, I’m starting to get a headache from all this――


「Melissa! We’re leaving immediately! We might still make it in time!」(Hitto)








「The money that you left earlier -nyari? Don’t worry -nyan. It was deposited into the bank a while ago -nyan」
「Nya!? What’s nya matter ~~~~~~!」


I suddenly found myself grabbing Nyanko by the collar. Well of course!




「Nya!? Nyanya! T-That’s just common knowledge -nyan! I thought everyone knew that -nyan!」(Nyanko)


「Didn’t I say that I was a traveler! How the fuck would I know that!」(Hitto)


「Nyaaaan, It hurts -nyan! First let go of me -nyan! Anymore and it will become a problem -nyan!」(Nyanko)




Fuck! Melissa also had a concerned look in her eyes…… Damn it! It’s true that there was no point in just complaining to Nyanko right now.
But still, for the money to be already deposited in the back a long time ago, Why is that the only fucking thing that get’s done quickly around here! In that case I won’t even be able to use Cancel!


*Fu-nyan*. Is there even a reason to be so mad in the first place -nyan? It’s certainly unusual to suddenly deposit such a large amount -nyan, but that is money that you will have to eventually deposit anyways -nyan. No matter who, all adventurers use the bank after all -nyan」(Nyanko)


「Haa? Don’t be stupid! If you don’t say how much money you have then how the hell would anyone else know. Who in their right mind would deposit money!」(Hitto)


「Even still, they make deposits -nyan. Like I said before, the Guild and the Bank are intertwined together in cooperation -nyan. Nyat’s why the bank has a general idea of how much each individual adventurer earns -nyan. The Guild isn’t involved with the entire depositing process, but if an adventurer doesn’t make any deposits into their account then eventually a legal claim will be sent their way -nyan」(Nyanko)


A legal claim?


「What the hell is this “legal claim”?」(Hitto)


「Basically it means that the money that adventurer earns from now on will be directly collected by the bank as “interest rate”. The bank conducts detailed examinations of bank accounts several times throughout the year -nyan. If they find out than an adventurer hasn’t been making deposits then they will issue a “claim” for that amount -nyan. In that situation the “claimed” amount will obviously be 100% of what is earned; basically they will take everything -nyan」(Nyanko)


「……A-Are you serious?」(Hitto)


「Whether I’m serious or not, that is how the system works -nyan. That’s why adventurers, or rather, pretty much everyone with an account withdraws the maximum amount of 10% each month -nyan. Since the system eventually takes away half of the total account, if they do this then burden of “interest rates” will be somewhat lessened -nyan」(Nyanko)


For some reason I lost the strength in my legs and fell down on the spot. If you don’t deposit money then all your earning for a year will be confiscated? What the hell is that. It’s completely messed up. Whoever thought of this must be completely insane……


「……I can’t withdraw from my account here at the Guild right?」(Hitto)


「As I mentioned before, that isn’t possible -nyan. In the first place, if we did that then We would be the ones with the short end of the stick -nyan. Even for the bank, processing the withdraw requests takes them at the very least about 10 days -nyan」(Nyanko)


「T-Ten days?」(Hitto)


「Das right -nyan. If you don’t withdraw you’re money then the bank will take 50% every 6 months -nyan. That’s why it’s inevitable that everyone want’s to at least withdraw 10% -nyan. Because of that, there are constantly people flooding in line to the bank -nyan. But, there is a limit to how many people the bank can process in a single day -nyan. So if you want to visit the bank they will probably hand you a ticket number instead -nyan. The wait to get in your request usually takes approximately 10 days -nyan」(Nyanko)


It’s a bit scary that I’m no longer surprised by something like that.


「You have to be careful though because 10 days is only an estimate -nyan. If the bank calls your number and you don’t respond then they will mercilessly skip over you -nyan. If that happen’s then you’ll have to wait a whole ‘nother 10 days -nyan」(Nyanko)


「That’s enough already, I get it…… Sorry for shouting at you earlier――」(Hitto)


「Hitto-nyan. Don’t be so sad -nyan. It was actually a good thing that you deposited it nya know. Among the adventurers there are a few obstinate ones who refuse to deposit money. As a result they have all their assets seized and get sent into debt, many of them end up falling into slavery -nyan. Once you fall into slavery everything is miserable -nyan. You become victim to the Slave Guild for the rest of your life -nyan」(Nyanko)


I turned to her with a look of disgust and said that Melissa had already told me about that before.
Nyanko’s shoulders started to quiver. And even at a time like this, I could see her chest jiggling as she shook.


…… Nyanko was more or less looking out for me so I have no right to complain――


While only saying “Sorry to bother you”, Melissa and I left the Guild.
On our way out I asked Melissa if we could head to the bank and reserve and appointment, but-


「Goshujin-sama…… The bank is only open until 3 o’clock in the afternoon――」(Melissa)


Why is THAT the only thing that works the same as it does in my world!






Although I was honestly still pretty shaken, it still wouldn’t be good to stop moving forward. Despite the shock, we went pay a visit to Dowan like we had originally planned.


The purpose was to learn what happened to the request. Also, if I sat around idling then I probably only become more irritated.


「So it’s just as we’ve told you, it seems like the request didn’t get through to the Guild. Do you remember who at the Guild you left the request with?」(Hitto)


「No, I didn’t directly go and request the Guild ya know. I had an adventurer used to come here often send it in for meh. They said they would also take that same request after all」(Dowan)


An adventurer? Now that you mention it, Nyanko did say that “business was always welcome” huh.
But, saying he “used” to come has got me curious……


「Does that adventurer not come here anymore?」(Hitto)


「Come to think of it I haven’t seen ’em ever since then huh」(Dowan)


Dowan stroked his beard as he said that.


Ano…… Perhaps, did you give them the commission beforehand, Dowan-san?」(Melissa)


Melissa furrowed her brow in concern. True, I was also curious about that though.


「Of course not. I ain’t dat stupid ya know. I’ve heard that sometimes half the commission is payed up front, but in that case a Guild employee give an official price quote afterwards」(Dowan)


Melissa sighed a deep breathe of relief.
Well, I’m a bit relieved too but that still leaves the question, why did the first adventurer not deliver the request properly? Did they forget to hand it into the Guild?


「Do you remember the name of that adventurer?」(Hitto)


「He said his name was Ragna. He’s a fellow with wide lookin’ eyes. He didn’t look like he was particularly fishy though. He even bought a couple of things off me as well」(Dowan)


Fumu, I’m getting even more confused. Melissa immediately started jotting it down in her  memo pad though.


「Well, I’m sorry to trouble you, but can you rewrite the request again? This time I’ll make sure it gets to the Guild」(Hitto)


「Hmm? Ah, yea. Can’t be helped so I’ll write it again. I’m counting on ya this time. Well, I still got some stock leftover though」(Dowan)


「Yeah, I’ll be sure to deliver it」(Hitto)


Saying that, I handed him to blank request form and he filled in the details.
It goes as such.


Request Contents:
・Transporting Iron Ore and Magic Stones
From the Mount Stone Mines
・Iron Ore 3 kg
・Earth Magic Stone 1kg
・Fire Magic Stone 1kg
Please transport these back.
Talk to Dowan for the payment, though you should already know this.


「Thanks. Have you heard about the commission fee?」(Hitto)


「Pretty much. I don’t know the full details, but I heard that the person in charge will make a price quote and then send it to me. Now that you mention it, I haven’t seen any price quotes for it……」(Dowan)


…… Well, isn’t that because it was never completely processed as an official request?


「If a quote hasn’t come in then most likely it isn’t being treated as an official request huh. If the request was properly sent in then I’m sure the Guild would have decided on a quote by now. Well, either way, I’ll head over and tell them right away」(Hitto)


「Yea, I’m counting on you. But still, I completely forgot about the quote huh」(Dowan)


You really should pay attention to these things though.


「By the way, will you be the one completing the request?」(Dowan)


「I don’t know about that. It’s up to the Guild to decide after all」(Hitto)


「I see. Ya seem quite reliable so I would’ve liked to entrust it to you though」(Dowan)


Even if you put it like that……


Ano, Goshujin-sama. If you fill out this part that says “Designated Person”, could you not specific which adventurer you want?」(Melissa)


Hmm? Oh yeah, looking at it again there really is a line where you can specific who you want.


「Ah, that reminds me, the last guy told me write his name down in that designation line too. So that’s what it’s for」(Dowan)


Oi Oi……


「Here, I filled it in. I’ll leave the request to you」(Dowan)


Saying that, Dowan wrote my name in the designation line and handed me the request form.
Taking it with us, Melissa and I left the store.


But nonetheless, I wonder why that Ragna guy went out of his way to be specified for the request but never ended up turning it in to Guild?




TL Extra Note: It never specifically said that “Ragna” was male, but since it’s a guy’s name I assume he is male. Also chapter may have some TLC errors but I’ll try to figure them out later.

I was also gonna add a footnote somewhere but I forgot where… oh well.



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